Deciding the best style and design of the house is easy, so do the fence. In fact, we need more inspiration according to DIY Privacy fence ideas. It happened because there are many things that we should consider in designing a fence.

When you want to design your fence, you should not consider the appearance only. In fact, you need to consider many things such as budget, design, color, and many others. Therefore, you need to decide everything wisely, so do the fence.

Indeed, the fence almost seems simple but actually, the fence has an important role in our house. The fence will be the first impression of the appearance of the house. Therefore, the random design is not enough. We need more than a common fence.


DIY Privacy Fence Ideas By Simple Touch

Whether you need a privacy fence or others, we will show you a lot of fence design. Further, you may build your design by yourself or ask someone to build it for you. Here are the DIY Privacy fence ideas that will inspire you more.

1. Uneven And Unique Wooden Board Fence

Uneven And Unique Wooden Board Fence

The first DIY Privacy fence ideas are an uneven and unique wooden board fence. As the name, the fence is made from the uneven board. Indeed, it may sound strange, but it is very good looking and gives a natural sensation to your house.

2. Fence Made From Bamboo

Fence Made From Bamboo

The fence made from bamboo might sound unsafe, but it is not just simple bamboo. The bamboos are built together to become a group. Then, they will transform into a simple and beautiful bamboo fence.

3. Shining Wooden Fence

Shining Wooden Fence

Having a shining wooden fence is not a bad idea. We can build the fence higher than the common fence. Therefore, you will have more privacy and simple design of the fence. Indeed, the wood seems too simple, you can combine by adding some flowers and plants.

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4. White Vinyl Fence

White Vinyl Fence

For adding the privacy situation, you can use the white vinyl fence. This kind of fence is suitable for you who like the simple design. You can put the fence in the back or front of the house.

5. Metal Sheets and Wood Fence

Metal Sheets and Wood Fence

Indeed, metal and wood have two different colors. Both of them are two different substance which can combine together becomes a great fence. The fence made from the combination of metal and wood seems natural and strong at the same time.

6. DIY Fence Made From Shutter

DIY Fence Made From Shutter

Do you ever think of the fence made from shutter? This shutter fence is a unique fence that has a beautiful aspect. This kind of fence will be suitable to use in the park, greenhouse, and other related places. Indeed, it sounds unusual but it is good to have.

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7. White Classic of Fence

White Classic of Fence

The most famous fence design among people is the classic and simple fence. The white color will give you a relaxing sensation in your house. If you have a classic design of the house, you should design your fence by white classic fence.

8. Long Picket of Fence

Long Picket of Fence

Wondering the private and comfortable fence in your house, you should try to build a long picket fence. This fence is totally simple. What is more, you can combine the long picket with some plants patch on the fence.

9. Long Horizontal Wooden Boards

Long Horizontal Wooden Boards

If a common fence is built from vertical boards, so the horizontal board of the fence will seem strange. You might wonder how can the horizontal board can be the fence. First, arrange all of the horizontal boards to become a group. Then, apply it as the fence.

10. Black Metal of Fence

Black Metal of Fence

The color of the fence is the important thing that you need to consider. Indeed, there are many fun colors that can be used as a fence, but black is the best. The black color of the metal will give a strong appearance to the fence. Moreover, the fence will look simple and elegant.

11. Black Wooden Fence

Black Wooden Fence

Another black fence is made from wood. Even it is a wooden fence, the black color still gives a strong appearance to the fence. What is more, this black wooden fence looks more simple and easy to build. Therefore, it will be suitable to build in the garden and animal house.

12. Brown and Black Wooden Fence

Brown and Black Wooden Fence

If the black color gives a strong image to the fence, while the brown color gives the natural image. On the other hand, the combination of both brown and black color of the fence will be great. We will get a strong and natural image in just a simple fence.

13. Solid Light Brown Wooden Fence

Solid Light Brown Wooden Fence

You might wonder why most of the fence is made from wood. In fact, wood has a natural color that many people like to. Furthermore, wood is a strong substance that is suitable to use as a fence. Whatever the color of the fence, the wooden fence always seems simple but interesting.

14. Original Cinderblock Fence of the House

Original Cinderblock Fence of the House

Another DIY Privacy fence ideas are the original cinderblock fence. This kind of fence is suitable to use in the big house with the large yard. In addition, the original color of the cinderblock is already interesting. Thus, you don’t need to change the color and keep the original.

15. Colored Cinderblock Fence

Colored Cinderblock Fence

Indeed, the original color of cinderblock is interesting. But, it is okay if you want to add the color to the cinderblock fence. You may change the color which is related to the color of the house. Therefore, the cinderblock fence will look more interesting than before.

16. Welded Wire Fence with Wood Frame

Welded Wire Fence with Wood Frame

When you need more protection in your area, you can choose to design the welded wire fence. This fence is easy to build by using a wood frame. What is more, this fence is a kind of wrap that protects the yard from the animal.

17. Unique and Natural Fences from Weave of Wattle

Unique and Natural Fences from Weave of Wattle

The woven fence of wattle is the unusual fence that we never think before. However, this unusual fence is very interesting to see. Even it has not existed yet, having a woven fence of wattle is a perfect fence for being in a fairytale. It is very interesting to have.

18. Hand Painted of Old Wooden Fence

Hand Painted of Old Wooden Fence

Even they just old woods, we can change them into an interesting fence by hand painting them. You can paint flowers such as sunflowers or rose on the fence. Thus, the fence will look more interesting and fresh. On the other hand, this fence is suitable for the fence of the yard.

19. Block Wall Fence

Block Wall Fence

You can try to arrange the block together and make the concrete block wall as your fence. This wall sounds simple even it is a strong fence. The block wall can be the unique DIY Privacy fence ideas that you should try to make in your house.

20. Glasses Marbles Combination Fence

Glasses Marbles Combination Fence

However, the fence commonly made from wood. Therefore, you need more inspiration from DIY Privacy fence ideas to make the new kind of fence. the glass marble fence is an interesting fence design that has beauty touch among the parts.

21. Interesting Sloped Wooden Fence Style

Interesting Sloped Wooden Fence Style

This kind of fence is very interesting to see. The sloped wooden fence is totally suitable for you who have a sloped area in your house. Moreover, you can cover that area by the sloped wooden fence and get your privacy area. This style is unique and makes your house beautiful.

22. The Plaited Wooden Fence with Natural Accent

The Plaited Wooden Fence with Natural Accent

we now together that wood is the best material for the fence. moreover, we can design the wooden fence to become a natural and creative plaited wooden fence. the plaiting motive will add some unique and natural accent to the fence. therefore, your house will look more fresh and natural.

23. Interesting Net Wooden Fence

Interesting Net Wooden Fence

The net design of the wooden fence is the net wooden fence. this fence is made from wood which has a net motive. the net design is almost the same as the real net. it has some hollow in all of the surface. in addition, this motive is very interesting to see.

24. The Combination of Garden and Fence

The Combination of Garden and Fence

Imagine that both garden and fence become a group. they will be the best combination to build a natural accent offense. if you like plants or flowers, you may build your fence by this design. the plans will add the natural accent and refresh your house.

25. Big Painted Fence

Big Painted Fence

commonly, the fence is painted by small paintings on some surface. Indeed, it is not possible to paint in all of the surfaces of the fence. The painted fence should be made from wood. therefore, the paint will be more colorful and take longer.

26. Natural Crawled Wooden Fence

Natural Crawled Wooden Fence

The last DIY private fence ideas are the natural crawled wooden fence. this fence is a kind of natural fence. the fence is covered by a crawling plant on all of the surfaces. this style is very suitable for you who likes plants and a natural accent.

DIY Privacy Fence Idea for Small House

People usually have fences at their front or outside part of their house. The fence surrounds the house with the main purpose to protect the house. However, the fence could also be an aesthetic item for the house. These days, fences are not just to protect the house. People use it also for other occasions. Even there are many DIY fence ideas you can try.

Besides the outside part of the house, people could also use fences for other things. For those who have children or pets, having a fence is a great idea to give them some safety and private place. For kids, the fence could be a divider between the “safe” place and not. As for pets, it could also be the divider for their cage.

However, buying a fence is not cheap. People need to pay quite an expensive price for fences. Not only for installing, but people would then need to pay the maintenance as well.

To save more money, people could always try a DIY item, including a DIY fence! There are many DIY Fence ideas that people could find offline or online. Moreover, the materials could also be things that could be easily found near us.

Why DIY Fences?

There are so many advantages that people could get from making their fences, besides saving the budget. However, some people might be confused about how to start. But do not worry. Here are some great simple and easy DIY fences ideas that people could try for their homes.

In addition, not all fences are suitable for all styles of the yard. Some of them might be too simple or too big for the yard. As a matter of fact, we need to find more DIY Privacy fence ideas to find a suitable one, especially for a small yard. Here the DIY Privacy fence idea for a small house.

1. DIY Fence for Dogs

DIY Fence for Dogs

For those who have dogs, having a fence is quite needed. It is because it could be the dog’s cage and also their private place. People could always make their DIY fence for the dog as an option. It is less effort and easy to install.

The materials that people could use to make a dog’s fence is metal. It is suitable for active dogs. Metal is also strong enough to handle its weight. Especially when the dog jumps over the fence and might hit the fence. People could install the fence with the size and shape that they want.

Metal fences for dogs might look too simple for some people. That is why add some styles to the fence. People could always add some artificial plants on the fences or hang on some dog’s toys. Not only to decorate the fence but also to entertain the dog.

2. The DIY Rail Wire Fence

The DIY Rail Wire Fence

A famous material that people often use for fences us wire. A wire is not only strong but also has long durability. For those who live in a variety of weather changes, a wire is a suitable material to handle the weather changes. The material is also flexible, which always us to bend and shape the wire as we desire.

The DIY Rail Wire Fence is great to protect the garden with vegetables and fruits. It could also be suitable for some pet’s cages such as rabbit and kitten. Using a rail wire fence is not only cheap and easy, but it is also fun and safe.

3. The DIY Pallet Fence

The DIY Pallet Fence

One of the best ways to create a DIY fence is by using a pallet. Not only it is quite cheap, but it is easy to search and to install. People could also explore many things with a pallet as a fence.

The DIY fence could be installed horizontal or vertical. People could even display a horizontal or vertical pallet fence is several ways. The pallets could be installed with a gap in it or installed tightly with no gaps in it.

4. The DIY Topper Plant Pallet Fence

The DIY Topper Plant Pallet Fence

Another idea for a DIY fence is a topper plant fence. The early installation of the fence is the same as the horizontal fence. What makes it different is that people would need a double layer on the fence. It is because, on the topper part of the fence, there is a space for plants.

The topper plant fence is a great idea for those who also need a space for plants. Moreover, the fence would not only be a great divider but it would also be a great decorator for the area. However, this fence might need more maintenance since the fence would often approach with water since we would also need to water the plants.

5. The DIY Iron Sheeting Fence

The DIY Iron Sheeting Fence

The next idea to make a DIY fence is by using iron sheeting. While people often use iron sheeting for roofs, people could also use it for fences. Rather than buying a new one, people could use a recycle one with different kinds and shapes of it.

Moreover, the iron sheets are easy to install and people would not need to buy. Make sure to choose an iron sheet that is still worthy and strong enough to use. For long durability, add a transparent spray or paint to protect the iron sheet for hot, cold and water.

6. The DIY Rock Walls Fence

The DIY Rock Walls Fence

Other great DIY fence ideas that people could make for their fence are with using a rock walls fence. It is suitable whether for the front or backyard fence. Moreover, this fence is strong and easy to maintain.

To install it, people would first need to prepare a lot of rocks. The rocks are better in one shape and color. This would ease us in filling the rocks in. However, people could still use different colors of rocks and display the rocks due to the colors.

7. The DIY Rock Walls Combination Fence

The DIY Rock Walls Combination Fence

Furthermore, people could also combine this type of fence with others. For example, the combination of rock walls fences and horizontal tight fences are great. Not only it is a strong fence but also a decorative one. Moreover, the style is modern and sophisticated.

To make it more beautiful, people could always add other decorative things. For example, adding a hanging plant on the wire outside. Also adding some frames and hanging decorative would make the divider more beautiful.

8. The DIY Bamboo Fence

The DIY Bamboo Fence

Many kinds of bamboo are available. Starting from the various colors, shapes, and sizes. As for the colors, there are green bamboos, yellowish bamboos and also brown bamboos. Meanwhile, for the sizes, there are small and big bamboos.

One of the things that we could do for bamboo fences is by installing the bamboo horizontally or vertically. Like pallets, people could install it with a gap between each bamboo or install it tightly. For more options, people could also combine a horizontal and vertical installation.

9. The DIY Bamboo Oblique Fence

The DIY Bamboo Oblique Fence

With the right hands, bamboo could be a great material for DIY fence ideas. Same like pallets, there are many kinds of results that people could create from bamboo. Bamboo is a natural material that is safe and eco-friendly.

The next idea for bamboo ideas is installing the bamboo oblique. People could also cut the bamboo first and then install it until it forms into a specific shape or picture. However, for this idea, people would need to install a basic construction first before applying the bamboo.

10. The DIY Bamboo Pieces Fence

The DIY Bamboo Pieces Fence

Other DIY fence ideas from using bamboo are by making the wall of bamboo pieces. The first thing to do is cut the bamboos into small pieces. Cut the bamboo about 15cm each. Use the different sizes of the diameter of bamboo.

After that, paint some of the edges of the bamboos with some colorful paints. The next thing to do is to stack the bamboo pieces until it is formed as a fence. Stacking the bamboo does not need any techniques. Just follow the instinct and be creative.

11. The DIY recycled Door Fence

The DIY recycled Door Fence

The next DIY fence ideas are by using recycled items. People could create a DIY fence from recycled items like doors. Use different models and kinds of doors to create a variety fence. As to connect each door, people could nail them together. If it is needed, people could also use glue and even board to help to refute the items together.

As for finishing, there are also some finishing options we could choose. First, people could let the original color of the recycled doors. Second, people could repaint doors with natural colors, such as dark brown, white, light brown, and others. Third, people could also repaint the doors into the same color.

12. The DIY recycled Windows Fence

The DIY recycled Windows Fence

Besides doors, people could also use recycled windows as one of the DIY fence ideas. The techniques are quite the same too. Moreover, people would need to make sure that the condition of the window is still good. If the recycle windows are too simple, people could always add more accessories to the fence.

For example, people usually add some hanging plants on the fence. On the other side, people could also add some hanging pictures, lampions, and even curtains. Not only the fences are beautiful, but it is also decorative. The fences would be a great spot to hang around.

13. The DIY Pipe Fence

The DIY Pipe Fence

Pipes are also a great material for DIY fence ideas. Rather than using expensive woods, PVS pipes are great alternatives. People could save more money on PCV pipe fences. Moreover, not only that it lasts longer than woods, but the installation is also easier.

Before making the PVC pipe fence, make sure to measure the right size. With the right calculating, it could save more money. Buy some end caps also for the pipes to add a nice finishing on the PVC. On the other side, the wrong measure sizes would cause double work for us.

14. The DIY Steel Fence

The DIY Steel Fence

Using steel for the material for one of the DIY fence ideas is also a great idea. The materials are not only strong but also have long durability. However, cutting steel might be a little difficult to do for some people.

Moreover, when using steel for the fence, people would need to add some finishing on it. The wrong finishing might cause the steel to become rusty.

15. The DIY Brick Fence

The DIY Brick Fence

Coming back to the 80s, using bricks for the fences is not a bad idea. Moreover, these days in the modern era, the popularity of bricks has even come back. People could combine the bricks as they want to. Starting to set the bricks in a tight position or even by turns.

Using bricks is quite easy and cheap to buy. Do not forget to also use cement to glue the bricks. People could use whether white or gray cement. Both have different effect finishing on the result.

16. The DIY Cable Fence

The DIY Cable Fence

Cable fences are popular for railing use. However, it is also suitable for DIY fence ideas. Even though it might not give a big space of privacy, but it would be a great simple minimalist divider.

The basic construction could use wood, steel, or others. Some people might also need the help of the professionals to do this. However, cable installation is quite easy to do.

17. The DIY Green Fence

The DIY Green Fence

Another one from the DIY fence ideas list is using plants for the fence. People could whether to use real live plants or artificial plants. Both have disadvantages and advantages. For real plants, people might have to water them. As for artificial plants, the color might fade away.

People could plant construction for the plants to be planted or directly plant it on the ground. However, people would need high or large plants if they want to plant it on the ground.

18. DIY Wall Fence

DIY Wall Fence

According to the size of the yard, you should choose the fence that needs a small area. The wall fence is simple with an interesting design. This kind of fence also suitable for a small yard because it doesn’t need a wide area while it is opened. Besides, the door is available on one small side.


19. Minimize Black Iron Fence

Minimize Black Iron Fence

Minimize iron fence has a black color with a small size. This kind of fence is suitable for minimized house or minimized areas. The black color of the fence will give the elegant point to your house. Moreover, you can combine the black fence with the black theme of the house.

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20. Natural Rock Fence

Natural Rock Fence

Another material that is suitable to make a fence is rock. Actually, it doesn’t mean we use rock as the whole fence. on the other hand, we just use rock as the decoration of the fence. Therefore, the fence will look more natural and interesting.

21. Small and Low Fence of Vinyl

Small and Low Fence of Vinyl

Commonly, a small house does not have enough area to build a fence. in addition, the area of the fence is almost minimum. Therefore, we need the small and low fence to cover all of those lacks. Additionally, the important thing is we have a simple and private fence in the house.

22. Low Wooden Fence with Natural Brown

Low Wooden Fence with Natural Brown

The wooden fence is always being the best natural touch for your home. By the wooden fence, you will get your interesting house appearance. in addition, you may combine the wooden fence with some flowers. You can fir the size of a wooden fence with the area of your house.

Those are the information about DIY Privacy fence ideas. There are many ideas to build your fence. you can build by yourself or ask people to build it for you. On the other hand, determine and know your house area first before building a fence. Therefore, you won’t be confused.

Rather than buying a new fence, making a DIY fence is a better idea for those who want to save money. DIY fence ideas are not difficult to do. Even recycle fence from reclaimed materials is also good. With the right ideas and material, anyone could make their fence at home. However, sometimes some people would still need a little help from the professionals to achieve the best result.

Moreover, the design of the fence depends on the area. If you need a fence for your garden, you need to choose the garden fence design. It also occurs when you want to build the fence of your house. You can build the privacy fence in your house as DIY Privacy fence ideas.

Additionally, the main role of the fence is to protect the house or garden from animals or others. Thus, we need to consider the role and also the appearance of the fence. However, we can choose everything we want according to our needs.

Privacy Fence Ideas

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