When talking about painting for home decoration, most people would think of its high cost. Because painting art does cost much, especially from well-known artists. But don’t get discouraged with this fact, since there are several DIY canvas painting ideas that you can try.

There are many techniques on canvas painting that people need to enter a special academy place just to learn it. Not to mention, you also need to dig into your artistic soul to find your passion. But this process just too long, if you only need some decoration in your house.

This is where the DIY canvas painting ideas can come and fill the empty space. Because not only that the result not disappointing, but also the process is rather easy. At least, it won’t humiliate you for decorating your house with your DIY painting.

Not to mention, with the DIY canvas painting ideas can make you feel like a master for success in creating art – even if you cheat with the process. But since your original purpose only for self-satisfaction and personal possession, then it’s understandable. Therefore, look at the ideas below.


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas with Helping Tools

Don’t limit yourself with your canvas painting. Because as long as it color-painted canvas, then you call it a painting. Thus, aside from the brush, palette, palette knife, and any other the usual painting tools, you can add other helping tools. Here are the DIY canvas painting ideas with ‘other’ helping tools that you can try yourself:

1. Be Abstract with Cotton Rope and Spray Paint

1. Be Abstract with Cotton Rope and Spray Paint
source: jaimecostiglio.com

There’s no exact boundary on what you can call as an abstract painting. Because as far as you can’t tell on what shape portrayed in the painting, then you can call the mix of colors as an abstract painting. For that reason, you can use this for your gain. Line cotton rope on top of the canvas and then spray the paints. There, now you get your canvas painting.

2. Geometrical Painting

2. Geometrical Painting
source: bestcanvaspainting.blogspot.com

Nowadays, displaying geometrical motive canvas painting becomes a thing. You can also make the same for yourself and display it at your home. To do that, you need a roll of tape to create geometric shapes by taping the canvas. Once you get your geometrical shapes, paint each shape with your chosen colors with a brush. Then, take off the tape when you finished and you can have your modern painting.

3. Stamp Down Painting

3. Stamp Down Painting
source: diyhowto.org

Another way for DIY painting, even if you don’t have a real talent to paint, is to use tools to stamp. Just like the picture, you can use circle shaped stuff to stamp the paint on the canvas. There’s no requirement on what kind of tool that you can use, but you can use anything. As long as the shape is the one that you want, then just go with it.

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4. Leaves Painting

4. Leaves Painting
source: thefunnybeaver.com

Have a bad drawing skill won’t limit you to create a beautiful leaves painting. Because you can use the real leaves to make the canvas painting. To do that, you only need to put the real leaves on top of the canvas. Then, spray paint it with your chosen color. There, you can have leaves painting to decorate your house.

5. Print the Design

5. Print the Design
source: selbermachendiy.net

Still utilizing the spray can paint, but here you should print the design of lace or any other knitting good to print it as a painting. Like the others, you just lie in there and spray the pain. Then, take off the design that you use and you will get the design printed on your painting. You can also utilize a paper cut design for this printing method.

6. Lemon Print Painting

6. Lemon Print Painting
source: artmyideas.com

To get a fresh decoration in your house, a lemon design can be a perfect choice. For that reason, try this idea that using the cut of lemon to print the actual lemon texture for your painting. Also, to get the vibe right, choose the right color like green and yellow for your print painting. Then, just fill the canvas with the lemon print and it can freshen your room ambiance.

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7. Plastic Bottle Base Cherry Blossom Painting

7. Plastic Bottle Base Cherry Blossom Painting
source: diycrafts.co

Who said making a cherry blossom panting is difficult? Because you can make it an easy thing to do by utilizing the base of a plastic bottle. But not every plastic bottle can do the job. Because you need to choose the likes of the Coca-Cola bottle that has a flower-shaped base. Then, you just need to stamp the paint by using the bottle base on your canvas. But before, make sure to draw the tree trunk.

8. Bubble Wrap Cherry Blossom Painting

8. Bubble Wrap Cherry Blossom Painting
source: ecogreenlove.com

Another easy way in making a cherry blossom painting is by using bubble wrap. Different from the previous idea, which only gives you a small result at a time, this one can be faster. To do that, you need to brush the paint on the bubble wrap. Then, just stamp the freshly painted bubble wrap on the canvas. Again, you should draw the tree trunk first before stamping the cherry blossom.

9.  Q-tips Lavender Painting

9.  Q-tips Lavender Painting
source: decoomo.com

Floral painting surely does have many fans. Because it promises beauty and oozes a calm vibe. Thus, the next floral painting on this list is the lavender painting. To create a lavender painting, you can ‘ask help’ to the Q-tips. Use Q-tips to paint the lavender. But before creating the lavender, you should paint the base and draw some leaves.

Writings DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

Many people fill the canvas painting with color pictures and drawing. But you can also fill your DIY canvas painting ideas with writing. That way you not only display a ‘decoration’ but also a motivation. Therefore, you can earn some good cookies as helping people get motivated with what you write on the canvas. For that reason, here are the ideas:

1. Black on White Writing Canvas Painting

1. Black on White Writing Canvas Painting
source: mosilsale.com

The black on white writing can be your first choice for filling the canvas with writing. Write the words that you want to share with others with black paint. Meanwhile, choose the safe for the background and paint it white. If you don’t feel confident with your handwriting, then you can also print it by using a mold or even write it with a pencil first before putting on the paint.

2. Signature Writing Canvas Painting

1. Black on White Writing Canvas Painting
source: mosilsale.com

Although not as many people still possess this ability, signature writing is still classy. The one-line writing has its own charm that draws people in. Not to mention, the writing on the picture in a slight look like a cardiogram. Thus, it also adds charm and can make people be more noticeable with what you write there.

3. Continue Writing on Canvas Paintings

3. Continue Writing on Canvas Paintings
source: house8055.com

What makes it different from this idea is that you only put one word on each canvas. Then to make it more meaningful, you displayed the canvases together at one wall. Thus, people can read them will know that they’re a series and should read with continuation. Aside from the Live, Love, and Laugh; you can also choose your favorite words and display them.

4. Writing on Drawing Canvas Painting

4. Writing on Drawing Canvas Painting
source: pintart.club

Aside from only putting the writing on the canvas, you can also add background before writing something. A simple picture of flowers can become a good background. Another option, you can also use trees or a meadow for the background. For the color, the black paint is a safe bet, so that people can see what you write.

5. Shaped Writing Canvas Painting

5. Shaped Writing Canvas Painting
source: decoomo.com

The previous writing on this list doesn’t have the writing boundary. But not with this one. Because to make your painting more interesting, you can create shaped writing. The rule is that you should write the words that you’re going to write in the shape of something. Just like the picture that follows the shape of a pineapple.

6. White on Colors Writing Canvas Painting

6. White on Colors Writing Canvas Painting
source: paintingvalley.com

The opposite of the earlier writings, this one uses white writing instead of black. There are two ways to make the painting this one. The first, that you color the background and write with white painting. Then the second way is that you tape the shape of the words and paint the canvas with colors. Then, remove the tape once finished.

7. Scribble Words Writing Canvas Painting

7. Scribble Words Writing Canvas Painting
source: happyshappy.com

Sometimes, you don’t have to write the full-length sentence just to give an impression. Instead, scribe one word over and over again is an emphasis enough. Just like this idea, which wrote Love over and over in different colors and positions. But the result is still stunning.

8. Just Write Them On Canvas Painting

8. Just Write Them On Canvas Painting
source: thaiticketmajor.com

You don’t have to have good handwriting nor you need to print your words. What you need is just to take the brush and start to write whatever you’re going to write. The trick is that you should use one paint color and fill the entire length of the canvas with your writing. Although at a glance it looks like a protest board, it still eye-catching.

Freestyle DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

We can’t talk about the art of canvas painting without embracing the free spirit of the real artist. For that reason, we put it on a special corner to mention about the freestyle DIY canvas painting ideas. Although yours wouldn’t be as expensive as if the artists’ made it, yours still worth displaying. Here they are:

1. Paint Dripping Canvas Painting

1. Paint Dripping Canvas Painting
source: artranked.com

You don’t feel confident in taking up the brush? Then, don’t be afraid, because you can easily just pour the paint over the canvas right away. The trick is, you have to put the canvas vertically. After that, from the top pour the paint until it flows down. Use several paint colors one after another without waiting for the first one to dry.

2. Pour Down Canvas Painting

2. Pour Down Canvas Painting
source: ephotos.org

As same as the previous one, but this one you set the canvas lying diagonally on the ground. Then, in a glass, put in around three different colors of paint, but don’t mix them. Afterward, pour the paint from the glass on the canvas. Move to the right and left to even the pain to cover all the surfaces and let it dry.

3. Glitter Canvas Painting

3. Glitter Canvas Painting
source: decoomo.com

Every girl needs to have at least one of the sparkles. Maybe this saying can be your thing and DIY this awesome idea. To do this, you have to mix your acrylic paint with glitter. Then just brush the paint down of the canvas. You don’t have to fill all the whole canvas with glitter, but the only half top is enough.

4. Melted Crayon Canvas Painting

4. Melted Crayon Canvas Painting
source: beelaugh.com

Your kids are getting older and leave their old crayons behind? Then, don’t throw it away. Because you can create an awesome art project with it. To do that, you can put the crayon in the hot glue gun and drip the color over a canvas. Another way, arrange the crayon on a row on top of the canvas and run over with a hairdryer to make them melt.

5. Abstract Canvas Painting with Sharpie

5. Abstract Canvas Painting with Sharpie
source: sympa-sympa.com

If you feel like making an abstract painting, then you can utilize your Sharpie to do that. The deal is, fill the canvas with scratches by using different colors of Sharpie. Once you think it’s enough, then pour 91% isopropyl alcohol over the canvas to make it like an abstract painting.

Absolutely, the DIY canvas painting ideas don’t stop with what we mentioned above. There are many awesome ideas that you can try yourself and make it your art project. Although you may won’t be able to sell your ‘art’, at least you can decorate your room with it.

Look at your surroundings. Does the plain wall have only one paint color? If so, it must be very boring. Therefore, try to make a wall picture to decorate the room. The cost required is not much, just need to buy paint and brushes anyway. And make it great DIY painting ideas.

For inspiring wall pictures, take it easy because Kania has prepared it. Some of them you can do yourself even if you can’t draw. Now listen with the following 7 inspirations!

Interesting Wall DIY Painting Ideas for Minimalist Homes

Painting for some people is a scourge. Want to paint with any theme, some people feel upset because the results are not satisfactory. Either the shape is strange, the colors do not match, to the results of paintings that seem stiff. But of course, with the wall DIY painting ideas still make the house look attractive if it is placed correctly.

1. Abstract wall paintings

Abstract wall paintings
source: noithatmonaco.com

Abstract wall paintings have high artistic value if done correctly. And then for beginners who want to try abstract wall paintings for themselves.

For this wall painting, you only need to prepare 7 colors of paint and then rub it on the wall randomly, but next to each other. The size and shape need not be the same

2. Wall Painting With Ombre Technique

Wall Painting With Ombre Technique
source: pianetadonne.blog

This technique of blending more than 2 colors had also previously been popular for matters of hair and clothing. For wall paintings, this ombre technique is suitable for all types of rooms.

But if you are interested in applying it in a minimalist style room, you can try ombre black to white or black to gray

3. Wall Painting With Illusion Effects

Wall Painting With Illusion Effects
source: daleslocksmith.com

For those of you who want the house to look more unique, try applying wall paintings with illusion or 3D effects.

Wall painting like this is recommended only for some areas of the wall because if it is too large it will make people who see it feel dizzy.

4. Wall Painting With Splash Techniques

Wall Painting With Splash Techniques
source: shopcatherinemasi.com

Creating a wall painting doesn’t always have to be a brush and paint directly on the wall. Try splashing paint randomly on the wall. You can use just one color or several colors at once. Using minimalist house paint colors that are trending can also, you know.

For an elegant look, choose a dark background like gray and then splash light-colored paint like gold or white when making a mural. If you want a brighter look, use a white background and splashes of colorful paint.

5. Tree Silhouette Wall Paintings

Tree Silhouette Wall Paintings
source: sellprice.co

For those of you who like the minimalist look on the wall area, try to apply wall paintings in the form of tree silhouettes. Just paint one tree on the edge of the wall.

Besides looking minimalist, you also only need black paint. Not bad to save funds to buy paint, right? The atmosphere inside the house becomes more peaceful but still looks stylish.

6. Wall Paintings In the Form of Portraits of Figures

Wall Paintings In the Form of Portraits of Figures
source: weheartit.com

Displaying a collage of picture frames on a house wall is too common. To make it look unique, why not make a wall painting in the form of a portrait of a character?

These figures can you as a homeowner or favorite figures such as singers and artists. For a minimalist atmosphere, make these wall paintings in one color such as black or red.

7. Wall Painting With Geometric Motifs

Wall Painting With Geometric Motifs
source: piecedpastimes.blogspot.com

Wall paintings with geometric motifs are also suitable for minimalist style houses. First, decide what color to use. Choose the color of the house paint carefully. You can adjust it to the overall color of the furniture. After that, prepare tape or adhesive to limit the area to be colored.

Easy DIY Painting Ideas with Canvas

Displaying an artistic impression in a house requires art that beautifies every room. Sometimes the limitations of creativity make losing ideas to make the house more beautiful. This can make canvas paintings without having to pay expensive fees. With capital for painting and canvas, you can try these DIY painting ideas to decorate your house and turn it into an art gallery-like:

1. Abstract Canvas Paintings

Abstract Canvas Paintings
source: imtopic.com

To make abstract canvas paintings is very easy. You just simply brush the paint with a large sweep. Choose a color that matches the theme in your abstract painting. Green for the mountains, blue for the ocean, and other brighter colors for modern abstract paintings.

2. Splash Art

Splash Art
source: theglamourlady.ru

Creating splash art can be done by applying basic paint to the canvas. After that, sprinkle bright colors according to the shape you like. Make this DIY project a splash of art-worthy paint.

3. Geometric Canvas

Geometric Canvas
source: wingadvice.com

Make vertical canvas for home or office. Use a pencil and ruler to describe the design, then fill each room with paint according to the color of your choice. You can find geometric designs on the internet for reference.

4. Canvas Cut it Out

Canvas Cut it Out
source: besttoucanhabitat.blogspot.com

You who don’t have the talent to paint can make canvas by cutting it out. Then paint the surface of a blank canvas with watercolor or acrylic paint. Then, cut the picture or the words quotes and paste it on the canvas that has been colored.

5. Ocean Painting

Ocean Painting
source: duitang.com

Bring the coastline to your room you can try too, here. Wipe the paint on your canvas with blue, green, to yellow with the appropriate color contrast. For simple sea paintings only require a combination of green and blue.

6. Herringbone Canvas

Herringbone Canvas
source: dietfriendlycrafter.wordpress.com

You can try herringbone canvas paintings by giving a basic color to the canvas with colorful strokes. After that, give the herringbone motif on the canvas so your painting looks beautiful.

7. Painting of Roses

Painting of Roses
source: changecominon.blogspot.com

No need to be upset for those who are not good at painting, simple rose paintings will look more beautiful when you brush onto your canvas. After that enter the details of the trunk and leaves to make your painting look perfect. You can also try other flower options like lilies and hibiscus, you know.

Trending DIY Painting Ideas on the Wall among Youngsters

Many things we can do to enhance your room decoration. One way is to cover the walls of our rooms with artistic paintings. This method is a quick and easy way to decorate a room without having to remodel the whole room. The DIY painting ideas directly on the walls of the room are also easy to do, here they are:

1. Watercolor

source: decoomo.com

Watercolor wall paintings are easier to create than abstract paintings. However, this beautiful painting looks like a touch of ombre color gradation that fades like water doused.

Watercolor wall painting color choices are usually soft and not far from pastel colors. Soft colors can be more easily mixed with other colors. Compared to the dark color which usually will produce rough lines on the wall.

2. Permanent Patterned Painting

Permanent Patterned Painting
source: lushome.com

Challenge your creative soul by applying fixed pattern wall DIY painting ideas. You can choose a variety of patterns such as polka dots, paw prints, plants. The process is indeed not easy and requires a lot of patience to cover the entire wall with the desired pattern.

Even so, patterned paintings are still guaranteed to add to the wealth of minimalist room designs without erasing the value of simplicity which is upheld by minimalist concepts.

3. World Map

World Map
source: classyclutter.net

World map paintings are suitable to add the impression of an adventurer in your bedroom. World map images are also easily painted and can be applied to children’s rooms, teenagers, even adults. However, all can choose to color the map of the world that you have drawn or let the design look simpler with a sketch map.

4. 3D Printing

3D Printing
source: se.grandado.com

3D room wall paintings require a certain level of skill and patience to be realized, especially if you do it yourself.

Although complicated, three-dimensional wall designs are certainly more unique and more different from other designs or rooms in the house.

When choosing this design, make sure not to use the entire wall to paint because it has the potential to make the viewer feel dizzy.

5. Floral

source: loladoo.com

The flower pattern was considered an old school pattern by interior designers in 2016, but lately, the walls of the flowers have become popular again, you know, especially in South Korea!

Created by renowned musician G-Dragon, the aster flower pattern that has lost one petal is being copied by many Korean teenagers to the corners of the world.

Although most of it only applies to clothes, hats, and cellphone cases, you can mimic the GD daisies on the bedroom walls.

6. Contemporary

source: newsalertpro.ru

Other works of art that can be applied to the walls of the room is contemporary art. When viewed in passing, his work is not much different from abstract.

However, contemporary art has more forms and meanings that are seen directly by the eye, unlike abstracts which can be interpreted differently by each person. However, to get a contemporary wall, people can copy people’s work or make your own.

7. Balloon Splashes

Balloon Splashes
source: metaltreewallart.net

Have you ever seen an artist make a painting by throwing paint balloons? people can copy this!

The technique of painting in this way is already very popular among artists worldwide and is often used by interior designers to paint a room.

Irregular color splashes resulting from balloon bursts can add an artistic and fun feel to the room. The colors people choose can also vary, but the more colors you contribute, the fresher the wall paintings will look.

8. Quotations

source: sheapeterson.com

One more idea of ​​a room wall painting for you lovers of minimalist design. This does not require a large wall to copy this idea because you can place the quote anywhere.

This can be done with paint or a paint pen with only one or two colors. Start by measuring the size of the quote and carving each word using a pencil before you overwrite using wall paint.

Simple yet Beautiful DIY Painting Ideas

One of the things that can beautify a house is by installing a display. Whether in the form of paintings, wall art or family photos. Hmm … many of us want to put a painting in a house because it will look very antique and homey. But, as we know the price for one painting is quite draining. So, instead of buying, let’s try to make our paintings. Using simple materials, we can channel our imagination through these DIY painting ideas.

1. Using Fruits

Using Fruits
source: googodecor.com

Fruits can be used to create art, you know. Like this lemon, how to cut fruit and then dip the inside of the paint. Then paste it on the canvas according to the pattern that is lightened.

2. Family Handprint

Family Handprint
source: exchangereviwes.com

Do you want to make something very personal? Maybe this handprint painting can be an inspiration. Bringing together the entire family’s handprint into one, makes the painting more meaningful, yes.

3. Make Something Unique with Balloons

Make Something Unique with Balloons
source: playhappyoficial.wixsite.com

Who would have thought that a balloon could also be a tool for painting? However, the method is easy. Just mix the colors to be used, stir a little, then dip the bottom of the balloon on the paint and press gently on the canvas. sure thing, it’s very funny, right?

4. Wood and Rope for Abstract Paintings

Wood and Rope for Abstract Paintings
source: troomtroom.com

Need abstract paintings? Just use wood and rope! The way to tie a rope to a box-shaped wood. Then dip it in the paint and paste it on the canvas with a different pattern.

5. Make a Flower Pattern with Lace Fabric

Make a Flower Pattern with Lace Fabric
source: servicolor.com

Flower patterns in paintings can also be made only from lace fabric, many people know. Make it also quite easy, put the cloth on the plastic and then color the fabric by using a brush. After being flat, paste it on the canvas. So the flower!

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6. DIY Quotes For Room Displays

DIY Quotes For Room Displays
source: anonymousartofrevolution.com

Instead of buying quote displays at a fairly expensive online shop. Let’s make it ourselves, let’s go. You can use magazines in your home. Make the quote pattern you want, cut it, then paste it on a canvas. So this easy and good, right?

7. Turn Dry Leaves into Unique Metallic Paintings

Turn Dry Leaves into Unique Metallic Paintings
source: vickymyerscreations.co.uk

If you have a lot of dried leaves in your house, don’t throw it away right away. You can use it to be material for making paintings like this. Very unique and limited, right? However, it turns out that the idea of ​​wall painting does not need to be complicated and expensive right.

Eliminate clarity from anywhere. For example paintings, words, to a collection of hilarious drawings. Although the excitement of the painting looks simple, it can change our mood, from what was originally boring can become happy after seeing it.

Or even if you wish to embrace your artsy and crafty persona, you can make these DIY canvas painting ideas as your signature gifts. That way, your family and friends will know that you have a deep feeling in loving them and willing to spend time preparing the gifts personally.

Of all the wall painting ideas, what number will you try to make? There are some DIY painting ideas that you can try to apply. How to Easy and cheap right? Especially if you work with a family, it’s really fun. Good luck!

Painting Ideas

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