A front yard is the first thing that people see when coming to our house. Sometimes, it even became the focal point and attract attention. Thus, not surprising when some even ready to pay professionals. But, why don’t you try DIY front yard landscaping ideas yourself?

The term landscape branched wide. Not only limited to plan the city landmark, but also planning the outdoor look for almost everything. Thus, it including your front yard. With the DIY front yard landscaping ideas, you don’t need to gush over on hiring professional garden. Because as long as you have the will, there will a way to make them real.

Surely, no one wishes for an ugly front yard. Because you can put on the front yard is like your face. It’s where people see you – in this term, your house – first. For that reason, you should put your best effort to create a pleasant look for your front yard.

The problem is, not everyone has the knack for getting the best look of a front yard. Another problem, not everyone has the money to throw for hiring a professional. Thus, here come the DIY front yard landscaping ideas to save your day.

Stunning DIY Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

There are many choices from the DIY landscaping ideas you can try. From the amateur level up until the expert level. There’s no guarantee that your house needs a complex front yard landscaping. On the other hand, a simple yard may be the best choice. For that reason, here are the ideas that you can try:

1. Classic is a Safe Bet

diy front yard landscaping ideas
source: dreamsscapes.com

When we talk about the front yard, then a big chance our mind will bring out a picture of lush green grass. Yes, the grass is always a safe bet. Hey, it called cliché among the DIY front yard landscaping ideas because the classic one always works. Aside from the green grass, you can also opt for a cycad to complete the look.

2. Gravel for a Busy Urban

diy front yard landscaping ideas
source: floridaluxurywaterfrontcondo.com

If you don’t have time for regular mowing, then choosing gravel for your front yard landscape. By putting on gravel, you achieve advantages at once. First, you don’t have to mow the grass. Second, there’s a little chance for growing weed. Then lastly, you got a clean look upfront of your house!

3. Imitating Valley with Gravel

Imitating Valley with Gravel
source: trend4homy.com

A valley never fails to make anyone feel relax and calm. Therefore, why don’t you try to bring it into your front yard? There’s no need to go length until putting on a stream of water because it costs money. Instead, just go with a budget by only putting gravel. You can paint the gravel blue for the water.

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4. Life in the Death

Life in the Death
source: bezgoroda.com

Life and death is a cycle that always happens in this world. Thus, you can take that concept for landscaping your front yard. A part of a log can do the trick by putting plants there directly as a growing place. Aside from log, people often use rocks to plant.

5. Spilling Greens

Spilling Greens
source: farmfoodfamily.com

The next from the list of DIY front yard landscaping ideas is this ‘spilling green’. Yes, this idea surely came from the spilling water. But instead of water, you need plants to spill from the jug. To perfect the look, make sure to position the jug as if it was spilling. Then from there, arrange the plants accordingly.

6. Go Vertical with Woodbine

Go Vertical with Woodbine
source: house8055.com

If you happened only has a limited front yard, then don’t get discouraged to have a beautiful front yard. Because you can still vertically plant your plants. Make sure to choose the right plant choice from the woodbine kind.

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7. Garden Bench

Garden Bench
source: ideaboz.com

Putting a bench or two out of your front yard is never wrong, even if you live in a gated area. This classic getup is one of the best choices. Not to mention, you can use the bench as another spot for getting fresh air. Or on occasion, you only have to go out and sit far for stargazing.

8. Three Levels Garden Light

Three Levels Garden Light
source: reparasiandroid.com

Go all out in gardening your front yard wouldn’t complete without putting the perfect choice of lamp. These three levels of garden light might be your best choice if you wish for a unique concept. But this style of outdoor light will only match if you put a traditional or old school look in your front yard.

9. Stream of Lights

Stream of Lights
source: reparasiandroid.com

For a unique look, then you can try this concept for your front yard. By using an unused watering pot and a string of Christmas lights, you can get a fairy-like view. This concept is the best choice from the DIY front yard landscaping ideas you can put when Christmas is coming.

10. Small Pond

Small Pond
source: googodecor.com

Putting a small pond in your front yard is also a classic choice that always works. Although this concept works the best in a tropical region, you can still try it everywhere. But if you add fish in the pond, make sure to fish them out into an aquarium when the winter comes.

11. A Corner of Garden

A Corner of Garden
source: omghomedecor.com

Not everyone has the ability to keep a close watch onto their front yard. Thus, low maintenance front yard landscaping is the best choice you can pick. For this concept, you only need a small corner section of your front yard for planting. Also, don’t forget to pick easy to maintain plants among all.

12. Stone Path

Stone Path
source: 33decor.com

Another classic choice that you can use for your front yard. Although, for choosing this one, you need extra hard work. This is that the look will only work if you have a luscious garden with at least one leafy tree. Then, for a cool ambiance, you can also put fern along the stone path.

13. Grass Block

Grass Block
source: homedcorz.com

One best choice among the DIY front yard landscaping ideas for urban is putting grass block in the front yard. With minimum care, you can get a perfectly clean look up front. Not to mention, the grass block is not totally blocking the soil to absorb the water when rainfall.

14. Old Look in the Modern

Old Look in the Modern
source: designature.se

The concrete brick never fails to remind us of the medieval era where everything built from stones. You can recreate the look by making a bench with a couple of concrete brick and a wooden plank. Then, to complete this, you can add a potted flower at the side.

15. Flower Garden in the White Fence

Flower Garden in the White Fence
source: lovahomy.com

A house with a white fence becomes one of the American dreams of many people. Thus, to get the picture right, you also need a flower garden upfront. There’s no requirement of what kind of flower you should put there. Yet, for this, you need to keep a close watch to make sure everything looks perfect.

16. Vibrant Color Up Front

Vibrant Color Up Front
source: mygardenyourgarden.com

If you feel that your paint choice for your house rather dull, then you can try to put color another way. By picking a vibrant tropical color may become the answer you’re hoping for. Because the colorful plants and flowers will also add a lively vibe from your home.

17. Sectional Potted Flower Steps

Sectional Potted Flower Steps
source: balconydecoration.com

There are many ways that you can do to welcome the spring! One of the DIY front yard landscaping ideas you can try is by putting potted flowers. But don’t stop there, because you can go the distance by creating a sectional step with concrete bricks.

18. There’s No Front Yard

There’s No Front Yard
source: gratitude41117.com

Not every house has the luxury of having a front yard. But you can still do a simple trick to make upfront of your house a little unique. Putting a small number of potted plants can be the way. Not only on the ground, but you can also hang it on the wall.

19. Pallet Box of Flower

Pallet Box of Flower
source: inspiration77.com

Continuing from the previous idea, here also perfect if your house doesn’t have a front yard. But by putting pallet boxes of flowers, you may feed the thirst of a green front yard. Just arrange them by the door. But make sure they won’t disturb your circulation for entering or going out of the house.

20. Spotlights

source: alatgamingmurah.me

This concept feels more modern among others. Usually, you can find this kind of concept from minimalist architecture designs. For this look, the key is to put spotlights in the same interval length. Then, decide what to ‘spot’ with the lights. The most choice is the trees, but sometimes you can go with only spotting the wall.

21. Wooden Path

Wooden Path
source: artmyideas.com

Build a path that leads to your front door will always do the trick. This one of astonishing DIY front yard landscaping ideas is another choice you can try yourself. Also, for a compliment, you can add pebbles in between the woods while making the path.

22. Paving Path

Paving Path
source: reparasiandroid.com

Since we mentioned stone and wood, then this list wouldn’t complete without paving. Because as you know, paving is also in high demand for pathway material for a house. Aside from the conservative form like a block, rectangle, or even the pentagon, now you can find many kinds of paving forms. Just choose one that you prefer.

23. Zoning

source: matlabekhoob.com

If you can’t decide on what concept you wish for your front yard, then why don’t you go with all of them? You can easily achieve putting many gardening styles by zoning. Just put a firm divider between one after another to highlight the difference.

24. Elevated Pond

Elevated Pond
source: trend4homy.com

Hearing the sound of water is a stress reliever that many believed. You can achieve this stress reliever method by applying this elevated pond in your front yard. But the exact concept like the picture will only work with a house with a modern architecture style.

25. Blocks of Flowers

Blocks of Flowers
source: gramho.com

Putting flowers will never go wrong for your front yard. Also, to make it unique, you can apply these blocks of flowers concept. The paving block can act as the step for people not to step on your flower. We can say this idea is the unique one from the DIY front yard landscaping ideas we have on this list.

26. Hanging Pots of Flowers

Hanging Pots of Flowers
source: alatgamingmurah

This is what our grandmother would do, but there’s no problem for you to recreate this look. Hanging pots of flowers will always work in every place, including in your front yard. Not to mention, you can choose what color of flower you want.

27. Flowers of Gravel Path

Flowers of Gravel Path
source: blogzeusuk.club

Although we can’t deny that this idea stunning, we also agree that this kind of path needs very extra hard work. Because aside from you need to find many different colors of gravel, you also need to put each gravel one by one. But sure, the result is just beautiful.

28. A Pair of the Adirondack Chair

A Pair of the Adirondack Chair
source: trendedecor.com

An inviting front yard is if you have seating in there. That way, people know your front yard is not a sacred place that people have to avoid. One way to achieve that is by putting a pair of the Adirondack chairs just there. Yes, it’s old school, but it always works with any kind of house style.

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29. Globe of Stones

Globe of Stones
source: reparasiandroid.com

For a minimalist and modern look, you can try to put the globe of stones up your front yard. Thus, between the plants, the stones will give a unique vibe. Not to mention, these globe of stones can become the landmark of your house. Thus, it will be a perfect idea in this list of DIY front yard landscaping ideas.

30. Potted Flowers

Potted Flowers
source: ayayhome.com

The last from this list is the pots of flowers. Just like mentioned before, cliché is called cliché because it always works. Thus, this cliché potted flowers will surely work for your front yard. Just pick the right shape and color or the pot and the flowers.

The DIY front yard landscaping ideas lies in a wide variety of range. From easy to do until hard to do. Also, easy to maintain until difficult to maintain. Although there are many varieties of choices, make sure to pick one that you like the most.

But even if you like one front yard landscaping concept, don’t pick that would put you in a jam for maintaining it. Moreover, if you’re an urban with a busy lifestyle. Because at the end you will feel pressure while keep maintaining your front yard.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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