An open space room is now becoming a trend. It gives you a wide sensation even though you are living in a small apartment. However, everybody needs privacy in their home. Also, not all rooms are proper to be united with the other rooms. Thus, you need a room divider to make two different areas. A room divider could be made by yourself. Just see the room divider ideas DIY below, perhaps, you can follow one of them.

A room divider doesn’t have a big standing wall. It could be from a simple material, even more, something you think unused. With the room divider ideas DIY below, you can save your budget. Even though you should prepare some equipment and additional material, it won’t be as expensive as building a wall. Now, see around and think if there is something you can use as the room divider.

Before you try one of the room divider ideas DIY here, it is better for you to make sure the current condition. How large your space is because it determines the divider style later. If you only have a limited area, we recommend to make a standing divider and not too big. But, when the available area is large, you can make as you want. Just decide the theme and the style to show a certain impression.

Easy and Unique Room Divider Ideas DIY

Now, are you ready to find out what we have for room divider ideas DIY here? We hope the list below gives you inspiration, so you can maximize every inch inside your home. Many of the ideas below are suitable for the bedroom too. As your information, a room divider could be placed in any room, not only in the living room or dining room.

1. Standing Glass with Static Sticker Film

Standing Glass with Static Sticker Film

This model is great to separate your working room at home. Perhaps, you have extra empty space, then, make this room divider so you have a private place to work. Since you want a private space, cover the transparent glass by using a sticker. Choose the same color as the wall that will keep a wide sensation.

2. Plant Cabinet

Plant Cabinet

It is nice to bring nature to your home. Moreover, you love to plant various flowers. Put your hobby closer by creating a cabinet for the pots. Place it to divide an open space into two areas. As we said before, a room divider can be put for the bedroom, this one is what we mean.

3. Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks

Another thing you can do to make a natural sensation is bringing the tree trunks inside. Don’t think about the big one. There are lots of medium size of tree trunks outside. Take several of them, then adjust the height. Arrange properly until you see it looks great as the room divider. You can do a little touch, so it is cleaner and attractive.

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4. Standing Bookshelf

Standing Bookshelf

A shelf is always a good idea when you seek room divider ideas DIY. Most people probably will recommend this if you ask them. Indeed, a bookshelf is great as a room divider, but, make a different one for your own. Build an open standing bookshelf. Let the books covers two different rooms. It is unique because people might think you have a mini library inside there.

5. Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet

Talking about reuse something, you can take benefit from pallet wood. This material is commonly used for every DIYer, including to make a room divider. It is easy to arrange the pallet wood, whether you make a standard design or a certain model. Once it is finished, you can hang some pictures or photographs there.

6. Lighting Branches

Lighting Branches

Do you want another look for the room? Well, you can create a dim sensation through the room divider. Arrange several tree branches inside a frame. Then, add the lanterns around the branches. Once you turn off the room light and let the lanterns on, you will get a romantic atmosphere.

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7. A Row of Bamboos

A Row of Bamboos

Bamboos are the other options when you want to make a natural design. Following this idea is very easy. But the challenge is adjusting the bamboos as you want, starts from size, color, and the amount. It would be greater if you put one or two pots around the bamboo.

8. One-tone Curtain

One-tone Curtain

Are you an effortless person? Don’t be worry, you still do creation for your room. Just decide one color and buy fabric. Hang it on, then it becomes a curtain to separate the room. The same color with the wall is suitable for the minimalist. Or, you can choose the one-tone color if you want a different look but not too contrast.

9. Patchwork Curtain

Patchwork Curtain

Just like the room divider ideas DIY in the previous number, this one requires you to use the unused thing which is the patchwork. If you have unused fabrics, collect them now. You can make a unique curtain from it. Sew them one by one until it turns into a curtain as you want. Hang on in the bedroom or living room could be an interesting decoration.

10. Payette Curtain

Payette Curtain

Talking about making a curtain, actually, you can make it from anything. For the glamorous look, you can arrange the Payette into a curtain. We recommend you to pick only one color, so the room won’t feel crowded. But if you want to apply this idea for the kids’ room, it is okay to pick many colors.

11. Bohemian Hanging Scarf

Bohemian Hanging Scarf

Many people don’t realize that actually they have a lot of things to be reused, including from their closet. Make a time to see inside your wardrobe and see probably you have old scarfs. Don’t throw it because you can make a room divider from those fashion items. One of the room divider ideas DIY which interesting is making a bohemian curtain. Unite those scarfs and let them show a different look.

12. Unused Doors

Unused Doors

If you see your neighbor is renovating their house, as them whether they have an unused door or not. Making a room divider from the unused doors is a great idea. Don’t underestimate the look of it because you can repaint the door. The new painting will refresh the appearance of the doors. Also, you can put the wheels at the bottom, so it could be a moveable room divider.

13. Vertical Chalkboard

Vertical Chalkboard

Perhaps, you never thought that a chalkboard could be a room divider. Surprisingly, this thing becomes popular as one of the room divider ideas DIY. Recently, many restaurant owners use a chalkboard not only to show the menu but also as a room divider. Now, you can try something new inside your home. Make this one as the room divider in your kitchen or backyard.

14. Cut Floating Pipes

Cut Floating Pipes

We said that this list of room divider ideas DIY costs you only a little budget. Using pipes is one of the alternative ways. One long pipe could be changed into an attractive room divider. Cut them into pieces and set like floating bubbles. Stick each pipe with special glue then stand in the middle of the room. Then, you will see a unique decoration afterward.

15. Sliding Photo Frames

Sliding Photo Frames

Hanging photographs is always a great idea for home decoration, including for the room divider. Move several photos from the wall, then set it becomes a standing frame. It is up to you whether you want to keep the mirror of the frame or not. But, the advantage of making this one is, you can put the photo on the front and backside.

16. Sliding Door

Sliding Door

Making a sliding door is actually doesn’t need a professional hand. Once you follow the steps very well, watch every detail, and buy the right materials, you can install it by your hand. But, if you are unsure of your capability, then a helping hand is needed. A sliding door is suitable as the optional of room divider ideas DIY for limited space.

17. Fabric Screen

Fabric Screen

Room divider ideas DIY doesn’t require you an expensive material to build. This one only needs fabric to cover two rooms. Staple the fabric with a frame and apply the hinge so it is easy to be adjusted. While the frame could be from the wood or bamboo.

18. Rustic Windows

Rustic Windows

Besides the unused door, you can also take benefit from the unused windows. By using this material, you will have a rustic look inside. Moreover, you keep the natural look from those windows. Put the hinge on each side, so the windows can be opened and closed as you want. The unused windows should be put as your room divider ideas DIY list.

19. Simple Rope Knots

Simple Rope Knots

Using rope is also a cheap idea. Do you still remember making knots while you were the scout member? Finally, that ability is useful when you are decorating the room now. Cut the rope into pieces based on the length and width you need. Then, tie the rope into simple knots. Do the same thing to the other pieces.

20. Pattern Knots

Pattern Knots

If you were one of the best scout members, then prove yourself in making a little more complicated knots. Because a unique pattern will make your room beautiful. Not all people can do this, so create a different one for your home. Do some variations, such as a distance for each pattern, or space to stick a plant there.

21. Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire

Have you ever wondered that chicken wire could be a room divider? Don’t think about the chicken, but imagine how unique the decoration will be. Using the chicken wire as a room divider is not common. Because if you don’t make the right design, it will make your room looks strange. Put the chicken wire inside the frame and make it like a sliding or rolling door.

22. Crates


Do you think that crates are only for the bottle? Then, you should try one of these room divider ideas DIY. This is the real sample of reusing something. Arrange the crates like a standing bookshelf. You can do a creation by giving some touches in several parts. So, it gives you more functions, such as a TV desk.

23. Shelf and Drawers

Shelf and Drawers

Shelf and drawers are always being a choice for everyone to make a room divider. Today there are many styles of it, so you can adjust the model based on your want. You can combine the shelf with the drawers. For example, place the shelf at the top part, while for the drawers are below it. This divider helps you to store things too.

24. Hanging Pom Pom

Hanging Pom Pom

Room divider ideas DIY don’t always have to be a wood or something hard. You can involve your kids to try this idea. Make a room divider from wools is very interesting. Search from the internet how to make pom-poms from wool, then, hang them with the color combination. It looks so fun having this fluffy curtain in the middle of the room.

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25. Built-in Sitting Spot


When you are making a room divider, you can build something multifunction at the same time. If you think that bookshelf, drawer, or curtain are so ordinary, then why don’t you build a sitting spot? It could be your extra area to have a conversation or a me-time moment. You can sit with someone there for tea time, or just enjoy the book you find online.

26. Head Board Drawer

Head Board Drawer

This idea fits for the small apartment. You know, when you only have limited space, you have to be creative in maximizing the room. It is okay to have a bedroom near to the TV room. You can make the hearing board as the room divider. In addition, you are able to use the other side as the drawer. Here, you are not only having a room divider, but also extra storage.

Room divider ideas DIY are about inviting your imagination. It is the time when you are asked to be creative, understand more about your needs, and utilizing anything around. Indeed, the main function of a room divider is to separate one open space into two different areas. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t add more function there.

Decorating the room is very interesting, moreover, for some people, it is a personal project. Because home is where you are becoming yourself. If the things inside don’t reflect who you are, then you should ask to think to redecorate your home.

Room Divider Ideas

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