Trying new things for fashion enthusiasts is always exciting. No matter what other people would say, they just go through it to find something unique. That is why the fashion industry never dies. Contrarily, there will always a new trend every year. This might be started by the DIYers. Here you will find any DIY shirt ideas that can make you a trend initiator around your circle.

The shirt is very easy to turn into different forms. Thus, you can explore creativity by using it. Also, we assure all of you have a t-shirt at home, at least one. Whether it was already long ago, or, you just bought in the wrong size. Whatever it is, you must be able to follow all the DIY shirt ideas below. No need expert skill, no need special equipment, and of course, no need much cost.

One thing for sure if you want to try one of the DIY shirt ideas below is having a scissor. While the other equipment is adjusted based on the model you want. Surprisingly, all the ideas are not only for a casual look. You can make one for the party or office attire. Just check out what we have listed here and have your time.

Tons of Creations with Tie

Making a torn and creating a tie is the easiest design to try. Even you are the beginner, torn your shirt by using scissors is easy. Look at some new DIY shirt ideas below, we believe that you can turn all your wardrobe into amazing outfits.

1. After T-shirt Tank Top

After T-shirt Tank Top

Don’t throw your unused t-shirt because you can change it into a tank top. It is very simple, take the t-shirt, then, cut the arm part. Adjust the length of the arm part as you want. To make the look more attractive, cut the bottom side to make a tie. You can choose the tie for the front or the backside.

2. Open Back Shirt

Open Back Shirt

Another thing you can do for the unused shirt is by making a hole at the back. Torn the backside into the upside-down triangle. Let the collar line exists, it could be the additional accent to your back view.

3. Simple Tie Back

Simple Tie Back

One of the DIY shirt ideas which very quick to make is tying the backside. Now you decide which shirt to be recycled, then cut the arm part. The new tank top is in front of you. Last, unite the back part and tie with the unused fabric. Enjoy the new model!

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4. Twisted Back Tie

Twisted Back Tie

This one is not really different from the model we have shown before. But you will have another look because you twist the backside. Start this idea as you have read in the previous number. Once you see the backside is separated into two parts, twist it and don’t forget to mix with stunning inner.

5. Cross Back Dress

5. Cross Back Dress

This idea is very useful for your party time. When you get an invitation and think there is nothing to wear, don’t be panic. Just recycle your shirt into a cross back dress. Just do a little creativity in making knots, then you are ready to go outside.

6. Side Tied Shirt

Side Tied Shirt

Do you want more DIY shirt ideas for a party? Then, this one might suitable for you. Impress your friend by wearing a one-tied shoulder shirt. If you have no t-shirt, you can use a tank top too. Cut the shoulder part into a smaller tie, then put the right to the left or the opposite.

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7. Dangling Tie

Dangling Tie

If you are enough with the top part, then you can move to the bottom. Tassels will make you look crowd in a proper way. It is okay to just cut and let the shirt “tattered”. But, it would be better to make a cross knot there.

8. Butterfly Tie Back

Butterfly Tie Back

It is a sweet thing you can do for your casual look. Take the unused shirt, it would be great the over-sized one, then, adjust the length you want. Cut it, then, twist it! After that, you will see the butterfly wings for your back.

9. Back Bow Zumba Outfit

Back Bow Zumba Outfit

Do you want something different for your Zumba class? Here, we give you inspiration! It is good news because you can make an outfit from your unused shirt. It is so easy to make this outfit, just cut the arm part based on your want. Then, tie the backside until your back is exposed freely.

DIY Shirt Ideas by Cutting

DIY with the shirt is not only making a tie or knots. You can also cut the shirt and make a certain pattern. Many DIYers are very creative in creating a great detail on the ordinary shirt. Are you curious about it? Then, see some ideas below!

1. Front Exposed

Front Exposed

Are you dare to let people see your front? There you go with one of these DIY shirt ideas. There is no one can beat yourself when you are wearing this up-fashioned shirt. Make many torn with your scissors horizontally, then the shirt will turn into an open front vest. Mix with the stunning inner and pack your bag to the party.

2. Simple Shoulder Cutting

Simple Shoulder Cutting

If you think that the previous number is too over, then you can start with this one. This is a very simple model, but able to change your appearance significantly. Just make a hole in each shoulder part, and let people see it. If you want to have a casual look, you can also cut the shoulder and throw the previous collar stitching.

3. Open Shoulder

Open Shoulder

This model is as easy as the previous number. That is why we put it as one of the DIY shirt ideas here. Actually, this model also exposes your shoulder, but you need a little more effort. Cut the upside of your shirt starts from the right shoulder to the left one, then, make a pattern.

4. Triangle Cut Back

Triangle Cut Back

The geometry pattern is interesting if you can arrange it in the right way. Thus, choose the triangle pattern because it is easy to make and modify. Cut the center part of the back shirt into a triangle pattern. Once the triangles exist as the hole, we are pretty sure it attracts people’s attention.

5. Love Cut on the Back

Love Cut on the Back

Actually, there are many patterns you can make through cutting. One of the most people make is a heart sign. Yes, it shows love to the people even though it is torn. Put the cut on your back is a great idea. You might not realize that it makes people curious about yourself too at the same time.

6. Half Cropped Silhouette

Half Cropped Silhouette

Be a little more easy-going by cutting you half shirt. Take a long shirt, then cut half of it. Don’t stop there, now, make a silhouette cutting higher. If you brave enough to let people wondering behind the shirt, then make the cutting up to your chest.

7. Elegant Cutout Tee

Elegant Cutout Tee

Not many DIY shirt ideas are applied for formal attire. This is one of the ideas that you can choose as your formal alternative look. Don’t underestimate when you look at a plain white shirt. Take one of them, make a simple and very detailed cutting. Change the look around the collar area and the arm part.

Using Lace to Change the Impression

DIY shirt ideas will look greater if you add the lace on it. Whatever the lace pattern in, it always shows the beauty inside of you. Or, for another impression, you can play the lace with color. Don’t be worry to meet two different colors because the lace is like a sugar in your tea, it is an additional sweetener.

1. Lace on Top

Lace on Top

You might have no problem seeing lingerie with lace on the top. But, you will be stunning if you dare to add the lace on your tank top. Make the tank top from the unused shirt, then add the lace over the front side. The black tank top with a big transparent lace will make you look sexier.

2. Flannel Shirt with Lace

Flannel Shirt with Lace

For those who love to wear flannel, you can also add the lace. But be careful, since the flannel usually has two or three colors, then, you have to pick the right place. Place the lace around the button side until the collar. Keep them there to make the shirt not crowded.

3. Inserted Lace at the Bottom

Inserted Lace at the Bottom

Try the other DIY shirt ideas by making the dress with lace. Ask your brother or friend if they have a big size shirt. Because you need the length to make this design. Once you get it, cut the bottom side then cover it with lace. It is better to choose a different color of lace than the shirt color.

DIY Shirt Ideas Through Rhinestones and Glitters

Spark your surroundings through the rhinestones and glitters on your shirt. Change the plain look into something glamorous with that. You will be amazed by how different your appearance, don’t forget to put stunning makeup, then go outside.

1. U-collar with Stones

U-collar with Stones

You can start to change the look through the collar. This area means a lot once you add something different, including the rhinestones. Spread the stones around the neck and make a pattern. At glance, it will look like a necklace.

2. Rhinestone Shirt

Rhinestone Shirt

Do you think for something more stand out? Then, down a little bit to the bottom to create the spark. Spread the glitters in the center of your shirt. Add a big sign or word on your shirt by using rhinestones. Choose the contrast colors with the shirt.

3. Cute Glitter Shirt

Cute Glitter Shirt

Playing creativity with a white shirt is always fun. You can explore many things to make anything. One of the DIY shirt ideas you can do is writing something cheers you up. It could be a word or simple quote that describes yourself value.

4. Stripped Glitter

Stripped Glitter

Don’t feel sorry to yourself if you think have no much creativity. A shirt is flexible to be designed. Here you still using the glitter, but for the easier pattern. Just cut the paper, put on the shirt with distance, then pour the glitter on it. If you use various colors, you will have a gradient look.

Do Embroider!

Embroidery seems a simple craft to do. But not all people are patient enough to follow it. Moreover, when there is a complicated form or detail pattern. You should provide a little time for this. However, this creation can change the look of your shirt significantly. So, it is worth to try even though you never hold the needle and thread before.

1. Simple Embroidery Symbol

Simple Embroidery Symbol

Have you ever seen a little icon stick on the top corner of a shirt? Yes, it is like Polo and the other brands who only puts a symbol. You can do the same thing to create a different look. Decide which symbol you want to make. Whether it is a letter, an animal, or anything, then try to sew it.

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2. Inspirational Quote Embroider

Inspirational Quote Embroider

This idea is quite the same as the previous one. No need expert skill to write down a quote on your shirt. But we recommend you not to put a long sentence. There are lots of short spirit quotes, just pick one of them. State it on your shirt and show it to the world what you want to say.

3. Embellished Refashioned Flannel Shirt

Embellished Refashioned Flannel Shirt

Lace is also well combined with the embroidery. More than that, those two collaborations will be great to be put on your flannel. But for the plain shirt is okay too. You might not realize, but this combination makes you quite look classy.

Trying DIY shirt ideas is not far from cutting, making a tie, sewing, or adding more accessories, such as the stone or glitter. You are allowed to combine one and more those creativities. Because a shirt is like a canvas, your imagination is limitless. But, remember, you might need something special for a certain activity, for example, special paint, glue, and etc.

Fashion is something that never dies. If you realize, it seems like reuse and recycles the previous trend before it. So, now, why don’t you make your own one? It is time for you to be a trendsetter, at least among your circle.

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