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Top 3 Phone Repair Hacks

Top 3 Phone Repair Hacks

Many of us have had bad things happen to our beloved phones. They are knocked to the ground, get wet, or we might even have our ports and jack clogged with dust or dirt. The usual solution is to go the expensive service center, but luckily, for us, there are other ways to help our devices. Some of the ways may not seem obvious or even intuitive at first, but they do work.

Phone in the water

This has happened to too many of us, or we at least know someone who had to fish his or her phone from a water pit. There are several things you should do to solve this problem. First thing is to remove it from the water as soon as possible. Examine how wet it got and see what type of liquid it was. Afterward, you should remove the phone battery and get it away from water and electricity. Do not attempt to charge it, at least not yet. Take out your sim card as well, just in case. You need to start thinking about drying the phone as soon as you can. Hair dryer, or a heater, may work, if it was not fully submerged, or long in water. If it was, however, try putting it in a bag of uncooked rice. As mentioned earlier, this may not sound intuitive, but it works and most importantly, it is a cheap solution. The other interesting solution would be to put it in a bag, or bowl of silica gel. Silica gel can be found in aspirin bottles, or with new clothing, you bought. If you ever wondered what their purpose is, this is what they do. Silica gel absorbs moisture. After a while, your phone should be as good as new.

Broken screen

Most of us keep our phones, close to us when we sleep and a lot of us turn in our beds. Sometimes accidents happen; you might hit your phone and break its screen. This may happen for various other reasons. If falls to the ground, someone steps on it, or your dog bites it, our fragile phones are not safe in this world. There are some ways to alleviate this problem, even without paying hundreds of dollars. It may not be a permanent solution, but it will help you call the service center. If it is just one crack than you might put some toothpaste on the screen. No need to worry about it getting worse; just try to seal microphone, port areas, and the buttons. If the damage is even worse and the screen is shattered, try putting thick plastic phone sticker on it. This should keep it from falling apart until it is replaced. While these two solutions may not make your phone fully functional again, you will at least be able to use it again, for a while even. The screen may not work as you are used to, but it should work. For that reason, it is useful to have spare plastic stickers with you while you travel, especially when camping and mountain climbing.

Clogged ports, or audio jacks

This may not be something that often happens, but it may happen to you. Leaving it untouched for a long time, phone falling in the dirt with no protection, this is all possible situations you might find yourself in. There are several solutions for this problem and all of them are almost something anyone can do. The easiest thing to do is to take a needle or a toothpick. You just have to be sure to be gentle and do it slowly, as you might damage the phone further. The other obvious solution is to use the headphone jack itself. While this might work, it is a bit more dangerous and you will have to be even more careful. To clean the port with a headphone jack, you should dip it in a rubbing alcohol. This is where the danger comes, as the alcohol can damage the metal and the inside of your phone. If done slowly and not for a long time, it should clean the port. A bit more safe, but the slower solution would be to use cotton swabs. As you insert it inside the jack, cotton will collect all the dust, without any fear of damaging it anymore.