The backyard of a house is not just a place for a garden but also a place where people can relax. To be able to do this, people can build a comfortable place in their patio. Usually decorating or designing the patio is quite expensive. Therefore, make your own patio and search the best DIY patio ideas that you can apply.

There are many ways people can make the patio comfortable, whether your patio is big or small. Find the kind of atmosphere you like and design it. Use the materials and the objects around you to make the designing cheap and affordable.

One of the things to consider in designing patios is plants. Choose plants that are easy to treat and doesn’t need too much water. You don’t need pots to put them in and grow. There are many other containers that you can use to replace pots such as bricks or unused glass. Don’t forget about the lighting too, as the patio is located outside. Rather than using normal lamps there are some unique and creative ways to make the patio brighter.

Seats to Complete Your DIY Patio Ideas

One of the ways to make your patio comfortable and relaxing is by adding some furniture in the patio. However, there are many furniture that you can put in the patio which can make the space small. Here are some ideas of sitting that will fit the patio:

1. Sofa – Bench

Sofa - Bench

Seating outside and smelling fresh air can make people more fresh and happy, therefore put a bench on the patio. Rather than having to buy another bench, use an unused bench in the house like the sofa. Ensure that the sofa can fit in the patio of the house.

2. Plastic Chairs

Plastic Chairs

If you have a plastic chair in the house, then use it for your patio. Plastic sets are the best options as they can go against any kind of weather. Don’t worry, you can add more accessories later to make the patio interesting and comfortable. 

3. Cushion Sitting

Cushion Sitting

One of the DIY patio ideas that you can apply is using a cushion for the sitting. This is the best option for people that have small patios or limited space. Or if you are on a limited budget, take the cushions on your sofa to use outdoor. Add a carpet outside so that you can lie down and relax comfortably. Also, add a table in the middle of the patio, you can use unused pallets for the table. You can paint the pallet to make it more interesting to use.

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4. Bag Beans

Bag Beans

The next way to make the patio comfortable is by adding some bag beans as the furniture. Sitting on bag beans is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Some bag beans are expensive, therefore try to make ones on your own. Make sure you have unused fabrics then you will need to buy the beans only. This way you can save some space and still make the patio comfortable to relax.

5. Big Pots/ Wagons

Big Pots/ Wagons

Pots are not only for plants to grow in, but they can be used for sitting down. For you who have unused pots, if the size is big then use them for your chair. The size of the pots isn’t too big, so they will not take to much space and they give a natural color. They will work like a coffee table that is small but useful too place the smoking tray, drinks, and some snacks.

6. Board/ Bulk Wood

Board/ Bulk Wood

Unused woods are always useful, especially if they are big sizes. Bring them out on the patio and add a cushion and some fabrics on top of it. Just by doing this, you can get your own bed or chair in the patio. To make the wood fit your design, you can paint the wood as the color you like.

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7. Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs

For those who have limited space in their patio, use hanging chairs or swings like hammocks. Choose a corner of the patio that is the most comfortable place to relax. Then install the hammock and adjust it with the design of the patio. However, make sure the foundation in the patio is strong enough to take the weight.

Plants to Freshen up your Patio

To make the patio more relaxing and refreshing add some plants into the patio. Even if you don’t have much space, there are many ways you can add plants into the patio. Even just by adding a small plant to your DIY patio ideas, it will make the patio fresher and brighten up the place. Here are some ideas of plants that you can add to your patio:

1. Plants in Blocks

Plants in Blocks

Rather than using pots in the patio, a creative way to add plants is by using blocks. Plant some small plants inside the block and paint them with colorful colors. Then, the top one and another to make them look colorful. Or keeping them with the natural looks can also give a natural look to the patio. Put them on the outside part of the patio so they get enough sun.

2. Unused Boxes

Unused Boxes

Try to look for unused boxes in your house to put your plants in. You can use both recycle or hardwoods as the container of the plants. If you decide to use a recycling box, it is better to put a plate or a hard container below so that it doesn’t flow to other places.

3. Trellis Plant

Trellis Plant

Another way to save up someplace and money on your patio is by making a trellis on the wall. Construct a beautiful trellis on an empty wall of the patio and add a beautiful plant in it. Making a trellis is very easy, all you need is some sticks of woods and connect them with some nails. Then style the plants according to how you like them to be. This is sure one of the DIY patio ideas that people must try in their patios.

4. Basket Garden

Basket Garden

Have unused baskets in the house that are still in good condition? Well, if you do use them for your flowers and plants. You can put them on the bottom side of your patios, on the table or hang them up. Hanging them up is the best way for you to save some space in the patio. To hang them up you can use a thick string or wire which is stronger to lift the weight. 

5. Small Glasses/ Tins

Small Glasses/ Tins

For those with limited budget on their DIY patio ideas, use unused glass or jars for the flowers and plants. The sizes of glass are smaller than the other kinds of containers. Therefore, make sure to plant something that can live and grow inside a glass. It is very cheap but at the same time, it can be a decoration for your patio.

6. Plants in Recycle Plastics 

Plants in Recycle Plastics 

Recycling your bottle plastics is another solution to keep your plants in. If you have a big bottle, cut them into small pieces and cover the bottom part. Then paint them or design them as you like before putting in the plant. You can hang them up or just style them down on the sides of the patio. This is one of the DIY patio ideas that you must apply to save up money and help the environment.

Accessories to Complete the Patio

To complete the patio and make the patio more comfortable it is important to add some accessories and decoration. Other than furniture and plants, books, pictures and other kinds of decoration can warm up the atmosphere of the patio. Therefore, add some DIY decorations to your patio. Here are additional to complete the DIY patio ideas:

1. Lamp Jar

Lamp Jar

With a thick jar, people can make a solar lid by putting the light in the jar. This will save up energy and give the outdoor atmosphere to the people. You can also use the jar and the light over, so imagine how much energy you are saving this lamp?

 2. Lanterns


One of the DIY patio ideas that many people use in their villas is adding lanterns. Compared to normal lighting lanterns are a bit darker but it does give a cool feeling. Therefore, to make it a bit brighter add a few lanterns at once but at the edge of the patio. This way each corner of the patio has some lights.

 3. Café Lights

Café Lights

 Want to make your patio feel like you are in a café? Then, you can make the lightings just like in cafes by hanging them up. Choose a light that isn’t too bright and hang them up with a string around the patio. You can choose the amount of lamp according to the brightness you like. 

 4. Small lamps 

Small lamps 

Just like the café light, you can also use small lamps to brighten the patio up. You can buy these lamps in most stores in your city. Hang them up on the top or around the patio giving it a different atmosphere in the patio. To make it more interesting you can make them in small bottles too.

5. Candles

5. Candles

One of the romantic ways for DIY patio ideas is adding candles. Choose a candle that also has a good scent, so it will also give a relaxing therapy to the owner. Ensure to put the candles inside a container/ glass so that it doesn’t leak to other places and ruin your patio.

 6. Birdhouses 


One of the things that will make the patio comfortable is by seeing animals wander around. One of the animals that can make people relax is birds, therefore try adding a birdhouse in front of the patio. Make a colorful birdhouse and put some meals inside it. Pain them with colorful colors such as blue, red or orange to attract the birds. This way you are inviting some beautiful creatures in your front patio.

 7. Wall Art

Wall Art

 Another DIY patio ideas that you can do is add some wall art on the walls of your patio. Rather than letting them empty, add some pictures of the family or any kind of pictures. Or you can create your own wall art with collecting seashells and sticking them inside the frame. This simple idea can make the patio more alive than before. 

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 8. Bright Signs

Bright Signs

A patio can be in the front or the back part of the house. If it is in front of the house, then add some welcoming signs so that visitors feel welcomed. Rather than buying these signs, you can make your own signs by painting them in the woods. Create some creative and attractive words to make people feel comfortable. 

 9. Swings


One of the DIY patio ideas that are available in the most patio in the village is DIY tree swing. Swings on a tree will never get old especially if they can lift to heavyweights. All you need to make a tree swing is a big rope and a wood that is big enough to carry a person. Then tie the wood and hang it on the tree, make sure it is tied tightly. 

10. Bird Feeders from Tins

Bird Feeders from Tins

Hang a tin and fill them with foods or seeds for birds to eat. This is a very simple and cheap way to attract birds into coming to your area. Paint them with different colors to make them look more interesting and colorful. 

So, there are many DIY patio ideas that you can do to decorate your patio. All these ideas are very cheap and are easy to do. Most of the ideas available are even using used materials in the house. Therefore, there is no reason that you can’t use to decorate or design your patio. 

Before decorating the patio, try to look for some unused materials and objects in the house that you can use. Almost anything in the house can be used to decorate your patio. Design and paint the objects so they can be used for your patio outside. So, DIY patio ideas are not expensive and they are very easy to make. 

Patio Ideas

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