A dresser is one of the must-have items in a house. Every room there must be at least one dresser, right? The dresser has the function to keep your clothes and fashion needs. Sometimes, it can save valuable things such as legal documents, bank accounts, etc. Despite its function, people want to have a unique dresser. So, there are 25 eye-catching DIY dresser ideas.

Before you get some ideas of making your DIY dresser, you need to know about the reason why do you want to custom your dress by making DIY stuff. Most people who had DIY stuff feel bored with the appearance of their old dresser. Because it can be too old fashioned or maybe they just don’t like it because it is not representing their personality.

The design and the model of the DIY stuff mostly are influenced by the personality and character of the room owner. It because of the design and model that coherence with the personality and character of the owner. Thus, that will create a good mood when the owner of the room stays in their room to have a rest and get relax from their hectic life.

Also, by creating a DIY dresser, it will help the room’s owners to restore the energy that brings from the ambiance of the room that had a certain theme that in harmony with their personality. After that, by redecorating and reorganizing the dresser, the owner can find an effective way to tidy up their clothes in the dresser. If you want to make a DIY dresser, then make sure that you have already known about yourself so there is no regret when you have your DIY dresser.

26 Eye-catching DIY Dresser Ideas

An eye-catching dresser can steal the guest’s attention when they are coming to the room. Then, get to know about yourself first before deciding the design that suitable for you. Or, you can get insights from the dresser hacks so you can create your design and model. So, some ideas can be your inspirations as follows:

1. Antique Dresser

Antique Dresser
source: roomsforrentblog.com

First is the antique dresser. An antique dresser is simpler to redecorate rather than make it brand new. If you want to have it then you can go to a thrift shop or antique store that sells classic stuff such as a dresser, shelf, mirror, etc. Or, you can ask your granny’s dresser so you can repaint it or maybe adding the mirror so it will be classier.

2. Artsy Dresser

Artsy Dresser
source: theturquoiseiris.com
Do you like an artistic feature in your room? You can use it as the theme in your room. If you love an aesthetic like painting, then you can paint the old dresser and cabinet. From all DIY dresser ideas, this one idea needs high expertise in the art to make it become an artwork. Indeed, it will create an artsy mood in your room. Thus, this theme is matching to you who is artsy and like to live freely.

3. Boho Chic Dresser

Boho Chic Dresser
source: contemporary-design.com
The next idea is a DIY boho chic dresser. The bohemian chic theme is one of the everlasting themes nowadays. A boho-chic style brings a vacation vibe for those who live there. You can makeover your old dresser by painting the dresser with a bohemian design. Then, give a flower vase, planters, and a craft ornament on the dresser.
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4. Colorful Dresser

Colorful Dresser
source: rebeccapropes.com
The colorful theme is suitable for you who are cheerful and energetic. This one of DIY dresser ideas is common nowadays. So, you can paint your old dresser with solid colorful color such as red, blue, yellow, magenta, etc. Then, this colorful dress fits to be placed in your kid’s room, your daughter, or in your room. Because this theme applies to all ages as long as they are bright and cheerful.

5. Comics Theme Dresser

Comics Theme Dresser
source: housebeautiful.com
Are you a comic fan? If yes then you can have your comic books in your dresser. This design comes up with an old dresser that covered with comic pages. Explicitly, it seems easy because you only need to find your old comic books to get the comic pages. Then, you can stick the comic pages to cover the dresser then furnish it.

6. Cubbies Dresser

Cubbies Dresser
source: ana-white.com
After comic theme dresser, the next is a cubbies dresser. A cubbies dresser will match your room that has a small space. It brings neat and tidy impressions for those people who are seeing it. So, you can get cube fabric drawers in a store then arrange it based on your mood. The color can be varied or just one color if you like it. As a result, from all of these DIY dresser ideas, using cubbies is the simple one.
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7. Dresser Without Drawers

Dresser Without Drawers
source: involvery.com
This is one of the DIY dresser ideas that fit a person who has high mobility. Because it is the things that you put in the dresser will easy for you to grab it. A dresser can be modified if you pull out the drawers. Also, you can use the dresser to hang your backpack, shirts and also your dress.

8. Farmhouse Dresser

Farmhouse Dresser
source: craftsndiy.com
The next idea is coming from a farmhouse in the village. Do you want to present a farmhouse ambiance in your room? First, you can use old pallet boxes as the dressers. Then, make the framework from the solid woods. After that, put the old boxes in the dresser. Voila! You can save your T-shirts, pants, and valuable stuff in the dresser.

9. Gypsy Style Dresser

Gypsy Style Dresser
source: sharevid.ru
The next DIY dresser ideas are gypsy and ethnic style. We know that the gypsy style is famous for ethnic fans. Because the gypsy has its uniqueness in a pattern so it shows an ethnicity of certain tribes.

10. Industrial Dresser

Industrial Dresser
source: viraldecoration.com
The industrial theme is the everlasting theme that favorite by boys and men. Particularly, the metal blocks and the wood are the important materials to build this DIY dresser. You can install the metal and the wood then transforms it into a dresser. If you feel that it is difficult to make it by yourself, then you can ask for help from a carpenter to make your custom industrial dresser.

11. Knee Wall Storage Dresser

Knee Wall Storage Dresser
source: diyncrafts.com

The next DIY idea is knee wall storage. Knee wall storage is a dresser which its height is only half of your body that place inside the wall. The knee wall storage is using the wall as the framework. Then, the dresser is inserted in the wall so it won’t need a large space in your room.

12. Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser
source: trendecors.com
Using laundry basket as the dresser is a kind of tricks that you can apply in your laundry room. From all of these DIY dresser ideas, this one is the simplest we think. You only need to make a framework from the pallet wood. Some laundry baskets use as the drawers. So, you can put the dry clothes in the laundry baskets.

13. Lego Dresser

Lego Dresser
source: diyprojects.ideas2live4.com
Next DIY dresser, the dresser that the idea comes up from the toys. A lego theme is one of the DIY dresser ideas that attractive to be made. So, you can have your dresser drawer look like lego bricks. Actually, by adding the iconic round button in the drawers will make your old drawer transforms to a lego dresser.

14. Minimalist Dresser

Minimalist Dresser
source: weheartit.com
A minimalist theme is one of the famous themes. The minimalist design is quite easy to make it by yourself. Indeed, the impression that gives from minimalist design is cleanliness. So, you need to use monotone color and pastel color to bring the minimalist mood.

15. Ocean Dresser

15. Ocean Dresser
source: homesthetics.net
The next idea is ocean vibes. The shape of the dresser is the same as the other dresser. But, by painting your dresser with ocean color such as blue and turquoise gradient colors then it makes the ocean come to your house.

16. Old Crates Dresser

Old Crates Dresser
source: casadevalentina.com.br
Old is gold. The idiom is fitted to the old crates. As we know that the old crates can be anything. Then, you can transform it into a dresser. Making a dresser from old crates needs the old wood as the framework. Then, you only put the crates as the dresser drawer.

17. On The Wall Dresser

On The Wall Dresser
source: clothings.ml
After the old crates dresser, we have on the wall dresser. Actually, what is on-the-wall dresser? On the wall, a dresser is using the wall as the storage to save our clothes and accessories. If you have a knee wall storage before this is more than knee wall storage. Because you will use maybe the whole space of the wall.

18. Rattan Basket Dresser

Rattan Basket Dresser
source: reliable-remodeler.com/
The next inspiration is rattan materials. You can make a rattan basket dresser. So, it is a dresser that the drawers made from rattans. Then, you can decorate it using classic ornaments such as a vase, white table clothes, etc.

19. Room Divider Dresser

Room Divider Dresser
source: dhoumm.co
Have you ever thought that your room divider can be useful as a dresser? As we know that the room dividers that mostly are walls. But, you can change it into the whole wall dresser then it replaces the function of the wall as the room divider.

20. Rustic Dresser

Rustic Dresser
source: hometalk.com
Next is the rustic theme dresser. The rustic is developed at the end of the 18th century when the furniture is made from wood. If you are coming to your granny house you will find some rustic theme furniture, one of them is the dresser and also the mirror. You can redesign and reinstall it into a dresser with the mirror that has the same rustic vibes. So, you only need to repaint and refurbish it.

21. Shabby Chic Dresser

Shabby Chic Dresser
source: tehnobazar.club
After the rustic dresser, you will have a shabby chic dresser. The shabby chic aim to refurbish, recreate and remake the old furniture without vanishing the old materials. If you want to make a shabby chic dresser then you can use the old furniture. You can distress it by painting it without erasing the old scratch that had made before.

22. Space Shuttle Dresser

Space Shuttle Dresser
source: donpedrobrooklyn.com
From all of the DIY dresser ideas, a space shuttle can be one of the fascinating ideas. This kind of shelf is suitable in your kids’ room. However, to make it is not easy because you need to make the space shuttle dresser in detail. Then, we suggest you hire a carpenter to make your custom DIY space shuttle dresser.

23. Superhero Dresser

Superhero Dresser
source: hubpages.com
Are you a superhero fan? You can transform your dresser into your superhero dresser. If you have a plain dresser then you can paint the logo of your favorite superheroes. Or, you can paint the action scenes of your superheroes in the dresser.
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24. Under The Bed Dresser

Under The Bed Dresser
source: ladybirdandfellow.blogspot.com
Have you ever thought to save all of the things under your bed? If it is yes, then you will have your DIY under the bed dresser. The core is maximizing the unpredictable space to keep the clothes. So, under the bed is one of the free spaces that can be used. Actually, by redecorating under the bed you can organize the dresser drawers based on your categories.

25. Vintage Dresser

Vintage Dresser
source: c45ualwork999.org
The last idea is coming from the hype theme in this era. Vintage, the theme that always is favorite by the people. How to make it? First, find an old dresser. Second, paint the old dresser with vintage design such as the flowers and the branches. Third, you can use one color or maybe two-color. Thus, the vintage vibe is presenting your room. If you want to add some wooden ornament then it would be great.
To sum up, there are 25 DIY dresser ideas that you can make from an old dresser and unique materials. To redecorate the old furniture, you need to know about the theme in your room. If you want to present a certain mood in your room, then it needs some same furniture that supports together.
However, if you dare to show something new by making an abstract theme, then you can bring all of the furniture to your room. So, you can organize it well or make them fill in each other. Or you can organize the same vibes furniture in certain spots in your room. Then, your room will look like an art exhibition.
Dresser Ideas
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