There are many phones that have the same brands and series like you have. So, how will you differentiate your phone and theirs? The most rational way is by having a phone case. However, a plain phone case may not look good enough. That’s why you can use DIY phone case ideas to beautify the phone case.

Decorating the phone case sometimes need wild imagination and creativity. What’s more, it needs a will. Because there are some ideas that have high difficulty, so if you don’t have a strong will you might give up.

But, if you think about it thoroughly, decorating with one of DIY phone case ideas gives more fun than grim or difficulty. There is a possibility you may find something new while doing it. Moreover, after finish decorating it, you can get a sense of achievement. And you will never get bored looking at your phone case.

DIY Phone Case Ideas

The phone case has unlimited possibilities to get decorated. There are many tools you can use to make it look nicer. You can draw on it, or stick some stickers and many more. As long as you have an idea then you can execute it. So, here are some DIY phone case ideas for you.

1. Yellow Flower in Transparent Case

Yellow Flower in Transparent Case

One of DIY phone case ideas that you can use is using the combination of dried flower and dried lemon. As the lemon has a yellow color, you should choose a yellow flower. In order not to let the flower and fruit out, seal it with resin liquid.

With this, your flower won’t fade away and stay still. This kind of design will look the best at a transparent phone case.

2. Rainbow in Dots

Rainbow in Dots

If you want your phone case to look impressive yet simple, you can use the paints. You can choose a lot of colors to paint your phone case. Make the paint in the shape of dots and put it all over the place. Put the colors in order so it will make the phone case looks elegant and beautiful.

3. Pineapple in Your Phone Case

Pineapple in Your Phone Case

What do you think about pineapple in your phone case? Moreover, it is a colorful pineapple. This DIY phone case idea is good for you who don’t like the complicated design. Besides, you don’t need to try hard as it’s easy to make.

First, you need to draw a pineapple in your phone case. Use a pencil so it can be erased later. Then trim the cut colorful paper following the shape of a pineapple. Now, get the colorful pineapple in your phone case.

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4. Two Stripped Colors Phone Case

Two Stripped Colors Phone Case

Simple is the best. There is no need for you to buy an expensive phone case to get a nice phone case. It’s cheaper if you make it yourself. The materials are easy to find and the method is also not too hard.

Firstly about the materials, what you need to make this very-simple phone case are two different colors of paper, glue, and scissors. To make this, cut the papers in the same size. After that stick the paper on the phone case with different colors consecutively. Make it diagonal so it will loke more artistic.

5. So Many Stickers

So Many Stickers

Do you have various unused stickers? Don’t throw them to the trash bin for they can be used as a phone case decoration. Now, you may wonder how to do it. Surprisingly, it is very easy. Just stick your sticker on the transparent phone case. Moreover, you can stick them as many as you want as long as they fit on it.

6. Floral Paint Phone Case

Floral Paint Phone Case

There are many DIY phone case ideas you can use. For you who value beauty and a little bit complexity, this phone case may suit your taste. A phone case with flower design can bring the beauty of your phone. There’s no need to buy this phone case as you can make it yourself.

But, you need considerable drawing skills and patience to be able to make it. What you need to do is just draw a bunch of flowers on your phone case with leaves and the buds.

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7. Colorful Flower Pattern

Colorful Flower Pattern

Drawing on the phone case nowadays become one of the most things to do to decorate phone cases. There are many things you can draw on your phone case. One of them is a pattern. You can draw a pattern that finally gives shape like a flower.

The funniest thing when drawing a pattern is that you can play with many colors. And because a pattern usually needs a lot of detail, you can’t use a brush to draw. You can draw the pattern with colorful pens on the phone case to give the details.

8. Cool Monochrome

Cool Monochrome

While a colorful theme for phone cases may be very popular because of its beauty, monochrome still has the fans for its elegance. Even if you don’t have colorful paint or colorful pens, you still can make your phone case beautiful. As long as you have a black permanent marker, then you can make it.

Just draw anything you like or thing you adore. As for the color, because you only use a marker, you can shade some parts of your drawing. Who’s saying that black marker can’t make your phone case looks nice?

9. Paint-Letter Crash

Paint-Letter Crash

When you want to decorate your phone case yourself but confused between pictures or letters, why not combine them? You can draw some small pictures at the edge of your phone case to the center.

Then you can write some words at the center of your phone case. Of course, it’s better if the pictures have a relation to the letters. And don’t forget to combine it with colors that match each other.

10. Full Sparkle Beads

Full Sparkle Beads

Glittering your phone case may be a good DIY phone case idea. But first, you have to decide the design and then make a sketch using a pencil. After that, decide how many kinds of beads you’re going to use.

Don’t forget to choose the beads that can glitter. Of you’re already collect the beads you need, stick them on the sketch. Now, your phone case will be glittering everywhere you go.

11. Simple Flower Phone Case

Simple Flower Phone Case

There are a lot of DIY phone case ideas you can use for phone case decoration. As long as you want even something so simple can be used as materials for the decoration. For example, you can use a paper then draw some small flowers on it.

After that, cut that paper according to the shape that you have made before. Then arrange them in your naked phone case and don’t forget to stick them on it. You don’t have to prepare something hard to find for your phone case to look nice.

12. Simple Hand Sign Phone Case

Simple Hand Sign Phone Case

Drawing a picture on the phone case is one way to make differs from the other phone cases. You don’t need to draw something fancy. You can draw a hand that makes some sign and coloring it.

As for the colors, pick one that has the same color as your phone case base color albeit a little dark. After that, you can color your picture. A little doodle on the phone case can’t be bad. It gives an artistic vibe instead.

13. Intergalactic in Phone Case

Intergalactic in Phone Case

Are you an astronomy geek who loves stars too much? Now, you can even move your beloved stars, constellations, and planets on your phone case. By decorating your phone case with an astronomy-related sticker, it seems that you stare at the universe.

Furthermore, it also goes well whether your phone has a bright color or dark color. It may represent day and night color so either way, it looks good with the universe phone case decoration.

14. Everything is Harry Potter

Everything is Harry Potter

As a fellow Harry Potter fan, there is no more happiness than having a Harry Potter theme phone case. You can draw all the things that relate to Harry Potter such as a wand, the letter with the title of one of Harry Potter books and other things.

To make a Harry Potter phone case you need a brush or pencil, anything you can use for drawing is all right. After that, you can let your imagination run wild and draw anything or write anything you want, as long as it’s related to Harry Potter.

15. Leave to the Nature

Leave to the Nature

Decorating your phone case doesn’t always involve brush, pencil, marker or even beads. Sometimes, you need something more natural to give new and fresh phone case theme. In that case, you can use dried leaves for your DIY phone case ideas.

As for the leaves, it will be better to use from a pine tree because it has a unique shape. After that, you can dry the leaves for a while and look for some flowers. Use the flower petals to give more colors. After the leaves dry, arrange it in a transparent phone case with some flower petals.

In order not to let the leaves and petals wither seal with resin liquid. When it dries, your natural phone case is done.

16. A world in Small Place

A world in Small Place

What do you think of having the world in your phone case? Well, of course, it’s not the real world but the mini-map of the world. Furthermore, you can make the shape of the map into your liking, for example, love-shaped.

To make this, you need to trace the picture of the world map on a small scale on your phone case. After that, you can give the color and add some ornaments such as the airplane and its route.

17. Funny Comic Strip

Funny Comic Strip

Decorating phone case sometimes need an anti-mainstream idea to make it different from the others. If you wish so, you can make a comic sticker phone case. It’s funny and definitely anti-mainstream.

What you need are some pictures and dialogues. After that, make a sticker out of the pictures and dialogues. Put them in your phone case so it will look like tell a story. With this, you will never bored with your phone case.

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18. Feminine Pink Flower Beads

Feminine Pink Flower Beads

Playing with beads to decorate your phone case is a good idea. You just need a bunch of beads in the shape of flowers. And rather the big one, it’s preferable to have small flower beads. Because small flower beads will look more beautiful when sticking on the phone case.

After preparing your beads, you can arrange it. Divide your phone case into two areas, the upper and lower. Then, let’s the middle one without beads. Now, look at how beautiful your phone case is.

19. A Simple Nail Polish’s Dots

A Simple Nail Polish's Dots

You want to decorate your phone case but you only have nail polishes? That’s not a problem, because even the nail polishes can be used to make your phone case nicer. Having one color of nail polish is alright but it’s better to have more than one color.

And decorating your phone case with nail polishes is easy. What you need to do is just make a dot using the brush from nail polish. Pay attention to the color balance if you use more than one color. Look, even a simple dots from your nail polishes can bring beauty to your phone case

Decorating your phone with DIY phone case ideas will make your phone looks unique and different from the others. With that, you don’t need to take a peek to other’s phones to look for yours. And if you do it carefully with rare ideas, even a simple decoration can be precious. After all, decorating a phone case needs vast imagination.

However, with DIY phone case ideas even if you don’t have wild and vast imagination, you still can decorate it pretty well. As long as you have a necessary tool, few skills, and iron will, then decorating your phone case will be a piece of cake.

DIY Phone Case

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