Home sweet home, a statement that we can see in many houses in the world. This isn’t just a statement because people do design their home as comfortable as possible so that their house always feels sweet. Therefore, every part of the house is important, including the outside part of the house. One of the ways to design the outside part is by making DIY deck railing ideas into your deck.

This section if the house is usually forgotten by the owners, therefore they don’t design and take too much attention. However, having an outdoor area can give you a place to relax and fresh air. If you have enough space outdoor make a deck where you can relax and enjoy the air.

One of the main important parts of a deck is the railing of the deck. However, if you are not creative enough, the railing can cause a lot of money. Therefore, try some DIY deck railing ideas to close the decks of your house. These ideas use simple materials that are available in many stores. So, you shouldn’t find too much difficulty in finding these materials.

Woods DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Woods are the main material that people will use as the railing in their deck. The cost of wood material is expensive, but it is strong and will long last. However, there are ways you can create DIY deck railing ideas with wood in a cheaper and more affordable price:

1. Recycled Pallets

source: mycoffeepot.org

Want a tough and wood looking railing for your deck but with a low budget? If yes, then use recycled pallets and make them as a rail on your deck. Connect the pallets one by one to make a longer rail and can close most parts of the deck. However, if you think that it is too long you can take apart the pallet and use them one by one.

2. Tree Branch Rail

2. Tree Branch Rail
source: zonabaper.id

To give a natural touch to the deck, use tree branches of a tree as the railing. You will have to make sure that they stick well on the frame of the fence. If not, then the branches will fall, and you will have no rail. Don’t forget to also cut the length of each branch so that it is all the same.

3. Branch – Log Railing

Branch – Log Railing
source: awoodrailing.com

Improve the tree branch rail with all logs and branches for the rail. This design will use a full log for the frame and the gap between the frames. This kind of design is best to use for decks in a villa or an open nature place. Or if you want to feel a nature deck, you can choose these materials as the rail.

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4. Horizontal Deck Railing

Horizontal Deck Railing
source: roomadness.com

One of the DIY deck railing ideas that you can make in your deck is the horizontal design like a horse fence. You can horizontally put the flat wood and pile it up to 3-4 piles, according to how high you like it. To secure the deck but also see the view, it is best to use up to 3 piles only. Then nail them together on the frame of the rail.

5. Flat Slat Railing

Flat Slat Railing
source: morningchores.com

This is one of the most used kinds of designs that people use in their deck. It is an updated version of the regular spindles, but they are a bit more modern and simple. Overall, this design is simple and easy to make, so it will not take too much time to construct. The best part it can adjust any kind of deck design without many touches.

6. Criss Cross Porch Railing

Criss Cross Porch Railing
source: thesweethouseofmadness.com

Another DIY deck railing ideas that you can apply for your deck is criss-cross porch rail. This design is great. especially if your house is on a beach because it just fits perfectly. From the name, the wood will be crossed into an X and the bottom part will be closed totally. People can use the bottom part for storage or keep their unused belongings.

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Other Materials for DIY Deck Railing Ideas

If you think that wood is just too boring for your deck rail, then try to combine it with other materials to make it more interesting. Use materials like wire, bamboos or even glass and combine them with wood. This way you can get a different kind of design and atmosphere on your deck.

1. Bamboo – Sunburst Rail

Bamboo – Sunburst Rail
source: landscaped-garden-ideas.bestwomanz.site

If you are bored with wood, then combine wood and bamboo to make a sunburst design on the rail. You can use the wood as the frame of the rail then use the bamboo to make the sunburst design. You can color the wood or bamboo so that the colors match.

2. Pipe Railing

Pipe Railing
source: flickr.com

One of the materials that you can also use for your rail is a galvanized pipe. You will still need wood for the mainframe of the rail but to close the gap you can use pipes to close. Cut the pipes with the same length and attach them to the rail horizontally or vertically. Both ways will still make the deck look good.

3. Lattice Screen

Lattice Screen
source: hometalk.com

If your deck is not big and doesn’t need too much railing, make a railing with lattice. Construct a small private screen across your dock. It doesn’t have to be full, just enough to close the gap between your house and the neighbor beside you. You can make the lattice screen from wood, fabric or other kinds of materials. However, wood is the most recommended once since it’s the strongest.

4. Plexiglass for Deck Railing

Horizontal Deck Railing
source: roomadness.com

Having a gorgeous view behind the deck can be a waste if we close the deck with rails like wood. Therefore, use plexiglass for your DIY deck railing ideas so that the view can still be seen. This is a safe way to protect your deck area but at the same time, you can see the view from there.

5. Wire Railing

Wire Railing
source: crismatec.com

If you are on a limited budget, then one of the DIY deck railing ideas that you can apply is wire rail. Yes, the main material for the rail is wire, which you can twirl around the deck. This isn’t the best design rail for a deck, but it is enough to close the deck especially at a cheap price. Make sure that the wire is clean from rust so that you don’t hurt when constructing it.


6. Modern Wire Railing

Modern Wire Railing
source: moderncabin.blogspot.com

With the same material, you can make a whole different design, with a more modern design. However, for this design, it is better that you choose a thicker wire for the rail. Then other than wood, use the iron pole as the pole to put the wires in. Like a string, pull in the wire from one to another until you get the length that you need for your rail.

7. Thin Rope Railing

Thin Rope Railing
source: trend4homy.com

For a simple look on the deck, choose a thin rope for the rail. You can make your rail by crossing the ropes and making an x shape on the rail. Or you can buy a set of this rail and set it up on your deck. Whichever one you choose, you will still need to set it up on your own. This kind of design is very simple; however, it is kind of dangerous if you have a small baby.

8. Thick Rope Rail

Thick Rope Rail
source: gardenideas101.com

For this design of rail, you will need a thick rope to cross and make the rail. It is great for a deck that is made of wood and located near a lake. Pull the rope from the top to the bottom and make a cross in the middle. Do this step from one side to another until you fill the gap of the rail. You will need a lot of thick rope to make this design.

9. Solid Material Railings

Solid Material Railings
source: dekrail.ca

To secure the deck and make it a safe place to play, then choose a solid material for the railings. Mix metal deck railings and with a board to close the gaps between the space. Therefore, it will be a safe place especially if you have small kids playing in the deck.

10. Plants for Deck Rail

Plants for Deck Rail
source: tojenapad.dobrenoviny.sk

An effective way to save some money but make the deck fresh is by using plants as the rail. So, build a frame rail around the deck, and let the middle part empty. You can then fill in the space using high or big plants. Before putting them there, but the plants in big pots so they can cover the gap. This way you will get fresh air but also a rail for the deck.

11. Metal Pipe Railing

Metal Pipe Railing
source: homesteady.com

A simple and most used kind of rail that people use for their deck is metal pipe railing. People can make their rail using this material but make sure to be careful. Because the material is quite heavy and will need extra energy for the construction. However, it is strong and will last long for a deck rail.

12. Wheel Deck Railing

Wheel Deck Railing
source: definebottle.com

Be creative by using wheels as a decoration and a rail for your deck. The concept is like plant deck railing, however, in the middle put a wheel inside the gap. You can use any kind of wheels but mostly people use dragon wheels for their deck.

13. Desk Deck Rail

DIY Deck Railing Ideas
source: eandsrecords.com

Make your deck like a café by building a deck rail on the edge of the deck. Rather than building a normal deck, build a high table as the rail of the deck. When people come on the deck, they can seat beside the table while eating/ drinking and working on their tasks.

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Tips on Choosing your DIY Deck Railing Ideas for Small Decks

One of the main problems that people face is the small size of their decks. Therefore, when they construct a rail, they must consider the space and how it can help make space look wider. However, this is not an easy task as rails usually make space look even smaller. Therefore, here are some tips that you can add to your DIY Deck railing ideas to make space look bigger:

1. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme
source: adamrobertmiller.com

If you have limited space in the deck, one of the ways to outsmart it is by using a monochromatic scheme for the rail. Too many colors in the deck will make it look full, therefore tone down the color of the deck rail/ furniture. If you can’t tone down the furniture, then tone down the color of the deck rail that you have made. Usually, materials such as wood and bamboo are a great choice for small decks.

2. Thin Materials

Thin Materials
source: westernerinns.com

Another trick that you can apply in your DIY Deck railing ideas is using thin materials for the rail. Using thin materials such as a thin board or rope can help make space look wider. Don’t construct a high rail so that you can still see the view behind which also gives a wider look.

So, before making your deck railing make sure to determine the design first. Then you can choose which kind of material that will suit the design you want. Many materials can make a rail, from ropes to woods. It all depends on how tough and how you want to design the deck. Each material has its plus and minus side, so make sure to buy a material that meets your needs. Some of the most used materials people use for their deck railings are wood, cables, and wire.

There are many kinds of DIY Deck Railing ideas that you can make for your house. However, make sure you construct a strong deck rail that is safe and will long last. Therefore, always test the railings when you construct them. Constructing your deck rail may take some time and energy especially if the deck is big. However, you will surely be satisfied if you see it done. Be creative and use the objects you have in the house to complete the design of the deck.

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