Decorating the room is not only about choosing the wall painting, picking a suitable lamp, or setting the furniture. If you are renovating the living room now, then, adding a coffee table is this the right time. The table doesn’t have to be expensive and new once you can find the DIY coffee table ideas and make it by yourself.

A coffee table is placed in front of the sofa, even though sometimes people put it beside too, or, as for convenience, they make their design. Thus, recently many various DIY coffee table ideas you probably find. While talking about the function, this table is made for supporting the remote control, beverages (if you are snacking in front of the TV), magazines, books, or anything you are using there.

Actually, a coffee table is not the main thing to be in the living room. But, however, it is necessary to ease grab things you frequently use. As the home and apartment get smaller, designers get more creative in showing the DIY coffee table ideas. Not only from the size, but the model also becomes various. In the past, a coffee table was usually rectangular or round. Today, you might find the oval or small square shape. In addition, other shapes are made based on the homeowner’s wants.

Low-Cost DIY Coffee Table Ideas To Try

Before you try one of the DIY coffee table ideas below, you should consider the function too. Indeed, we mentioned above that this table is for putting the magazine, remote, beverage, and many others. But, if you put it in the family room, you might need more storage inside. Thus, the design for the living room and private family room would be different. To ease your mind and clear the picture, see what we have here as your inspiration:

1. Round Wooden Bucket

Rustic Kitchen Island With Tappered Legs

Wooden bucket table is very unique. You can take advantage of the unused wine barrel. Just do little touches in some parts, such as smoothing the surface, repainted, and take out the top cover. You can cut the glass into a round shape, so you can place something on it. Make sure the glass diameter is wider than the bucket.

2. Simple Square Standing Table

Rustic Dark Brown

If you have no idea about making your own coffee table, then try one of these DIY coffee table ideas. As we told you before that the coffee table doesn’t have to be wide. It is okay if you want to make a small and simple one. Place it beside your sofa, so it eases you to take coffee or book in your room.

3. Two-sided Wooded Drawer

Lovely Modern Farmhouse

Complete the table with drawers as your extra storage. You can divide the table into two parts, then design the drawer. You are able to put your creativity as your DIY coffee table ideas. While the drawers are finished, you will have a large space inside to put magazines, pillows, or favorite books.

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4. Lift Up Drawer

Farmhouse Living Kitchen island

The other models of coffee table with drawer is the lift up one. Perhaps, you are confused about designing the roll when making a pull drawer. So, make it easy by adding the hinges, then you will have a space inside the table. Open the table surface by lifting up. There you see a space for your belongings.

5. Mini Half Square Table

Mini Half Square Table

Not many people are inspired to make this design. You don’t need many materials here, but you should make sure of the height of the sofa’s arm. Because, once you are wrong in measuring, the table won’t fit the sofa. Let one side of the table without its stand. It is enough only using the one-sided buffer. Make a small one so it is easy to be moved.

6. Portable Wooden Arm Table

Portable Wooden Arm Table

This table is more moveable than in the previous model. If you think that making one of the DIY coffee table ideas is hard, then you are totally wrong once you see this table. This table needs no more effort than sawing off the wood into three sides surfaces. Make sure that the width is exactly the same as your sofa. Indeed, it is not a table as we have described before. But, still, you can say it as the coffee table

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7. Round Woven Bamboo

Round Woven Bamboo

You might think that this table is only for a rustic home. Or, at least, for someone who decorates a farmhouse. Surprisingly, the bamboo fits if you combine with the modern sofa. Do a bamboo weaving and if you cannot do it by yourself, you can just make the design. Ask the craft man or professional to make it comes true for your living room.

8. Wooden Blocks Table

Wooden Blocks Table

DIY coffee table ideas are always great using wood. Here, you can make another creation by sticking them to be a table. It is very easy to make this table. Decide what pattern you want to make, then, collect the block as many as you plan. Don’t forget to smooth the surface so it is properly put inside the house.

9. The Crates and Pallet

The Crates and Pallet

Have you ever imagined that the crates and pallets are a good combination? Here you are, try this idea as your coffee table. Nothing is difficult while making this one. The advantage is you can adjust the length based on your space. So, even you are living in a small apartment, you are right to have this rustic coffee table.

10. Tree Trunks Inside the House

Tree Trunks Inside the House

Do you want to try something a little bit extreme? Then, bring inside the tree trunks to your living or family room. Make it as a frame for the glass and other supporting parts of the table. You might ask someone who really understands about wood. Because you need to choose the right trunk, so it will have long durability. But making this table as one of your DIY coffee table ideas is a must.

11. Unused Window

. Unused Window

There will always benefit from something that is unused. It is like the old window which you think to throw. Take a look closer to that window, you can make a coffee table from it. If the glass is broken, you can repair it by installing the new one. Also for the frame, do touches so it looks new again. After that, add something under each corner to support its stand.

12. The Map Look

The Map Look

If you think that you already give up on selecting the right idea, then do something to the top part. You won’t need a tablecloth if following this idea. Here you improve the look by putting a map. Yes, spread out the map to remind you to travel around the world. Cover it by putting a transparent glass. There you go, it is the coffee table with a map on it.

13. A Bottle Cap Colony

A Bottle Cap Colony

The reason why DIY coffee table ideas are not costly because you reuse everything around you. You can see something still has value and use even though the other people think that it is a trash. Just like the bottle cap, you can make a unique coffee table from it. Decide one pattern then arrange the bottle caps following that design. You can stick the bottle cap using special glue so the finished look will be perfect.

14. Wine Bottle Caps Creation

Wine Bottle Caps Creation

Besides the bottle cap in the previous number, you can also use the wine bottle caps. Don’t think too complicated about the design, you just spread the caps inside the table. Thus, you need to make a space inside the table. Design a table like a frame, so someone will see the table like a big frame of wine bottle caps. It is interesting because maybe only you who has a coffee table like this.

15. Seashells Inside the Table

Seashells Inside the Table

Many DIY coffee table ideas are unique, but there is nothing can beat this idea. This coffee table idea is so beautiful because you put the seashells inside. So, whoever sees the table, they will feel like at the seashore. Collect the shells in various sizes, colors, shapes, and types. You can also combine with several white small stones. Spread them inside the table, then cover with transparent glass. It is nice to see the table every time you sit in the living room.

16. Stuck Gear and Chain

Stuck Gear and Chain

If you think that seashells are too ordinary, then why don’t you try an extreme and masculine thing? If you dare enough, put the gear and chain inside the table. Set it just like you put the seashells. But, applying this idea might be a little bit difficult. Because you have to do something for the gear and chain so they won’t be rusty in the future. However, someone who has this table must be the one out of the box.

17. Tiles Combination

Tiles Combination

Have you ever imagined how to maximize the rest tile? Sometimes there are unused tiles while someone is renovating their home. So, we show you how to utilize it as one of the DIY coffee table ideas here. Gather all the unused tiles, then decide how big the table would be. Before you unite the tiles to be the surface, you should make the frame first as the size you want. After that, put the tiles inside it and there you are with the unique DIY coffee table.

18. Old Classic Suitcase

Old Classic Suitcase

It is good if you plan to donate the old suitcase. But, hold on, you can make something unique with it. Seeing the suitcase side is flat, you can make the coffee table from it. Clean the suitcase and empty inside. Use something to stand the suitcase so it stays like a table. It would be more perfect if you combine the interior with the same nuance, that might be the carpet, sofa, or tile installation.

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19. Old Piano in the Glass

Old Piano in the Glass

This is probably the real out of the box for the DIY coffee table ideas. Because not everybody wants to make their lovely piano as a coffee table. Well, you don’t need to be this extreme. But if you find the unused piano or the broken one, you can design it to be a table. Make sure that you make a strong table frame to cover the piano inside. As for the surface, buy a quite thick glass to keep the piano safe.

20. The Unused Door Lying

The Unused Door Lying

Are you looking for the other simple DIY coffee table ideas? Lying the unused door might be the effortless coffee table you can make. You don’t need anything unless the unused door and something to support that door. It is easy to make a creation with it, for example, you can repaint or do the carving. It might look strange, but nothing is interesting than trying something unique for DIY.

DIY coffee table ideas are very great if you are someone who loves decorating home. You can decide anything you want, starts from the model, size, color, until the material. If you want to combine with modern furniture, make sure that your touch is matched. Once you can do one of the ideas above, you don’t need to but a set of sofa and table for your living room. It saves you more budget, so you can use that money for the other things.

Before you go further with those DIY coffee table ideas, we want to remind you of several things in the decorating room. Besides putting the right furniture, you also should pay attention to these elements: the color, the lighting, and the bulk. The color is not only for the furniture but also for the whole room look.

When you are deciding a color for the table, don’t forget to inline with the wall painting. The lighting is strongly related to the nuance. It defines a certain mood for everyone who comes there. And the last is the bulk which shows you where things are put. Avoid putting many things only in one corner or area. Try to put it spread evenly around the room and the corner.

DIY Coffee Table

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