A small decoration in the middle of a table is frequently unrecognizable. But at the same time, when people will miss it. Moreover, for women who often keep on details. For that reason, don’t protest when you find many women fussing over DIY centerpiece ideas.

The purpose of a centerpiece is solely for decoration. Thus, for its insignificant but significant rule, people keep centerpiece for not too large. This to avoid the centerpiece in taking too much room on the table and make it difficult for serving.

There are many objects that you can use for centerpiece out there. But most of the centerpieces have a DIY touch to make it more personal. Especially for a private dining party or a wedding. Some fine dining restaurants also arrange special DIY centerpiece ideas.

If you search on the internet, you can find there are many DIY centerpiece ideas that you can try. With the ideas, you can avoid hiring professionals and save your budget. Without further ado, look at these centerpiece ideas below with various main object.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas with Flowers

When talking about a centerpiece, then the first thing that comes to our mind is flowers. Yes, since ancient times and humans understand beauty, flowers become the main material for decoration. Even today, you can still find a flower arrangement in the middle of a table. Then, look at the DIY centerpiece ideas with flower below:

1. Flowers on the Frame

Flowers on the Frame
source: ultimate.buzztip.ru

Arranging flowers on the vase is mainstream. For creating a unique experience, why don’t you try something different? For example, these flowers on the frame. There’s no requirement for what kind of flower that you use. But instead of a vase, you can use a frame for the flowers’ place.

2. A Box of Flowers

A Box of Flowers
source: sanctuaryhomedecor.com

You can also utilize a box for the flower arrangement. A simple pallet or carton box can do the trick, giving the easy and casual feeling. Meanwhile, for the flowers, you can use any kind of flowers. Or you can also color coordinate the flowers. Thus, even if you choose various kinds of flowers, the centerpiece can still have the same color.

3. Tower of Flowers

Tower of Flowers
source: weddingbee.com

Another idea for creating a centerpiece flower arrangement is to make a tower of flowers. You don’t have to make it high, maybe three or two stories are enough. For the tower frame, you can DIY from the bamboo pieces or any woods. Then, just create the flower arrangement at the base and top.

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4. Flowers Bucket

Flowers Bucket
source: jihanshanum.com

Do you notice that mostly florist keep their flowers in buckets? For the centerpiece, why don’t you steal this idea? But don’t use the big bucket as the florist does. Instead, find the small buckets and arrange your flower there. Don’t forget to fill a quarter of the bucket with water to keep your flower fresh.

5. The Goblet of Flowers

The Goblet of Flowers
source: decoratorist.com

A goblet is another perfect substitute for a vase. Thus, you can arrange your centerpiece flower arrangement in a goblet. To make it more eye-catching, use brass or chopper goblet for more effect. Also, to add the glamorous vibe, you may make the overflow arrangement.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas with Glass

Everyone knows, the purpose of glass is for drinking. But with a little effort, you can also make it as a filler at the center of the table. Even simple tall water glass can become a stunning centerpiece. Thus, here are several DIY centerpiece ideas by using glass:

1. Flowers in the Glass

Flowers in the Glass
source: diyspins.com

Compared to the previous section, the flowers here are only complementary. Because the main attraction is the simple water glass. Alongside with the flowers, you can also put in several pebbles and a small amount of water – only around one-tenth. Then, put it in the center of the table.

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2. Filler Flowers in the Glass

Filler Flowers in the Glass
source: netwarp.net

The purpose of creating a DIY centerpiece is to keep your budget thigh. Thus, you don’t have to spend too much, but still making your special day beautiful. One way to do it is to use the filler flower that costs lesser than the usual main flower for the centerpiece. Then, you only need to put them in the glass and let them decorate the table.

3. Floating Fern in the Glass

Floating Fern in the Glass
source: nahupi.com

Aside from filler flowers, you can also use fern to accompany the glass to be a beautiful centerpiece. To create this centerpiece, you only need a tall glass of water. Then, fill the glass with water until one inch from the rim. After that, put in the fern and complete it by floating a small candle on top.

4. A Piece of Flower in the Small Glass

A Piece of Flower in the Small Glass
source: debloembakkerij.be

Although decorating the room, but putting on a gigantic centerpiece is troublesome. Moreover, if the original purpose of the table is for dining serving. Thus, a small centerpiece is the right choice. That way, you can try this idea by using a small glass for the centerpiece. In the glass, you can put water gel and a piece of flower.

5. Succulent Garden in the Glass

Succulent Garden in the Glass
soource: balconygardenweb.com

The next idea for a piece of the centerpiece is to create a succulent garden in a glass. Just pick small-sized succulent plants that suitable for the glass size. Aside from soil, you can switch to small pebbles, sands, or even water gel for the planting media.

Reclaimed DIY Centerpiece Ideas with

The most fun part of DIY is because you can reclaim old stuff and recycle it with a better value. There are many DIY centerpiece ideas that you can do with reclaimed unused stuff around your house. Just with a small touch, you can turn it into a beautiful filler for the center of the table. Here are the ideas you can try:

1. Bulb Vase Centerpiece

Bulb Vase Centerpiece
source: blues-dev.ru

Although it’s hard to find a light bulb nowadays, if you dig dipper in the garage, you may find several of them. Because you can recycle the bulb into a stunning centerpiece, such as this bulb vase. Meanwhile, for the holder, you can make a hanger or a bulb base to put the bulb on the table.

2. Old Lantern Centerpiece

Old Lantern Centerpiece
source: beneconnoi.com

What’s better than a lantern in saying classic? If you trying to create a classic and rustic vibe, then the lantern centerpiece is the right choice. You can keep the original lantern color or re-paint it. Meanwhile, for the accomplishment, you can add flowers, fairy lights, candles – or a combination of the three to create your desired look.

3. Beer Bottles Centerpiece

Beer Bottles Centerpiece
source: seconduse.com

Can you imagine that couples of beer bottles as a centerpiece? Don’t get the wrong idea, because with a little effort you can turn them into a beautiful piece for the center of the table. Aside from putting several bottles together, you can also put each of them on their own to fill the middle of the table.

4. Barn Wood Box Centerpiece

Barn Wood Box Centerpiece
source: diycraftsy.com

As you know, you can recycle barn wood into many things, even a centerpiece. With the barn wood as your centerpiece, you will have a rustic and vintage look. Also, you don’t have to sand the wood and keep the texture and color as it is.

5. Wooden Milk Holder Centerpiece

Wooden Milk Holder Centerpiece
source: meganbrookehandmadeblog.com

If you have an old wooden milk holder, then don’t throw it away. Because after a little cleaning, you can put it in the middle of your dining table as a centerpiece. To complete the look, you can also put in several milk bottles to fill the box. There, now you have a unique attraction in your dining room.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are magic with its soft but busy glow. Thus, the fairy lights will become a perfect centerpiece that you can try. Not to mention, for the centerpiece with fairy lights, you don’t need many things to create one stunning centerpiece. Here are several DIY centerpiece ideas with fairy light you can do yourself:

1. Fairy Lights in the Wine Bottle

Fairy Lights in the Wine Bottle
source: heritagerajasthantour.com

If you have many wine bottles, then you can cross for the centerpiece from your list. Because you can turn the wine bottle into a stunning centerpiece to decorate your table. Just by putting a string of fairy light, the bottle will be a masterpiece decoration.

2. Fairy Lights in the Fish Bowl

Fairy Lights in the Fish Bowl
source: sociviews.com

You can play around with the fairy lights because everything will turn beautiful. For example, you can turn an empty fishbowl into an eye-catching center table filler. If you haven’t satisfied yet with the only fishbowl and fairy lights, then you can also add other ornaments. For example, creating a dry garden or simple flower arrangement and complete it with the lights.

3. Fairy Lights in the Jar

Fairy Lights in the Jar
source: decoryourhomes.com

Many use jars for decoration purpose and it never gets old, including for the fairy light centerpiece. Insert a string of fairy lights in the jar and set it in the middle of the table. For more effect, you can also decorate the outside of the jar with paint or other ornaments.

4. Fairy Lights in the Glass

Fairy Lights in the Glass
source: christmas-light-source.com

We mentioned about wine bottle, fishbowl, and jar. Thus, this list won’t complete if we leave the glass for the fairy lights centerpiece decoration. Either you fill the glass with other ornaments aside from the lights or decorate the outside of the glass, the result will still stunning.

5. Vines Fairly Lights

Vines Fairly Lights
source: nkkconsult.ru

Is it too common for limiting the fairy lights in a container? So, you can try just set the light free. To do that, you can loosely thread the fairy lights strings with vines plants. Then, set the vines in the middle of the table. But remember, that this arrangement only suitable for a long table.

DIY Centerpiece Ideas with Candles

Since the human population discovered candles, it always has a special place at the center of the table. Thus, you don’t have to confuse that until today people keep on putting candles on the table. But sure, now the purpose of putting candles on the table has different purposes compared to back then. For that reason, here are DIY centerpiece ideas with candles that you can try:

1. Reclaimed Wood Candle Holder

from: freshome.com
source: heritagerajasthantour.com

Old wood will be the perfect material for giving you the rustic centerpiece look. Thus, you can use a piece of old wood as a candle holder and put it in the middle of the table. But to give a better look, don’t put the candle on top of the wood. Instead, hollow the middle of the wood to make room for the candle.

2. Decorated Candle Centerpiece

Decorated Candle Centerpiece
source: amazepaperie.com

If you don’t find the perfect candle holder for the centerpiece, then don’t get panic. Because you still can have a stunning centerpiece just with the candle. You can just decorate the candle right away to make it not hard to look. Also, make sure to use a bigger candle diameter for the decoration purpose.

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3. Candle in the Snowy Jar

Candle in the Snowy Jar
source: diycrafti.com

Creating a centerpiece with candles is easy, and the result is far from disappointing. For example, this snowy jar for the candle holder. Before putting the candle in the jar, glue the outside of the jar with the combination of Epsom salt and a little glitter. The outside layer will give a snowy effect at the jar.

4. Upside Down Wine Glass Candle Holder

Upside Down Wine Glass Candle Holder
source: weddbook.com

There are many ideas for decorating the center of the table with candles. One of them is utilizing the wine glass. To create a unique look, arrange the glass in upside-down, and use the base part as the candle holder. You can also put something in the glass part for additional decoration.

5. The candle on the Bottle

The candle on the Bottle
source: recyclart.org

The empty bottle can also serve as the candle holder. For this purpose, you can use any kind of bottle – from wine, beer, or any liquor kind of bottle. To add the effect, fill the inside of the bottle with decoration. Aside from putting the candle on the bottle, you can also put it in the bottle. But to do that, you have to remove the base of the bottle and use the bottle as the candle cover.

Just as its literal meaning, the centerpiece is a piece that you put in the center of the table. Thus, it can be anything with any form. That also the reason, why people keep on coming with various kinds of DIY centerpiece ideas each day.

Although creating a DIY centerpiece is fun, you have to remember not to overdo and keep it small. That way, the centerpiece won’t disturb the main purpose of the table. Again, the centerpiece’s purpose is only for decoration.

Centerpiece Ideas

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