For some people, planting is more than a hobby. It’s a sanctuary and stress reliever at the same time. Not to mention, the cute and beautiful planters are not bad for decoration. Thus, some love to realize DIY planter ideas.

The DIY planter ideas not only make gardening more fun. Furthermore, it also creates a pleasant look for our house. Another reason, DIY planter also gives satisfaction that the store-bought planter failed to please.

When talking about DIY planter ideas, it not only stops on creating something new from scratch. But DIY also about recycling and reclaiming the old stuff that out of service. Then with DIY, it can have another new purpose.

Furthermore, with DIY you can also use your time usefully. Also as mentioned, the DIY planter also serves as a decoration for your house. For those reasons, check on the DIY planter ideas below.

DIY Planter Ideas with Concrete

For DIY, concrete is always the best choice. This due to the concrete character that easy to form as you please. Thus, people love to create unique planter in various shapes by using concrete. So, look at the DIY planter ideas with concrete here:

1. Concrete Bucket Planter

Concrete Bucket Planter

The first form is the simple bucket made out of cement concrete. To make it, you can use two different sizes of the bucket for molders. Pour the cement and water solution into the bigger bucket until a quarter high. Then, put in the smaller bucket that filled with stones to make the hollow part. Just leave until the concrete set.

2. Concrete Cone Planter

Concrete Cone Planter


One thing why people love DIY is because the result will unique. Thus, don’t limit yourself when creating your own planter. This concrete cone planter is going to make your house edgier, yet still soft with the greens on tops.

3. Cement Balloon Planter

Cement Balloon Planter


You did the normal bucket, and also did the edgy cone. Then, now is the balloon shape turn. It’s easy to make this planter. Because you only need to cover an inflated balloon with cement and water solution and let it dry. Once it dry, just pop the balloon and start planting.

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4. Sliced Globe Planter

Sliced Globe Planter

Another unique concrete planter shape you can make yourself is the sliced globe shape. You can use a bowl or a sliced ball as the molder. Just pour the cement and water mixture into the bowl. Then put a weighted glass to make room for planting.

5. Hands Shaped Planter

Hands Shaped Planter

This DIY planter will look good and unique for a centerpiece at a table – inside or outside. To make this planter, you need a pair of old rubber glove as a molder. Before the cement and water mixture set, position the hands in accepting -position.

6. Cemented Old Towel Planter

Cemented Old Towel Planter
Cemented Old Towel Planter

Having too many unused old towels? Then, just cement them and turn them into planters. To create the planters, you only need to wet the towels in cement and water mixture. After that, spread the cemented wet towel on an upside-down bucket to mold it into a planter.

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DIY Planter Ideas with Reclaimed Things

Just as mentioned, DIY is not always about creating something new. But it also about reuse, recycle and reclaim unused things for a new purpose. For that reason, look at the reclaimed DIY planter ideas below:

1. Reclaimed Rice Container Planter

Reclaimed Rice Container Planter


Do you have an unused rice container because of it out of service? Then, don’t throw it away and use it for planting. To make the planter more interesting, you can paint the rice container in various colors as you desire.

2. Beer Can Planter

Beer Can Planter

Although the most town has its waste process system, sometimes empty beer cans just too much. Then, why don’t you take some and make them as planters? You don’t have to plant big, but the small herbs are also enough.

3. Old Toy Cars Planter

Old Toy Cars Planter
from: Old Toy Cars Planter

Kids and toys are two different entities that hard to separate. But old and broken toys will find themselves in the dumpster. Before throwing them away, why don’t you utilize them for planters? They will look good in your steps while carrying plants.

4. Plastic Bottle Planter

Plastic Bottle Planter

Plastic bottles became one of the highest waste proportions that humans produce every day. Using the plastic bottle as a planter. That way at least, you did your share to lessen the plastic bottle waste around.

5. Crushed Can Planter

Crushed Can Planter

You can’t always lucky enough to get good cans for the planter. Most of the time, a dent or two decorated the can. If that’s the condition, then just crush it to create the rustic vibe. For more effect, you can also paint the cans in gold or chopper.

6. Old Tires Planter

Old Tires Planter

The old tire has many more functions that you may never expect before. But in creative hands, it can turn into many useful things. One of them is to become a planter in your garden. That way, you can get rid of the old tire from your garage and at the same time having another planter for planting.

DIY Planter Ideas with Pallet

Talking about DIY won’t complete without mentioning the pallet. Yes, pallet holds a significant role in DIY crafts and often becomes the main material. For that reason, look at these DIY planter ideas with pallet below to decorate your house:

1. Wall Pallet Planter

Wall Pallet Planter

Have no room for planting, but wish to have more greens around the house? You don’t need to worry. Because you can utilize pallet to keep with your planting project. With pallet, you can plant in a vertical way and put it on the wall. Thus, there’s no more reason for lacking space.

2. Pallet Box Mini Herbs Garden

Pallet Box Mini Herbs Garden

Picking herbs just right by the window is a bliss. Because you can cut your spending on herbs by growing it in your garden. But what if you don’t have enough space for gardening? Then, make your own space with the pallet box for gardening herbs.

3. Sectional Pallet Planter

Sectional Pallet Planter

With planter, planting becomes unlimited. Because you don’t have to plant right on the ground anymore. Even bringing greens and colors in the patio or even the balcony is easy to do. Therefore, you can steal this pallet planter idea for decoration a corner in your patio or balcony.

4. Pallet Planter Partition

Pallet Planters Partition


Putting partition to separate a room for two different functions is an old move. But what about putting greens on it? Yes, with this planter idea, you won’t only part the room in two, but also decorate it at once. Another plus point, the decoration is living!

5. Pallet Planter Bench

Pallet Planter Bench

Nowadays, it’s common for multipurpose things that we use around daily. For example, this pallet planter bench. Aside from a bench, you can also get a pair of planters to add the greens in your house. For this planter bench, you can put it outside in your porch or in the yard.

Vertical DIY Planter Ideas with Pipes

Just as mentioned above, the common problem for urban with planting is the limitation of ground to plant. But planters resolved that and even offer many more benefits. Another idea for creating your own planter is by using the pipes. Here are DIY planter ideas with pipes that you can try at home:

1. Pipes Garden

Pipes Garden

Pipes are not only for water distribution because you can also utilize it for the planter. Just like this vertical pipes garden that you can hang in the patio or even just right by the kitchen window. To make this planter, you have to cut the biggest PVC pipe in halves for around 1meter length. But don’t forget to put lids at the opposite ends to make sure the soil won’t fall away.

2. Low-Cost Garden

Low-Cost Garden


The next one from vertical pipes garden ideas is this low-cost garden. For this arrangement, you can plant vines plants like strawberry, tomato, and the likes. To create this planter, you only need to make holes in the pipes and fill it with soil. The good thing is that you can put this planter indoor or outdoor.

3. Indoor Pipe Pots

Indoor Pipe Pots

Wishing for more plants and flowers in the house, but can’t deal with many pots lingering around? Then, this pipe pots can be your solution. With this pipe planter idea, you only need one big flower pot. But along with it, you can plant more than one flower at once.

4. Prism Shaped Pipe Ladder Planter

Prism Shaped Pipe Ladder Planter

Gardening with a small space? Yes, you can do it with this pipe ladder planter in the shape or a prism. Many people tried this idea and they satisfied with the result. Not to mention, this arrangement allows you not to manually water the plants. Instead, you can install an automatic watering system for your plants.

5. Zigzag Pipe Ladder Planter

Zigzag Pipe Ladder Planter

One reason why people started to use the pipe as a planter is that it flexible despite its condition. You shouldn’t take this statement as it is but look for the wider picture. We’re not saying that pipe is a flexible thing, but the pipe usage is flexible. Because you can arrange it as how you desire it.

Creative DIY Planter Ideas

Displaying a unique planter will give you a good image. Yes, because you’re a caring person and willing to spend your time to craft and decorate your house. Moreover, if you keep everything in good condition. For that reason, here are the creative DIY planter ideas you can try:

1. Wood Planter

Wood Planter


Wood always becomes one of the main materials that human loves. Thus, some people willing to work hard in making wood planter. To make it unique, you don’t have to fully craft the wood into relief and such. But you only need to make a hollow the inner part and leave the outside just like that.

2. Brick Planter

Brick Planter

Other old looks that people love to have in their gardens are brick. Thus, why don’t you make a section for the brick planter? Even you don’t have to put cement in between the bricks like you build a wall. Just arrange the bricks in the shape that you desire. This will give you an old and rustic look for your garden.

3. Stone Planter

Stone Planter

Stone planter is the real deal for most people, since crafting a stone is harder and need to work hard. Not to mention, you need special talent and strength to craft a stone. But, you can cheat and take a shortcut for having a stone planter displaying in your house. This by arranging stones into a planter and plant there.

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4. Tile Planter

Tile Planter


Just finished with home renovation and have some extra tiles lying around? Then, don’t put them in the storage. Instead, create something useful with the tiles. Because you can get a planter or two (or more) with your unused tiles. That way, you don’t have to spend your storage space, but at the same time adding a new planter in the house.

5.  Upgraded Can Planter

Upgraded Can Planter

Turning a can into a planter is common. But what about upgrading it into a pleasant-looking? Yes, we mentioned the can in the first part above. Yet, it still worth to re-mention about it here. Because here, you have to ‘cover’ the can with other things. For example, you can use a rope, pebbles, and many more.

Planting is a fun thing to do and can help to relieve stress. Some people who love to garden said that planting gives the satisfaction that hard to find. But as the population keeps growing, the limitation of the ground for planting starting become the issue. Thus, DIY planter ideas come as a solution.

With the DIY planter ideas, you can keep on planting without worry for not having space to plant. Because the essential value of planting is in the process that you’re planting something. Not on how wide or how big the plant that you plant.

Thus, for you who want to give planting a chance, but living in the area with no enough space to plant, you can try those DIY planter ideas. That way, you can get two satisfactory results. First, you create something for your planting space. Then second, that you’re planting something.

DIY Planter

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