It is tempting to have a wedding planner service on your special day. But, don’t you want your “I do” moment become all about you? It means it’s all come from you so it can represent you more. Not to mention, there are a bunch of DIY wedding ideas you can try.

By having DIY wedding ideas, you can save some money. Moreover, you can take care of every detail so that you will not miss a thing. Since the wedding is once in a lifetime moment, you, your guests, and your family must feel the serenity of the event. Which is why your creativity and your idea is important here.

To held a wedding is all about preparation and planning. So as when you decide to be your own wedding planner. Therefore, this article will give you several ideas for DIY wedding ideas you could try. Of course, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Get your soulmate to get into it.

DIY Wedding Invitation Cards

Your wedding will be unforgettable if you invite your guests differently. Instead of having a commonly printed invitation, why don’t you make them? You can put all your ideas into that. Below is a list of wedding invitation ideas you could try.

1. Wax Seal Invitation

Wax seal is something you can put on your invitation card. If you have a craft paper, turn them into an envelope. For the invitation itself, you can print it on a concord paper and stick it to a thicker craft paper. Seal the envelope with wax. Done.

Wax Seal Invitation

2. Postcard Invitation Card

Back where a cellphone with a camera is an alien to society, a postcard is something you can send when you go abroad. Now, you can turn back the memory by sending your guest postcard invitation card that you make. Put your picture and fancy handwriting to make it perfect.

Postcard Invitation Card

3. A Wood Invitation Magnet

This invitation is also a souvenir. You can get all the ingredients on the craft store. Once you get the wood, print your wedding date, cut it, and stick it to the wood. After that, simply glue a magnet on the other side of the wood.

A Wood Invitation Magnet

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4. Minimalist and Modern Card

An edgy wedding invitation can be made from transparent paper, paper board, and craft paper. Meanwhile, you can just print your date and place on it and you ready to go. Simple, clean, edgy and of course cheap.

Minimalist and Modern Card

5. Folded Invitation Card from recycling Paper

It is good to stay eco-friendly. Use a recycle paper to make a folded invitation. Furthermore, your invitation will be unforgettable because it is unique and one of a kind.

Folded Invitation Card from recycling Paper

A Hacks for your DIY Wedding Ideas

Who says that hacking is always a bad thing? Well, in this case, it is about creativity. There are a bunch of hacks idea that you can apply to your wedding decoration. IKEA is the perfect supplier for this project. Please check out below hacks recommendation:

1. Ikea Lantern Hacks to Brighten The Aisle

Ikea has a lantern collection that you can use as a wedding decoration. Borrby lantern is one of the favorites. Spray them in gold or another matching color and then line them up on the side of the aisle. Superb.

Ikea Lantern Hacks to Brighten The Aisle

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2. Memo Board Hacks

Myrheden collection provides you with a simple but stunning memo board. Furthermore, you can repaint them and then hang them as a wedding decoration. Simply put your pictures or you can also provide cards for your guest. Let them write you a message and hang it there.

Memo Board Hacks

3. Flower Pot Hacks

The multifunction Ikea Skurar is something cheap you can turn to a bright thing. You can turn it into a flower pot and then hang them in every church chair. Or, you can still hang them in your chair if you have an outdoor wedding.

Flower Pot Hacks

4. Ikea Frame Hacks as A Table Number

Ikea Tolsby is something perfect to make a table number. Spray them on gold or soft color and then put your picture on it. But, don’t forget to stick a fancy handwriting number on it. Now your wedding table is complete.

Ikea Frame Hacks as A Table Number

5. Ikea Net Curtain Hacks

Don’t get confused about your backdrops. Use Ikea Lill to decorate your backdrop. Besides, it will not cost you much money to get a sweet, lovely and stunning backdrop decoration. You can add any elements you want to make it more perfect.

Ikea Net Curtain Hacks

Pallets for your Wedding Decoration

It seems that we have a good relationship with pallets. They are amazingly multifunction and most importantly they are cheap. Meanwhile, pallets are the best item for a DIY project. Moreover, for your DIY wedding ideas. Below is some recommendation for it.

1. DIY Wedding Signs

A wooden or pallets sign is a perfect decoration item. Furthermore, you can make it yourself. Use a pallet, combine them and paint it with fancy handwriting. A wedding sign made of pallets is never getting old. It could be a welcome sign or just a wedding quote.

DIY Wedding Signs

2. Sitting Card Pallet Board

Turn pallet into a board where you can hang a sitting card. Furthermore, use other elements such as flowers or robe to present a vintage impression. Put this board on the entrance so that your guest easily recognizes it.

Sitting Card Pallet Board

3. Run Down Pallet Board

A pallet is a perfect item to make an order of the day board. Stack them nicely and paint your run down in every pallet. Use fancy handwriting to write the run down. Or, if you cannot write it then simply print it and stick it to it.

Run Down Pallet Board

4. Bars of Pallet

An outdoor wedding is a perfect event to have a lemonade. To make a stunning lemonade bar, you can use a stack of a pallet. As we say before, pallets are amazing items for crafting or decorating. Your DIY wedding ideas are sealed with a pallet.

Bars of Pallet

5. Pallets Crates DIY Decoration

When you want something different on your big day, then decoration from pallet crates is a must-try. You can stack them and put them at every corner and finish it with a flower bucket. Meanwhile, you can also use it as a souvenir display.

Pallets Crates DIY Decoration

Hold your DIY Wedding Bouquet as You Walk Down the Aisle

A wedding bouquet is something really you. Every flower that you choose represents you and your style or values. So, why don’t you just DIY your wedding bucket? It will give you more confidence when you hold before you say, “I do”. Below are some ideas about making your own wedding bouquet.

1. DIY Fresh Wedding Bouquet

Baby’s Breath & Eucalyptus can be a perfect wedding bucket. Use an Afloral’s bouquet holder to tighten the flower. Additionally, to make your flower stay fresh spray them with water periodically.

DIY Fresh Wedding Bouquet

2. White and Blue Bouquet

Faux orchid is all you need if you want to make this bouquet. Simply wrap them and seal them with a ribbon and add a blue flower head. It is very easy and simple so that you can make it yourself.

Flower Pot Hacks

3. A Country Wedding Bouquet

A country flower is classic and timeless. Besides, not only flowers but also a pine or any other wildflower. Imagine how classy you are when you holding it on your big day. This is one of the best of DIY wedding ideas.

A Country Wedding Bouquet

4. Hoop Wreath DIY Bouquet

Try something different by using hoop wreath to make your bouquet. Your wedding day will be unforgettable with this unique bouquet. Your lady guest will snatch to get it when you throw it.

Hoop Wreath DIY Bouquet

5. A Ribbon Bouquet

A soft color ribbon is a perfect item for your DIY wedding bouquet. You can wrap your flower and use a ribbon as a handle. Since it is unique, no wonder that every guest can’t take their eyes off you while you holding it.

A Ribbon Bouquet

DIY Wedding Theme

Instead of letting your wedding planner decide what is best for you, why don’t give them your own idea? Although, you can still have them to help you in creating decoration items. But, it is important that they understand what kind ofwedding theme you want. Below is some idea of your DIY wedding theme:

1. Forrest Wedding Idea

Saying “I do” in the middle of the lining pine tree is something magical. If you’re a fan of Twilight, you will understand it. Meanwhile, the forest wedding idea is perfect for you who love an outdoor calm and peaceful party.

Forrest Wedding Idea

2. Rustic Wedding Theme

This one never gets old. A rustic theme always suits a couple who love a slow peaceful lifestyle but loud at the same time. Meanwhile, this theme is the best for your DIY decoration. You can use a pallet, old barrel, vintage signs, and even old school menu.

Rustic Wedding Theme

3. 90’s Theme to Remember Your Childhood

The ’90s is the best year in every aspect. So, why don’t use the 90’s theme in your DIY wedding ideas? If you’re a fan of 90’s music, fashion or even snacks, this is probably the best idea. Additionally, there are a bunch of 90’s items you can use as a decoration.

90’s Theme to Remember Your Childhood

4. Wedding Festival Theme

If you are cheer-up a person who loves music and food, then a festival theme is a perfect choice. Besides, there are a lot of DIY ideas for this theme. For example, you can build a tin can alley using an unused can in your kitchen.

Wedding Festival Theme

5. Bohemian Wedding Theme

Well, if you wild enough then bohemian wedding theme a worth to try. You have many DIY items to put on your decoration. For example, you can spread a bohemian style carpet as an aisle. Moreover, you can use bohemian items as your backdrops decoration.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

Unforgettable DIY Wedding Souvenirs

You must have wanted to give your guest something special. So, make your own souvenirs can be an option. Thus, below are some ideas of DIY wedding souvenirs you can try:

1. Homemade Sauce or Jam

This is something useful for your guests. Simply make a chili or tomato sauce and store them in a bottle. Additionally, print a label with your wedding sign on it and also a thank you quote.

Homemade Sauce or Jam

2.  Coffee Bag Souvenirs

No one can refuse a coffee. So, it is a perfect and cheap souvenir that you can DIY. Choose your favorite beans, grind them, and pour it into a bag. Decorate the bag with your name in fancy handwriting. If you don’t have coffee, you can change it with anything else.

Coffee Bag Souvenirs


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3. A Bottle of Nuts

This is very easy to make. You just need a unique bottle with a wooden bottle cap and then fill it with almonds or cashews. Meanwhile, to make it good looking, print a label with a thank you quote.

A Bottle of Nuts

4. Plants of Favors

An indoor garden is now happening. So, why don’t gift your guest with an indoor plant in a small pot? Various of cactus might be the best choice for your DIY wedding souvenir. Also, don’t forget to print a label of your wedding date of the groom and stick it to the pot.

Plants of Favors

5. Chocolate Card

Chocolate Card

Let’s chocolate seal the day. This is very easy to make. You just need to buy heart-shaped chocolate and then stick them into a thank you card.


DIY wedding ideas are so happening today. Because many brides want to take care of every aspect of their wedding day. Moreover, some couples are happened to be a creative person. Thus, no wonder if they want to pour their ideas into every detail.

Somehow, DIY wedding ideas always able to brighten the big day. Maybe because the couple is confident with their theme, decorations, and food which is their DIY project. Because by having DIY wedding couples are getting more intimate with the guests. Thus, this is essential.

Eventually, there nothing wrong with applicate DIY wedding ideas on your big day. But, you must think of it carefully and plan it well. Consulting with a wedding planner is still an option even though you want to make a DIY wedding. Besides, this is your big day, don’t let anything mess it up.

Wedding Ideas

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