If you are someone who does a nine-to-five job and has been working for a long run then you might have access to undo or redo features on your PCs and windows as well. While these features are important and time-saving as well, as this can be way more progressive and can be easier to handle as well. For The Latest Tech News Follow Our Website Blobstreaming!!!!

Shortcut For Undo & Redo

Shortcut For Undo & Redo

While these features allow one to get access to the features very easily while they can be very active as well. These operations can handle your work easily and can redo your task or undo it as well. but if you are new to it then you might consider reading this article as we here covered the details and the advantages of Redo and Undo and how you can access it as well.  

Starting with what these features are in your PC or your laptop. Well then these are used by the users to undo their mistakes or in simple words, if you even committed a mistake in your work on PC or ever transferred a file to the wrong location then you can fix it with the redo and undo feature. Undo helps you with reversing your mistake and moving the file back into the space where it originally was

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Shortcut Keys For Undo Command

Ctrl+ Z

And then you are done the mistake is fixed and it is also undetectable as well. While on the other hand, Redo is one feature that does the opposite of what we did earlier, as the name suggests if you want that file again back to first where you fit it, then just press redo, and it will drop back the file. So, now we understood basically what undo and redo are, while undo is reversing or undoing a mistake or work,

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Redo is doing it again as we did earlier. If you are working on a pc windows, or mac as well, then you might find it in your system. Then if you are looking forward to accessing it, we got your back. If you are someone who is working on windows then you can undo the process by pressing Ctrl+ Z on your keyboard at once and undo action is done. Well, there are features or

Applications on your PC Like MS Office and Adobe allow you to do this work and as long as you select and press the button you will be able to undo the work you want. Speaking of undo on Mac systems then they can access the undo process by clicking command+ Z on the keyboard then the undo action is done. While now speaking of redo actions, the starting off with working on windows.

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Shortcut Keys For Redo Command


If you are someone who works on windows you can press Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+ Shift+ Z, or the F4 button as well, with these keys one can work the redo action and can easily redo your work as well. If for some reason the F4 key does not work then you can function the redo action by pressing the F-lock key and the Fn Key and F4 at the same time. Speaking of access redo action on your mac

Then you can press the command key+ Y on your keyboard or Command+ shift+ Z then your redo work is done. If you are someone who does not like using the keyboard too much, then you and also undo or redo the same thing through your pc or laptop with your mouse as well. You can find these commands on the quick access tool as well. If you want to access it then click on the quick access where you’ll find redo and undo options.


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