Not only as a head protector, but the headboard can also be useful for the aesthetics of your bedroom. Then, you can search for a lot of information about DIY headboard ideas to make your bedroom comfortable and interesting.

You can add various elements to realize your dream headboard. For example, you can use your old window. Or for a change, you can put your artwork and even tree branches as headboards in your bedroom.

Moreover, you can easily make your own headboard with many elements that are easy to find. You can apply these DIY headboard ideas to all bed sizes. For example, for single beds, twin beds, queen beds, and also king beds.

DIY Headboard Ideas for Single Beds

You can have a unique and attractive headboard for your single bed. Moreover, a unique headboard will make your single bed stand out and be a special attraction in your bedroom. So, here are DIY headboard ideas for single beds that is easy for you to make:

1. Unicorn Headboard

Unicorn Headboard

You just paint the walls of your room with an adorable unicorn head. But, make sure the unicorn head is the same size as the single bed. Moreover, add accessories above the unicorn’s horn to make it more attractive.

2. Thrift Antique Headboard

Thrift Antique Headboard

You can use antique headboards from the thrift shop. However, use only the edges of the headboard and add horizontal cushions on the slatted headboard. Leave the paint finish on the headboard uneven to highlight the antique effect.

3. Macrame Forever

Macrame Forever

Be someone who follows the macrame trend! So, you can make a macrame as a headboard as well as your bedroom wall decoration.

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4. Washi Tape Headboard

Washi Tape Headboard

You can use the washi tape to be a unique headboard according to your taste. If you like pink, then choose pink washi tape and make washi tape faux headboard.

5. Light Up Headboard

Light Up Headboard

This is one of the DIY headboard ideas is suitable for children’s and also teenagers bedroom. Firstly, you can add thin curtains to provide a classic and comfortable accent. Then, you can make this idea as an alternative that is easily made and cheap.

6. Fabric Headboard

Light Up Headboard

Make a wooden frame, add foam in it, and on the side of the wooden frame, then add polyester fiber. After that, cover everything using a fabric with your favorite motif and add nail heads as trim on each side of the headboard.

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7. Flower Headboard

Flower Headboard

If you like flowers, you will like this headboard idea. You can arrange flowers horizontally and stick them on the wall. Use a rope or wire and stick it with tape or glue.

8. Tent Tipi Headboard

Tent Tipi Headboard

You only need 4 long logs and cross them at both ends of your bed. Moreover, you can nail it or glue it so it doesn’t move easily. If you want, you can also cover it with fabric to make it look like a tent.

9. Cottage House Headboard

Cottage House Headboard

If you have young children, your child will definitely like this headboard idea. You can seem to make a home for your child’s bed. In fact, you can also decorate it with colorful flags or lights.

10. Ruffled Fabric Headboard

Ruffled Fabric Headboard

Create a cheerful bedroom atmosphere with a ruffled fabric headboard. You can use leftover fabric or clothes that you no longer wear. Then, sew one by one so that it becomes beautiful lace. You can use a wooden board or wooden stick to hang the lace.

DIY Headboard Ideas for Twin Beds

Sometimes twin beds look really boring. However, now you will have different twin beds because you will use a headboard that you made yourself. Let’s find out about DIY headboard ideas for twin beds which is easy for you to apply:

1. A pair of Peach Canopies on the Headboard

A pair of Peach Canopies on the Headboard

The peach color is very adorable especially if it is applied to the classic canopy. You only need a circle of rattan and sew a peach-colored cloth to fill the circle of rattan.

2. DIY Pallet Headboard with Initials

DIY Pallet Headboard with Initials

One of these DIY headboard ideas is very suitable for your child’s bed. You can use a pallet that you don’t use into a unique headboard. Moreover, add the initials of your child’s name to the pallet headboard to give a more personal impression.

3. Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered Headboard

This headboard is very simple but still elegant and also attractive. You can simply coat the wooden board with foam and cloth and add a few buttons on it. However, use fabric colors that suit your bedroom concept.

4. Winged Headboard

Winged Headboard

You only need a two-meter fabric on each layer of the headboard with 4 buttons. After that, you can coat the pieces of plywood with fabric and foam but you don’t need to sew it. It’s super easy, right?


5. Rustic Wooden Pallet Headboard

Rustic Wooden Pallet Headboard

Create a rustic atmosphere by utilizing a pallet for you to use as a headboard. Nail several pallets and lean them between the wall and your bed. Moreover, add some accessories such as plants so they don’t look boring.

6. Storage Headboard

Storage Headboard

If you want a headboard with two functions, you can apply one of these DIY headboard ideas. Make a cube-shaped storage area from several pieces of wood. Then, put twin beds between the two sides of the storage.

7. Rustic Branches Headboard

Rustic Branches Headboard

You can use tree branches to become unique and interesting headboards. So, add tree branches on each side of your headboard and now you have a bedroom with a rustic atmosphere.

8. Cardboard and Fabric Headboard

Cardboard and Fabric Headboard

You can use the cardboard and coat it with fabric to make it a new headboard. In fact, you don’t need to sew it because you can glue it or just staple it. Then, in less than 1 hour, you can have a new headboard for your twin beds.

9. Monochrome Headboard

Monochrome Headboard

If you like monochrome themes, this headboard idea is perfect for you. You just paint black on the headboard and put the lights on it. To make your headboard more attractive, you can also add a cube-shaped canopy.

10. Woven Headboard

Woven Headboard

You can make woven from a variety of materials, such as curtains or plywood. How to make it quite easy, you just make a headboard frame and fill the frame with your woven.

11. Rope Woven Headboard

Rope Woven Headboard

You only need a wooden textured rope and weave it to be used as a headboard. However, it takes a long time to weave, but you will get a unique and rustic-themed headboard. Add lamps between your twin beds to make it more aesthetic.

DIY Headboard Ideas for Queen Beds

Queen beds are quite large and sometimes have a plain design. However, you can change the appearance of your queen beds to be different by making your own headboard. So, here are DIY headboard ideas which can make your queen beds more attractive:

1. Woven Placemat Headboard

Woven Placemat Headboard

You can use a woven placemat that you don’t use to change your boring headboard. Moreover, put some placemat woven pieces as headboards with different shapes to make your headboard attractive.

2. Hang a Textile Headboard

Hang a Textile Headboard

Make your headboard more attractive by hanging your favorite textiles as a headboard. Thus, use a wooden stick with a color that matches your wall paint to give a neater impression.

3. Rustic Old Windows Headboard

Rustic Old Windows Headboard

For those of you who like the rustic theme, then you can apply one of these DIY headboard ideas. Choose an old window that doesn’t have a glass with an uneven paint finish to give it a rustic impression.

4. Old Book Headboard

. Old Book Headboard

If you have a lot of books that you don’t read anymore, use them as a headboard. Firstly, nail a few books on a wooden board and then you can now create DIY headboard ideas.

5. Burlap Headboard

Burlap Headboard

Burlap can be a unique headboard and give an industrial impression. Moreover, take a few sheets of burlap and nails or glue the burlap on a wooden board. So, it would be more interesting if you use burlap, which has accent writing on each sheet.

6. Painted Headboard

Painted Headboard

One of these DIY headboard ideas is a very brilliant idea. This is because you can create headboards that are cheap and match your creativity. In fact, if you make a simple design, you can make this headboard within 1 hour.

7. Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

This headboard is very easy to make, you only need to put together some used wood and make it a headboard. In fact, you only need a hammer and nail to put it together.

8. Fireplace Mantle Headboard

Fireplace Mantle Headboard

Do you have a fireplace in your bedroom that you no longer use or can’t use? You can make it as a headboard by filling the fireplace’s open space using upholstery foam and also board insert.

9. Tapestry Headboard

Tapestry Headboard

If you have a tapestry with a unique and interesting motif, then don’t just keep it in the closet. Moreover, you can display your favorite tapestry as an attractive headboard. Because this tapestry is very easy for you to hang; you can use nails or use curtain poles.

10. Wallpaper Headboard

Wallpaper Headboard

If you want a headboard that is easy for you to make but very appealing, so you can apply this idea. Firstly, you just make a frame from planks of wood and layer it with attractive wallpaper. Therefore, your headboard will be stand out and make your bedroom no longer boring.

DIY Headboard Ideas for King Beds

Are you bored with the appearance of your king beds? Then let’s change the appearance of your king beds by making your own king bed headboard. So, here are DIY headboard ideas which you can try easily:

1. Lean Art On A Shelf

Lean Art On A Shelf

What if you put your favorite art collection as a headboard? For an answer, you can make this headboard as a display rack for your art collection. In addition, you can also put some books that you read before you sleep here.

2. Easy Diagonal Ropes

Easy Diagonal Ropes

You can make this as one of the DIY headboard ideas, which you can make easily and quickly. Then, prepare a long rope that has a gradient color and make the rope diagonal to your headboard frame.

3. Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Firstly, choose the motif of tin ceiling tiles according to your reference. Also, make sure the size is the same as your bed. The color of tin will give an industrial yet classic impression to your bedroom.

4. Wooden Pallet Headboard with Lamp

Wooden Pallet Headboard with Lamp

If you like headboards that have lamps compared to having bedside lamps, then this headboard is perfect for you. So, you can make a headboard from a used pallet and add lamps in both corners of the headboard.

5. Herringbone Wood Headboard

Herringbone Wood Headboard

You must be precise in cutting and assembling this headboard so that it looks neat. After that, you can paint it white and then sand it to give it a rustic and stylish look.

6. DIY Canopy Headboard

DIY Canopy Headboard

You can combine the headboard with the canopy if you apply one of these DIY headboard ideas. Moreover, you only need a few curtains and brackets that you can attach to the ceiling. After that, stitch the ends of the curtains so that that the canopy is easier to make.

7. Pegboard Headboard

Pegboard Headboard

You certainly never imagined making a pegboard as a headboard. Therefore, this is a brilliant idea because you can hang whatever you want to display.

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8. Colorful Fabric Headboard

Colorful Fabric Headboard

All you need is plywood and a few meters of fabric with colorful motifs. Moreover, Draw the outline of the plywood, look at the saw carefully, and then cover it with the colorful fabric.


9. Embroidered Headboard

Embroidered Headboard

For those of you who like a bohemian style, so you can apply this idea. Thus, You only need a fabric that has been embroidered with colorful colors and sticks it on your bedroom wall. In addition, embroidery colors will add to the vibrant atmosphere of your bedroom.

10. Door Headboard

Door Headboard

Recycling doors into headboards is a brilliant idea. So, this will make your headboard unique and also old-fashioned. Moreover, you can paint and then sand it to give a classic impression.

To sum up, make your bedroom more comfortable by applying DIY headboard ideas above. Then, you can choose one of these concepts according to your preferences and the type of your bed.

Moreover, choose the elements that are easiest for you to find at home. For example, you can recycle your old window or door into a very attractive headboard.

Thus, do not rush to buy a new headboard. Because you can make your own easily. So, you can make headboards quickly and easily by using DIY headboard ideas references above.

Headboard Ideas

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