In a family, just like our mothers, fathers also play an important role in the whole family. Therefore, to show how thankful you are to your father, give them a present on father days. There are many days in a year but giving them a gift on Father’s Day will be more special and make it more memorable. Rather than buying a present, why not make your gift as there are many DIY Father’s Day gift ideas.

Anyone in the house can give different presents according to what they like and their ability. You don’t need to but anything new, just use the materials and the objects you have in the house. Whether it is a mug, book or paper, use it all to make a gift. You can create something new from the objects you have at home.

Fathers do not need expensive or big gifts for Father’s Day. All they need is something that is made special for them especially if they are made from love. So, rather than buying something expensive, try making a DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Try making something different that other fathers don’t have. Make it together with the whole family to make it even better.

DIY Gifts Children Can Make

Anyone in the family can make a present for their father on Father’s Day, even the little ones can participate. There are many kids DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that will be priceless that kids can make. So, here are some gifts that the kids can make with the help of an adult:

1. Father Days Card

diy father's day gift ideas

One of the gifts that the little ones can make is a card made in a tie or shirt. The adults can help the kids make the card, whereas the children can write a message to their father. Use colorful papers so that the card looks more interesting. Then make sure your kids give them straight to your husband/ their dad to make it more priceless.

2. Painted Mug

Painted Mug

Rather than having to buy something new, use something in the house that the kids can give as a gift. One of the examples that kids can re-design is painting cups. So, take a cup or unused glass in the house and paint it with the kids. Let the kids paint the cup as they like with their creativity and then let it dry. Next, put the mug into a box to make it more luxurious.

3. Painting/ Drawing

Painting/ Drawing

If you don’t have a cup to paint, then the kids can make a normal painting on paper. After the painting dries, put the painting into a frame. This way the painting will be safe, and you can hang it at your house. Or who knows the father will bring it to work to place it on their desk.

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4. Origami / Paper Craft

Origami / Paper Craft

You can teach your kids how to make a papercraft or origami and give it to their father as a present. This is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that parents and kids can make. To make the origami more valuable, write some love message on the paper. Then hang it or tie it on a rope to secure it from getting damaged.

5. Keychain


Make a present that can be brought anywhere, like a keychain. You can make a keychain from clay that is for little kids. Help them make something they like such as monsters or simple shapes like circles or square. Then add a keychain on the top of the clay before it dries out. By giving this to their father, they can remember their kids all the time.

6. Hand Painting Book

Hand Painting Book

Kids love to play and get their hands to get dirty, so let them make a hand painting for a DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. So, just paint their hand full of a certain color and stamp it on a paper. Next cut the paper with the shape of the hand. Make a few cuts of your kid’s hand and tie them up together to make a book. You can fill in the book with writings or photos.

7. Wrapping up their Favorite Toy

Wrapping up their Favorite Toy

One of the sweetest and cheapest DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that kids can give is their favorite toy. Giving their favorite toy can also show how much they love their father because they want to share. So, a gift doesn’t always have to be new or something made.

8. Paper Hat

Paper Hat

Kids can reward their dad using a paper hat with their drawings or writings. Make your kids design the hat as much as the like, and make sure it is big enough. Then let your kids give the hat to their father and let them put them on too.

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas from the Wife

Now, ladies, you can also make something special for your husband as the father of the family. Your husband probably is normal with something luxurious, so give something that they don’t get daily. Or try asking what your husband what they are into to give you more DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. For now, here are some the gift ideas that you can make for your father or your husband:

1. Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner

Making dinner maybe something normal you and your husband do every night. So, why not make a special dinner for him on this special day. Make a romantic dinner or food that he likes, and you rarely cook for him. If possible have dinner just the both of you. However, if this is not possible you can still have a romantic dinner with the kids.

2. Free Ticket Service

Free Ticket Service

One of the DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you can give to your husband or father is tickets. These tickets can contain any kind of service that they want for a whole day. So, the wife will need to sacrifice a bit to give more service to their loved ones.

3. Letter


Go traditional by writing a letter to your husband or father, like the old days. The letter can contain anything you like from how grateful you are to have a husband or a father like them. Or writing simple words like thank you or love is just more than enough. To make the letter more surprising, send the letter to where they work.

4. Movie Night

Movie Night

Remember the old days by making a theater in the house. Prepare some old movies you use to love watching together and some popcorns to complete the night. Make the atmosphere of the room like a theater so you can enjoy the night with your loved ones. This DIY Father’s Day Gift ideas may be simple, but it will be memorable.

5. Making Father Gratitude Signs

Making Father Gratitude Signs

One of the DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas that you can make is a sign that contains all your gratitude. List all the things that you are thankful for him and write them down. Write things like you are the best dad in the world or you are my superman. Then hang them up on a wall where he can see the sign. Therefore, every time he sees the signs he will also feel blessed and thankful for his family.

6. Bottle Drink Bouquet

Bottle Drink Bouquet

If you have some budget for your husband, then why not make a bouquet that contains drinks. So, choose some of the best drinks he likes and make them like a bouquet. If men usually give woman flowers bouquet, then women can give men a drink bouquet. Wrap the bouquet to make it more interesting and valuable.

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DIY Father’ Day Gift Ideas from the Whole Family

For those who don’t aren’t too creative can make a gift with the whole family. By working together, it is easier to find DIY Father’s Days gift ideas to make. Think of something that involves the whole family from the mother to the small ones. If possible, make something that can be memorable and be seen all the time. Here are some gift ideas that families can make for their father:

1. DIY Photo Album

DIY Photo Album

Remind how wonderful your father is by making an album of how he developed into who he is now. Collect all the old photos in the past and stick them on from the oldest to the newest. The elderly kids can make the photo album, whereas the small ones can help decorate. This gift will show fathers how important and valuable they are in their kid’s lives.

2. Drawing/ Painting

Drawing/ Painting

Another DIY Father’s Day Gift ideas that many people usually give to their fathers are painting. You can ask a person to paint the whole family, but it will be no fun. Therefore, make a painting of the whole family with the kids. The painting doesn’t have to look good, the important part is it was made together by everyone in the family.

3. Free Pass from Any Home Tasks

Free Pass from Any Home Tasks

One of the DIY Father’s Day Gift ideas that most fathers will want is the free pass from any home tasks. If usually, they have some duties like doing the dishes, then let them pass for a day. This pass will let them free for the whole day and the kids can help you do the tasks. This way you will give your husband and father enough time to rest.

4. Holiday/ Short Escape

Holiday/ Short Escape

Going on a holiday with the whole family can be a great gift for fathers on this special day. However, to make it more special make sure that the fathers are free from all tasks. Or go to a place where your father likes the most and accompany him like he always does for his family.

5. Grilling Apron

Grilling Apron

Make a custom apron for your father by painting or drawing on the apron with some makers or some paint. Make sure to design the apron full of love, so that when he wears it he will feel it. Choose a fabric that can handle markers and paint.

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6. Giant Tower Game

Giant Tower Game

Make some memories with the whole family by making a giant tower game and playing it together. Making the giant tower game will take some time and is a bit difficult. But playing this game with the whole family will pay back all the hard times and sacrifices.

7. Preparing their Needs in the Morning

Preparing their Needs in the Morning

A simple gift that can help make the fathers happy is by preparing their needs in the morning. However, usually, wives can do this task, now to make it differently let the kids do this task. Let them learn and do their father’s tasks, this way the can learn something new. This can also let them spend more time with their father.

8. Spending Time Together

Spending Time Together

This may be the easiest yet hardest gift a family can give to their fathers. Therefore, spending some time with your father on Father’s Day by playing or just hanging around in the house. Although this gift seems easy, collecting the whole family is not an easy task especially if everyone has grown. Therefore, try to plan this gift days or even weeks before the day.

So, there are many DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas that you can make from small gifts to big ones. Thus, the whole family can even make a present for their father and give different kinds of presents. You don’t need anything new or something expensive for the present. Therefore, rather than buying something new, use some of the belongings that you have in the house. You can paint them or just create them into something new.

Any kind of gift will be valuable and priceless from a dad’s eye. Especially if the gift is made by their families’ own hands and sweat. The price and size of the gift will not matter to fathers if they have made it with love. So, don’t get too confused about what kind of present you should give.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 

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