A TV stand is one of a supported item in your room. It is a stealing point when people come to your house. The reason is the view of where the TV is standing takes most of the whole area in a house, right? As a result, your room will give a certain impression to the people that come. Some DIY TV stand ideas for you can be applied at your home.

However, before make you have a look at the inspiration, you need to think of several things before making your DIY TV stand. First is think about the TV that you will install on the TV stand. Because if you put the old TV not the slim TV, you need to find the shelf that has the function as a TV stand. Then, the next reason is it can support the TV’s weight.

Second, you need to think about the design of the TV stand that can support your room theme. On the other hand, everything is in harmony. Since you decorate your room you must think that home is the right place to find peace. It seems so cliché but when you decorate your room as well as maintain your body and soul it brings many benefits.

For instance, when you come home the expectation about coming home is to relax your body and soul from a hectic life after busy office hours. Also, the room and the furniture which are in harmony with your character will help you to restore your energy for the next day. The reason is when you are tired psychologically, as a result, your body will be tired too. In conclusion, it means that your soul and your body have the same synchronization that will affect each other.

25 Unique DIY TV Stand Ideas

Have you planned to make your DIY TV stand? After you know what to decide before make your DIY TV stand, you must see some inspirations that you can steal the style. What is next? There are some unique DIY TV stand ideas that you can apply in your home as follows:

1. Bohemian TV Stand

Bohemian TV Stand
source: googodecor.com

Firstly, you can decorate your TV stand in a bohemian style. This style is matched to the people who are like culture and ethnic stuff. A bohemian style so-called boho style is inspired by the hippies who are living freely. Don’t forget to decorate your living room with boho-chic pattern carpet, sofa with the fur, and also the planters.

2. Boxes TV Stand

Boxes TV Stand
source: futuristarchitecture.com

Do you have many old boxes in your warehouse? Let’s use it as a TV stand. Most of DIY TV stand ideas using the boxes that make from various materials. Then, you can use wood boxes by arranging them well. Thus, the DIY box tV stand presents a rustic nuance in your room. Then, you can add the planters and some rustic stuff. The TV stand has two functions, as a TV stand, also the shelf to put your console, videogame, and books.

3. Cable Drum TV Stand

Cable Drum TV Stand
source: mykarmastream.com

A cable drum can be transformed as a TV stand. Most of the cable drums are made from wood, so it is easy to makeover it. If you are only furnished with the cable drum without painting it then this item can bring rustic vibes to your home i. Also, the cable drum TV stand can be divided into four parts if you want to put it in the corner. However, if you want to put on the wall, just divide it into two parts.

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4. Oriental Style TV Stand

Oriental Style TV Stand
source: dunelm.com

Do you like the oriental style? An oriental style that shows Chinese ornaments can be one of the inspirations. From all of the DIY TV stand ideas, this style is a remarkable certain ethnic. One of the examples is you can use an old TV stand cabinet as the framework. Then, you can redecorate the old TV stand by adding an old oriental handle. Also, add some ornaments on the side of the TV such as cactus or maybe a photo frame.

5. Classic TV Stand

Classic TV Stand
source: decoredo.com

Next, the classic TV stand. A classic style is an everlasting style that always favorite. This style is taken from a granny house that shows 60’s living ambiance. Then, you can repaint your granny shelf and pull out the drawers with black and white colors or pastel colors. So, you can fill in the blank space with the baskets to put your console, recorder, or your books.

6. Corner TV Stand from Pallet Wood

Corner TV Stand from Pallet Wood
source: rapidsplash.net

After, the classic DIY TV stand next to is the corner side TV stand. The corner side of the room is a suitable place to put your TV stand. It because the view is widespread when you are watching TV. Also, it does not need a big space to place your DIY corner TV stand. You can make it from wood or metal. Then, this model of TV stand can make your room seems bigger.

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7. Display Easel TV stand

Display Easel TV stand
source: diycraftsy.com

If you are an artistic person, then this type of TV stand is the best choice for you. Generally, the display easel that used to show your paints or pictures can be your TV stand. Then, by installing the TV bracket in the display easel, you can have your TV as your art to be seen many people in your room. As a result, you are like a pro artist when you show your TV to the guest. From all of the DIY TV stand ideas, looking for the material of DIY display easel TV stand is quite easy to find the easel.

8. Drum TV Stand

Drum TV Stand
source: furnizing.com

Do you want to bring music vibes in your room? You can use a broken bass drum as your TV stand. You never imagine that the DIY TV stand ideas can come from a broken bass drum. By adding the pipe and board on the drum to put your TV, then give some dividers inside the bass drum. So, this is a suitable item to put your music needs. It is one of the creative hacks that use a musical instrument as furniture.

9. Farmhouse TV Stand

 Farmhouse TV Stand
source: dreamsscapes.com

The next idea is to bring the farmhouse vibes into your room. An unused barn door and an old shelf can be used as the materials to make DIY farmhouse TV stand. The barn door uses the side cover and the old shelf as the framework. Then, by redecorating it such as repaint it with barn pattern. To emphasize it will present peaceful living like in the farmhouse. Also, you can add some classic ornaments like a globe and a standing lamp.

10. Futuristic TV Stand

Futuristic TV Stand
source: home-designing.com

Are you a Star Wars fan? If you are a sci-fi fan, then you can make a TV stand with a futuristic theme. In particular, the design presents an elegant style by using monochromatic colors. The shape that can be applied in a futuristic theme is an oval or elliptic shape that represents the future and modest design. Certainly, it needs an expert to make it, however, you can customize it by ordering it to the carpenter.

11. Industrial TV Stand

Industrial TV Stand
source: sellingantiques.co.uk

The industrial theme is common nowadays. Consequently, it shows an edgy mood in your room. You can make it by yourself because you need the metal blocks and the woods. You can add the wheels under your DIY TV stand it will make it moveable. Also, you can add some metal decorations to enhance industrial vibes.

12. Log Wood TV Stand

Log Wood TV Stand
source: lot-art.com

Logwood is a material that presents forest and natural vibes. Using the raw log, you can cut and arrange it into a TV stand. Voila! You have a TV stand that brings forest vibes to your room. You only need to furnish it so the wood color will brighten and get the attention of the guest. Adds some fake plants as decorative will make it more jungle.

13. Minimalist TV Stand

Minimalist TV Stand
source: luxuryhomestuff.com

A minimalist TV stand is a solution for you that not like so many decorations. The minimalist TV stand only needs a metal block and plank. Then, you can install the TV bracket so you can put your TV there. Make sure that you have a flat floor when you use this TV stand in your home.

14. Morrocan Wooden TV Stand

Morrocan Wooden TV Stand
source: alamy.com

For you that like ethnic style, a Morrocan style can be an alternative. Morrocan style comes from Middle East culture that identically with Islamic culture. It has uniqueness in a symmetrical design, differentiable carving, and fine wood.

15. Old Crates TV Stand

Industrial TV Stand
source: loveantiques.com

Crates box is the most favorable item to make DIY stuff. You can make a TV stand from unused crates boxes. The crates boxes need to be arranged horizontally, then add the board on it as the TV stand. There you are! A TV stand that made from a crates box comes to your house. It presents vintage vibes to your room.

16. Old Pallet Wood TV Stand

Old Crates TV Stand
source: gettyimages.ae

Old pallet wood is the must-have-item for you who want to create a rustic vibe home. You can decorate all the things in your home with pallet wood. A TV stand from pallet wood can be one of the furniture that you need to present whole rustic vibes.

17. On The Wheels TV Stand

On The Wheels TV Stand
source: satrpostore.com

If you are the kind of person that easy-to-be-bored, a moveable TV stand can be the answer to your personality. On the wheels TV stand is a TV stand that easy to move everywhere. For you who sometimes spend your time in a living room or bedroom, it is suitable for your mood.

18. Pipe TV Stand

Pipe TV Stand
source: eandsrecords.com

A combination of metal pipes and wood is the best match to create industrial rustic vibes. The metal pipes represent the industrial mood and the wood shows rustic mood. This DIY TV stand will more stand out if you put rustic accessories such as the dried grass or some planters.

19. Rustic TV Stand

Rustic TV Stand
source: wolesin.com

A rustic theme is happening right now. There are so many furniture stores that show off rustic theme stuff. Actually, you can make it yourself. Prepare the old shelf and adds a wood plank as the TV stand. The main point of rustic stuff is the wood as the material and earth tone color.

20. Shabby Chic TV Stand

Shabby Chic TV Stand
source: homestratosphere.com

The shabby chic theme is fit for you that like a beautiful classic style. You can repaint an old shelf then makeover it to be a new shabby chic TV stand includes the shelf and drawers. This kind of TV stand is multipurpose because it can be a TV stand to put your TV, put your consoles and DVD player.

21. Stone Blocks TV Stand

Stone Blocks TV Stand
source: i.pinimg.com

Have you ever seen the Flinstone series? This stone blocks TV stand is inspired by Flinstone. There are two big stones that can be used as the stands. Then, you only put the wood plank on the stones. It is a little bit tricky because if you cannot place the wood plank correctly it can make the TV stand unstable.

22. Tropical TV Stand

Stone Blocks TV Stand
source: popsugar.com

The DIY TV stand ideas that famous are a tropical and rustic theme. A tropical TV stand arises vacation mood in your room. You can create your DIY tropical TV stand by repainting an old solid wood TV stand that gives rustic effect. An art deco with a tropical sense can be an alternative design. Also, you put the palm tree on the side of the TV stand.

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23. Unique Display TV Stand

Unique Display TV Stand
source: apartmenttherapy.com

Think about your TV as an artwork. A display TV stand can be your savior. You can make an artwork display as your TV stand design. Your DIY display TV stand can be placed in the corner of your room because of the wide view.

24. Vase TV Stand

Vase TV Stand
source: gizmodo.co.uk

Have you ever thought that a vase can be your TV stand? You can get a vase-shaped TV stand. From all of the DIY TV stand ideas, this vase-shaped TV stand is easy to make if it is made from the wood. In particular, this design brings minimalist vibes and a little bit of eco-green nuance. The reason is it gives the impression that the TV is the plant that grows up in the vase.

25. Vintage TV Stand

Vintage TV Stand
source: amazon.ca

Vintage style is a favorable theme nowadays. It can bring a homey mood because psychologically it is relaxing. Then, the wood and earth tone color is the perfect combination. Also, you can add some old crafts as accessories to create vintage vibes in your room.

So, there are 25 DIY TV stand ideas that you can use for your home. You can remodel and combine it based on your personality and mood towards the room. In conclusion, when you have DIY stuff the guest will be impressed with your furniture.

Also, if you think that it is difficult to make it by yourself, ask for help from the carpenters. The DIY TV stand ideas can build up your creativity to make your own design and model. Thus, the carpenters can help you to make your customize TV stand.

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