Outdoor is one of the areas of the house that people often use to spend. The outdoor areas could be on the back terrace or on the backyard. To avoid the muddy area of the backyard, a deck is useful in the outdoor area. Rather than hiring a pro, people could build their own deck. There are a lot of DIY deck ideas that people could try on.

The outdoor area could be used for many activities. Starting from doing some grilling, hangout, play cards, read a book and do other exciting activities.  Moreover, people could spend it alone, with the whole family or with some relative friends. The area is also a multi-function space as well.

Some decks are built as one with the house. But some decks are also separated from the home, even it is on the ground without some leveling. Usually, the deck is focusing on the flooring so that people could enjoy activities outdoor without getting worried about the outside ground.

When building a deck is not only about building the frame and base, but it is also about the finishing. There are many materials that people could choose and use to create a deck. The different material finishing could create a different nuance as well.

Building the Deck

Before building the deck, it is important to build strong and long durability. Since a lot of people would be standing on it. Moreover, the deck would face the hot, cold, and rain. Sometimes, it would also face snow too. Not only for the materials, here some tips on making building a deck, with some DIY deck ideas as well.

1. The Ground Level Wood Deck

1. The Ground Level Wood Deck
source: voyageafield.com

The first and easiest DIY deck is making a deck with a ground level. It is a great idea for those who use full grass in their backyard. The foundation is with using sands to cover the grass. Make sure the plain of the sand is flat. After that, make the frame with one level of the wood plank.

After that, stack and arrange the woods on the frame. Remember to nail the woods on to the frame. As the last step, paint the woods with some waterproof paint. The ground level wood pallet deck is then finished and ready to use.

2. The Ground Level Wood & Rock Deck

The Ground Level Wood & Rock Deck
source: topzdesign.com

There is also another idea for the ground level deck. However, the different step is to build the deck by using woodblock rather than using wood planks. The wood is thicker so it creates a higher deck level, even though is still a ground-level deck.

Another thing that is different is after painting the finishing, add some rocks around the deck. It makes the deck aesthetic as well. To make it neater, add a little frame to confine the little rocks with the grass.

3. The DIY Deck

The DIY Deck
source: samyysandra.com

The next DIY deck idea is with using bricks. Brick is not only strong but also has long durability, especially for the outdoor weather. For the installation, people would first need to place a landscape fabric base. It is even better if the ground is already flat. It would ease the installation.

After that, people could stack the bricks. Remember to stack the bricks like the position people usually stack on streets. With the combination of tidying up each other. If it is needed, people could add some brick glues to tidy up.

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4. The Wood Pallet Deck

The Wood Pallet Deck
source: woodpalletsfurniture.com

Pallet wood is one of the best useful things when it comes to DIY home, including DIY deck ideas. Before installing the pallet wood, tide some stones for the base first. It is useful to flatten pallet wood before using it.

After putting on the stones, then arrange the pallet woods on to it. Use some glues or other adhesive to gather each piece together. To strengthen up, people could paint the pallet woods with some waterproof paints. Or as another option with using some finishing paints.

5. The Bricks and Wood DIY Deck

The Bricks and Wood DIY Deck
source: thedirteffect.com

Not all backyards have nice grass. Some backyards might not have lush land. The next DIY deck ideas are with using bricks and wood. Use the bricks for the base of the deck. Place the bricks with some little rocks or sand. It is used so that the bricks do not move position.

Once the bricks are tied up, place the wood first as the frame. People should nail each wood to strengthen up. After that place the woods for the flooring of the deck. With this step, people would able to create a high deck.

6. The Practical Outdoor Paver Floors

The Practical Outdoor Paver Floors
source: cabtivist.com

A practice and easy way to build a deck using outdoor paver flooring. People could buy a pave floor online which is still affordable. It is available it several colors. As for durability, it would last long.

The installment is very easy. People would just need to arrange it on the floor. It is easier to install it on grass, the ground and other surfaces that are not hard. But the paver flooring would not give any leveling to the deck.

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7. The Polywood Deck

The Polywood Deck
source: tojenapad.dobrenoviny.sk

Besides using paver flooring, another great alternative is with using a plywood deck. The pattern and texture are nearly like real wood. But the materials are from plywood. The materials are suitable for outdoor weather.

Moreover, people could do installment easily. Each piece of plywood has an interlocking which locks each piece and strengthens it. People could also create a pattern while arranging it on the ground.

8. The Rubber Pave Floor

The Rubber Pave Floor
source: dizzygull.co.uk

Rubber pave floors could also be an option as a DIY deck idea. It is more durable and also softer than using stone or bricks. However, the rubber paves floor looks just like a stone or brick. Moreover, there are plenty of models that people could choose.

The installment of the rubber pave floor is also easy. People could install it without any glues. Like plywood, each piece has an interlocking. People could get it whether from online or from stores.

9. The Patio Deck

The Patio Deck
source: reparasiandroid.com

The next DIY deck ideas are with using stones and gravels. People often use these materials for making the garden path or a patio. However, with a little creativity, people could also make it as a deck.

Even though the deck is usually a flooring with a leveling floor, but people could also make a deck without a leveling. On the ground, install the gravel around. After that, place the stones on the gravel. Place the stones with the same distance.

10. The Landscape Fabric Deck

The Landscape Fabric Deck
source: tojenapad.dobrenoviny.sk

For decks, people often use woods and bricks for the finishing floor. Whether it is real or using tiles one. However, for the next DIY deck ideas, people could also use another material as an option for the finishing. A cheap, easy material for people to use is the landscape fabric deck.

The landscape fabric deck is used as the finishing of the deck. It is a great idea to create new nuance for the deck. At first, people would still need to use wood or brick for the base. After that, place the landscape fabric on the deck. People would need to glue it since it is like a sheeting of carpet.

Creating a Comfortable DIY Deck

After creating the space of the deck, people would also need to insert some furniture. Just like the deck, people could create their own furniture or use some of the things at home. People could then reuse it as a media on the deck for hanging out. Here are some cool DIY deck ideas for the furniture and decoration.

1. DIY Pallet Seating

DIY Pallet Seating
source: lachroniquedesaudacieuses.fr

To hang out on the deck, people would need seating and table. With another pallet wood material use, people could create comfortable seating. For the seating, stack two or three pallet wood. As for the heading, use two pallets with the position horizontally. After that place some cushions on the pallet.

As for the table, stack two pallet wood and combine it together. Add some wheels beneath the table. It is used to ease moving the table here and there.

2. The Brick and Wood DIY Seating

The Brick and Wood DIY Seating
source: goodshomedesign.com

To complete the DIY deck ideas, people would also need DIY seating. Another great idea for seating is with using bricks and woods, again. For the seating base, use the bricks and arrange it for the seating frame.

After that place, the woods inside the holes of the bricks until it forms a chair. Do not forget to put some cushions to make it more comfortable. Add some pillows with patterns as well to create a great space.

3. The Grilling Space

The Grilling Space
source: homify.com.tr

The next DIY deck ideas are to create a DIY grilling space and its equipment! By using some bricks, people could create one. Arrange the bricks as the measure of the grilling iron. Remember to install the space to hang on the grilling iron.

It is a great idea to make a DIY grilling space. However, make sure that the deck is strong enough. Moreover, people would not be able to move it. Since the material is from brick, so people could not move it.

4. Tumbler deck lighting

Tumbler deck lighting
source: hometalk.com

People would not only spend time outside on the deck during the daytime but also at night. That is why it is important to provide enough lighting for the night. Besides using the usual outdoor lamps, try on using tumbler deck lighting.

With hanging it on around the deck, it would not only light the outdoor are but also decorate it as well. The lights would be a great accompaniment with some grills and snacks. However, make sure to choose and use the tumbler lights that are especially for outdoor use and waterproof.

5. DIY Deck Lamps

DIY Deck Lamps
source: housedecorationtip.com

Besides using tumbler as the lighting, people could also create their own lighting. By using some jars, gravels, and also candles. As an option, people could choose whether a real candle, an aromatic candle, or even an artificial candle.

First, fill the jar with some gravel. Fill in about ¼ of the jar. And then insert the candle inside. People could then place it around the deck for romantic lighting.

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6. DIY Ottoman Deck

DIY Ottoman Deck
source: stylemepretty.com

The next DIY deck ideas are with making a DIY ottoman and table. Use an unused tire. Try to choose ones that are still complete. After that, cover the tire by using a rope. Remember to cover it tightly and neatly. Use glue so that the rope sticks on to the tire.

Besides using rope, people could also use other things such as string, wool yarn, and others. Also, try on using several colors on the ottoman. When all the tire is covered, add some accessories to decorate the ottoman and the table.

7. DIY Daybed

DIY Daybed
source: naibann.com

A daybed is a perfect addition to complete the DIY deck ideas. Spending time with laying down on a daybed with some sweet snacks and reading books. However, rather than buying a daybed, people could make one on their own.

Use a pallet wood as the framing of the daybed. Use about four pallet wood, which would be just enough. After that, place some soft cushion on the top of the pallet wood for the seating, and also for the heading. Leave some space for the table. Once it is done, people are ready to chill on the daybed.

8. Give Some Green Plants

Give Some Green Plants
source: decomg.com

Plants are always the best decoration whether indoor or outdoor. Including the decoration for DIY deck ideas. By using some bricks as the frame, and some wood planks as the shelf, it could then be a perfect spot for the plants.  Use various kinds of pots and plants to give a different look and great decoration.

With a look at these DIY deck ideas, people would not only be able to build their own deck. But people would also be able to create the furniture as well. Moreover, to decorate the deck so that spending time would be more enjoyable as well. Do not forget to maintain the deck after using it too.

DIY Deck Ideas

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