Kitchen Island is one of the important components in the kitchen. This table does not blend into other kitchen devices so it has plenty of access from all sides. Therefore, you can use it as a table for cooking and preparing food. It turns out you can make this into your own because there are many DIY kitchen island ideas.

In addition, people usually use the table to eat and work. Therefore many people who want this one multipurpose table. There are several ideas that can inspire you in making your own kitchen island. By making it yourself, you will be able to save costs and make it what you want.

In addition, you can describe your character through the kitchen island that you have. That way you will be more comfortable in cooking or just gather to chat. The following are some DIY kitchen island inspiration that you can emulate.

Wood Kitchen Island

Wood is the easiest building material to find. So in general people use wood as the main ingredient in making a kitchen island. In addition, wood has a natural motif that makes the kitchen look more unique. The following are some DIY kitchen island ideas from wood.

1. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

1. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

The following kitchen island ideas use raw materials that are easy to obtain. Of course, to get that wood, you don’t need to pay a lot of money. The reason is that the price of reclaimed wood is cheaper compared to other wood prices. In addition, the wood motif is also quite interesting so that it can add a unique accent to your kitchen.

At the bottom of the table, you can use the reclaimed wood. As for the upper part, you can use the countertop you want. If you want to make it look classic then use a monochrome colored countertop. But if you want to make it look natural, you can use wood as a whole.

2. Beach Bayfront House

Beach Bayfront House

If you want to make your kitchen look like a beach house you can use the following DIY kitchen island ideas. To make a kitchen island like this, you only need to make a minimalist table shape. Then use wood that has a unique beach motif and try to maintain the surface of the wood so that it still has its own original motif.

When making it, make sure to arrange the wood according to the motif. And at the front, half the table is given a partition with another board that has a more simple motif. The goal is that you can keep the chair in the front when not in use. Of course, this will make your kitchen more efficient.

3. Hot Sauce Kitchen Island

Hot Sauce Kitchen Island

One of the DIY kitchen island ideas from wood is hot sauce home. This idea can inspire you to have a kitchen that resembles a sauce storage warehouse. What is unique on this kitchen island you have to make a few storage drawers under the table. This will streamline your kitchen equipment stored neatly.

The material for making this kitchen island must be to use sturdy wood. This is because your table will withstand a heavy burden. And so it doesn’t look old, use a tabletop with granite or you can make it yourself with epoxy. That way your kitchen island will look cool and extraordinary.

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4. Rustic Kitchen Island

Rustic Kitchen Island

If you like the rural atmosphere and want to bring it to your home, you can use the following DIY kitchen island ideas. The rustic kitchen island is indeed unique and simple so people who are bored with the urban atmosphere can use this idea.

You can use wood that has a classic motif. And for the top also use a similar wood so it looks like it was actually made in the countryside. For the model is very classic, you only need to give a small drawer at the bottom of the table.

5. Rustic Live Edge Kitchen Island

Rustic Live Edge Kitchen Island

Rustic live edge is one of the DIY kitchen island ideas with unique wood materials. Maybe to make this kitchen island you have to pay a rather expensive fee. This is because you have to customize the pieces and sizes of wood to fit the table shape you want.

Kitchen island like this is suitable for those of you who like the feel of nature. Especially with the shape of pieces of wood that retain the natural part of the edge of the wood will make it look natural. Therefore, it would not hurt if you want to make a kitchen island like this.

Trendy Kitchen Island

Wearing trendy objects has become the obsession of some people in the world. Not just clothes, but also things in the house. One of them is to make a trendy design of home furniture. Here are some DIY kitchen island ideas that are trendy and you can copy.

1. Dimensions Narrow Ideas

Dimensions Narrow Ideas

If you have a narrow kitchen space, you can use the following DIY kitchen island ideas. By making dimensions narrow, your kitchen will be more spacious. To make this table, you need to really adjust the size of wood or iron that you will use as a kitchen island.

Try to make the bottom of the table smaller than the top. The goal is that there is no additional space to store seats. That way you can have a place to prepare food, eat or work even though the space is narrow.

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2. Light Dome Pendant

Light Dome Pendant

The next DIY kitchen island idea is a light dome pendant. In this idea, you can use any table model. If you want a simple look, you can use the bottom of a wooden table with a simple carving. Also, use muted colors such as gray and white.

For the tabletop, use marble to make your kitchen look elegant. As for the final touch, use a light dome pendant in the middle of the table. That way your kitchen will look trendy and elegant.

3. Post Legs Kitchen Island


Ancient buildings that have pillars inspire the idea of DIY kitchen island this time. That’s why this idea has the name post legs. To make this table, the main material used is wood. However, the costs to be incurred will be more because the wood must be carved.

Most of the tables will be used as a place to store cooking utensils. While other small parts will be your place to store small chairs. If you want to make it look simple, you can use soft colors like white, brown, or other colors.

4. All in One Kitchen Island

All in One Kitchen Island

The following DIY kitchen island ideas are very trendy and unique. This idea was inspired by the tables in the restaurant. By using a table like this maybe you can be more excited when eating. In addition, you can also use the desk to work or hold meetings with other people.

To make this kitchen island, make an L-shaped table. That way you can place a chair on the outside of the table. In addition, you have to make a separate table for chairs attached to the kitchen island. The end result of this table makes it named all in one kitchen island.

5. Bar Kitchen Island

Bar Kitchen Island

A bar is a place that is always in restaurants or cafes. With the use of this bar, visitors are usually more comfortable to eat or talk casually with others. This can be one of the inspiration for DIY kitchen island ideas in your home.

You can make a kitchen island table with a minimalist model such as a rectangle. Then make a longboard that is rather long from the table to be attached to the kitchen island. Don’t forget to give the supporting leg to the table and keep the chair under the bar table.

6. Wall & Swing-Out Bar Stool

Wall & Swing-Out Bar Stool

One of these trendy DIY kitchen island ideas uses a swing-out stool. This idea is very unique because usually the table is made separately and is in the middle of the kitchen, but this time attached to the wall. The appearance finally resembles a bar so you can bring the feel of a cafe at home.

This idea is very useful for those of you who have a narrow kitchen space. Or have a house shaped like a hallway. For the seat itself, use the swing-out stool that can be rotated when you want to use it. Of course, this will greatly save the use of space in the kitchen.

7. A Piece of Pizza

. A Piece of Pizza

The following DIY kitchen island ideas can be used for large kitchen rooms. Usually, you will place the kitchen set in the corner of the kitchen. So you can make kitchen island shaped pizza slices. This form will maximize the use of your kitchen space.

At the edge, make the table taller than the middle and edge. And use that part to place chairs. While the rest you can use it to place the sink and store cooking utensils.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

If you are bored with the feel of a modern home, you can use the feel of a farmhouse as DIY kitchen island ideas. Although it seems old-fashioned, this idea can actually make your kitchen look unique and cool. Here are some kitchen island farmhouse ideas that you can sleep at home.

1. Rustic Kitchen Island With Tappered Legs

Rustic Kitchen Island With Tappered Legs

In DIY kitchen island ideas this time, you will bring a rustic feel to your kitchen. Therefore, the wood that you use must have a special and ancient style. You only need to provide the original color of the wood and if you want to make it shiny you can coat it with varnish.

At the bottom of the table, there are still several drawers and shelves for storing eating or cooking utensils. And at the bottom make a footrest so you can be even more comfortable. Finally, the top of the table is better given another color that is darker than the color of wood for the bottom of the table.

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2. Rustic Dark Brown

Rustic Dark Brown

DIY kitchen island ideas are no different from other farmhouse themes. This idea uses wood with ancient and classic patterns. But to add to the classic impression, you can use brown for the entire kitchen island table.

This table is made lengthwise to allow you to install a sink on the table. Then at the bottom of the table which is almost close to the floor, given a full board to put things there. Don’t forget to give varnish to give the natural color of the wood.

3. Lovely Modern Farmhouse

Lovely Modern Farmhouse

This time the DIY kitchen island ideas farmhouse is quite different from the previous ideas. If before you could highlight the unique and old-fashioned impression of the countryside, this time you can actually give a rather modern impression.

For this lovely modern farmhouse, you can use any type of wood. To highlight the modern side, you can use simple colors such as monochrome colors. The bottom of the wood was given a white color while the top was given a black color. Pieces of wood that cross the right and left sides of the table will represent a farmhouse kitchen.

4. Farmhouse Living Kitchen island

Farmhouse Living Kitchen island

The following DIY kitchen island ideas are farmhouse living kitchen. If you want to make this kitchen island, you need to have a fairly large room. If your room is spacious, you can fill the center of the kitchen with two kitchen island tables. One table you can use to eat or work, while at the other table you can use to prepare food.

However, the bottom of the table must be made several drawers to store all your kitchen equipment. That way you don’t need another cupboard or drawer so that your kitchen is not too dense.

That was about some DIY kitchen island ideas that can be your inspiration. There are several kitchen island ideas made of wood, trendy, and also nuanced farmhouse. For that, you can choose which ideas are suitable for use in your home.

Do not get the wrong type of kitchen ideas because it can make your kitchen look weird or narrow. Therefore you must also adjust the size of the kitchen with the kitchen island model you want. Do not let your movements in the kitchen become limited and not free.

DIY Kitchen Island

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