A mirror is one important thing in a home, especially for women. Besides its original purpose to reflect, you can also use a mirror for decorating. Not only with the reflection reflected in the mirror that creates a unique ambiance in the room, but also usually mirror has a unique frame. That’s why the DIY mirror frame ideas is a popular thing to do.

Again, the purpose to create DIY mirror frame ideas oneself is for its unique side. Not to mention, making your own mirror frame can add value to your home. Not the economic value, but the homey feeling that your house bear. Because when people see the frame, they surely would like to know the story behind it.

Therefore, here the DIY mirror frames acted as the memory bearing of you while living in the house. So, not only that the mirror ‘spied’ what you do every day, but the frame has a story on its own. Also, if the mirror and its frame survived time, then you can pass it down to your kids and them to theirs.

There are many DIY mirror frame ideas you can try to create at home. Most of these DIY frame ideas use unused things you have around. Another option, you may also need to buy several pieces of stuff, but they are low cost and won’t cost much.

DIY Mirror Frame Ideas with Reclaimed Stuffs

If we look around, there is much stuff lying in our house that we don’t use anymore. Although the urge to throw them away is big, try to take a closer look. Think can reuse them or even recycle them for a different purpose? For that, to give you some ideas here are several DIY mirror ideas with reclaimed kinds of stuff you can try:

1. Window Panel Mirror Frame

Window Panel Mirror Frame
source: familydeals.store

Did you renovate your house and there’s unused door or window panel lying around? Don’t put them on craigslist or worst throw them away. Because you can still use them. For example, remove the glass window and put it on the mirror instead. There, now you have a new mirror frame with a character.

2. Barrel Cut Mirror Frame

Barrel Cut Mirror Frame
source: storefrontlife.com

Nowadays, the wooden barrel is getting hard to find. But, if you have one and it falls out its function, don’t throw it away. Instead, you can recycle it as a mirror frame. Cut a section of the barrel to use it as a frame. Either you put it on the wall directly or hang it by a rope, it will give a vintage vibe for the room.

3. Rustic Wooden Mirror Frame

Rustic Wooden Mirror Frame
source: angellsimages.com

As the year goes by, become rustic is something we can’t avoid, moreover for wood materials. Just like the rustic oak woods in the picture above. But instead of throwing it away or worst put it in the fireplace, you can use it to frame the mirror. The wood oozed with a rustic vibe and it adds uniqueness to your room.

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4. Wired Barn Wood Mirror Frame

Wired Barn Wood Mirror Frame
source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

A barn is getting lesser and lesser as the world’s population massively grown. Thus, there are many barns torn down to create space for residences. For that, you can reuse the barn wood to create a unique mirror frame. Add barbed wire around on the frame to give a more rustic vibe.

5. Crafted Barn Wood Mirror Frame

Crafted Barn Wood Mirror Frame
source: cleverwoodprojects.org

Just as explained in the point above, there is much use of the barn wood. For this frame, you need to slice the wood into tiny pieces. Then, arrange them around the mirror to make the frame. For a vintage vibe, don’t forget to sand each piece of the wood.

DIY Mirror Frame Ideas with Lights

You can’t separate mirrors and light. These two work best when together. Because you will get a clear reflection when the light helps you out. For that reason, here below are several DIY mirror frame ideas with lights that you can try at home:

1. Light Halo Mirror Frame

Light Halo Mirror Frame
source: wanelo.co

Put a yellow light behind the mirror. Then, when you light it up, it will create a halo around the mirror. At a glance, it looks like a replica phosphorescent light of the sun. Also by using yellow light, it will make a warm ambiance in the room.

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2. Yellow Light Bulb Mirror Frame

Yellow Light Bulb Mirror Frame
source: lonestarwesterndecor.com

Although if you stick with the picture above you have to hire a smith, you can compromise. Thus, instead of using ironwork, just switch to the woodwork. Add two yellow bulbs at the left and right sides of the frame to achieve the right picture.

3. Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror
source: decorsnob.com

Going classic will never wrong. Thus, this Hollywood style of vanity mirror is worth to do. You can but the string of lamps and put them around your vanity mirror and feel like a Hollywood star. Also, with these lamps framing your mirror, you can get a clearer reflection while putting on make-up.

4. Modern LED Vanity Mirror

Modern LED Vanity Mirror
source: solnce-v-vode.blogspot.com

Following the previous idea, this one also inspired by the Hollywood style vanity mirror. But instead of using light bulbs, you can switch into the LED light. You can easily install the LED strip around the mirror and get a clear reflection in your vanity mirror.

5. Be Dreamy with Fairy Light Mirror Frame

Be Dreamy with Fairy Light Mirror Frame
source: topgesicht.com

This section wouldn’t complete without mentioning fairy lights. But the purpose of fairy light here is more into decoration than for its light. To add more fairy vibe, put green plants close to the mirror. Although for this kind of frame, you would still need another material – such as wood – to act as the base frame.

DIY Mirror Frame Ideas with Free Materials

The purpose of DIY is to save budget – or if you can scratch that off from your spending list. Therefore, with these DIY mirror frame ideas, you can achieve that. Use these ideas, then you can spend no cost for the materials. But the plus point, the frames still look goods and add character into the room. Here they are:

1. Branches and Twigs Mirror Frame

Branches and Twigs Mirror Frame
source: completely-coastal.com

With this mirror frame idea, you don’t really need money. But you have to ‘work’ hard to pick up branches and twigs in your yard. Yes, because of the frame made from branches and twigs. Arrange them around following the mirror shape. Viola, you will have one of a kind frame for your mirror.

2. Patches Mirror Frame

Patches Mirror Frame
source: pillarboxblue.com

This idea is perfect if you love to fashion design and create your own clothes. Because surely you will have many patches lying around. Then, you can use the patches to frame your mirror. But make sure to put layers of patches around the mirror.

3. Raffia Sunburst Mirror Frame

Raffia Sunburst Mirror Frame
source: femmesdetunisie.com

If you wish for a tropical feel, then you can try to create this sunburst mirror frame. To do that, you need raffia and thread them around the mirror. Also, to make it more look like real, make sure to use a circle-shaped mirror. But if you can, make sure to use natural-based raffia instead of the plastic ones.

4. Sliced Wood Mirror Frame

Sliced Wood Mirror Frame
source: femmesdetunisie.com

If the first frame idea in this section uses the whole branches and twigs, then for this one you need extra hard work. Because you have to slice each branch and make it small round disks. Then, just arrange them around the mirror to frame it.

5. Beach Theme Mirror Frame

Beach Theme Mirror Frame
source: femmesdetunisie.com

Bring the beach feel in your home with the mirror you’re putting. Arrange the shells around the frame around the mirror with your heart content. There’s no requirement for how this arrangement goes by. Just make sure that the mirror can still reflect your reflection.

Creative DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

Creative ideas can strike anywhere, anytime, and for any reason. Just like these creative DIY mirror ideas that turn things into beautiful mirror frames. There are no boundaries on how to make the creative mirror frames. Here are several ideas you can try yourself:

1. Broken Disks Mirror Frame

Broken Disks Mirror Frame
source: latiendahome.com

With advanced technology, nowadays people started to leave VCD and DVD behind. If you have numerous unused CDs, then you can turn them into mirror frame ornament. To do that, you have to cut the CDs into pieces. Afterward, arrange them around the mirror to give a glittery effect.

2. Winding Rope Mirror Frame

Winding Rope Mirror Frame
source: thevanrensburgs.blogspot.com

Another creative idea for framing a mirror is by winding rope. For a base, you can use cardboard and cut it to frame the mirror. Then, wind the rope around the cardboard, until every surface covered with the rope. There, now you have a unique framed mirror that you can put in the living room.

3. Wine Corks Mirror Frame

Wine Corks Mirror Frame
source: dexorate.com

Don’t throw away your old corks. Because you can turn it into a beautiful frame for your mirror. Collect all the old corks you own. Then arrange it around your mirror. There’s no manual on how you have to arrange it. Thus, you can be creative and create your own corks frame variation.

4. Leather Strips Mirror Frame

Leather Strips Mirror Frame
source: recyclart.org

Maybe your old leather sofa turned bad and flake off at several spots? If that happens, you can strip the leather off instead and make strips from the good part. Then, weave the strips into simple plaid. For the base, you can use cardboard and cover it with the woven plaid leather.

5. Plastic Spoon Flower Mirror Frame

Plastic Spoon Flower Mirror Frame
source: homelifeorganization.ru

Creative knows no limit. Just like this flower-shaped mirror frame made from plastic spoons. To make this frame, you need to remove the spoon handles from their head. Because you only need the head part. Then, arrange the heads around the mirror from the outside into the inside.

Multifunction DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

Multifunction is an old term but often used for the modern generation. Actually, since the early days when humans started to live on this earth, become multifunctional is an achievement. For that reason, you can try to turn these DIY mirror frame ideas into real multifunction furniture in your home:

1. Mirror in the Shelf

Mirror in the Shelf
source: indicefeminino.com.br

To save place, you can add another function with the mirror. Thus, not only it for reflection purpose, but you can get another function from it. Just like this mirror frame, where it shaped as a shelf. That way, you can store your pieces of stuff around the mirror.

2. Hooks on the Mirror Frame

Hooks on the Mirror Frame
source: gnezdo-mall.ru

Just like mentioned, become multifunctional is human nature. The example is this frame mirror style. Because actually this mirror style is very old school and had been around for decades – or even centuries. But since it proved as effective, many still use this kind of frame.

3. Never Loose Things Anymore Mirror Frame

Never Loose Things Anymore Mirror Frame
source: ikea.co.id

The difference between this mirror frame style than the previous one is the position of the hook. If the previous put the hooks at the bottom side of the frame, then this one put them on top instead. But since it placed on top, only small things like keys that you can hang on there.

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4. Folding Table Turned Mirror

Folding Table Turned Mirror
source: koffkindom.ru

The minimalist concept kept rising with the fact that small houses kept getting popular and popular. That’s why people try to make multifunctional furniture. One of them is this folding table. But different from the usual folding, you can find a mirror under the table. Thus, you can try to make one like this at your home.

5. Hidden Cabinet Behind the Mirror

Folding Table Turned Mirror
source: trend4homy.com

Old but gold is the perfect term of this hidden cabinet behind the mirror. Because not only you get a frame for your mirror, but you can also get storage to store your things. If you don’t feel confident to build a new cabinet, just put the mirror on your old cabinet door.

The charm of DIY mirror frame ideas is to sharpening your creative side. Then, not only be creative, but you can also have a one of a kind mirror to display at a room in your home. Thus, you can achieve both of unique furniture and stress release by being creative.

But remember, although make true DIY mirror frame ideas is fun, you have to look at your room concept. Don’t stray from the original concept that you have for the room. Then, from there create your mirror frame accordingly. Putting different concepts in one room can be a disaster.

Mirror Frame Ideas

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