A patio is a green area located in the middle of the house. Sometimes it places in the backyard area. The patio originally comes from a Mediterranean culture because of the dry climate makes the people demand a green area in their house. So, the savior of this problem is the patio. If you want to make a patio in your house, then you need to take a look at DIY patio cover ideas.
The patio has several functions. Firstly, the patio as the oxygen producer because of it near the garden. Then, the patio as a multifunction outdoor area that can be an outdoor dining room and a recreation hall. Also, the house’s owners feel so helped by the patio because they have an escape space in their house. But still, too much sun can be bad for the skin, thus you should put on the DIY patio cover ideas.
Mostly, the kids are using the patio for doing their homework, gathering with friends, and many activities. Besides, if you have a property that will rent it in Airbnb then you need to have a patio as the highlight in your profile. It because the people who want to use the house will prefer the complete one rather than the simple one. So, there are twenty-one extraordinary DIY patio cover ideas that can bring good vibes to your house.

21 Extraordinary DIY Patio Cover Ideas

The patio can enhance your house value because it brings relaxing vibes. Then, the patio is easy to build. You can use simple materials such as unused sails, canvas, tarp, etc. So, you must see the inspirations from the DIY patio cover ideas as follows.

1. Sail Patio

The first patio’s cover inspiration is the sail patio that easy one to make. If you have unused sails, then spread that sails in your patio. Then, there are two options, you can use a single sail. Also, the other option is using two or more sails. Then, the overlapping sails create more shades. When you set up the sail remember that the sail cannot cover all of the patio areas.

2. Tiki Thatched Patio Cover

2. Tiki Thatched Patio Cover
source: induced.info
The second concept is bringing the beach hut into your house. The thatched roof made from dried palm leaves and it arranges as the hut’s roof. Then, the patio cover is permanent, so when you build it to make sure that you like the tropical concept.
It is because when you want to makeover it, you need extra bucks to fix it. So, before building thatched patio cover you can choose the material of the thatch, you can use the real natural dried straw or using synthetic PVC straw.

3. Screen Patio

The next idea is using the screen as a canopy to cover the patio. This idea is quite good because you need to set up the pillars of the canopy first before spreading the screen. Then, the retractable screen that can be adjusted depends on the shade we need. So, the sensation like living in the box is really felt when the screen is spreading.

4. Pergola

4. Pergola
source: bunnings.com.au
One of the DIY patio cover ideas is using pergola. The pergola is quite good if it sets in the village. A pergola is using wood pillars so you need to maintain the season has changed. It because the material can be rotten and molded when the weather is changed. However, to get more shades, the pergola uses additional material such as a screen or canvas. Then, it is suitable if you put the pergola in a balcony or backyard deck patio near your green area.

5. Natural Lattice

The next DIY patio cover idea is a lattice. The concept is using lattice, it is installing with ivy plants such as grapes. So, let the plants grow up in the lattice. Then, a green screen is made up naturally. The thing that you must consider is the material of the lattice must be the tough materials because the plants can be broken the lattice if you do not pay attention to its growth.

6. Extra Umbrella

6. Extra Umbrella
source: lt.home-mo.com
Do you need an adjustable patio cover? So, the answer is using an extra size umbrella as a patio cover. The concept is installed big umbrella in the patio in the stable poles made from thick metal. Then, the umbrella can open and close as long as we need it to give shade.

7. Shade Cloth Patio Covers

One of the simplest DIY patio cover ideas is using shade cloth. Shade cloth as patio cover is very suitable for the patio is located in the outside of the house, so the patio can be curved in the side roof of the house. Then, the shade can be given from the cloth so the people who are stayed under the cloth feel comfortable. However, when it rains the cloth cannot resist the water because it is not a waterproof material.

8. Rustic Patio

So, the next patio cover idea comes natural mood by bringing rustic theme as the concept. The rustic patio made from the raw wooden pergola that unpainted so the natural wood color comes out more. Then, the pergola decorated with ivy plants until it covers all pergola sides. The fresh air is so relaxed in the patio area because of the planters are set up in the pergola. Also, you can add some rustic vintage furniture so it would be more eye-catching.

9. Modern Industrial Style

9. Modern Industrial Style
source: thespruce.com
The industrial style is the everlasting style that always steals people’s hearts. The modern industrial style is using a galvalume roof or corrugated metal as the patio cover. So, it installs in the metal scaffolding then the galvalume roof is nailed into it. This style is not easy to be built because you need assistance to build it by yourself.

10. Morrocan Style

The next idea is coming from the Mediterranean. The Morrocan style reflects the need for a patio cover. So, the patio has the function of an outdoor family and dining room. The rustic Mediterranean vibes present to your house because of the bricks wall and wooden roof. Also, it so cozy and comfy to get refreshments and relaxation after work.

11. Industrial Style

One of the simple patio cover ideas that made from the wood and transparent plastic roofs. The wood installed the outside of the house that seems like the wings of the house. Then, the wooden scaffolding is installing with a transparent and clear plastic roof. So, the patio is covered well from the rain also gives bright sunshades.

12. Wooden Patio

The next is a wooden patio. Wooden patio matches with your cottage and villa concept. Because the cozy mood brings by wooden material that already set up in your house. For you who have a villa and cottage, it utilizes to beautify your house. So, the relaxing sensation in your house supports by the wooden material as a patio’s ceiling. Also, you can decorate your house with minimalist and edgy furniture.

13. Beach House Patio

13. Beach House Patio
source: fikriansyah.net
The concept is to bring Miami to your house. So, the beach house concept takes from the design of the house in Miami that all-white color. Then, there are some tropical signature points such as the pool next to the house and palm trees as decoration. A PVC flat roof installed on the white wooden pillars outside the house to bring beach vibes to the patio area.

14. All Around Patio

Some people think that the patio is always placed next to the house. However, for some people who aimed at their house for gathering events. For the people who want the guests can feel the fresh air so the solution that gives from all-around a patio. Also, this kind of idea can be applied in the tropic area or the village because the trees can be the additional sunshade after the wooden covers.

15. Glass Patio

15. Glass Patio
source: woodenhomey.com
The clear glass is the next inspiration for a patio cover. Glass material as patio cover now is trending. It because it can cover the rain and sunrays. Moreover, the glass as a patio cover uses in most of the café nowadays. Because it matches with an edgy industrial mood built from the metal pillars. Also, the flexibility gives from the glass materials can adjust the ambiance of the area because it depends on the sun’s rays and the light inside it.

16. Tropical Style with Thatch Roof

The tropical concept is always to steal attention. The coming up patio cover idea is using a thatch that made from dried straw. As we can see here, the dried straws arranged to become a wide coverage to create a big shade. But now, some people use synthetic thatch roof made by plastics and PVC materials because it was more long-lasting.

17. Garden Patio

Next, natural concept by using planters as a cover is common nowadays right? The green roof is produced fresh air to the people who stay under the green roof. This patio is the other version of a green patio. This area is used for celebrating a birthday, held a family dinner, and doing fun activities such as cooking with friends. Also, the benefit of this style is you do need to set extra air conditioners or fans when the weather is hot.

18. Bali Style

Bali style is the unique patio cover from woven bamboo. The tropical concept used before made from thatch roof. However, in another tropical area such as Bali, the patio cover is made from woven bamboo that installed on the pillar that made from wood carving. So, the woven bamboo as the ceiling part and the roof made from clay tiles. As a result, the clay tiles absorbed the sun’s ray and the under of the roof will get fresh air. Additional information, most of Bali style patio cover is using for the gazebo.

19. Wood Ceiling Style

The next idea is the wood ceiling style. The wood is arranged as the ceiling which is created enjoyment to the patio that placed near the pool. Then, the wood ceiling has absorbed the sunrays when the weather is really hot. So, the people who are stayed under the ceiling do not feel so hot. Also, this concept is quite good for you who has a cottage, village, and resort as the inspiration for a patio cover. Then, you can add some minimalist furniture as decoration to bring a cozy ambiance to this area.

20. Dining Gazebo

The next idea is the dining gazebo concept for the patio in your house. The idea was coming from the gazebo located outside and is separated from the main house. The gazebo is full decoration with stones and the ceiling made from wood. So, it brings a rustic mood to those who enjoy their time there. Also, the dining set shows industrial vibes because of the chair and the dining table made from metal.

21. Tropical Umbrella

The last one from the DIY patio cover ideas is using a big umbrella. A big umbrella as a patio cover is easy to find in the side pool because of it easy to set up. The umbrella from pattern fabric so it will absorb the sunrays well. You can also choose a tropical pattern such as lime, orange, mango, watermelon, etc. It also gave enough shade to the patio area. By adding, some wooden furniture will create a more tropical vibe to your house.
So, there are all of the extraordinary DIY patio cover ideas. You can make it by yourself as long as it has a simple design. Also, you can have some ornaments that you can place them in the patio area so it will bring more refreshment and enjoyment to your house.
Make sure that the whole aspect from the DIY patio cover ideas that you’re going to do, ornaments, and the furniture is following the concept that you have been planned before. Ask your relatives’ opinions about the concept that you want to build there. Also, don’t forget to think about the probability of weather when you set up the cover.
Because if you set up the tropical on rainy days it will break your cover, so you need to make sure about the weather or you can use multifunction n material that can resist various kinds of weather.
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