One of the most annoying things is when you look for certain spice in your kitchen. Even though you feel you just bought it a few days ago but you have trouble finding it. If that happens often, it’s time for you to think about applying DIY spice rack ideas. This spice rack idea is perfect for those of you who often have difficulty organizing all the spice jars you have.

These DIY spice rack ideas will always make your spice jar neat. This is because you can store your spice jars on a rack that you can put on the pantry door, drawer, or even in the cabinet. This is a brilliant idea because you can save space just to put the spice rack.

Besides being able to save space, these DIY spice rack ideas can also make a room look attractive. You will see a neat spice jar arrangement with a unique rack model. Of course, you will never see it before because you made this spice rack yourself.

You can even choose some material that you think is easy to find. For example, pegboard, wire, magnet, and also plywood. You can turn all the materials into a charming and functional spice rack. Let’s found out more about DIY spice rack ideas which can organize all your spice jars:

DIY Spice Rack Ideas for Pantry Door

Pantry doors are sometimes boring and plain. Make your pantry door functional by turning it into a place that can accommodate your spice rack. Your pantry door will look more attractive because there is a neat spice jar arrangement. These are DIY spice rack ideas for pantry door that you can apply:

1. Stick It

Stick It

Turn your pantry door into a spice rack that looks very attractive. You can attach a sheet of metal to the pantry door and attach a magnet to the spice jar. Arrange spice jars neatly and you can now put a spice jar on the pantry door. Furthermore, you don’t need to have trouble when looking for dried thyme or oregano.

2. Refinished Pallet

Refinished Pallet

The pallet is versatile and you can use it as a spice rack. You can take apart the pallet and turn it into an appealing and functional spice rack. You can sand and stain the pallet if you want. But if you want to have a natural spice rack look, you don’t have to do it. In addition, fill the spice rack with a few spice jars and hang it on your pantry door.

3. Over The Door Hanging Spice Rack Shoe Organizer

Over The Door Hanging Spice Rack Shoe Organizer

Usually, you use this pocket to put all your shoes on but now you can turn them into unique spice racks. In addition, this pocket is also very easy to find and is also sold at a friendly price. You will also easily put it behind your pantry door because you just hang it tight. Put several spice jars in each pocket and your spice jars will be neat instantly. To make it easier for you to find it, you can write the names of the spices in each office.

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4. Vintage Tray

Vintage Tray

Use a tray that is no longer used as a spice rack. You simply add a divider so you have a multilevel spice rack. Arrange your spice jars and name them according to the contents of the jars. to make it easier for you to look for certain spices. Stick the tray on the pantry door that can make your kitchen look vintage and also classic.

5. Easy USD 1 DIY Spice Racks

Easy USD 1 DIY Spice Racks

You can make a spice rack for only USD 1 because all you need is wire self. How to make it is very easy, you just bend the wire self carefully into a wire basket. If you have made several spice racks, you can hang them on the pantry door using screws. This is one of the DIY spice rack ideas that are easy to make and very cheap, right?

6. Hanging Door Spice Rack

Hanging Door Spice Rack

You can make a modern spice rack with an industrial concept. All you need is a few pieces of plywood that you make like a rectangular basket. Then, you can attach a pair of angle iron to the pantry door that you can use to attach the rectangular basket that you have made. Arrange several spice racks to accommodate all the spice jars you have.

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DIY Spice Rack Ideas for Drawer

Drawers are indeed useful for storing all equipment, including for storing all your spice jars. However, even if you put it in the drawer, you are still having trouble finding the spice jar you need. So, what if you make a spice rack that can be put in a drawer? No need to hesitate because these DIY spice rack ideas for drawer are very easy for you to make:

1. Pull Out Drawer

Pull Out Drawer

Drawers are a good place to put your cooking spices. However, there are often difficulties in finding spices even if you put them in a drawer. Therefore, you can arrange several spice jars in a drawer and put a sticker on the spice jars. Write the spice on the sticker to make it easier for you to look for it.

2. Angled Spice Drawer Organizer

Angled Spice Drawer Organizer

This is one of the DIY spice rack ideas that is very simple and easy DIY for you to make. You only need plywood that you can make like a triangle. Arrange the plywood and place the spice jar on top. If you don’t have plywood, you can use corks that are easier to shape. This spice rack will make your spice jar look very neat and easy to find even if it’s in a drawer.

3. Two Tier Drawer Spice Rack

Two Tier Drawer Spice Rack

To save space on the drawer, you can make a two-tier drawer like this. However, you need to be careful when making this spice rack. A precise size is needed so that you can close the two-tier drawer perfectly. In addition, you also need some electrical tools to make this spice rack.

4. Easy and Affordable Spice Rack

Easy and Affordable Spice Rack

Who says it’s hard to make spice racks that can organize all your spice jars? You can make your spice rack easily because you only need a drawer insert to place all your spice jars to make it look neater. Stick the label on the spice jar lid to make it easier for you to find a particular spice. Now you have a spice rack for drawers that is very easy to make, right?

5. Stick it To The Drawer

Stick it To The Drawer

Make your drawer neater by applying this as one of the best DIY spice rack ideas. You can put an iron sheet at the bottom of your drawer. After that, put the spice jars with a magnet on the bottom of the spice jars. You can attach a magnet to each jar of spice that you want to stick on an iron sheet. Or, if you want to be more practical, you can look for magnetic spice jars that are sold in the market. Magnets and iron are the perfect combinations because the spice jar won’t be a mess.

6. Foam Spice Organizer for Drawers

Foam Spice Organizer for Drawers

Keep the neatness of your spice jar using foam sheets that are suitable as the base of your drawer. The folds on the foam sheet want to keep your spice jar in place. You will easily find this foam sheet at an affordable price. In addition, you also simply measure this foam sheet to fit the drawer size. Arrange your spice jar facing up and label it so you can easily find it.

DIY Spice Rack Ideas for Cabinets

A kitchen cabinet can indeed organize all your kitchen equipment. But it is different from spice jars, which often remain messy even though they have been arranged in the cabinet. Now you can make spice racks that you can put on the cabinet so you can easily find them. Here are DIY spice racks ideas for cabinets that you can copy:

1. Under The Cabinet

Under The Cabinet

For those of you who have a narrow cabinet, one of these DIY spice rack ideas is the best for you. This is because the spice rack does not take up the area of your cabinet at all. You can stick a sheet of metal under your kitchen cabinet with the size that you have adjusted. Then, you attach a strong magnet to your spice jar so that your spice jar doesn’t move easily. Now you have a neat spice rack and don’t take place in your cabinet at all.

2. Test Tubes

Test Tubes

If you like cooking, the kitchen is like a laboratory for you. Therefore, use the test tube as a place for spice. Put the spice in the test tube and cover using cork. You can make a test tube stand from a strip of wood that you have drilled. This is one of the DIY spice rack ideas that have an industrial theme that fits in your kitchen cabinet.

3.  Vintage Coke Crate

Vintage Coke Crate

Turn the coke crate into an industrial and rustic themed spice rack. You can look for antique coke crates in the warehouse or thrift shops. No need to spend a lot of money to make a spice rack because the crate coke is very cheap. You can add a divider to make the spice rack neater. Place it in your cabinet to support the appearance of your kitchen becomes more attractive.

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4. Peg Board Spice Rack

Peg Board Spice Rack

This is one of the DIY spice rack ideas that has a Scandinavian and minimalist concept. You can attach a pegboard to the cabinet and turn it into a beautiful spice rack. Pegboard is easy to find, for example, you can find it in a hardware store. Look for a spice jar that is easy to wire to attach it to the pegboard. In addition to the spice jar, you can also hang some other kitchen utensils so that your kitchen is well organized.

5. Cabinet Caddy

Cabinet Caddy

You can maximize your cabinet by making a spice rack that can be attached to your cabinet. So, when you want to need certain spices, you can open your cabinet and the spices you need are easier to find. You can make it from plywood made into a rectangular basket. After that, stick the rectangular basket firmly on the cabinet door. Now you have a cabinet that can have a dual function and be able to organize your spice jars neater.

6. Spice Grippers

Spice Grippers

If you want a spice rack that is easy to make in a short amount of time, this idea is right for you to apply. This is because you only need a few spice grippers that are easily found in hardware stores or online. The price is affordable so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this spice rack. You only attach the spice gripper with double-sided tape or screw to the back of your cabinet door. Spice gripper also keeps your spice jar neat and doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Those are some DIY spice rack ideas that you can copy. You can choose several spice rack ideas that can meet your needs. For example, if you need a spice rack that can be hung on the pantry door, placed in drawers or a cabinet. All of these ideas can certainly accommodate all your needs to organize your spice jar to be neater and easier to find.

In addition, DIY spice rack ideas also don’t require a long time to make. All you have to do is assemble all the materials mentioned above into an easy-to-make spice rack. In addition, all these spice racks also require materials that are easily found at low prices. You just have to choose which material is available at home or that meets your kitchen concept.

So, there is no reason for you to have difficulty finding spice jars when you need them. This is because you can apply several DIY spice rack ideas that are easy for you to copy. Some ideas also come with manufacturing instructions that make it easy for you to make.

Spice Rack Ideas

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