Wall decoration is a matter for every building, especially home. It gives a nuance inside the room and creates a certain mood at the same time. Once you combine the decoration with the right lighting and furniture design, then, the room will look perfect. So, play your creativity now and try some DIY wall decor ideas below. Show to your guest what really talks about your personality.

On the other hand, wall decoration plays another important role which is giving energy. Indeed, some people get a special feeling once they see something that means to them. For example, family photographs, certificates, charters, trophies, and many more. That is why some DIY wall decor ideas require you to make something from one of them.

Trying the DIY wall decor ideas might be challenging. It is not only about getting the materials but also about how to make it the same as the sample you follow. Also, not all the ideas could be applied to any room. That is why you need to understand the purpose of the room you want to decor and the decoration you choose. Be concern about the color, shape, and dimensions, because those are the basic elements. However, just be fun doing this for your space!

DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Master Bedroom

A bedroom is the main space where people mostly spend their time at home. A master bedroom is more than a room to sleep or having rest. It is where you find your inner peace, create intimacy with someone you love, finding ideas for your work, and many more. Seeing how essential the bedroom is, here we have some recommendation about wall decor for the master bedroom:

1. Farmhouse Nuance with Wood

Farmhouse Nuance with Wood
source: tetapaja.blogspot.com

The farmhouse is always successfully giving a calm feeling for everyone. Moreover, for those who spend their day in the middle of the crowd. Use a block of reclaimed wood to create something unique, such as a wood plank accent for one full wall. You can also install a unique lamp or hang quotes inside the frame. Your room will absolutely be stunning in rustic style.

2. Beloved People Surrounding

eloved People Surrounding
source: weddingforward.ru

Such a pleasure to see your wife or husband with the children are smiling. Or, memorizing a moment when you were on a solo trip, hanging out with your friends, and many more. Keep that energy of happiness by putting pictures on the wall. Create a pattern you like and place light for additional decoration.

3. World Travel Map

World Travel Map
source: society19.com

A bedroom is where you build your dream, including travel around the world. If you are interested in trying one of these DIY wall decor ideas, you need nothing but the maps. Just stick a big map on your wall then pin the places you have visited. It will remind you to plan for more trips every year. If you like to do more creativity, you can follow this concept by using pieces of thin wood.

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4. Greenery Artwork

Greenery Artwork
source: lumbung-batu.com

Who says that the master bedroom cannot be filled with plants? That is totally wrong because the plant is never wrong to be placed anywhere. You can make an attractive bedroom by making a simple shelf for plants. Put small size plants in the pots. It is a natural decoration without so much effort needed.

5. Mural Art

Mural Art
source: shelves-decor.info

If you love painting, then why don’t you try to make the wall as your big canvas? Make a mural painting based on your personality. No matter it is the flower, mountains, trees, or even sky. This idea will be very personal to you, so speak up here.

6. Mirror Bamboo Art

Mirror Bamboo Art
source: buzzfeed.com

There will always be a mirror inside every bedroom. You can make a creation with this. Besides a mirror, the other thing you need is bamboo. It will be used as the frame. Once you get the shape of the mirror, you can frame it by using the bamboo. It is up to you whether you want to set like a photo frame or make another design.

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Cute DIY Wall Decoration Ideas for Kids Bedroom

After you are done with your bedroom, now it is the time for the kids’. Just like yours, they also need a space to relax, get inspiration, and having fun. The bedroom is always the right place for it. There are lots of DIY wall decor ideas to try here. Ask your kids to sit and make the decor together. One day they will be so proud of designing their room by their hand. See what you can try:

1. Handmade Dream Catcher

Handmade Dream Catcher
source: dreamsscapes.com

Kids are the ones who really believe in their dream. It is due to their pure heart and high imagination. Calm themselves by hanging a dream catcher inside their bedroom. At least they believe that this is able to protect from bad dreams and evils. Add their favorite character to make it more attractive.

2. Pom-Pom Wall

Pom-Pom Wall
source: dekormimari.com

You won’t deny how cute this DIY wall decor ideas. Your daughter will happily scream if you want this pom-pom wall for her. Prepare wool in many colors, cardboard, scissors, pen, and yarn. You can involve your kids to make it together, then, hang it on the bare wall after finished.

3. DIY Polka Dot Stamp

DIY Polka Dot Stamp
source: worldwide.com

Kids love with polka dot patterns, whether for the boys and the girls. This is a universal design, even you probably will love the final look too. You can make the polka dot wall decoration by using a kitchen sponge. It is fun to play with various colors!

4. Paper Cup Flower

Paper Cup Flower
source: asubtlerevelry.com

Bring the summer shine into your kids’ bedroom through the wall. If you are confused about the decoration, now go to your kitchen and get the paper cup. You can make some flowers using the paper cup. Moreover, when the cup’s color is various. It is like making a mini garden on the wall.

5. Photograph on the Wall

Photograph on the Wall
source: homebnc.com

Hanging photographs as one of your DIY wall decor ideas always fits in every room, including your kids’ bedroom. They also love surrounded by their family, relatives, and everyone they love. Hang on several pictures of your moment together. Make them remember how lucky they are having these people. For the more attractive look, you can also add lamps around it.

6. Fun Climbing Wall

Fun Climbing Wall
source: namedecors.com

We know that kids have so much energy that never-ending. If your kids are so active, you can direct it to a certain activity, such as wall climbing. As the starter, make their room’s wall as their first experience. Install some colorful stone right beside their bed. It is safe for them once they have to fall from it.

Stunning Living Room with DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Besides the bedroom, the living room is an optional place to spend your day. This place also usually used as the place to gather the whole family member. That is why you should make it as comfortable as you can for all people. Wall decoration influences it, thus, check our best recommendation for DIY wall decor ideas in the living room:

1. Plate Wall

Plate Wall
source: blogdamaricalegari.com

Have you ever thought that plates could be a great wall decoration? You probably need to check your grandma’s kitchen board now and ask her if she has an old artistic plate or not. Her old plates could be hung on the wall as the decoration. It gives a classic look in the living room.

2. Old Wooden Windows

Old Wooden Windows
source: googodecor.com

Traditional style brings you a cozy nuance. So, whoever comes into your home and sits in the living room, they will feel comfortable for a long time. Build this sensation by hanging an old wooden window on the wall. You can apply this on one wall and put small or medium plants beside it. Right after that, you will get a rustic atmosphere afterward.

3. Pop-Up Stick Art

Pop-Up Stick Art
source: allfiredupart.com

Do you want to have a 3-D wall decoration? Then, you must try one of these DIY wall decor ideas by using an ice cream stick. There are many colors of it, so you can arrange one pattern as you want. Stick it with the glue, then hang on the wall. You can combine any color or make it looks like gradation.

4. Forest Inside the House

Forest Inside the House
source: decortheraphy.com

If you want the maximum feeling united with nature, you can create a forest sensation inside. Choose a good shape of tree branches and hang on the wall. It is up to you whether you want to install one or two branches. But sometimes people pick several branches and arrange it inside the frame. Some of them put the light to create a dim nuance. It is very warm to spend more time there.

5. DIY Paper Flower

DIY Paper Flower
source: gramho.com

This is an idea that you can try in leisure time. It is so easy to do and gives you a beautiful result. You can use many colors to get a beautiful look. Or, you can only use two until three colors based on the wall paint. Flower decoration will make your living room looks sweet.

6. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
source: ratgeber-haus-garten.com

Don’t be confused if you have a blank wall in the living room. You can change it into a huge stand photo album. Pick the pictures you want to show and create one theme, for example, black and white. Thus, you should collect all the photos in black and white. It is an interesting idea, so the guess can see the journey of each family member.


Cozy Dining Room DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Not many people think about the dining room decoration because sometimes it is placed near the kitchen. Thus, the kitchen is usually more focused than this dining room. On the other hand, you might not realize that the dining room is the other place to share stories with someone. So, we are here want to give you several DIY wall decor ideas which very simple and easy, but still stand out.

1. Spoons Spot

Spoons Spot
source: apartmenttherapy.com

What does across your mind when we ask about the purpose of the spoon? Have you ever wondered to make it as the wall decor? No, you might not. So, now let’s try to give color to your spoons. After it gets dry, you can hang them on the wall. No need to the whole wall, just make a special spot. It is enough to catch someone’s attention when they come in there.

2. Light in the Bottle

Light in the Bottle
source: sweetyhomee.com

Do you want a unique look of the lighting? Then, try to create something shining inside the bottle. Don’t be confused, because you only need transparent bottles and small lanterns. Stacking the lanterns inside the bottle and do the electrical installation, so you might need a little help with this. Once the lanterns turn on, your dining room will change into a romantic spot. No more candlelight, let the lanterns create the dim.

3. Cups Light

Cups Light
source: naver.com

Recently it is common to hang some cups on the wall. Besides it is a simple decoration, it eases someone to take too. But if you want something different, you can make it as the lamp. Indeed, it requires you more effort because you have to set a certain electricity installation. However, the effort is so worth once you see the beauty of its glow.

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4. A Row of Cutting Boards

A Row of Cutting Boards
source: sneakpeekdesign.com

DIY wall decor ideas can come from the wood. It is different from the other room’s wall design. Because you will make something with the wood. While commonly the wood is used for wall installation, but, here, you change the wood into something. Make some cutting boards from it in various sizes and shapes. For more ideas, you can paint it too. After that, hang on the wall. Yes, it is as simple it is.

5. Eucalyptus Wall Art

Eucalyptus Wall Art
source: homygraf.com

Actually, there are many leaves that can be a wall decoration. But, we recommend you to use eucalyptus for the dining room wall because the shape is unique and very easy for the handmade craft. Most Scandinavian room decoration using this leave. Also, if you dream of a minimalist atmosphere, it is the right material to use. The eucalyptus will bring you a sense of nature too.

Trying several DIY wall decor ideas above would be easier if you just move to a new house or apply it to the blank wall. But, if the wall is already designed with wallpaper or installed by something, you need to remove it first. Because it probably will bother the previous installation. So, to get a perfect final result, you should take attention to the current condition.

No matter if you are the minimalist person or not, the booklover, the artist, or anything, decorate the wall will take your mind, time, and sometimes money. That is why we give you the list of DIY wall decor ideas so you freely explore all the things you want. You are worth to be surrounded by the things you love, especially at home.

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

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