Having such a well-design bedroom means everything for several people. A nice and comfortable bedroom will determine and affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, many people try to decorate their bedroom with some DIY bedroom ideas.

Wondering about decorating the bedroom, you might not get a deep think about it. Anything can be well decorated. The art you apply for the bedroom is wider than you ever think. You can put any kind of thing based on your favorite.

In order to upgrade your bedroom design and make it more life, we provide you with 25 DIY bedroom ideas which have an anti-mainstream design. We will give you inspiration through bedroom decoration.

Anti-Mainstream DIY Bedroom Ideas

Let’s search for something in our minds. We need to look for some design that is different from others. Thus, we will have something new which depends on our creative design and fun ideas. The following design might inspire you to create your own.

1. Creative Book Pot

Creative Book Pot
source: rinawatt.com

Sounds strange but book pot will be the unique pot ever. Get the size that is suitable for the plant or flower. Then, put the book pot on the table beside your bed. It will refresh the air and add the color of your bedroom.

2. A Group of Paper Flower

A Group of Paper Flower
source: contractors-ma.com

The flower is always being the best ornament for designing a room. The paper flower will be the newest kind of flower as the decoration. Shape the paper flower as heart shape on the bed head or any shape that you want.

3. Mini Cupboard

Mini Cupboard
source: decoratorist.com

Except for the main cupboard, you may need another cupboard such as a mini cupboard. This mini cupboard can be perfect storage to place your make up or bracelet.  You may put it on your make up table.

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4. A New Version of Work Art

A New Version of Work Art
source: riverdalepress.com

Work art is the easiest thing in our mind when we wondering to design a room. However, you need to re-design the work art by cutting it into pieces and create another new art from the previous art.

5. A Group Of Cinder Block Exchange The Table Role

A Group Of Cinder Block Exchange The Table Role
source: epichomeideas.com

Cinder blocks are commonly used for building. In this chance, you can take another benefit from cinder blocks as the furniture to exchange the role of the table. Arrange the cinderblock to become such a table and put a lamp, book, or other things on.

6. Artistic Picture Frame On The Wall

Artistic Picture Frame On The Wall
source: apartmenttherapy.com

The easiest DIY bedroom ideas are wall decoration. The artistic picture frame will add some colorful touch on the wall. You can put any pictures such as yours or an artistic picture. Moreover, you can arrange them by their color to make perfect harmony.

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7. DIY Dotty Wall Decorations

DIY Dotty Wall Decorations
source: keaandco.ca

If you are the one who likes simple decorations, you should try to decorate your bedroom by the dotty wall. You can use some stickers or paint the dotty directly to the wall. The color of the dot should contrast with the wall background.

8. Motive Tape Vases

DIY Dotty Wall Decorations
source: shutterfly.com

Vases always become the main ornament or decoration for bedroom decoration ideas. Make an anti-mainstream vase by adding some motive tape on the vases. Then, put some flower which has the same them with the vases.

9. Round Hanging Table

Round Hanging Table
source: mail.ru

The table is not always standing beside the bed, but sometimes, you can hang the table beside your bed. This is one of the wonderful DIY bedroom ideas that are never shown before. But, don’t put too many things because this kind of table is just decoration furniture.

10. An Artistic Bed Head Background

An Artistic Bed Head Background
source: spartandecor.com

The bed will seem empty without some Background on the bed head. The background will dedicate the theme of the bedroom.  The artistic background also sounds simple and comfortable to see as the background of the bed head.

11.Wood Theme Organizer

Wood Theme Organizer
source: handicraftgirl.com

Wood is identical to the brown color. Thus, if you like brown color, you may decorate your bedroom with the wood theme. Wood theme means wood furniture and wood ornaments such as a wood table, wood clock, wood cupboard, and other furniture.

12. Note Decorations on The Wall

Note Decorations on The Wall
source: sam.mirtesen.ru

Some people better to write all of the to-do list or dream list on the note. The note which uses the to-do list can be a great idea for decorating your room. Use a unique or colorful note by considering the appearance or the esthetic of the note.

13. Unique, Colorful, Hand-Made Cushions

Unique, Colorful, Hand-Made Cushions
source: beautyforbliss.com

Cushions commonly use as the ornament of the living room. But indeed, you can make your own cushion which is available in your bedroom. The hand-made cushion will be more unique than others. Therefore, your bedroom looks more beautiful than before.

14. Not For Sale Hand-Made Pillow Case

Not For Sale Hand-Made Pillow Case
source: taringa.net

If you commonly use the pillowcase that you bought from the store, now you need to make the special pillowcase. This special pillowcase will look more interesting than a common pillowcase. You also can choose your own design and color in your pillowcase.

15. Colorful Clipboard

Colorful Clipboard
source: blogerky.cz

You may think that the clipboard is usually used as a clip of paper. But, on the other hand, you may use clipboards to clip the wall decorations such as quotation banner, a picture without frame, the calendar, artistic pictures, and many others.

16. Painted Cupboard

Painted Cupboard
source: handicraftgirl.com

Usually, people have a cupboard inside their bedroom. What you need to have as the DIY bedroom ideas is another cupboard that is different from common people. Paint your cupboard as creative as you can. You may create a simple shape such as a rectangle and other shapes.

17. Handwriting Wall Background

Handwriting Wall Background
source: viajandonoape.com

Hearing the handwriting on the wall may sound strange. but it is a great innovation to decorate your room. You may write something whatever you want on the wall as the background. Your room will seem unique and anti-mainstream.

18. Hanging Shining String Lamp

Hanging Shining String Lamp
source: madebygirl.blogspot.com

You may ever hear about the string lamp. The string lamp is a wonderful bedroom decoration that is able to make by handmade. You may make your own and choose your favorite color. Then, combine it with the lamp and hang it in your bedroom.

19. Wood Clothes Hangers

Wood Clothes Hangers
source: tendenciasydecoracion.com

In the bedroom, usually, we are confused about where we can put our shirts. Therefore, you need to have a clothes hanger in the bedroom. The clothes hanger may have another function except for the hanger, it can be the decoration which adds some panorama inside the bedroom.

20. Crochet Cushion

Crochet Cushion
source: apartmenttherapy.com

Except for the common cushion, you are also able to use crochet cushion as the decoration of your bedroom. The crochet cushion will be a comfortable pillow for you to sleep. Moreover, this cushion will give a cozy atmosphere to your bedtime.

21. Big Flower Letter Decorations

Big Flower Letter Decorations
source: sincerelykaterina.com

The flower letter may have the form of your initial name. if your name is Hanna, you may make the letter H for your flower letter. The flowers fill in the big letter are random. You may make the flower from paper or imitation flower.

22. Photo Collage On the Wall

Photo Collage On the Wall
source: shutterfly.com

Photo collage as the DIY bedroom ideas is not a bad creation. It will be beautiful or bad depending on the organizing of the collage. You might make heart collage or other collage which is suitable for the theme of your room.

23. Wall Unique Texture

Wall Unique Texture
source: diys.com

Giving your wall a different atmosphere is not a bad thing to do. While you have such a unique idea about the texture, you may apply it to the wall of your bedroom. the texture in the wall will make your room looks more cheer up than a flat wall.

24. Re-Paint and Re-Make Your Dresser

Re-Paint and Re-Make Your Dresser
source: bedroomideas.eu

Creating an innovation to your dresser will be the anti-mainstream DIY bedroom ideas. You may add another color or change it. If you have the old one, try to make it newer by replacing the legs, button, and change the color into the new one.

25. Self Pictures on the Table Beside the Bed

Self Pictures on the Table Beside the Bed
source: thebreathingroomshow.blogspot.com

Your own bedroom needs a picture of the owner. Thus, you can add minimally one picture of you. Then, the room will look more life than before. You better to put some pictures of you and your family. Put them on the table beside your bed.

26. Wooden Storage Rack

Wooden Storage Rack
source: spesial.net

If you need additional storage in your bedroom, you can add a wooden storage rack. Put a box to store your luggage and put some plants to add the beautifulness of the storage rack. Consider the color and the condition of the box. Make sure that the box has good condition.

27. Detailed Artistic of Dresser

Detailed Artistic of Dresser
source: wood-crafts-projects-ideas.com

There are many kinds of dresser style which can improve the appearance of your bedroom. One of them is a detailed artistic of the dresser. The detailed might be random. It depends on your style and your favorite detail of your dresser.

28. Bedcover with Quotation

Bedcover with Quotation
source: shutterfly.com

The style of bedcover may random depends on the owner. The quotation bedcover will indicate the style of the owner who likes words or related hobbies. Thus, if you have the same hobby, you can have your own quotation bedcover in your bedroom.

29. Plants On The Wall

Plants On The Wall
source: intdsg.com

Adding some plants can increase the fresh air in your room including your bedroom. if you don’t have additional space for them, you may stick the plants on the wall as creative as you can.

DIY Bedroom Theme Ideas

Add some decoration in our bedroom is not enough. You need to make everything inline by having the right theme in your bedroom. Thus, your bedroom will look more beautiful and fresh because of the theme applied. Here, we will recommend you some DIY bedroom ideas of theme that will inspire you more.

1. Wooden Accent

Wooden Accent
source: persianv.com

Wood has a beautiful brown color which is different from another brown. The wooden accent will make your bedroom looks more fresh and natural. You may combine the wooden accent with the white color furniture to make it contrast.

2. Warm Colored Accents

Warm Colored Accents
source: mycoffeepot.org

Except for the wooden accent, you might also like the warm-colored accents. This accent is suitable for you who are simple. The warm color indicates the warm and cozy place which is suitable for having a break and sleep.

3. Grey Colored Accents Combine with White

Grey Colored Accents Combine with White
source: goodhousekeeping.com

Grey colored means something neutral. Based on a psychology point of view, grey means stabile, responsibility, and seriousness. This accent also makes your bedroom looks wider than usual.

4. Light-colored Accents

Light-colored Accents
source: goodhousekeeping.com

The light-colored accent means all of the light colors such as yellow, orange, light blue, light green, light red, and many others. This accent makes the room looking more energetic and cheerful. This accent is suitable for a teen girl.

5. Natural Accent Of Bedroom

Natural Accent Of Bedroom
source: society19.com

If you like something natural like plants and forests, you may re-make your bedroom with natural accents. This accent commonly has green color as the color of the leaf. You may add another furniture related to leaf or tree.

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6. Colorful Accents

Natural Accent Of Bedroom
source: goodhousekeeping.com

Nothing is more cheerful than colorful. Thus, decorating your bedroom with colorful accents is not a bad idea, on the other hand, this idea is a great idea. You can try to put a different color on the bedcover, furniture, and others.

7. Pillow Case Accents

Pillow Case Accents
source: ayudaparamanualidades.com

Not only the accent of the whole bedroom but it also possible to create the pillowcase accent. So, you need to create the same pillowcase theme. Whether the same color or the related motive and picture each other. Although it seems unimportant, the pillowcases can be a focal point of your bedroom.

For more anti-mainstream DIY bedroom ideas look, you may combine those ideas with your own style. Make everything depend on your style. It means you need to put something related to yourself and your hobby.

When you decided to organize your room by some theme or to add some furniture, relate everything with your style. Thus, if you are girly, find something girly such as pink color, unicorn, dolls, or any others. Do not put something different from your style.

Therefore, you will feel more comfortable with your own bedroom by making real DIY bedroom ideas decoration. Get quality sleep every night by the anti-mainstream bedroom ideas you prefer from the list above.

Bedroom Ideas

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