In a house, the table is an essential furniture. Aside from its function, a table also plays a role in deciding the room’s ambiance. This due to people not only see the table as a piece of furniture to help human beings, but the table also has its decorative purpose. Thus, there are many DIY table legs ideas spread around on the internet.

Among those DIY table legs ideas, one or two might pique your interest. Because the best part is about ‘DIY’. Well, who wouldn’t love to have a unique table displayed but low cost and hard to find at the store. Another plus point, you put your hands directly, which would give it more satisfaction value.

Tracking back to human history, the table has been around for a long time ago. As far as we tried to look back, even since humans first knew about civilization, there was a table. The record said the Egyptians, Greek, and Romans were fond of a table for various purposes.

There are many kinds of tables we know and have in our house. From one with peculiar purpose like the dining table, until the decorative one. Among those many kinds of table, the one that made each of them stand out is because of the legs. Again, that’s why people love to realize DIY table legs ideas.

DIY Table Legs Ideas for Coffee Table

The term coffee table more familiar with modern society. Maybe around the Victorian era where Europe transitioning from the Middle Ages into modernity. This due to a table that they need for serving tea in their drawing-room. But since the now modern society more love with coffee than tea, thus the name shifted into the coffee table instead. Here are the DIY table legs ideas for the coffee table:

1. Tree Base Table Leg

Tree Base Table Leg

Although it seems simple, finding the right tree base is difficult. Another challenge is to remove the bark, which needs extra hard work. But once you are done with that part, the result is amazing. Not to mention, you can put the tabletop with any material. Also, you can keep the natural color just like that.

2. U Shaped Table Legs

U Shaped Table Legs

The design is minimalist and you don’t have to be really good with your carpentering skill. But the problem is if you put the wrong top table, then it will look too plain. To resolve it, make sure to put a motive on the top of the table and don’t forget to paint it.

3. Balustrade Table Legs

Balustrade Table Legs

Do you have extra balustrades that you don’t use? Or you have extra because you replace your old railings into the new ones? Then, don’t throw them away but use for coffee table legs instead. With the balustrade’s design, you can display an unusual but charming coffee table.

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4. Wooden Logs Table Legs

Wooden Logs Table Legs

Another wooden material for this idea. But if the first one using the base part with its curves, this one you can use logs. Just cut the logs in the same high and arrange them at the opposite ends. For the tabletops is also optional, you can use a wooden board or other material such as glass or marble.

5. Reclaimed Hand Truck Coffee Table

Reclaimed Hand Truck Coffee Table

Different from the other four, for this one table legs, you don’t need to work that hard. Because you will use an old unused hand truck base for your coffee table. Make sure to repaint the truck to make sure everything’s perfect.

6. PVC Pipe Table Legs

PVC Pipe Table Legs

This idea for the coffee table is the most unique one. Because aside from getting a coffee table, you can also get a fish tank. To get one, you can utilize the biggest size of PVC pipe. Then, assembly the pipes just like the picture. If you want to have the fish tank, don’t forget to put lid at the base of the pipes.

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7. Halves Barrel Coffee Table

Halves Barrel Coffee Table

Another unique idea for the coffee table is to use an empty barrel for the table legs. To do that, you have to cut the barrel in halves. Then, put each half of the barrel at the opposite sides. Then, just add a wooden plate on top to complete the table. Aside from the top, you can also add a plate at the base for the compartment.

DIY Table Legs Ideas for Dining Table

Compared to the coffee table, then the dining table was around much older – maybe even the oldest one. Because one of the initial purposes of a table was for dining. Without screwing from its function, the dining table legs design evolved through the years. Here are several DIY table legs ideas for dining table you can do yourself:

1. V-Shaped Table Legs

V-Shaped Table Legs

The V-shaped table legs are classic, but not to classic. The classic side is because you have to put the Vs at the opposite ends. But since it shaped and not just the ancient four-legged design, then you can say it slightly unique.

2. Rectangular Table Legs

Rectangular Table Legs

Simplicity is the right charm. That’s what this table is trying to inform. By following this idea, you don’t have to create any difficult design. Just put on two rectangle-shaped wooden boards to act as the legs. Then, top it with another wider wooden board.

3. Balustrade Table Legs

Balustrade Table Legs

Aside from the coffee table, you can also use balustrade for dining table legs. But different from the ones you use for the coffee table, here you need taller and wider balustrade. Or to add more high, you can also put a set of the anchor before topped the balustrade with the tabletop.

4. X Shaped Table Legs

X Shaped Table Legs

If you feel that the usual straight legs are boring, then try this X-shaped dining table legs. Although it simple, the simple X-shaped legs turned as an attractive point from the table. Whether you put it in the dining room or put it outside, there’s no problem.

5. Upside-down Y Table Legs

Upside-down Y Table Legs

Another unique table legs for your dining table. Instead of putting the Y shape in its usual form, why don’t you put it on an upside-down position? That way, you can have unusual dining table legs shape. Not to mention, 2 pairs of footing at the upside-down Y shape at each table ends can give more strength.

6. Three Shaped Wrought Iron Table Legs

Three Shaped Wrought Iron Table Legs

Although this table unique legs shape, it’s hard if you wish for full DIY. Because you have to forge the metal and make the tree shape. Thus, you have to leave that part for the smith. Then, once it’s done, you can assemble the legs with the top yourself.

7. Asymmetric Table Legs

Asymmetric Table Legs

Even though symmetric is the popular choice, but you can break the norm and go with asymmetric. For example, just like the dining table in the picture above. The asymmetric legs will give a modern vibe for your dining room. Thus, this kind of dining table is suitable for a modern minimalist house.

8. Iron Pipe Table Legs

Iron Pipe Table Legs

Another idea for dining table legs is using the iron pipe. With the iron pipe, you don’t have to worry about how to shape the legs or how to forge the iron to create your desired shape. Instead, you only need to cut the right length and assembly the pipes as you need.

DIY Table Legs Ideas for Decorative Table

Different from the previous tables, the decorative table doesn’t really have a designed purpose. This kind of table only placed at a corner for decorative purposes. But at some point, it also holds the same importance and people keep on putting it in their house. Thus, here are several DIY table legs ideas for the decorative table:

1. Rectangular Base Table Legs with Round Top

Rectangular Base Table Legs with Round Top

When you only look at the legs and the base, your mind will think that it will be a common decorative table. But by putting unusual round tabletop for a rectangular base, the uniqueness will soar. Not to mention, you don’t have to use brand new materials. Instead, the reclaimed ones will also be good enough.

2. Three Legged Table

Three Legged Table

Usually, a table shaped as rectangular or round. But how about making half of it – such as half round table? Then, for the legs, you can put three legs instead of the usual four or two. For the legs materials, the picture above chooses chopper. But you can switch them to wood or the other metal instead.

3. Cage Inspired Table Leg

Cage Inspired Table Leg

This kind of table leg is tricky, but the result will be stunning. Because not everyone can craft cage-like shape, you can use the actual cage instead. Look for a portable cage that people usually use for chicken. Then you only need something flat for the tabletop. There, now you have a unique decorative table.

4. Two Pairs of Bar Stool Legs Inspired Table

Two Pairs of Bar Stool Legs Inspired Table

Do you remember the shape of bar stool legs? It has longer legs than the usual chair. But that’s where the stool’s charm came from. For that reason, you can use it as inspiration for your decorative table. From the picture, you can put two pairs of bar stool legs to hold the tabletop.

5. Pipe Arrangement Table Legs

Pipe Arrangement Table Legs

The decorative table is easier for DIY than the other ones. Because usually, it doesn’t have to hold heavy things. Most people use the decorative table for frame picture display and such. Thus, one clever idea for the legs table is to use a pipe arrangement. Aside from the top, the unique legs also can add the decoration aspect of the room.

6. Four Claws Table Legs

Four Claws Table Legs

The four claws legged table is a classic compared to the other table legs ideas. But this classic style is still in demand – because of it’s classic. The problem is, for DIY this kind of table legs, you have to master a high carpentering skill. Another option, you can just reclaim the old four claws legged table and put new paint.

7. Single Balustrade Table Leg

Single Balustrade Table Leg

Different from the coffee table or the dining table, for the decorative table, you can use only one balustrade as the table leg. Because it only has a narrow tabletop compared to the other two kinds. Thus, you don’t need more than one balustrade for the table leg.

8. Stacked Wooden Sticks Table Legs

Stacked Wooden Sticks Table Legs

Although seem complicated, but even amateur can create this table. Because you only need wooden sticks and then stack it high. There’s no requirement on how high you have to stack the sticks. Not to mention, you can also create your own stacking pattern. Thus, you don’t have to follow the picture and create your own table.

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9. Single Legged Table with Flat Base

Stacked Wooden Sticks Table Legs

Although this table style seems simple to do, in reality, it’s hard to DIY. Because usually this kind of table made from the metal plate and you have to forge it. But there’s an option for DIY, where you switch to wooden material. Yet, make sure to put the single-leg right in the middle to keep the balance.

10. Sewing Machine Table Leg

Sewing Machine Table Leg

DIY is not always about making a new one from scratch, but also reclaim an old to create a new one. For example, the sewing machine table in the picture. If you have an old sewing machine, then you can use the base part for the table leg. Thus, you only need to look for the tabletop.

Creating and making DIY table legs ideas to be real is a fun thing to do. With that, you can create something useful for your house. At the same time, you also spend you’re your time for a valuable thing. For the result, you add another fond memory in your house.

That’s the difference between DIY and buy. With DIY you can have memory value that you can’t get when you buy the thing. Even though you buy it with your own money, the value will be different. Because you won’t have a memory bond with the stuff you buy.

DIY Table Legs

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