Do you need a new interesting and stunning workspace at home? If you need a new workspace at home, you can start to look for DIY desk ideas. The collection of ideas that you get can be realized easily. This is because the desk-making project does not require difficult methods to make it.

There are many DIY desk-manufacturing methods that you can copy. Choose one of the DIY desk ideas that you think is easy and doesn’t require a lot of money. There are also many desk models that you can choose according to your needs and preferences. Even some desks also add shelves that you can use to store or display your stuff.

You can find a desk that has a modern minimalist design. In addition, you can also find a desk design with rustic nuances that highlights natural wood accents. Some desks were also built using copper pipes, giving the impression of the modern industry.

These desks will use space creatively, starting from a narrow area, to a home office, even every corner of the room. Moreover, you can choose various desk ideas that you can make according to your needs. All of these desk ideas are easy for you to make, practical, and also have a variety of models. Let’s jump in about DIY desk ideas that you can copy:

DIY Desk Ideas for Small Space

Who says if you can’t use a small space as a workspace? You can maximize a small space by using a unique and stunning desk that you created yourself. Moreover, you can create your own desk that has a size according to the space you have. Here are DIY desk ideas for small space which is easy for you to apply:

1. DIY Wood Slab Desk

DIY Wood Slab Desk

You can apply one of these DIY desk ideas to a small space. This wood slabs desk doesn’t need a lot of space because you will have a floating desk. All you need is one small wooden slab and attach it to the wall with two minimalist supports. Then, you will have the best minimalist desk that is perfect for a small space.

2. Compartment Desk

Compartment Desk

One of the things you need to consider when you want to make a desk for a small space is its function. So, you should have a multifunctional desk, not only as a table but also as a storage area. You can make a simple desk by designing free space on the table to store your things. In addition, you can add a mirror as a cover storage area on your desk.

3. DIY Floating Desk

DIY Floating Desk

One of these DIY desk ideas does not require a lot of space. You can use a small area in your home or office to become a floating desk. Moreover, you only need one block of wood that has enough width for you to make as a table. For example, you can measure the width of your laptop to find out the right width for the wooden block.

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4. DIY Murphy Desk

DIY Murphy Desk

This DIY desk is a favorite because you can fold it when you don’t use it. Then, you can use a small space for other things. You can also use the compartment at the desk to put your things. For example, you can put books, clocks, candles, family photos and so on.

5. Industrial Style Desk with Plumbing Pipe

Industrial Style Desk with Plumbing Pipe

If you want to have an industrial-themed desk, you can make this desk. You can take advantage of plumbing pipes that you can get in building shops or in thrift shops. Moreover, this desk will give an industrial and classic impression that is suitable for your small space.

6. Flip The Table

Flip The Table

You can make a desk that saves space but has an attractive appearance. If you want to use it, you just flip and you can make it a comfortable work desk. And then, when you close it, you can make it as a blackboard. Therefore, at the bottom of the desk, you can attach the blackboard.

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7. DIY Pallet Desk

DIY Pallet Desk

You can use the pallet as a minimalist but functional desk. You can measure the length and width of the desk that you want to make because unpacking the pallet is not easy for you. If you have a lot of pallets, you can make it into an additional shelf. After you finish making it, you can sand it so that your desk becomes smoother.

DIY Desk Ideas for Home Office

Many of you are now working from home and don’t have a workspace yet. In fact, having a workspace is very important so that you are more productive while working. Without requiring a lot of money, you can create your own home office desk. So, here are DIY desk ideas for a home office, which you can make as a reference:

1. Double-Sided Desk

Double-Sided Desk

This desk is suitable for those of you who work from home with your work partners. It is because this desk has two sides that can be used by you and your work partners. Moreover, you and your work partner will work more comfortably using this desk. Add compartment in the middle of the desk that you can use to display your stuff.

2. Elegant Glass Desk

Elegant Glass Desk

You can make a simple table leg by using wooden blocks. After that, you can add glass to it and you now have an elegant desk. This glass desk is perfect for the home office. This is because your clients will like the desks that you make yourself but have a stunning look.

3. Minimalist Floating Desk Combo

Minimalist Floating Desk Combo

When you think minimalist, you will try to use simple elements. For example, on this desk, you only use plywood and some supports to attach it to the wall. In addition, you can add storage space under a floating desk to maximize the function of your desk.

4. Large DIY Desk

Large DIY Desk

This desk will you need when you are working on a large project. This is because this desk has a large size so that it can accommodate all your work. In addition, you can also easily make one of these DIY desk ideas for the home office. However, your work partners will also be comfortable when working using this desk.

5. DIY Desk with Concrete Desktop

DIY Desk with Concrete Desktop

This desk is suitable for home offices because it has a modern and minimalist look. In addition, this desk is also very sturdy because it is made of concrete with an iron leg table. You can also make a desk easily and adjust the desk size to suit your needs.

6. DIY Stand Up Desk Plan

DIY Stand Up Desk Plan

You can easily build a stand-up desk that is suitable for your home office. This is because you only need plywood and some equipment such as staples, nails, hammers, and also saws. Measure the desk height according to your reference so that you are comfortable when using it. Add a standing desk chair to complement this stand up desk.

7. Butcher Block Desk

Butcher Block Desk

This is one of the DIY desk ideas, which has a modern but minimalist look. This is because this desk has a cream or light brown color that is usually found in modern furniture. Moreover, this desk is very easy to make, you only need a butcher block attached to hairpin legs. After that, you can apply it and polish it with wood wax so that the butcher block still looks natural.

DIY Corner Desk Ideas

The corner of the room sometimes looks very plain and boring. In fact, you can change the corner of your room into a desk that you can use as a workspace. Thus, the corner of the room will be more functional and not look boring. Here are DIY corner desk ideas, which you can easily make yourself:

1. Wall Mounted L-Shaped Desk

Wall Mounted L-Shaped Desk

If you are looking for a corner desk model that is suitable for small spaces, you can make this desk. This corner desk is designed for small spaces because it has a minimalist and floating model. Moreover, floating desk models can also give the impression of a more spacious room.

2. Double X Desk

Double X Desk

You can put many items on this desk because this desk has a large size. Therefore, this desk is suitable for those of you who are working on large projects or for those of you who like to display lots of stuff. In addition, this rustic concept desk corner is so pretty with X details on its legs.

3. Simple Corner Desk with Glass On Top

Simple Corner Desk with Glass On Top

You can make one of these DIY table ideas as a simple yet elegant desk. Moreover, this desk is very simple because you only need an iron or wooden rod and also glass. If you use an iron bar, you can weld it to join each iron bar. Make sure the size of the desk is right for you to put in the corner of the room you want. If you have finished creating the desk, you can add glass to the top of the desk.

4. Beadboard DIY Corner Desk idea

Beadboard DIY Corner Desk idea

This beadboard DIY corner desk idea is perfect for you to copy if you like a fancy desk. Moreover, this corner desk looks luxurious but is also minimalist at the same time. You can add cabinets at each end of this white corner desk. The cabinets allow you to put the things that you need while working.

5. Floating Window Corner Desk

Floating Window Corner Desk

This window niche is indeed very unique and also fancy. Unfortunately, this window niche creates a corner of the room that can waste space. As a solution, you can make a simple floating corner desk. Moreover, all you need is a wood plank to make it and adjust the size of the corner desk to the window niche. Now, you can do your work comfortably while looking at the view from the window.

6. Small DIY Corner Desk

Small DIY Corner Desk

If you have a narrow corner of the room, you can maximize it by placing a desk there. A small corner desk can be used as a place for you to work or as a laptop desk. However, this desk model is only suitable for use as a laptop or iMac. If you use a computer with a CPU, you need more wall shelves or you can put the CPU under the table.

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7. DIY Farmhouse Desk

DIY Farmhouse Desk

This L-Shaped corner desk looks very classic and impressive. You can use large pieces of wood and have distinctive wooden accents. Besides, you don’t need a lot of work to make this farmhouse desk corner. At the end of the work, you can polish it with a good stain so that the wood accent remains prominent.

8. Sawhorse L-Shape Corner Desk

Sawhorse L-Shape Corner Desk

This corner desk design is simple but still looks sturdy. It is because this corner desk uses the sawhorse model at the legs of the corner desk. The sawhorse design makes this corner desk balanced so that you will be comfortable when using it. In addition, this sawhorse L-shape corner desk has a rural but also industrial look.

Having a workspace at home is not impossible for you. This is because you can create your workspace with a desk that matches your reference. There are many DIY desk ideas that you can copy to build a desk that is suitable for your workspace. You will easily realize these ideas because the method of building them is very easy.

You can also choose a desk’ material that is easy for you to get at low prices. For example, if you have a lot of pallets at home, you can use them as a desk. All you have to do is sand it so that the surface of the desk is smooth and the wood accents stand out.

You can also choose various DIY desk ideas to suit your needs. For example, do you want to make a desk to fill the corner of your home, for a home office, or for a workspace in a small space? So, use some of these desk ideas to create a creative workspace in the up to date style in your home.

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