The shelf is one of the important things in your room. The shelf is used to put decorative ornaments such as a vase, photos, and souvenirs. Also, it can be used to place your favorite books. Thus, putting a shelf in your room will create a new ambiance and feeling comfier in your home if you decorate it by following your mood in that room and personality. Surely, some DIY shelf ideas will help you to get inspiration to make your own shelves.

Decorating a shelf can be one of the fun activities that help you to escape from your hectic life. Consequently, you can take your time to think about the mood that you want to present in that room. Also, think about the design based on your characters.

For instance, minimalism is good for a person who is simple and most of them are introverts. However, the tropical design is a match for you who are extroverted and cheerful. Above all, by decorating your shelf, you can find the design that follows your personalities.

Adding shelf in your room is one simple way to decorate your home. Not only decorating, but it will also change your room mood when it changed. For example, you want to have a natural ambiance in your room you can have a DIY shelf made of wood. Moreover, you can redecorate your old shelf. Then, you need to consider several things before making your DIY shelf.

30 Design of DIY Shelf Ideas

After knowing, the things you must consider before making your DIY shelf. There are following ideas that can help you to make your own shelves. These ideas are quite easy to make. Some of the shelves are made by used things such as paint buckets, crates, boxes, and woods.

1. Above-the-bed Shelf

Above-the-bed Shelf


Firstly, the idea comes up from a person who has a tiny room but he/she has many things to be kept. The shelf can be located above your bed. For a small area, this type of shelf can make your room looks spacious. If you want to make your DIY above-the-bed shelf, then you only need a floating shelf. After that, put it above your bed.

2. Alphabet Letter Shelf

Alphabet Letter Shelf


Second, the DIY shelf idea that you can use is the alphabetical shape. An alphabet letter is one of many DIY shelf ideas that easy to make. You can use your initial as the shape. So, make sure about the space so you can consider the letter’s design and the size of the shelf. Then, you can choose pallet wood or plywood to make it. You can use the alphabet letter shelf as your bookshelf.

3. Belted Shelf

Belted Shelf
This design creates a rustic mood that gives a vintage impression. Actually, belted shelf needs used-belt and a board of wood. In detail, you can lean the wood by nailing the belts in the right and left side of the wood. Thus, it is so easy to make, however before you hang in on the wall please give a try with several things to measure its strength. The belted shelf is usually used to put the things that have small to a medium-size such as cactus pot, bonsai pot, souvenirs, small photo frames, etc.
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4. Boxes Shelf

Boxes Shelf
The next idea is coming from unused boxes. Unused boxes can transform to be a shelf. So, you can arrange it in the blank space of your room. Actually, it is quite cheap and easy to make. Boxes shelf is one of multipurpose-shelf. Because you can put everything inside the box because choosing the boxes as the material is the right choice for you who have many things to be tidied up. For example, the top box is for the books, the middle is for the toys, and the bottom box is for the sneakers.

5. Branches Shelf

Branches Shelf
Unused branches in your garden can be used as a shelf. Next, how to make it? Pick the thick and strong branches. You don’t need to peel the tree bark, just paint it naturally and furnish it. Then, you can nail the branches with the board. This branch’s shelf will bring natural nuance like inside the forest.

6. Chain Shelf

Chain Shelf
Next, the DIY idea is a combination of vintage and industrial vibes. You can make a hanging chain shelf to give vintage vibes in your room. Actually, making a chain shelf is simple. Then, you need chains, a few screws, slotted angles and planks of wood. It is suitable to hang it in your room to bring a vintage mood. Or put it near your kitchen as spices rack or in the dining room to put some vintage plates.
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7. Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf
The shelf is not to be placed in a spacious area. Actually, it takes the advantages of the corner area of your room. You can make your own corner shelf. So, the corner shelf is one of the best ideas to use unexpected space. However, think about the things that will be put in on the shelf because you need to think about safety if those things fall down.

8. Display Shelf

Display Shelf
Do you want to make a display shelf like in the bookstore or CD store? So, you can steal the idea of the display shelf there. Actually, it is easy to make it, you have two options. Then, you can put everything on your shelf, however, we suggest to put the book, toys, or your CD on your shelf.

9. Dollhouse Shelf

Dollhouse Shelf
From all the unique DIY shelf ideas, one of them is the dollhouse theme. Dollhouse shelf is an option to put your kids’ dolls and toys. So, it is really fit if you put it in your kids’ room. This type of shelf usually made from wood. Thus, it usually used in shabby-chic decoration.

10. Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf
The next is the most favorite DIY shelf idea. The floating shelf is really famous nowadays. Wood that floated on your wall is common nowadays. Actually, you can use some materials such as wood to create rustic nuance and metal to bring industrial sensation. In order to make a fancy floating shelf by adding some patterns. It is your inspiration to make your floating shelf.

11. Frame Shelf

Frame Shelf
You can make a frame shelf as a showcase. If you want to show your achievements then you can take advantage of having a frame shelf. A-frame shelf can be your wall of fame. It is the right way to show off your trophy, medals, or your favorite plants there.

12. Hanging Rope Shelf

Hanging Rope Shelf
Using a rope to hang the board and arrange it in your wall is one of the DIY shelf ideas. Actually, do not worry about the safety because the rope is strong. Then, put some photos and decorations to bring tropical vibes. So, it is really fitted with the house located near the beach or in the tropical area.

13. Honeycomb Shelf

Honeycomb Shelf
The next DIY shelf idea is coming from the bees. Honeycomb or hexagonal shape is quite easy to make it. Explicitly, the design is inspired by the honeycomb shape made by the bees. First, choose plywood as the material or another kind of wood. Then, arrange the wood in order to follow the honeycomb pattern. As a result, this honeycomb shelf gives the impression of minimalism to your room.

14. Industrial Shelf

ndustrial Shelf
Metal pipe and wood are the materials to make an industrial shelf. Industrial theme nowadays is common for the millennials. Moreover, this theme is usually using in café. The metals are copper, steel, or iron. Then, you can choose raw wood or plywood. If you choose raw wood, it will create classic vibes in your room. You can save your budget more, the reason is this one of DIY shelf ideas need the pipe and the wood only.

15. Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible Bookshelf
Are those books flying? That question is coming from the guests. This idea comes up after watching Harry Potter movies. There is a scene that the books are flying and organize well without any shelves there. By using metal plates, your book can fly in your room. Your room seems like a room of magic.

16. Ladder Shelf

Ladder Shelf
So, what is the next idea? A ladder shelf can be the inspiration of your shelf. Actually, the unused ladder can transform into a shelf by adding the boxes, the drawers, or the storage bins. This shelf is made of wood or metal as a framework. Then, you need to stack the board into the framework.

17. Metal Slotted Angles Shelf

Metal Slotted Angles Shelf
Have you ever found metal slotted angles in your room? Probably, you find it in your warehouse. However, you can have it as your closet shelf by adding some decorations and change the design. It will be more eye-catching rather than you only take your metal slotted angles shelf without any makeover.

18. Paint Buckets Shelf


Paint Buckets Shelf
Do you have any unused paint buckets? You can use it as a shelf. Paint the buckets with your favorite colors. Then, arrange it on your wall. Voila! You can put the dolls, toys, or books there. The DIY paint bucket is really fit in the nursery room or kid’s room.

19. Pallet Wood Shelf

Pallet Wood Shelf
Next is a DIY pallet shelf. You can make a simple shelf from pallet wood and the branches. From all the unique DIY shelf ideas, this DIY shelf only needs to furnish the materials. Also, paint it with brown color so it can raise the natural mood. Significantly, the pallet wood shelf is suitable in the house that has a forest theme.

20. Pegboard Shelf

Pegboard Shelf
A pegboard can transform into a shelf. You can arrange the boards and boxes depending on your mood. If you feel bored, you can redecorate it. The reason is the pegboard is easy to be reorganized if space is not enough. When you redecorate it, it feels like you are playing lego.

21. Recycled Drawer Shelf

Recycled Drawer Shelf
Do you have unused drawers? You can use it as a shelf. You can stack it to the wood sticks. It is easy to build, right? Then, you can repaint it, also give some decorations. From all DIY shelf ideas, the recycled drawer shelf is the simplest dresser.

22. Repurposed Door Shelf

Repurposed Door Shelf


You can makeover your door to become a shelf. The door size is quite big so you can divide it into some parts. Then, you arrange it like the design that you want. For example, you can transform it into a corner shelf.

23. Repurposed Dresser Shelf



Sometimes you feel bored with your dresser, right? Do you want to have a shelf but you pretend to be thrifty? You can repurpose your dresser by separate the drawers and the frameworks. The dresser framework can be transformed into an all-you-can-see shelf without the drawers. Then, you can also repurpose the dresser into a hanging shelf.

24. Retro TV Shelf

Retro TV Shelf


A broken TV can transform to be a shelf. This is one of the unique DIY shelf ideas using broken electronics by repurposing it. Using a broken TV can bring a retro mood in your room. You can add some decoupage ornament to support retro ambiance.

25. Rustic Log Shelf

Rustic Log Shelf
A raw log is one of the materials of the shelf that brings rustic vibes. You can make a rustic log shelf from a log of raw wood. Then, cut it without cleaning the tree bark. The reason is the tree bark is the aesthetic point that arises rustic vibes.

26. Shelf and Hooks

Shelf and Hooks


The thing that people need when they enter their house is the hooks near the entry area. You can redecorate your shelf by adding some hooks. So, your shelf will have two functions. The first is the floating shelf. Then, the second is the hooks by maximizing the free space under the shelf.

27. Stacked Crates Shelf

Stacked Crates Shelf


Do you have unused crates? If yes, you can change the unused crates into the crates shelf. Then, you can organize the crates. Or, you can stack the crates irregularly. Also, add macramé, the message-in-bottle, and plants as decoration to bring beach vibes.
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28. Staircase Shelf

Staircase Shelf

There is no space to put your shelf? You can use the staircase as the shelf. You can transform the handle of the staircase into a shelf. Take advantage of having a compact room so you can redecorate the staircase and your living room.

29. Under-the-bed Shelf

Under-the-bed Shelf
Have you ever thought that you can put the shelf under your bed? By locating your shelf under the bed, you will get a more spacious area. The reason is you optimize the unexpected area that always is forgotten by people. Then, you can put your books, dolls, toys, or maybe your valuable things there.

30. Wall Storage Bin Shelf

Wall Storage Bin Shelf


You can utilize the unused storage bins in your home as the shelf. By doing a makeover to those storage bins you will have a leaning shelf that can be placed in your room. If you have an old storage bin, you do not need to be worry because it has already had rustic vibes. So, you only need to furnish and rearrange it becomes a shelf.
Finally, there are twenty DIY shelf ideas. The ideas can be developed more than you imagined. If you invented your new model then you can share it in your social media that can inspire others. Then, your work will be known by people.
Actually, you can make the shelf based on these DIY shelf ideas by yourself or ask the carpenter to make it for you. Because some carpenters have opened custom orders for making the shelf. Then, make sure that you have already fixed the location where you put your shelf, the size of your shelf, the effectiveness of placing the shelf, the design and the materials.
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