Having a dream kitchen is a dream for everyone, especially women. Some even went to the length trying out the DIY countertop ideas. This is that the countertop is the most important part of the kitchen because, with these objects, women can cook and serve food to the maximum.

However, countertop, in general, does not really have a unique design so the owner must change its appearance again. There are several DIY countertop ideas that can make your kitchen more beautiful.

A beautiful and cool countertop can be made by yourself. Apparently there are some materials from the surrounding environment that are easy to obtain. The following are some countertop ideas that can inspire a home kitchen.

Countertops On a Budget Ideas

To make countertops look luxurious and amazing requires expensive special ingredients. But there is an easy way to make a countertops table look luxurious like using granite material. The following are some ideas for making kitchen countertops on a budget into luxury.

1. Painted Laminate Kitchen Countertop

Painted Laminate Kitchen Countertop
source: diynetwork.com

One of the DIY countertop ideas for making luxury tables using a minimum budget is to use painted laminate techniques. The first way to do is to apply primer after cleaning the table so that the paint is sticky easily. Then apply paint with mineral colors using a sponge if the primer has dried.

Then apply a top coat sealer to give it a shiny impression. This method is indeed quite easy to do it’s just that you have to be smart in applying paint. The goal is that the paint will produce beautiful patterns such as using expensive materials.

2. Penny Countertop

Penny Countertop
source: liamd.pw

People are very lazy to have a penny because the nominal is small and takes up a lot of space when taken away. However, who would have thought if a penny could be used to decorate a table to be unique. The material you need is a large number of cents.

So to make this one from DIY countertop ideas list is to arrange and stick the penny neatly on the table. After the penny is set, the last step is to coat it with liquid resin. The goal is to unify the penny with the countertop and give shiny results.

3. Chalkboard Countertop

Chalkboard Countertop
source: homeadvisorhomesource.com

The next one in this list of DIY countertop ideas is to use a blackboard. With a black layer of a blackboard can make the table look elegant like a stone table. This table will be more efficient because you can use it as a table to prepare and serve food.

This can also be used to write memos to remind menus or shopping lists. To make a countertop like this, use thick, durable wood. Although this countertop looks like a blackboard, its main function is to place and prepare food so it must be durable.

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4. Marble Kitchen Countertop

Marble Kitchen Countertop
source: simphome.com

There are alternative ways to make countertops like marble. Of course, the price of marble will be very expensive. You only need a primer, sponge, and Pearl Mica of White Diamond kit. With that material alone, you can make fancy countertops such as using marble.

To make a countertop like this, it requires your expertise in making marble patterns only with these ingredients. For this reason, this DIY countertop ideas can be an inspiration for those of you who don’t have enough budget.

5. Plywood Countertop

Plywood Countertop
source: makefurniture.co.nz

For those of you who like the feel of nature, you can use plywood as your kitchen table. This table idea is quite cheap so you don’t have to worry about costs. The important thing is there are special techniques when cutting plywood so that it can give a natural impression.

Or if you really like a minimalist design, you can use ordinary pieces. Also, don’t forget to coat the plywood with varnish to apply these DIY countertop ideas. The goal is that your countertop looks beautiful and cool so that other people will not think you only use plywood.

6. Marble Contact Paper Countertop

Marble Contact Paper Countertop
source: savannabrooke.com

DIY countertop ideas are very inexpensive because they only use contact paper as the main material. However, the results will not be much different from using granite or marble. The contact paper has so many cool motifs and patterns that it can be an alternative for designing your ordinary countertop.

You only need to install the paper neatly on the countertop. However, because the material used is paper, then you have to replace it for about 6 months.

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Wood Countertop Ideas

Wood is the material most often used as home furniture. And this does not rule out using wood as a countertop. Many people use wood as the main material for furniture because it can give the impression of a natural room and contrast with any room design. The following are some DIY countertop ideas with wood material that can be your inspiration.

1. Butcherblock Countertop

Walnut and Maple Long Grail Butcherblock Countertop
source: naturerenewcleanses.net

Butcherblock is a piece of wood that is the same thickness as a cutting board. These DIY countertop ideas use this wood material to make it look beautiful. The most important thing is to stick the butcher’s wooden blocks together so that they can be set firmly and neatly on the table.

In addition, you must be clever in arranging pieces of wood to make it neat and look amazing. Of course with this design, your countertop will look beautiful and good as it was made by experts.

2. Walnut and Maple Long Grail Butcherblock Countertop

Walnut and Maple Long Grail Butcherblock Countertop
source: etsy.com

These DIY countertop ideas use the main ingredients of maple wood and walnut. The reason is wood from walnut trees and maples have different colors and styles. Even so, the two forests will become a beautiful whole when used as a countertop. This wood is also one of the butcherblock parts, but its size is long.

The combination of blackish maple wood color and white walnut wood color will become a beautiful unity. You can arrange these two wood alternately like black and white. Or you can also place walnut wood in the middle while the maple wood is rather dark at the edges.

3. Live Edge Wood Countertop

Live Edge Wood Countertop
source: tigerbytes.co

A house that gives a natural side will give a luxurious and unique impression to the house itself. One of them is by applying a live edge to the wood on some home furniture such as a countertop. The natural shape of the edge of the wood will give a classic and unique impression.

Surely this can be one of the DIY countertop ideas from wood. It’s just that maybe you have to spend a little to buy pieces of wood that still have the original side on the edge. After getting the wood, you can immediately place the wood on the countertop.

4. Natural Herringbone Solid Wood Countertop

Natural Herringbone Solid Wood Countertop
source: lowes.ca

If you are bored with the installation of wood on the countertop only vertically and horizontally, you can use natural herringbone pieces. These pieces of wood are very unique and will make your kitchen look beautiful. Even the wood used must use solid wood such as maple, pine, and walnut.

The goal is that the countertop table can be sturdy and has a beautiful appearance. And to install wood to form the motif is to arrange it together to bring the two ends of the wood so that it forms the herringbone.

5. Farmhouse Style Wood Countertop

Farmhouse Style Wood Countertop
source: besthomish.com

This one DIY countertop ideas will be suitable for those who like the atmosphere of a farmhouse. The countertop design is quite simple because it depicts a rural atmosphere that is far from modern. Although simple, in making this farmhouse countertop, special techniques must be used so that the wood is neatly arranged.

In this design, the wood used is large and wide and then glued together. Then the wood is glued to the countertop and lacquered to make it look shiny. Although simple, this design will give a classic and natural impression.

6. Island Wood Countertop

Island Wood Countertop
source: decoratorist.com

The next from the DIY countertop ideas list is island wood. Maybe you can use this idea if you want to bring the feel of a vacation on the island to your home. What makes it different is the piece of wood used must look natural.

Even if there is an uneven piece of wood it is better because it will make an impression of natural wood. Real wood will really only be coated with varnish to make it smoother, shiny and durable. However, to make this table, you don’t have to use island-specific wood, but you can use reclaimed wood.

Epoxy Countertop

Epoxy is one material that is often used to make floors or tables. This material has shiny results that can give the countertop an elegant and luxurious impression. No wonder many people use this material to decorate countertops to make them more beautiful. There are several DIY countertop ideas using epoxy material as follows.

1. Stone Coat Epoxy Countertop

Stone Coat Epoxy Countertop
source: ayayhome.com

Using this idea, your table will look like you are using granite. Granite does have a distinctive beautiful pattern that will make it elegant. To make it enough to use two epoxy colors namely white and black.

When applying it, first coat the table with white epoxy, then pour black and mix using a brush or other tool in the same direction so that it resembles granite. Even so, you still have to be careful in forming the motive because if it is wrong then the motif will not be formed properly.

2. Epoxy Dirty Pour Technique Countertop

Epoxy Dirty Pour Technique Countertop
source: tehnobazar.club

The next from the list of DIY countertop ideas is to use the dirty pour epoxy technique. The results of this technique will be very beautiful and can even resemble the color of planets in space. Of course, this epoxy countertop idea would combine several colors into one.

Even to make it enough to simply pour the epoxy mixture arbitrarily to produce the desired motif. Even so, the results of making this countertop will be very beautiful.

3. Metallic Countertop

Metallic Countertop
source: cartodon.com

Actually the techniques used when applying all types of epoxy on the countertop are the same. The color used this time is metallic. Because of its uniqueness, this design can be one alternative DIY countertop ideas. With this metallic color, your desk will look shiny and expensive.

This metal-epoxy can be made in one color, it can also be made of granite motifs or like other stones.  If you use one color, your countertop will look elegant and simple. Meanwhile, if you use several color mixes and combined into one so that forming abstract motifs will make it look unique.

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4. Black Marble Epoxy Countertop

Black Marble Epoxy Countertop
source: whatisblik.com

The next DIY countertop ideas are epoxy like black marble. Black marble is dominated by black so your desk doesn’t get dirty easily. To make black marble, of course, the epoxy color used will be blacker. Then add a little white to give a pattern like marble.

There is a special technique that you have to do to make a natural marble pattern such as applying silver epoxy or a mixture of black and white in a circle like making crepes. Then give a little accent abstract lines so that the marbled motif is really real.

5. Forest Epoxy Countertop

Forest Epoxy Countertop
source: medium.com

This time DIY countertop ideas will present a forest feel. The materials used also use natural materials such as soil, stones, and leaves that choose a beautiful pattern. For that, you must first collect these materials in order to make this countertop.

Then arrange the materials on a solid wooden board neatly. After that, the top will be coated with clear resin so that the materials will blend together perfectly. That way you can have a countertop that is very unique than before.

Those are some DIY countertop ideas that can inspire you. The good furniture you use will describe your character. Therefore, you can choose some of these ideas to apply them to your countertop. Of course, there are several choices for those of you who have a small budget but want to make your countertop look amazing.

In addition, there are also countertop options using wood that are already commonly used. Even so, you can still make it look different and unique. And the last is the choice to make a countertop using epoxy material. This method is very simple because you only have to pour the epoxy liquid and then play the color to create a unique pattern.

Countertop Ideas

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