From all the places in the house, the backyard is usually one of the favorite places people like to stay around. This is the place where you can hang out and just feel some fresh air. However, sometimes your neighbor can see what you are doing, and this can destroy your privacy. Therefore, try to find some DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas that you can apply in your backyard.

No matter how great your garden is, everyone sure needs a little privacy in their backyard. One of the ways to give you some privacy is by building an outdoor screen. With this screen at least, some areas of the yard will be closed and can’t be totally seen by other people.

Rather than buying a privacy screen, try to make your own privacy screen with the things you have at home. Plants, woods, and bamboo are examples of some materials that you can use for a privacy screen in the yard. Not only are these materials easy to get but they are easy to make and most importantly they are affordable.

DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas From Plants

An outdoor privacy screen is usually a bit pricey especially if the screens are big. To save up, come up with some DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas that you can make on your own. Not only will it be cheaper, but you can adjust the height and design as you like. Here are some privacy screen ideas that you can try to make in your yard:

1. Plant Bamboo for Privacy Screen

Plant Bamboo for Privacy Screen

Make your own outdoor privacy screen by planting bamboo’s in wine barrels to keep the area close. Plant 2-3 wine barrels so you can close enough space in the backyard. Adjust the height of the tree with the area that you want to close. If you want a shorter screen, then just cut the barrel into two half, as you can use both parts. And if you want it higher, then add some bricks below the barrel to make it higher.

2. Hanging Vines

Hanging Vines

One of the DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas that you can make from plants is using hanging vines. Hanging them on a tree or a base can give you privacy from your neighbors. They can also prevent the sun from shining too much on you, so it is multi-function. Just make sure to take good care of them so they don’t break easily.

3. Garden Wall

Garden Wall


For those who love gardening and need some space can use a garden wall as the screen. So, build a wall from wood and hang your flowers and plants on the screen. Choose a big wall so that you can plant a lot but at the same time give more privacy. Make sure that the wall can stand strong even when the wind comes.

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4. Tall Trees

Tall Trees

If you want to make your yard stay green without any additional wall, then plant some upright juniper in the yard. They are very adaptable because they can grow in any kind of weather, whether it is dry or wet. For this DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas, you will need some help in planting them. These kinds of plants are best to plant for people who have large yards.

5. Wire Fence with Faux Green

Wire Fence with Faux Green

Building your own fence with wire and some unused woods. Cut the woods into a rectangle shape and adjust the height with your needs. Then put the piece of wood from one edge to another and close it with a wire. Wrap the wire using some green plants so it looks prettier and give you some privacy.

Cheap Materials for Your DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Other than plants, you can make your own privacy screen using raw materials such as bamboo, metal, and wood. Redesign them as you like and assemble them to make a screen. These materials are cheap and the steps in making them are also very easy. So, anyone including you can make your own affordable outdoor privacy screen. Here are some DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas that are easy to make:

1. Bamboo Screen

Bamboo Screen

A material you can use for your DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas is bamboo. It is a great option for the house as it is cheap but will still make your house look good. The materials you will need to make this screen are bamboo, thin wood strip, small brackets, and wood stain.

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2. Metal Screen

Metal Screen

An old metal can seem like a scrap, but you can use it for DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas. If you don’t like the natural color of metal than repaint it as the color you like. You can also decorate the metal to make it more interesting and suitable for your yard. Then for the bottom part of the metal add some wood on each edge of the wood so it can stand.

3. Lattice Panel

Lattice Panel

For a more beautiful sight in the yard, you can make a lattice panel for your DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas. For the lattice panel, you can buy them already made or you can make them on your own. Whichever one you choose, then stick the panels to the wood frame. Hang on some flowers to the panel to make look more beautiful.

4. Wood Board

Wood Board

Make your DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas using wood sticks or unused woods. If you can get a full board then redesign it and paint it to make it look better. However, if you only have parts of wood then combine and assemble them together to be aboard. If you have a different size board, then make it artistic by making an uneven board.

5. Pallets



If you are having a hard time making a privacy screen from wood, then use pallets instead. Pallets are great DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas as they are tight and strong. All you need to do is add a block of wood in the back to buffer the pallet, so it can stand up. You can add some hanging flowers on each side of the pallet to make it look pretty.

6. Old Shutter

Old Shutter

An old shutter can be used as a privacy screen in the yard especially if it is still in good shape. However, to make sure that it can stand strong even if the winds blow put a big pot in front and the back of the shutter. This way, your shutter will not fall easily.

7. Hanging Reuse Bottle

Hanging Reuse Bottle

One of the ways to recycle bottles is by using them as DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas. The first thing you need to make a hole in each bottom of the bottle. Then combine them together using a rope, or a string, whichever one is stronger. Adjust the length of the rope with how long you would like your screen to be. Then put in the bottles and hang them up on wood to close some area.

8. Tree Branches

Tree Branches

If you want something natural to make your screen from, then use tree branches. Buy some tree branches with the same size and length to make a screen. If you want a close area, then you will need to buy a bit more as you will be putting them tightly. However, if you want some sunscreen then you can give some gaps between the branches.

9. Curtains


Some cheap DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas are using curtains. To use curtains, you will need to install a frame to hang the curtains on. Make an easy frame using poles by digging them into the ground. Don’t forget to assemble a pole on top to put the curtains on. Then hang the curtains on and whenever you want a free area you can just take off the curtains.

10. Old doors

Old doors

If you happen to have an unused door, then why not use it as one of your DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas. Without having to repaint or redesign it, you can use it as a screen in the backyard. To make it stand, use a pot or give a wood on the back of the door. Use 2-3 doors to get big privacy are in the yard.

11. Bricks


Build your own privacy screen using bricks and blocks of cement around the area that you want to close. All you need to do is determine the area that you want to close. Then cement the base first and then pile up the bricks up to 1-1.5 meters. If you want a more private room, then build a small room in the backyards just by using the bricks and cement.

12. Cement Wall

Cement Wall


Other than bricks, the next DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas that you can make is from cement. Build a wall from cement and add some flowers on the side of the wall. You can also design the cement-like bricks or make holes in it to bring in some sunshine. The minus part of cement is that you can’t move the wall because it is stuck on the ground.

13. Sliding Panel

Sliding Panel

If you want to make a screen that can be opened and closed, then use a sliding panel for the screen. With this material and design, you can close the panel when you want some privacy. On the other hand, if you want some fresh and wide place then you just need to open the panel.

14. PVC Screen

PVC Screen

When you are on a budget, PVC can be an option for your DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas. All you need is some PVC pipes, elbows, joints, caps, and some fabric. Assemble the pipe using all the materials and sling in a fabric through the pipes. This simple screen can make your outdoor space look lovely but also give you some privacy.

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15. Standing Fence

Standing Fence

Make a standing fence from woods to block your neighbor from seeing some part of your backyard. This is a great option as you can move the fence from one place to another. However, it will be kind of dangerous if the weather is windy. Hang some pots and flowers on parts of the fence to give a better look for the screen.

16. Retractable Screen

Retractable Screen

Install a retractable screen on your patio to block too much sun and close your area from your neighbor. All you need to install this is retractable and some woods to install them. When you need some privacy, you can just let them down and close the area. If you want some sun, you just need to roll them up with some strings.

17. Hanging Fabric Curtains

Hanging Fabric Curtains

Another easy material to make your DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas is by using hanging fabrics. Rather than using curtains or full fabrics make your own curtains with hanging ropes or thin fabrics. This kind of screen will give a boho and ethnic touch in the yard, so it will be more attractive.

So, making your own DIY outdoor privacy screen ideas is not hard at all. You can make them from any kind of material from fabric, metal and even plants. Even old and used materials can be reused to make an outdoor privacy screen. Making your own outdoor screen can help you save up some money and make you more creative.

If you want a strong screen, then make a screen from bricks and blocks of cement. These kinds of material are strong and usually permanent because they are stuck on the ground. Therefore, you will not be able to move them from the original place. On the other hand, if you want a screen that can be moved choose panels or standing fence.

A retractable Screen is also a great option as you can roll up and down the screen adjusting your needs. So, when you are planning to build a screen, choose the right material adjusting the condition and the weather of your area. Be creative and make your own screen using the materials that you have.

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