Since Konmari and other tidying hacks become more popular as the lifestyle, many people doing their DIY to organize something. One of the most decluttering parts is the closet. It is where you put your belongings inside. Usually, the front side is the door and there are shelves inside. But, today, the models are various. So, you might find the other looks of the closet. Here, we will show you the DIY closet organization ideas. No matter you have a big one or a small room without windows.

Whatever the type of your closet is, the main function of a closet is for keeping your things safe, as we mentioned above. When you have a big house, it is nice to build a walk-in closet. You will have a great experience in choosing your attire. But it is okay to have a minimalist model for the small apartment. That doesn’t lessen the function as the storage. While you are trying one of the DIY closet organization ideas, it means you make the look of it better.

The closet organization helps you to avoid a mess. Within’ the organization, you separate the professional attire, the casual shirt, the jeans, and many more. However, today a closet is also to place the accessories. Thus, not all the DIY closet organization ideas below are aimed at the clothes or pants only.

The glasses, the scarfs, and even the bras are needed to be organized. The arrangement depends on your taste or whatever that eases you. Sometimes people arrange based on the color, the size, or anything. Do the thing that makes you not spending much time in preparation. Because you can use your time for something more useful than just standing in front of the closet.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas You Can Try

Making the closet organization actually is not difficult. If you already know your purpose, you can decide on the design. That is why we share several DIY closet organization ideas here. But some others who have no ability in doing DIY usually hire the professional. However, the designs below are simple and easy to follow. Now let’s find out the designs might suitable with your taste and space:

1. Plastic File Box Storage

Plastic File Box Storage

Do you see your bag in a mess? Don’t be worry, that a simple problem. You can make them organized by using the plastic file box storage. Stand the plastic storages inside the rack, then put in the bag there. One storage for one bag only. To keep the bag skin safe, cover the bag with a smooth fabric, like silk.

2. File Storage for Sandals

File Storage for Sandals

If you still have more file box storage, then it could be used to organize the sandals. Arrange the file storage like for the bag. But, remember, don’t put this storage beside the bag. Your sandals should be in the below section. Also, make sure every sandal inside the box must be clean. It would make your closet looks tidy.

3. Plastic Gallon Beside the Rack

Plastic Gallon Beside the Rack

The DIY closet organization ideas using everything you have around, including the plastic gallon. Cut to top part to make a big hole, then you can put anything inside. It could be sandals, bags, or shoes. It eases you to get the things because the storage is transparent. Also, it is flexible to remove. Once you don’t need this extra storage, you can take out from the rack.

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4. Colorful Crates

Colorful Crates

The best thing from the crate is you can make anything with it. When people do the DIY from crates for table or storage, we recommend you make the crates for your closet organizer. Paint the crates with the color you love, then arrange it properly as your storage. One crate is for one belonging, for example, the blue crate is special for a t-shirt, while the pink one is for jeans.

5. DIY Hanging Crates on the Wall

DIY Hanging Crates on the Wall

In the previous number, we have shown you how the crates are helpful to be a closer organizer. This part is still talking about the crates but in a different form. If you want to do a little more effort, you can make hanging crates. We know that maybe you have the old crates or impossible to be hung. Thus, see the wooden pallet and make the clothes organizer from it. It would be unique when someone sees your closet.

6. Hanging Crates with Rope

Hanging Crates with Rope

The other DIY closet organization ideas using crates are hanging them with rope. This idea is also fit for your baby’s closet. Maybe you have lots of toys, then just put the doll, the car, and anything inside the crates. Arrange each crate with a proper distance. The benefit of using rope is its capability to handle the heavy items inside. Thus, you don’t have to be worry if the crates will fall down.

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7. Hook Wire for Bra

Hook Wire for Bra

Sometimes the mess comes from the bras or underwear. Here, we have inspiration for you to make a hook wire. It is very easy to create because all you need to do just curving the wire. Shape as many as the number of your bras. If you don’t have an attached hanger, you can make one behind the door or in any part of your closer.

8. Plastic Box for Shoes

Plastic Box for Shoes

It might be the fast DIY closet organization ideas you can do. Use the plastic box to place your shoes. We know that you will get hard to find the right shoes one day. Thus, don’t forget to take the picture of your shoes or sandals inside. So, you don’t need to open the box one by one to get the right shoes or sandals you want. Arrange the boxes properly on the rack. Once someone sees this, they will be amazed to see how tidy you are with many shoes or sandals.

9. Simple Tubes Storage

Simple Tubes Storage

Do you still remember the plastic gallon storage? Well, here we have another inspiration for your DIY closet organization ideas. Cut the tubes into the size you want and based on your needs too. It might be for the shoes or anything. Stick the tubes beside the closet or in an empty wall. It is also applicable to the drawer, but the size would be smaller for sure.

10. Unused Shoebox

Unused Shoebox

Just like the crates, the unused shoebox also gives you some benefits, including as the closer organizer. Repair every side of the box, you can cover it by wrapping paper or anything. Then, put a picture to show what the things inside the box. It eases you just like the shoes in the box. You shouldn’t take all the boxes to get anything you want. We might say that this way is a trick to have a long durable household appliance.

11. Wooden Pallet Wardrobe

Wooden Pallet Wardrobe

Do you have an empty space in the corner inside your home? Then you can change it into the closet. No need for expensive materials for it. Just make the divider from a wooden pallet. Besides it is cheap, you can make it as you want here. Also, many people choose using a wooden pallet because it is stronger. Decide what things you want to place there, do a measurement, after that, start being the DIYer for your closet.

12. Baby Closet Organizer

Baby Closet Organizer

Perhaps you don’t realize that baby’s belonging sometimes more than yours. You will know how many clothes you buy until there is no space anymore. Or, it becomes hard to find the pair of their socks. As the anticipation, make one of this DIY closet organization ideas.

You can put several woven bamboo storages there, then cover the sides with paper or fabric. Write what is inside the storage. Also, you can arrange the hanging clothes in color. It eases you whenever you want to get the baby ready.

13. The Dangling Ribbon Trick

The Dangling Ribbon Trick

Having too many accessories could be fun and the problem at the same time. It is fun because you can change your look anytime. But once you cannot store the accessories very well, it could make your closet messy. We have an easy trick to solve this condition.

Get a ribbon and cut with the length you want. Tie the ribbon to a ring, then hang it. You can stick the brooches or any accessories in this dangling ribbon. This idea is applicable to any part of your room. But, since we are discussing the closet, you can hang it inside your closet.

14. Plastic Ring with the Hanger

Plastic Ring with the Hanger

The way you treat the scarfs is quite the same as for the bras. You can hang them with the ring or hanger. Here there is an inspiration to use both of them: the ring and the hanger. Wrap the scarf to the ring. This method is also good to keep the scarf tidy. So, when you need to wear one scarf, no need to ironing it first.

15. Glasses on the Hanger

Glasses on the Hanger

Never underestimate the use of hanger. It is not only for the clothes but also helps you to arrange the glasses. Nothing to think about this idea, because it is as simple as hanging the glasses on the hanger. Then, pick the right place to hang this. You won’t be difficult anymore to find the glasses you want to wear. Don’t forget to clean the glasses regularly to keep it looks like new.

16. The Hats with the Rings

The Hats with the Rings

The DIY closet organization ideas here are suitable for hat lovers. In this number, you can see that the ring is also good to arrange the hats. Too many hats inside the closet will require space a lot. Thus, to make it tidier and simpler, hang every hat with the ring. It is good for you if you can put the hats inside the closet. But if it has to be a little outside, better for you to take care of them once a month. At least you prevent fungus, stains, or other impurities stick on the hat.

17. Hanging Chain

Hanging Chain

This idea might never be inside your mind. Not many people can maximize the things around them. Try to create extra space by hanging vertically your shirts. As you see that the chain has many holes. You can use it to hang the hanger. But, remember, watch the bottom side, does the last shirt will touch the ground or not. We recommend you to take a certain distance, so the clothes keep clean because not touching the ground.

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18. The Belt in the Line

The Belt in the Line

The belt is also the accessories that sometimes makes your closet messy. This won’t happen again in the future if you follow this idea. Take one hanger, we recommend the bigger or a longer one, then stick several hooks there. It is for hanging the belt. But if you don’t want to do that effort, just hang the belts there. Indeed, it doesn’t as tidy as having the hooks. At least your closet has one special part for the belts.

19. Curtain Rings for Tank Tops

Curtain Rings for Tank Tops

Tank tops are the other problem to get your closet tidy. To make extra space, you can hang all the tank tops using the curtain rings. No need other things anymore, this one is very effective to unite the tank tops.

20. Jeans on the Wall

Jeans on the Wall

Maybe you see this as the last of our DIY closet organization ideas. However, taking care of long jeans it is not really easy. But if you make the “jeans wall” like here, you will love to buy jeans more and more. This way eases you to get the best jeans for a casual look.

So here you are with some of the DIY closet organization ideas to do. Do you find any difficult things? We are sure that there is nothing to make with special and master skills. Even though you are just a beginner, you can follow every idea above. But just make sure that the chosen one is suitable for your needs and your current closet design.

It is very nice to do many DIY for our home. Because home is where we spend time to rest and be our true self. After you read this article about DIY closet organization ideas, you should find the other article for more creations inside the house. The more personal touch you make, the more comfortable you will be there.

Closet Organization Ideas

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