Home sweet home is the perfect idiom that shows home is the best place to spend the time. To create home sweet home nuance, there are some activities to do. One of them is making or redecorating all the things at home. The choice of making our furniture and accessories is because we know how to make it fit for our room and budget. Several DIY furniture ideas can inspire you.

Nowadays, DIY furniture ideas are really popular. It is made from unused things. Then, you can redecorate, repair, and transform it into something new. Sometimes, it will change half of the function before or it will have a new function after you transform it. Most of the DIY furniture is made by creative people, they like to create something new and enjoy their life as they want.

After that, before making your DIY furniture, some aspects have to follow. The first is thinking about what are you want to build. The second is finding several materials or unused furniture that you can repair and redecorate it. Then, thinking about the effect that arises after putting the renew furniture in a certain place in your house. Also, the benefit of having DIY furniture ideas is you can customize your furniture as its function, its design, and its budget.

DIY Furniture Ideas Hack

So, be ready and be prepared for some furniture hacks that you never imagine before. Also, most of the ideas are coming from creative people who love to create innovation. Here, they are DIY furniture ideas as follows:

1. Barn Door

Barn Door
source: houseonlongwoodlane.com

Barn door usually made from wood. It has been invented because there is a small space in the room that not available to open the door normally. So, the barn doors come as the solution because you only need to slide the doors. It creates a rustic mood when you are making like an unfinished barn door and gives stain and furnish it without painting it.

2. Barstool Desk

Barstool Desk
source: thewaryworker.com

Barstools can transform into a desk. When you have a pair of barstool you can have a barstool desk by adding plywood as the table. Barstool desk can be placed in your office room, bedroom or maybe in your living room. It can be one of the furniture ideas applicable to café or restaurants. 

3. Bench for Dining Room

Bench for Dining Room
source: casualcasa.com

A bench is suitable for your dining room. It feels like in a farmhouse that so natural and homey. You can change the chairs with the bench as the seats. The bench is made from thick wood that furnished well. In the dining room, you can add the planters that bring natural mood and also vintage vibes.

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4. Bookshelf and Couch

Bookshelf and Couch
source: latimes.com

Can you imagine that your couch has another function as your bookshelf? See that, you can have it in a two-in-one couch. It is suitable for bookworms who are love to read books. You can sit on your couch and enjoy your reading activity. 

5. Built-In Bed with Shelf

Built-In Bed with Shelf
source: davincilifestyle.com

Do you want to put everything in your room but there is no available space again? This is the answer to your problem. You can makeover your bed into an all-in-one bed. You can have a shelf on the side of your bed. 

6. Cat Condo

Cat Tower
source: myamazingthings.com

Furniture is not only for humans. Cat also has an aesthetic sense of its furniture. One of them is a cat condo. A cat needs a comfortable place to lay down its body. You can use a recycled box as its condo. Then, adds some old pillow that you can customize it with the theme and design what you want.

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7. Cat Tower

Cat Tower
source: s1.bestnaildesing.com

Cat tower is one of the cat’s needs. It is used for cats playing in the house area. Usually, people put in in the room because if it puts on the outside, it will dirty. You can make your DIY cat tower using unused boxes, crates, and sticks. Then arrange it like the design that suitable for your cat’s characters.

8. Cat Tree

Cat Tree
source: ru-cats.dreamwidth.org

A cat tree is a playground for the cat. It helps the cat to have its natural activities as a cat that the normal cat can climb, jump, and also scratch. The materials that you need are the woods or the branches, the boards, the fur materials, also the rope to cover the wood.

9. Coffee Table

Coffee Table
source: blanktemplatees.net

Do you need a coffee table in your room? Don’t worry about that, you can make it by yourself. You need crates boxes, a few screws or nails, and the glue. Arrange the crates boxes into square shape or rectangular shape, stick it with the glue first. Then, you can nail or screw it. After that, you can paint it. 

10. Craft Room Table

Craft Room Table
source: craftymary.altervista.org

Another one from this list of DIY furniture ideas is a multipurpose table that has all you need when you are crafting is the only one that you need right now. You can build your table and put it in your craft room. The things that make it interesting are it has a shelf on the sides of the table, it has a drawer under the table, and also it is installed with a sewing machine or other machine on the other side.

11. Daybed

source: morningchores.com

What do you think of daybed? Yes, daybed is the best place that you can spend all of the days there. It fits if you put it near the window. The reason is the window and daybed is the perfect match for relaxing your body and soul. You can add the drawers or shelf under your day bed to save your books, dolls, or your snacks there. 

12. Dollhouse

source: diyforyou.org

Do your kids have so many toys and dolls? However, you don’t have enough space to save it. You can have a DIY dollhouse to organize your kids’ stuff. The dollhouse is made from plywood, it is a safe material for the children because there is no wood dust after your paint and furnish it.

13. Dresser with Wheels

Dresser with Wheels
source: stylemotivation.com

Do you have an old dresser? You can redecorate it by adding the wheels so it can be moved easily. Then, you can repaint and refurnish the dresser. If you want to present rustic vibes, you can refurnish it without painting it because the old color will make the rustic vibes stronger.

14. Drums Stool

Drums Stool
source: jihanshanum.com

Unused oil drums can transform into a set of stools and tables for the next one of the DIY furniture ideas. It is suitable to put in the balcony or your bar. Some café and lounge use this furniture to present industrial mood. You can enjoy the view and the vibes in the café while drinking beer.

15. Dog Bowl Stand

Dog Bowl Stand
source: zoo-galereya.ru

You can have a dog bowl stand and dog food storage in one place. The DIY dog bowl stand is made from the wood that installed like a storage box. However, you add the holes on the covers to put the bowls. It is effective. After all, you do not need to pour the dog food into the bowl that can be felt down because your dog is too excited during the mealtime. 

16. Hanging Frame

Hanging Frame
source: curbly.com

Minimalism is a new trend nowadays. Using a hanging frame as one of the accessories is a good choice. You can hang it in your living room or bedroom. A hanging frame can be made from wood, metal, and plastic. It is easy to make because the materials are affordable.

17. Headboard Bed

Headboard Bed
source: futuristarchitecture.com

A bedroom is the comfort zone in the house. To make it comfier, you can makeover your headboard bed. By redecorating the headboard bed with the shelf and organizer will make your bed more utilized. You can put your photos and decorations on your shelf. Also, you can hide your books in the small] space of the headboard.

18. Open Closet

Open Closet
source: blogmujer.net

Do you want to have an easy-to-pack closet? Then, an open closet is an answer. Because you can make your open closet using plywood as the framework and metal sticks as the hangers. It is easy to be made because you need to nail and screw it. 

19. Pipe Shelf

Pipe Shelf
source: dekoruma.com

The next from this list of DIY furniture ideas is that you can use pipes to make a shelf. The pipes are used as the framework installed on the wall. Then, you need to place the plank wood in the framework. It creates the room will be more simple but elegant because the metal pipes materials arise industrial vibes.

20. Planter Box

Planter Box
source: diyhuntress.com

Do you have many pots in your home? Sometimes your dog makes a mess of your garden. To avoid that happened again, you can make your planter box so you can put your pots inside the box. So, it will not messy again. The planter box is made from unused crates boxes or pallet boxes. 

21. Railing Deck

Railing Deck
source: induced.info

A railing deck is one of the things that make your balcony more aesthetics. Thus, you can decorate your railing deck by making it from the rope or metal. Then, the material of your railing deck can be matched with the theme and design of your house. If your house has a minimalist design, then you can use the wood as the railing deck material. However, if your house is near the beach like a cottage, you can use a rope as the railing deck material.

22. Room Divider

Room Divider
source: ikea.our-home-decor.com

When you have a spacious room but you want to make it into a few parts, the room divider is the solution. When you have a large area in your room, but you want to separate it into some parts, you can use room dividers. Maybe you only need a small space like your bedroom, then you need a big space for your study room. You can use a window and repurpose it as a room divider. Also, you can add the shelf under the divider.

23. Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack
source: ontcultch.baby-girl-style67.ml

A shoe rack with an extraordinary design is fit for you who are unique. You can make your shoe rack from PVC pipes. Because The PVC pipes must have big diameters which are fit with your shoes. Also, you can arrange it with a unique pattern or paint it with a suitable theme for your room.

24. Sofa from Pallet Wood

Sofa from Pallet Wood
source: coachdecor.com

You can make a set of a sofa from pallet wood. Because the pallet wood is easy to be transformed become any furniture. Making a sofa from pallet wood is one of the ideas that can be useful. The pallet wood price is cheap, so to make it you only need the cushions that can be made from an old pillow. By adding some decorations and the drawers under the sofa, you will have a sofa with an organizer from pallet wood.

25. Spice Rack

Spice Rack
source: homeisd.com

What do you think about a spice rack? Most of the spice rack has the same style, there is a mini shelf to put the spices in the kitchen. However, there is a new style of a spice rack. There is a diagonal square shape, honeycomb, etc. Then, you can make it from plywood and nailed it to become several parts.

26. Storage Bench

Storage Bench
source: hertoolbelt.com

A DIY storage bench can be your hero when you have many things to be kept but you have no more space in your room. It makes from the plywood or maybe unused box that transforms become a bench. If you have unused boxes, then you can arrange it and adding organizer divider in the inside.

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27. TV Stand Makeover

TV Stand Makeover
source: coachdecor.com

Old crates can also become the right material for the next DIY furniture ideas on this list. From this material, you can make a new TV stand. Because by organizing the crates well, you can bring vintage vibes with the shabby chic TV stand. Actually, as a TV stand, it can be the shelf also.

28. Towel Ladder

Towel Ladder
source: whimsygirldesign.blogspot.com

Are you confused about hanging your towel after taking a shower? Then, you can have your towel ladder to hang your towel. For example, an old ladder can be used as a towel ladder if you put it inside the bathroom. Also, you can repaint it so it is not really old and dirty when you put your towel there.

Finally, there are DIY furniture ideas that you can make by yourself. You can make the new invention after seeing these DIY hacks as your inspiration. Therefore, it is so easy to make it by yourself or you can ask the carpenters to make custom furniture.

Not to mention, by creating the DIY furniture ideas yourself, you will have a memory bond with your house. Because there’s sentimental value with the furniture you have. Thus, it will prevent you from splurge on buying new furniture at a heartbeat.

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