Do you like to write and make plans so that your life is more organized? If you are one of them, you certainly have your own notes, both on your smartphone and in the planner. However, so that you are more active in writing your journals, you should start looking for DIY planner ideas.

DIY planner ideas will help you to find out what kind of planner you need and what you like. You also have several planner themes that you can make yourself that suit your needs and preferences. Then, you can organize all the ideas that are in your mind more organized with the right planner.

The planner you made yourself can also help you sort out the concrete steps that can make all your ideas come true. You can also make plans on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis. When you make your own planner, you will not be limited in realizing all your ideas.

You can also make the planner for all your plans or projects. In fact, you will easily make all these planners in a short amount of time. Here are DIY planner ideas, which can accommodate all your plans and needs.

DIY Financial Planner Ideas

Make a tracker and a good financial plan so that your financial condition is always healthy. You can create a tracker and realize all your financial plans through one of these DIY planner ideas. Here are several types of financial planner themes that you can copy easily:

1. Saving Tracker Jar

Saving Tracker Jar
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When you were a child, you often saved your money using a jar. Now, when you are an adult, you can use the jar illustration as to your financial tracker. You can write down how much money you have saved. Then, you can also write down when you save money. Or, you can make these DIY Planner Ideas as a tracker of your financial plans. Fill your jar so you can achieve the financial plan you are hoping for.

2. Monthly Bill Tracker

Monthly Bill Tracker

Make your financial condition healthy every month. Then, you can make a monthly bill tracker on your planner. Make a table that contains what needs to be paid every month and also write the amount of money you have to spend. With the monthly bill tracker in your planner, you can see monthly cash flow more clearly.

3. Spending Log

Spending Log

There may be many mobile applications that can track your expenses every day. However, not everyone likes to use technology to keep track of all their expenses. You can apply one of the DIY planner ideas to track all your expenses every day. To more clearly see your expenses, you can use a variety of colors for each category. Then, you will be able to more easily see which categories spend your money the most.

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4. Budget Tracker for Your Dream Vacation

Budget Tracker for Your Dream Vacation

If you like traveling, you must have a good financial plan. Avoid borrowing money just for traveling because it will worsen your financial condition. Therefore, you are better off using a budget tracker to realize your traveling desires. You can make the budget tracker more attractive in your planner. For example, make several bricks with each brick means that you have saved as much as USD 10. So, if you save USD 100, then you can shade 10 bricks.

DIY Meal Planner Ideas

Having a healthy body is a must for everyone. So, you can manage your entire daily intake, meal plans, recipes, and also the grocery list in your own planner. DIY planner ideas will help you make a meal planner that suits and meets your needs. Here are DIY meal planner ideas that you can make in a fast time:

1. Family Favorites Meal Ideas Spread

Family Favorites Meal Ideas Spread


You may sometimes have difficulty thinking about what menu you will cook for your family. To make it easier for you when you want to cook, you can make a DIY meal planner that focuses on your family’s favorite meals. So, you can make a list of your family’s favorite meals based on several categories. For example, you can categorize based on meal times or based on food ingredients.

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2. Recipe Planner

Recipe Planner

Making your own recipe book is a brilliant idea. One way to make a recipe book is that you can write down all the recipes in your planner. Write the recipe’s title and complete it with ingredients and how to cook it. Besides, you can also add photos of recipes that you have cooked on your planner. So, this is one of the DIY planner ideas that are interesting and useful for you.

3. Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan
From: Weekly Meal Plan

You can make a weekly meal plan for your planner. This certainly makes it easier for you to determine what menus you will consume for a week. In addition, having a weekly meal plan will also make it easier for you when shopping. You can estimate what ingredients you will buy for you to cook a week later.

4. Master Grocery List

Master Grocery List

This is one of the DIY planner ideas that will help you shop for groceries. By making a shopping list, you will more easily determine what groceries you really need and will buy. In addition, making a list of groceries will also save you time and avoid you from spending a lot of money. You can create shopping lists based on several categories. For example, you can categorize food items based on the type of food ingredients.

5. Freezer Inventory Tracker

Freezer Inventory Tracker

Don’t leave food in your freezer expired. Therefore, you better make a freezer inventory tracker in your planner. One of these DIY planner ideas will help you remember what ingredients are in your freezer and when they expire. In addition, this freezer inventory tracker will also avoid your freezer from the contamination of expired foodstuffs. Surely this can endanger your health, right?

DIY Cleaning or Home Maintenance Task Planner

Have you cleaned all parts of your house regularly? If you haven’t done this regularly, make plans to clean your house immediately. You can make these plans in your planner that you made yourself. These are the DIY planner ideas, which will help you organize your house-cleaning schedule:

1. Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule


Make a list of cleaning schedules for a week in your planner. This can facilitate you in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. You can make your daily schedule based on the activities that you will do. For example, on Monday you will clean all the dust in your house and also you will wipe all the mirrors in your home. So, you will find it easier to clean your house with a weekly home cleaning schedule.

2. Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

Take care of your health by always cleaning your house. Therefore, you should not miss cleaning all parts of your home. As a solution, you can make a cleaning checklist to maintain the cleanliness of your home. You can create categories based on the room and the cleaning activities that you will do in the room. If you have done cleaning a room, you can immediately check it, it’s easy, right?

3. Detailed Daily and Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Detailed Daily and Weekly Cleaning Schedule


You can create a cleaning schedule according to daily, weekly, or even monthly. Of course, this will facilitate you in detailing what you have to clean every day or every week. For example, every day you have to make beds, wash dishes, or clean your bathroom closet. Don’t forget to also make a cleaning list annually. For example, you have to buy a new pillow, clean the air conditioner filter, or clean your carpet.

4. Konmari Decluttering

Konmari Decluttering

This is one of the DIY planner ideas, which is being widely applied. Because now many people choose to live a minimalist life and clean their homes of items that they rarely use. In fact, items that you rarely use can make your house dirty and messy. Therefore, you should make a Konmari decluttering category that will make it easier for you to clean things up.

5. Daily Chores List

Daily Chores List

If you are overwhelmed with your house-cleaning schedule, this is one of the DIY planner ideas for cleaning the house that is very useful for you. You can easily clean the house based on the schedule of activities that you have made. In addition, you can divide up every homework that you have to do every day. So, cleaning the house will be easier and more fun for you.

Health and Wellness Goals Planner

Keep your body and mind always healthy and also happy. You can track all sports activities or activities that make you happy in the planner. If you are confused about where to start, here are some DIY health and wellness goals planner suggestions, which you can make easily:

1. Workout Tracker

Workout Tracker

Take care of your health by always exercising every day. You can now track the workout schedule in your planner. To make it easier for you to keep track of your workout schedule, make a date table in a month. In the left-hand table, make a list of the workouts you will do. If you do a certain workout on a certain date, you can check it in the table, it’s easy, right?

2. Goal Weight DIY Planner

Goal Weight DIY Planner

You will be more excited when you apply your plan to one of these DIY planner ideas. Note your goal weight in the planner you made yourself. You can make several empty boxes that you will fill according to your goal body weight. Make a few boxes to make it more realistic and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

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3. Drinking Tracker

Drinking Tracker

Keep your body hydrated every day. You can track your daily water intake using a planner that you made yourself. Write down some of the beverage categories that you usually drink, for example, water, soda, juice, and so on. Also, make some boxes that when you drink, you can block the box.

4. Jogging Tracker

Jogging Tracker

If you like jogging or running you will often track your walk or run. You can track the time and also the distance that you had when jogging or running. However, you usually track it using the latest technology. How do you capture it by noting everything in your own planner? This is one of the DIY planner ideas, which you can copy so that you are more enthusiastic about jogging and also running.

5. Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker

Tracking your daily mood is one of the interesting things for you to do. This is useful to help yourself to always be better at controlling emotions in your life. In addition, this is also useful that you can make as your self-reflection stuff. Besides, make the mood tracker more interesting by adding a variety of colors

6. Sleep Log

Sleep Log

Enough sleep is the key to your body’s health. So, from now on track how long you sleep and whether your hours of sleep meet daily needs. You can easily create a sleep log in your planner. Make a number from 6 pm to 12 am. If there is sleep at certain hours, you can shade these hours.

Those are DIY planner ideas, which you can copy and make in a short amount of time. All the design of the planner is very simple so you can easily make it. In addition, you also don’t need a lot of materials to make this planner.

This is because you only need a pen; several choices of highlight colors, markers, and plain notebooks. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when making this planner. The most special thing about this planner is that all of these planners can accommodate all your life’s needs.

You can organize all the ideas that are on your mind through this planner. For example, you can more easily organize finances, cleaning schedules, up to your exercise schedule. So, if you want a more organized life, you can apply all of these DIY planner ideas.

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