A room is where you do your daily activity in your house. There’s no exact border to decide how wide a room should be. It can be large or small – as long as it can do its purpose to do your activity. Even though the purpose of the room is for activity, but applying DIY room ideas is not a bad choice.

Because with decorating the room, you can add color to the room. Not only that but also you can put in some characters into your rooms. For example, putting throw pillows in the living room can create a warm ambiance. Because it’s inviting and makes people want to sit there and chat.

Another option, putting some motivation jargon in the laundry room can make the laundry time more refreshing. Because most people felt pressured when doing the laundry. But reading motivations words might create some brilliant ideas.

That’s why DIY room ideas is a good idea. Aside from you can put some character into your room, you also budget-saving. Also, by doing it yourself, you can pour your heart content without misleading others on what you want. So, here are some DIY ideas you can apply to your rooms in the house.

DIY Room Ideas for Bedroom

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time in the house. It’s where your personal space in the house. Moreover, if you’re living with your family or share a house with some mates. Then the bedroom will be your most sacred place among others. Here are several DIY room ideas for your bedroom:

1. Space Saving with Bunk Bed

Space Saving with Bunk Bed
from: dexorate.com

This idea is best if you have a small room. Because with this, you can save room almost as twice as much you need it. By using the bunk bed, you can convert the lower level for another purpose – such as the sofa. Not to mention, you can put some containers below the sofa for your saving space.

2. Planet Orbits Hanging

Planet Orbits Hanging
from: planete-deco.fr

For you who loves astronomy, creating a mockup of our planet systems is a brilliant idea. You can hang them in the ceiling. Then, you can also paint the room in dark blue to put the real deal. For finishing, splatter white paints around to make the stars. There, you got the orbits in your room.

3. Photo Zone

Photo Zone
from: stagramer.com

Pictures are the most cliché way of decorating your room. Yes, it cliché, because of this method always effective. Not to mention, putting pictures serve as a memory saver. Therefore, aside from giving decoration for your room, you can also reminisce about the memory behind each picture. Double serve, right?

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4. Just Pin Them On

Just Pin Them On
from: lindsaysaccullo.com

Another effective way of putting memories into your bedroom is just pin everything on the wall. From pictures to your most favorite saying, or even just a plain old ticket from your favorite movie. Although it looks messy, at some point, this method is working to put your character in your room.

5.  String Lights

String Lights
from: freshouz.com

The millennials love everything that Instagram-able. Therefore, hanging the string lights in the room is a cheap way to make it happen. If you wish for a more calm ambiance, then choose the white lights instead of the colorful one. Putting colorful lights will work around Christmas time.

DIY Room Ideas for Living Room

The living room is where you take your house guests, so, it would be what others see about you. Thus, it would be tricky to decorate the living room. Because there are many ways you can go with your décor – strict, welcoming, mediocre, cold, or many more. Here several DIY room ideas for your living room you can try to make it yours:

1. Fringe Throw Pillows

Fringe Throw Pillows
from: poshmark.com

Yes, there are many cute throw pillows that you can find in the store, and they don’t really cost much. But by making it yourself, you can put whatever color and pattern you like. Another reason, you can ‘change’ the vibe just by changing the cover of your throws!

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2. Add Greens in Your House

Add Greens in Your House
from: etsy.com

For this, you don’t need much, just empty bottles to act as the vases. To make it presentable, just paint the bottles with your favorite color. In the picture above, white is the choice – and put decoration of rope around the neck. Lastly, just put your plant’s choice and put the bottles around your living room.

3. Hide Extra Seating

Hide Extra Seating
from: lumbung-batu.com

Although you have a sectional, you may receive numerous guests at the same time. Thus, you have to put some of them on your living room floor. To resolve this case, just hide extra seating for preparation if that day comes. Just put the seating under a decorative table where you can put frames on it.

4. Crate Coffee Table

Crate Coffee Table
from: awesomedecors.us

Wishing for one of a kind living room, then you can try to create this coffee table yourself. Also, it’s not as hard as you think and you don’t have to spend much on it. Just use four crates to make one of this table. Arrange the crates as you wish to make the most advantage of it. For finishing, paint your crate table with your favorite color.

5.  Reclaimed Window Panel

 Reclaimed Window Panel
from: homebnc.com

If you have an old window panel, don’t throw it away. Because you can recycle it for another purpose. For example, in the picture above, the old window panel turned as multiple photo frames. Another idea, you can also paint the window and create a simple drawing on the glass for decoration.

DIY Room Ideas for Home Office

The working pattern of this generation is moving from big company employment to remote working. Thus, most of the young generations nowadays are working from home. This condition made the need for the home office is higher. For that reason, here are several DIY room ideas for home office you can use:

1. Hanging Table

Hanging Table
from: amazon.co.uk

Having a table with four legs is mainstream. Or another kind of table legs is common. For a refreshing, how about a hanging table? Just like the picture above, you don’t have to worry to hit your foot because there’s nothing below! You can pair it with a narrow shelf and put some decorations there.

2. Crate Desk

Crate Desk
from: zumos.com

Who says a desk always costs much? You can create your desk yourself with a minimum budget. For that, you need four crates to act as the legs. Arrange them by pilling two crates as one, and put them at the opposite ends. Then, for the ‘desk’, you can put a wooden plank on top of them. Another plus from this desk, you will also get two shelves there.

3. Juggle a Small Corner for an Office

Juggle a Small Corner for an Office
from: kyalandkara.com.au

If you don’t have another room to turn as an office, then don’t get discouraged. Because you still can get your office space in a corner. Just like the picture above, you don’t need a large room to have an office. For room saving, just add a hanging shelf on the wall. There, now you have your workspace at home

4. Wall Wide Post It Space

Wall Wide Post It Space
from: strongdaily.net

There’s no limit to pin your ideas or anything in your home office. Yes, although most people set the board to do this purpose, you don’t have to follow the norm. You can turn one side of the wall for this. Either you pin them right on the wall, or you put a layer on. But the aim is clear – you have the whole side of the wall.

5. Ladder Desk

Ladder Desk
from: inbetweenstudio.com

Another creative idea for a desk is by using ladders. For this, you need two pair of ladders to act as the foot. Put a long wide wooden plank on the second level of the ladders. Meanwhile, for other levels, you can customize the planks to make shelves. Therefore, you won’t only get a desk, but also a pair of the shelf at the opposite ends.

DIY Room Ideas for Laundry Room

The common problem for the laundry room is that you only a small space for it. Moreover, if you live in an apartment where it developed that way. Thus, no room for expansion and you have to make the most of what you have at the moment. For that reason, here are DIY room ideas for a laundry room you can recreate:

1. Effective Storages

5. Camouflage Laundry Space
from: dreamsscapes.com

To maximize the storage system in your laundry room, make sure not to put a massive table in there. Instead, you can put a high legged table and use the room below for the hampers. Here you can use your creative side by make your own unique hampers.

2. Space Saving Hanging Rod and Ironing Table

Space Saving Hanging Rod and Ironing Table
from: retete-usoare.info

Another way for an effective laundry room is to have multilevel usages. Just like in the picture, where you can save room by putting a hanging rod on top of the table. Then, there’s also a drawer of an ironing table that you can hide when you don’t need it. That way, there’s plenty of room to move while you’re doing your laundry.

3. Wall Centered

Wall Centered
from: remodelaholic.com

One way to make a space in a tiny laundry room is to put everything on the wall. But, not stop on there, these wall centered arrangement also have to be pulled over. Thus, when you don’t need to use it, you can push it on the wall and have room to move.

4. Compact Arrangement

Compact Arrangement
from: savillefurniture.com

Most people need two machines for laundry – a washer and a drier. Surely, putting two machines in a small laundry room has its tools. Thus, to resolve this problem, you can put a table and a shelf on top of the machine. Or you can opt for a hanging cabinet instead. But this idea only applied for front loader machines.

5. Camouflage Laundry Space

Camouflage Laundry Space
from: smallroom.twincitieshomes.info

The sure thing about a laundry room is messy. But if you live in a small apartment, you can’t afford this condition. Therefore, you can camouflage this messy spot by hiding it in the most time. Just open it when you need to do your laundry. Other times, just close the door and hide the mess behind.

DIY Room Ideas for Half Bathroom

Although it called a half bath, it’s also important for your house. Moreover, if your full bathroom located in your bedroom. Because when a guest comes and needs to use a bathroom, it will be inappropriate. Especially if this guest is only an acquaintance. Thus, here are DIY room ideas for half bath for you:

1. Hanging Shelf above the Closet

Hanging Shelf above the Closet
from: diydecorideaz.com

The half bathroom usually smaller than the normal bathroom. Thus, this guarantees a small space. That way, it’s hard to save necessities. To resolve this problem, you can put hanging shelve above the closet.

2. Ladder Hanger

Ladder Hanger
from: kommod.de

Yes, it’s common to a row of hangers behind the door. But, how about go unique by reclaiming an old unused ladder and use it as the hanger? You can put the ladder on the same side of the closet.

3. Open Storage

Open Storage
from: mojasrebrenica.info

There’s no rule that you have to put a closed cabinet below the sink in the half bath. You can give it a wider vibe by opting for open storage. Thus, it will feel less stuffy there.

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4. Hanging Sink

Hanging Sink
from: nameeks.com

Putting a hanging sink in the half bath always becomes an effective way to create a large ambiance. Thus, it rarely went south for choosing this style of a sink.

5. Hide It with a Drape

Hide It with a Drape
from: bathroom.topgesicht.com

Although you tried to be as tidy as possible, sometimes it just hard to achieve. For that reason, to make sure your half bath is tidy enough, you can make use with a drape for below the sink. This way, you will surely won’t display unnecessary things for your guests.

The DIY room ideas are becoming a thing in these past years. Thus, creating something for your house yourself is not something you should feel shame off. Instead, be proud of successfully creating things to fill your home. Not only create a character of your home, but you can also have a bonding with the place you’re living.

Thus, by doing it yourself – even just the smallest thing, you have a fond memory to remember while creating the look of your new home. Also, it would be hard to find the same exact thing in other houses – even if the concept is the same.

Just like the example above, there are many DIY room ideas you can try to apply. There’s no need to spend much money on decorating your rooms. Instead, the simple ones can also give character to your house. Not to mention, it saves more money than you hire to buy ready use furniture to decorate your rooms.

Room Decor Ideas

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