Although it is one of the most important parts of the house, many people just neglect the ceiling. People love to decorate the walls or the rooms, however, they think of nothing regarding the ceiling. If you want to consider it a little, a plain ceiling is really boring, isn’t it? And so, why don’t try to make it more flashy? There are a lot of ceiling ideas you can try of. Some of them even DIY ceiling ideas.

You can extract your unlimited creativity if you decorate the ceiling yourself. There are many options you can choose as there are a lot of materials you can use for the ceiling. Furthermore, you can save your money and invest it somewhere else.

Decorating your ceiling can be fun too. You can try whether to paint your ceiling in one color or use some boards. There are even three-dimensional ceiling. And so, with some ideas of the DIY ceiling, you can make the ceiling more sparkly.

DIY Ideas for Ceiling

Although it does not seem like that, the nice-looking ceiling will brighten the mood up. There are many options you can choose for your ceiling. And there are also DIY ceiling ideas that may surprise you because of how easy it is.

1. Plank Ceiling

Plank Ceiling

Make your ceiling look classic by installing the plank ceiling. You can use the woods as your celling. Shape them into the bar and then install them on the ceiling. The brown color that the wooden bring will calm your heart as you look at the ceiling.

This kind of ceiling will also look good with the house with a nature theme as the materials of the ceiling are picked from nature. To make it nicer, add a stylish bulb lamp.

2. Full cover Abstract

DIY Ceiling Ideas

While orderly put ceiling may be popular with most people, the abstract panel ceiling is not bad either. Moreover, it is covering all of the ceilings. That’s right. You can try to arrange the cover ceiling in the way you like. You don’t need to follow the order, just put them on the ceiling abruptly.

As long as they fully cover the ceiling, then it’s mission completed. Now, you can look at how messy but cool your ceiling are.

3. 3D Texture Panel

3D Texture Panel

If you’re looking for DIY ceiling ideas, you can try this 3D texture panel ceiling. As you know, most of the ceiling is just a two-dimension plain ceiling. So, let’s make your ceiling different from the other by installing a 3D panel ceiling.

Not only will differ your ceiling from the other’s, but it also will make your ceiling look cool. Moreover, the 3D panel ceiling will make your house more classic and comfortable.

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4. Wooden Jail looked Ceiling

Wooden Jail looked Ceiling

Wood is a nice material for the ceiling. You can make the woods into various kinds of the ceiling. One of them is long small woods. The first thing you should do is find the woods that long enough to cover your ceiling. After that, cut them into small sizes.

Try hard to make them in the same size. Then, arrange them with a small space between the woods so they will look at a jail bar. Now, you get a simple but amazing ceiling.

5. Flower in the Ceiling

Flower in the Ceiling

Are you tired or bored with a mainstream ceiling? Then, let’s make an anti-mainstream ceiling. To do this, you don’t need new materials for your ceiling. What you need is just a set of painting tools such as a brush and some of the paints. With all of these tools, you can decorate your ceiling with a drawing.

It will go more smoothly if your ceiling has a white color. You can draw a flower on the ceiling. Not only is anti-mainstream, but it also makes your ceiling look more artistic.

6. Two-Color Vintage Ceiling

DIY Ceiling Ideas

Vintage themes can always attract people. And now, it also appears in DIY ceiling ideas. You can make your ceiling look like the old days. This vintage-themed ceiling’s material is made from the corrugated metal barn. You can paint the metal before installing it on the ceiling.

And it’s best if you paint it in brown color so it will give a vintages vibes. And while one color maybe doesn’t give a strong impression as an old vintage ceiling, two different colors maybe give it a vintage vibe. Also, this kind of ceiling will look good with the same color furniture.

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7. Puzzle Like Ceiling

Two-Color Vintage Ceiling

Installing the ceiling in the house can be a fun challenge too. For this challenge, you can try to shape your ceiling material into pieces of a puzzle. It is not square like a panel ceiling but many shapes that will make you have to think about how to arrange them in the ceiling.

However, when you make the shape, you should make sure that the shapes are connected. If they’re not connected, you can’t arrange them. After that, you can have fun arranging the puzzle on the ceiling.

8. Pattern Paint Ceiling

Pattern Paint Ceiling

You may have seen it in many houses, but the painted ceiling is so common yet alluring. While the other ceiling ideas may cost a little bit of money, you can spend money as little as possible if you pour DIY ceiling ideas into painting. There are many kinds of paintings you can apply to the ceiling. The pattern paint is used the most.

There are also illusion paintings, stripes painting and many more.  Let’s your creativity to get out and paint your ceiling in the most flashy way ever.

9. Starry Sky Ceiling

Starry Sky Ceiling

Looking at the star in the sky is a very fun activity. But, you can’t always go outside in the night. So, to make up for it, you can move the starry sky on your ceiling.  With fiber optic panel star ceiling, you can always watch the stars on your ceiling. It maybe cost a lot, but if you’re a true stars lover then it’s worth trying.

Not only it makes your ceiling look more sparkle and amazing, but you can also place your favorite constellations on your ceiling and watch them every night. Just enjoy the starry sky in your home.

10. Flower Paper on The Ceiling

DIY Room Ideas

You may think that the paper used for writing, but it can be used as an idea for the DIY ceiling. With a little bit skill of crafting, turning the papers into three-dimensional shapes. One of the shapes that maybe get your interest Is the flowers.

To make the paper flower, you need a lot of paper with different colors. After that, start to make the flower shape from the papers. When it’s done, set them up on the ceiling and see how beautiful your ceiling is right now.

11. Board Chess Ceiling

Board Chess Ceiling

Chess is a sport loved by many people around the world. And now, you can adapt that popular board chess on your ceiling. Furthermore, it is an easy task to make board chess on the ceiling. What you need is just two paints with white and black color.

Before painting your ceiling do not forget to measure the area of your ceiling and divide it into squares. After finish the measurement, it’s time to paint the ceiling in black and white color like the board chess. When painting, you should pay attention to the use of the color. Make sure you don’t commit a mistake in coloring the ceiling.

12. Textured Stripes Ceiling

Textured Stripes Ceiling

The combination of texture and stripes ceiling maybe one of the best DIY ceiling ideas. Usually, people tend to choose either the texture or the stripes painted ceiling. However, you can combine them into one idea and get a fresh ceiling.

To make the stripes more interesting, you can curve them into a nice shape, for example, flower-shaped. What’s make this impressive is that the stripes are not just painted but a texture, so you can touch and feel the line.

13. Wooden Tiles Ceiling

Wooden Tiles Ceiling

You will never get tired of the woods for DIY ceiling ideas. And this time, it is tiles ceiling. For this wooden tiles ceiling, you don’t need large woods, instead, you can use small to medium woods. One thing you should remember, even if you use small woods, measure them well so they will have the same size.

After that, you can paint the woods so it will look nicer. Arrange the small cut woods into the tiles. Then, install them on the ceiling. Add a dim lamp to spice up things.

14. Beadboard Ceiling

Beadboard Ceiling

For the house that have a short ceiling, you can make use of the beadboards panel. It will make your ceiling look taller and also impact the entire rooms. After all, a short ceiling often makes the impression that the rooms are cramped.

So, installing the beadboard panels definitely will make the rooms feel more spacious. Furthermore, installing beadboard panels is quite easy. You just need to trim them on your ceiling.

15. Back to Nature

Back to Nature

There are many items you can use for DIY ceiling ideas. One of them is the woods. You can choose panel woods to be installed on your ceiling. It is easy as what you need to do is find quite large woods and form the panels. Using woods to make your ceiling can make your home feel so close to nature.

Also, if you’re a fan of the countryside this kind of ceiling will make you happy. By installing a wood ceiling, you can appeal to your home like a farmhouse.

16. Creative 3D Ceiling

Creative 3D Ceiling

If you feel that just painting or cover your ceiling with the board is not enough anymore, you can go for a 3D ceiling. As the name suggested, the 3D ceiling has three dimensions that make you can look at it from all angles. You can touch it or feel the ceiling.

The material you can use for this is the woods or the boards. Arrange them so it will look artistic. And now, whenever you want to get inspiration, you can just look at your nice artistic 3D ceiling.

17. All Pure White Ceiling

All Pure White Ceiling

Do you want less budget ceiling to decorate yet still look nice? Then your answer is dyeing your ceiling with pure white color. Not only doesn’t cost so much money, but you also don’t need to put effort into it.

To make it nicer, add a dim light bulb or a highlight on the ceiling as a decoration. Do not forget to match your furniture with the color of the ceiling to make it more elegant.

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18. Anaglypta Wallpaper Ceiling

Anaglypta Wallpaper Ceiling

Anaglypta wallpaper ceiling is one of the DIY ceiling ideas. Although it’s called wallpaper, Anaglypta is more to a raised texture than printed wallpaper. Moreover, there are many variants of the design that you can use.

With this wallpaper trimmed on your ceiling, suddenly the boring ceiling turns to amazingly beautiful. To make it more impressive, you can add luxurious lamps.

19. Play with illusion

Play with illusion

Playing trick to the eyes with illusion maybe fresh DIY ceiling ideas. To make it a reality, you have to cleverly choose the wallpaper for your ceiling so it can trick the looking eyes.  Compared to the other ideas, make an illusion ceiling with wallpaper prove to be easy.

What you need are appropriate wallpaper and the right technique. For example, you can choose a deep blue color of the sky with the clouds wallpaper. And the wallpaper should extend to the wall, so half of the rooms will be covered in blue. Thus, it will make your ceiling look like a sky, deep blue and calming.

Every part of the house is important. Whether it is a kitchen, living room, the floor even the kitchen. That’s why you can’t ignore the ceiling in your house. Like the other part of your house, you must think carefully regarding it. Because your house will less comfortable if you leave the ceiling out when you do the best to the others part.

So, if you’re considering to make your ceiling not plain anymore, you may look for the ideas for the ceiling. You can leave the installation to the professionals, however, if you want to experience something new, you can do it yourself. To do that, choose one of the DIY ceiling ideas that suit your house the best. Let’s have fun installing the ceiling on your own.

Ceiling Ideas

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