Birthdays are the most awaited moment by everyone. Every year this moment of increasing age will always occur so there must be a celebration even though it is simple. Birthday celebrations do not have to be fancy but can also be simple. An example is giving a birthday card to that person. There are some interesting DIY birthday card ideas to try.

Giving a birthday card that you made yourself to give to the closest person will certainly give a deep impression to that person. Inside is not just a greeting but there is your effort to make a unique and cool birthday card. So that people who receive the birthday card will be more appreciative of your gift.

Also, by creating DIY birthday card ideas can successfully deliver your personal feeling. Moreover, if you include some personal messages that only you and the birthday person.

Birthday Card Ideas For Kids

Increasing age will be the moment awaited by children. And that’s when you can give a birthday card to celebrate a happy moment. But if you want to make birthday cards for children, use more pictures than words. Because children are more interested in attractive drawing designs and do not understand words.

1. Dinosaur Birthday Card

Dinosaur Birthday Card

One of the best DIY birthday card ideas is to use a cute dinosaur theme. Children certainly like things that are funny and adorable. Therefore, when making a birthday card, draw pictures of dinosaurs in the form of funny and colorful images. Besides being able to attract the attention of children, pictures with these colors will stimulate the child’s fine motor skills.

In addition, you can introduce these ancient animal figures to children from an early age. So in addition to being able to give birthdays on special days, you can also stimulate intelligence and give a little introduction to dinosaurs.

2. Floating Button Birthday Card

Floating Button Birthday Card

The next DIY birthday card ideas are the floating button. This idea is suitable for those of you who don’t have enough budget. To make this birthday card, you only need a few simple things like coloring stuff, old unused paper, and a button, and glue. How to make it is to attach buttons on paper with strong glue, then draw the shape of a person who is holding a balloon with attractive colors.

You can use crayons, markers or watercolors to make the pictures look interesting. In addition, also add a birthday wish along with the age and name of the child. Surely the card will be very interesting and give its own meaning to the child.

3. Cute Bunny Birthday Card

Cute Bunny Birthday Card

It turns out that rabbit animals can be used as one of DIY birthday card ideas. Rabbits are cute and adorable animals so kids will love this animal. Even though most girls like it, there are also some boys who like it. To make this card, you can use some unused paper to make a rabbit shape.

The pieces of paper formed into rabbits are then affixed to cards from cardboard or other paper. Then to make it look more attractive, you can add pieces of paper to form a balloon or heart around the bunny. Don’t forget to write the birthday wishes along with the child’s name.

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4. Minion Birthday Card

Minion Birthday Card

The next DIY birthday card ideas are to use a minion theme. Every child must have a favorite cartoon character so the child definitely likes a birthday card with his favorite cartoon characters such as minions. To make it, you don’t need expensive materials because you can use used materials. Like paperboard, origami paper, or other paper that has striking colors.

The important thing is, you should be able to cut the paper neatly so that it can resemble the character of the minion. If you want to make the birthday card look simple, make minion characters in large sizes so that the entire front of the card is covered by the picture. But if you want to make it even funnier and more interesting, give some accents such as small pictures like birthday cakes, balloons, and others.

5. Birthday Cake Pom Pom Ideas

Birthday Cake Pom Pom Ideas

The birthday moment is identical to the cake. When celebrating a birthday there must be a cake with a candle on it that will be blown after saying hope. And it never hurts to use the shape of a birthday cake as one of the DIY birthday card ideas. To make this card is no different from previous birthday card ideas, namely using several pieces of paper.

Apart from that, you can make pom-poms using the correct wool with the color you want. To make pom-poms you need a small fork to help you roll wool into small balls. If the pom-poms are already made, then you can simply stick them on the paper and arrange them well so they can form a beautiful birthday cake.

Birthday Card Ideas For Friends

Friends are quite important people in everyone’s life. Someone can share stories of both joy and sorrow to friends. For that, you can’t miss a friend’s happy moment on his birthday. At least you can give a birthday card that you made yourself. Although simple, your friends will appreciate your work more.

1. Scrap-paper Cakes Birthday Card

Scrap-paper Cakes Birthday Card

Giving the best greeting to a friend on his birthday is indeed important. That way you can show your concern on that special day. One of them is that you can make cake motifs with scrap paper to become DIY birthday card ideas. The materials you need are very simple namely some used paper that has unique and striking colors.

In addition, you also need thick cardboard to be the card. The trick is to make it very easy, that is, you only need to cut rectangular paper of different sizes and stick it on cardboard. Arrange from the largest size at the bottom to the smallest. You can add candle accents, congratulations, and ribbon with string or ribbon.

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2. Pop-up Birthday Banner

Pop-up Birthday Banner

If you want to give a different birthday greeting to your friends, you can use this DIY birthday card ideas. Pop-ups have long been a trend in making crafts. For that, it doesn’t hurt if you make a unique pop-up birthday card.

The ingredients are simple because it’s almost the same as making cards in general. It’s just that you have to be skilled at cutting and gluing paper to make a cool pop-up. Don’t forget to give a birthday wish or aphorisms to show your sincerity to your friends.

3. Festive Tape Candles

Festive Tape Candles

If you don’t have enough budget, but want to still give the best gift to a friend, you can make festive taper candles as DIY birthday card ideas. Candles are synonymous with a birthday moment because after blowing out the candle, the person hopes that all his hopes will come true.

To make it you only need a thick paper, marker or corrector fluid, and tape with a pattern. Then cut out some tape with the size you want and stick it on the carton. Then make a picture resembling fire with a marker or corrector fluid then the tape and the image will form a candle. The rest you only need to add a few accents to beautify the card.

4. Colorful Calligraphy Birthday Card

Colorful Calligraphy Birthday Card

To make a birthday card does not need to spend a lot of money. Colorful calligraphy can be one of the inspiration for DIY birthday card ideas. To make this card you need good calligraphy skills.

In addition to adding to its beauty, use attractive colors. With beautiful and colorful writing, the birthday card you will give to friends becomes more interesting and meaningful. That way, you don’t need to pay a lot of money.

5. The Punny Birthday Card

The Punny Birthday Card

DIY birthday card ideas don’t always have to use aphorisms. But you can also use a punny to make a unique birthday card. With a punny card, you can show your care and affection for your friends in different ways. You can even make your friends laugh with these unique words.

The important thing is that you have to make cards with punny words and adjust the picture. For example for the word “you are old, but you donut look it.” You must use the donut picture on the card. The goal is that the reader does not immediately realize the purpose of the writing on the birthday card that you made.

Birthday Card Ideas For Lover

Giving gifts and greetings when a lover is celebrating a birthday must be done. Because that way you can show love and sincerity to the people you love. There are some inspirational DIY birthday card ideas to give to your loved one:

1. Cute Button Birthday Card

Cute Button Birthday Card

People might not think that a button can make a birthday card beautiful. For that cute button can be one of the DIY birthday card ideas. With its rounded shape, you can make it a person’s head. Then you only need to draw the body of the person as creatively as possible.

If necessary add congratulations or pearls of wisdom that will add to the romantic impression. That way you don’t need to reach deep pockets to please your lover.

2. Love Envelope Birthday Card

Love Envelope Birthday Card

The heart symbol is identical to a lover. When people want to show love and affection for a lover they will usually use the heart symbol. For that, there is the inspiration for one of these DIY birthday card ideas, namely by making heart-shaped envelopes. To make this birthday card, make a paper with a unique pattern and write your messages for your girlfriend.

Then fold the sides of the heart-shaped paper together to form an envelope. Don’t forget to add glue with love accents and fish with string. That way the card you make will be very creative and romantic.

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3. Shirt-Pocket Birthday Card

Shirt-Pocket Birthday Card

When dating, some men like to wear shirts to look casual. For that reason, what’s wrong with making DIY birthday card ideas in the form of a shirt-pocket.To make it you need some materials such as scissors, a paper that has a checkered motif such as shirts, buttons, glue, paperboard, and paper with other or plain motifs.

The first way is to stick paper with a shirt motif onto cardboard. Then, stick a few buttons on one side. After that fold the paper to form a bag and stick it on the paper. Then write your message on a separate paper and fold it and put it in the bag. Don’t forget to give a birthday greeting to your boyfriend.

4. Popsicle Birthday Card

Popsicle Birthday Card

A woman surely likes sweet things like ice cream. Apparently you can use ice cream as one of the DIY birthday card ideas for your lover. And a form of ice cream that is unique and easy to make is a popsicle. How to make it is very easy, you only need a popsicle, paper, ribbon, additional accents, scissors, and glue.

First, cut out the paper that you choose to form like an ice cream popsicle. Cut one end of the paper to make it look like a bite. Write your message to the lover behind the card then paste it on the popsicle. Stick the extra accents that you like and tie the popsicle section near the paper with a ribbon.

5. Suit Birthday Card

Suit Birthday Card

If you have a lover who works in an office, of course, he will wear a suit or uniform. You can make this one of the unique DIY birthday card ideas for your boyfriend. The method is almost the same as making a shirt-pocket earlier.

It’s just to use tuxedo and tie accents like suits in general. And for the paper itself, use black paper because it will look more elegant. Don’t forget to write pearls of wisdom and birthday wishes to your lover.

Those are some unique and minimal cost DIY birthday card ideas. The moment of the birthday of your loved one cannot be missed. For that, you have to make some gifts that will be forgotten by them. In making a birthday card, make sure you adjust the theme to their age.

As for children, use funny characters that will attract their attention. And don’t write long messages, because they won’t understand. As for friends, there are lots of interesting ideas for you to try. And of course, your lover must also be given a birthday card to show your love to your lover.

Birthday Card Ideas

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