The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, especially for women. However, arranging a kitchen is not cheap. Rather than buying, DIY is always a great solution. There are many DIY kitchen ideas that people could explore.

One of the DIY kitchen ideas that people often use is storage. The storage is one of the important in the kitchen because the kitchen is also a place to keep foods. Not only foods but also the cooking and eating equipment. Sometimes, people also keep cleaning equipment in the kitchen.

Since there are many activities in this room, the kitchen must be designed and organized well. Not only that, but the kitchen must also be comfortable. This is because so that the users could work well and have nice clean storage. Moreover, it could increase the mood of the users.

Even though there are many activities, not all people are able to provide a big space for the kitchen. Especially for those who live in an apartment. Moreover, some people have a kitchen that is one with the dining room. But having limited space is not a big problem. There are also some DIY kitchen ideas that could help save space.

Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

DIY is always a great idea, including DIY for kitchen storage. Not only it could save money but also it could reuse items that are already in the house. DIY could also help people to increase their creativity. However, some people might be confused about the ideas. To help up, here are some DIY Kitchen ideas that are easy to do.

1. DIY Hanging Kitchen Pan

DIY Hanging Kitchen Pan

Hanging the kitchen equipment is a great idea to save place. Rather than buying the tools to hang it, people could make a DIY one. With using some unused pallets, it could hang the pans on the wall.

People would just need to nail the pallet on the wall. It could in a horizontal way or also vertical. After that, put on some nails on the pallet to hang the pans. Make sure to measure the height of each pan so that it does not bang to each other.

2. DIY Fruits Storage

DIY Fruits Storage

Keeping fruits does not always have to be in the refrigerator. There are some fruits that people need to keep in room temperature. People usually keep the fruits on the table in the dining room. However, it might take a lot of space of the dining room.

To save room, people could make DIY storage for fruits. Using a pallet, hang on some baskets on it. After that, hang the pallets on the wall. It would then be a perfect place to keep the fruits.

3. DIY Cutting Board Storage

DIY Cutting Board Storage

The next DIY Kitchen Ideas is on how to keep the cutting board neat. With some bookshelves, it could organize the cutting boards into one neat place. People could then put it in the cupboard and also on the cabinet.

Moreover, people could also use this idea for other stuff besides cutting board. For example, food trays, thin plates, and others. Using a different level of bookshelves could also create better organizing.

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4. DIY Hanging Cabinet Cups

DIY Hanging Cabinet Cups

Another hanging DIY idea for the kitchen is for cups. People would usually use a tray or other items. To save money and safety, people could a hook to hang the cups. People would just have to screw the hooks on to the cabinet. It is simple, quick and easy to do.

5. DIY Wine corks Holder

DIY Wine corks Holder

For those who love drinking wine, do not throw the wine corks. The wine corks are useful for DIY kitchen ideas. One of the things that people could create from wine corks is as a storage for some kitchen utilities. Starting from spoons, forks, spatulas, and others.

The most often thing people do is to arrange the wine corks into a cube shape. People could use glue to combine corks. Leaving the original color of the cork would also give a great look. Moreover, people could make the holder into any size they want and need.

6. DIY Hanging Wine Glass

DIY Hanging Wine Glass

Have an unused fork broom in the house or even it is broken? Do not throw it away because it could be transformed into a useful thing. People could use it as a utility to hang the wine glasses in the kitchen.

The first thing to do is to take off the moat on it. And then add a nail on the top of it to hang it on the wall. After that, it is ready to hang the wine glasses. Before using it, make sure to clean the fork broom first.

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7. DIY Knife Holder

DIY Knife Holder

Keeping knives in a safe holder is important. However, not all knives come with a knife holder. But do not worry, there are many DIY kitchen ideas to make a knife holder. One of the ideas is with using little rocks.

Provide an empty container that has the size to keep several knives. After that fill in the container with little rocks in it. After that put inside the knives. Not only people could use little rocks to fill in. But people could also use rice, sticks, and seeds.

8. DIY Pan Cover Storage

DIY Pan Cover Storage

Pans with covers are a little difficult to keep because it takes quite a space in the storage. Moreover, if people do not keep it safely, the cover could break. A simple way to keep the covers safe is to hang it on the dead space or on the cabinet door.

To hang the covers, people could simply use a clothing hook that comes with a sticker behind it. Use about 2 -3 hooks for one cover. However, once the hook is placed, do not pull it off because it would then not be sticky again.

9. DIY Pan Cover Storage (2)

DIY Pan Cover Storage (2)

Another idea to keep the pan cover safe is by using a towel hanger. One towel hanger could hang up to 3 pan covers. To install the hanger on the cabinet, people would need to screw it on. As for the shape, it comes in several shapes. For example a square and round one.

10. DIY Wrapping Storage

DIY Wrapping Storage

Some people choose to use wrapping items in their kitchen. However, the wrapping items in the kitchen might cause the space to get messy. The DIY Kitchen Ideas for this problem is to keep the wrapping items organized.

One thing that people could do is use a big paper clip and hand in on a clothing hook. People could use it inside a dead corner in the cabinet. Moreover, this idea could also close the wrapping item tightly.

11. DIY Kitchen Drawer

DIY Kitchen Drawer

The kitchen drawer is one of the messiest places in the kitchen. People usually keep a lot of things here. To make it neat, organizing it is one of the best solutions. However, buying a drawer organization is not cheap. Moreover, sometimes it is difficult to find the right size.

For those who have a cereal box, or other unused boxes, we could use it as a divider in the drawer. To make it more decorative, add some gifting wraps on the boxes. Moreover, cutting the boxes is easy to do and to manage.

12. DIY Hanging Spatula Holder

DIY Hanging Spatula Holder

After several months, people usually change their cutting board and buy a new one. People could still use the cutting board as a storage for their spatula. All they need to do is to give a little craft on it.

The first thing to do is to paint the cutting board. And then use any kinds of leftover fabrics on it. Make sure to give space to the keep the spatula in. After that, hang the cutting board on the wall.

13. DIY Hanging Clothing

DIY Hanging Clothing

Inside the kitchen, people would also keep napkins and aprons. People would need a space to hang it so that when it gets wet, people could hang it. Rather than using a normal hanging cloth, there are DIY Kitchen ideas that are decorative.

People could use an unused rolling pan. The first thing is to repaint the rolling pan. After that, put on some hooks on. The hanging clothing is then ready to be used in the kitchen.

14. DIY Upper Cabinet Space

DIY Upper Cabinet Space

Not all upper cabinets are full until the ceiling of the kitchen. Some cabinet leaves a space on the upper side of the cabinet. Rather than making a new cabinet, with some DIY kitchen ideas, it could be a useful space.

People could use a basket and arrange it neatly on the top of the cabinet. As an addition, people could also add some artificial plants. Space then would not only be useful but also decorative as well.

15. DIY Refrigerator Side Storage

DIY Refrigerator Side Storage

The refrigerator usually stands alone in the kitchen. With beside the refrigerator, there is a cabinet or wall. If the refrigerator is beside a cabinet table, people could add an extra space near the refrigerator.

Using some pallets, people could make hanging storage. People could hang glasses, bottles, spoons, and other things. Do not worry about damaging the refrigerator because it would not touch it.

16. DIY Seasoning Bottle Rack

DIY Seasoning Bottle Rack

Providing a rack for the seasoning bottle is a great idea to ease the user. It could ease the users when finding the bottles they want also ease on the organizing. However, finding the right rack with the right size is quite difficult. That is why making it is a better solution.

People could use whether a pallet or a wire. But it is easier to use a pallet. Moreover, using a pallet, people could use any kind of color as the finishing.

17. DIY Herbs Rack

 DIY Herbs Rack

Other items that people need to keep outside the refrigerator are herbs. It is quite difficult to place herbs inside the kitchen so that it does not look messy. People could use a rack to keep it stored and neat. However, buying a rack is not cheap.

That is why the next DIY kitchen ideas are making a rack and storage for herbs. Using pallets, people could create their own rack. People could also create their creation here. Whether they want to make a normal cabinet or rolling one.

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18. DIY Hanging Jar Holder

DIY Hanging Jar Holder

People usually use jars as storage to keep seasoning. However, there are also other DIY kitchen ideas using jars. People could also use it as a hanging holder on the wall. Staring for keeping spatula, rolling pan, forks, spoons, and others.

The first thing to do is to install the jar on a pallet. The pallet could be painted or left with natural color. The same thing to the jar, as people could paint it or insert a colorful paper in it. People could use different sizes of jars on one pallet. After that, hang it on the wall.

19. DIY Hanging Holder Inside Cabinet

DIY Hanging Holder Inside Cabinet

Keeping stuff inside the cabinet door is always a great idea to save space. One of the ideas to create a space on the door is by using an unused cereal box. To make it more catchy, first, cover the box with a gift box.

After that, hang the box on the cabinet door using a clothing hook. Space then could be used for saving items. Starting from an aluminum food box, plastic box, and other items. Moreover, people could make and hang more than one box on the cabinet. However, make sure not to put heavy items there because a clothing hook could hang a maximum of 4kg.

There are many DIY kitchen ideas that people could try at home. DIY, not only helps people on saving space but also to use the recycled items near. Moreover, people could also save money on the kitchen budget. Even though it is DIY and using recycled items. But the quality and look of the items are no less good with the ones in stores.

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