Your bathroom shows your personality. No matter how spacious your bathroom, the design of the bathroom will show your real character. The thing that never been thought is how to make effective bathroom storage that can accommodate your needs. So, there are DIY bathroom storage ideas that can help you to make your cozy bathroom.
However, before we explain the DIY bathroom storage ideas more. Then, several points must be considered to create bathroom storage. It because creating bathroom storage means you must to think about how useful and how effective it is.
Firstly, to create bathroom storage you need to think about the space of your bathroom because if your bathroom is not big then you can utilize the unexpected space in your bathroom. Secondly, think about the design of bathroom storage that suitable for the available space. If the bathroom space is quite big, it will be easy for you. Then, if the space is small, the design that reachable for your hand will measure how effective it is.
So, when you think about the space and design, then don’t forget about your personality. Because when you forced yourself to accept unwanted design you will feel uncomfortable when you use the bathroom. Make sure that, the design is suitable for your personality and your physic so you don’t need to change the bathroom storage design too often.

27 Extraordinary DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

There we go! Let’s start to create your bathroom storage that suitable for you. But, before we make it, let us see some of these DIY bathroom storage ideas that can be your inspiration.

1. Barrel Wall Storage

The first idea is coming from the unused barrel. To make barrel wall storage, you need to divide the barrel into several parts to make the cylinder shape that will be the framework. Then, you nail the cylinder parts to the flat wood as the base. Also, you can add the wood inside the cylinder as the divider. It represents a rustic mood in your toilet.

2. Built-In Bathroom Storage

Built-In Bathroom Storage
The second idea is built-in bathroom storage. The concept is placing the tall storage between the bathroom sinks. So, to make it is quite easy because if you have old tall storage you only need to repaint it into white or just let it with its wood color. Then, it will present the vintage mood inside your bathroom.

3. Classy Bathroom Storage

The next idea is taken from the classic industrial theme. By using a metal shelf that has a classy style it creates a classy mood. Then, you can put it on your flush toilet beside your sink. The industrial theme is suitable in your bathroom’s cafe and bar.
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4. Floating Baskets

Floating Baskets
The next is other rustic theme bathroom storage is the floating basket style. You can make it from the metal pipes and the rattan baskets. So, you can install the metal pipes on the bathroom wall. Then, just hang the rattan baskets in the metal pipes. To emphasize, this design in the mixture between rustic and industrial theme because the basket represents the rustic theme and the metal pipes represent the industrial theme.

5. Floating Display Cabinet


Floating Display Cabinet

Then, we have a floating display cabinet. One of the DIY bathroom storage ideas that the furniture is available in the hardware store. So, you don’t need to create it by yourself. However, you can make it from the wood planks and glass. Thus, you just install the toilet flush.

6. Floating Cabinet

Floating Cabinet
After floating display cabinet, we have a floating cabinet. The difference between the previous cabinet is the cover of the cabinet. If the previous one using glass so you can see the toiletries inside the cabinet through the glass, then this one you need to open the cover to see the toiletries. Also, this floating cabinet is using a mirror as the cover.
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7. Hanging Bags Bathroom Storage

Next, the hanging bags bathroom storage is the simplest to organize the toiletries. Because you only hang it the bags with the ropes, then hang it on the hooks. It is easy for you to create it by yourself. Then, we suggest you use it if you want to represent a minimalist rustic mood in your bathroom.

8. Hanging Rope Bathroom Shelf

Hanging Rope Bathroom Shelf
One of the DIY bathroom storage ideas is using the hanging rope shelf. The idea is coming from the hanging shelf that uses the ropes. So, it is quite interesting because the rope shelf brings a natural and rustic mood in your bathroom. Then, your activity in your bathroom will be relaxing.

9. Hidden Open Storage

Do you ever think to use a tiny space as your storage? So, this is how we utilize the tiny space as the storage. The idea is only put the thick wood between the small spaces, then just put your toiletries there. This is the effectiveness of using a small space with a simple design.

10. Industrial Bathroom Storage

The industrial bathroom is not difficult to make it. Because you can only put your old metal rack. Then, you can decorate it with wooden drawers. Voila! You have simple industrial bathroom storage. Thus, you can place your towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. on the drawers.

11. Ladder Bathroom Shelf

The concept of a ladder bathroom shelf is a ladder shelf that put inside the bathroom. The ladder style shelf presents the minimalist ambiance when it put inside the bathroom. Because most of the ladder shelf is made by wood, you only need to add the baskets then place it on the shelf. So, you just need to organize your toiletries well.

12. Metal Pipes Wall Storage

The metal pipes wall storage is designed only for the towel. Because it has not a flat base to put the bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Then, the concept is only to slip the towels between the metal pipes. This concept brings simplicity in industrial vibes because of the metal pipes that install on the wall.

13. Minimalist Storage

The minimalist concept is the everlasting favorite theme that always is the number one theme in home decoration. The white theme that shows minimalism brings simplicity to the bathroom. You can buy it in the hardware store that sells white moveable rack. The point of minimalism is the white color and simple design so it will be easy to find the matching rack or shelf that suitable for minimalist concept.

14. Old Basket Storage

Old Basket Storage
The next is one of the simplest DIY bathroom storage ideas. Do you have old baskets that your mom used to put her shopping items? If it is yes, you can use it as a bathroom linen organizer. The steps to make it is really simple. First, you need to put some nails as the buffer then just hang the baskets vertically.

15. Old Drawer Bathroom Shelf

Old Drawer Bathroom Shelf
Do you have an old wooden shelf or cabinet? If yes, actually, you can put the drawer only. Then, nail the drawer on the wall vertically. You can change the handle with the metal pipe so the metal pipe will use as a towel hanger.

16. On Wheels Bathroom Storage

The next idea is bathroom storage equipped with the wheels. The storage is made from a wooden trolley. So, it does not need to have much reparation. Because you only need to repaint and furnish it before you put it inside the bathroom. The benefit of this storage is the storage is moveable.

17. Open Storage Shelf

Open Storage Shelf
If you like a minimalist rustic theme, then you can make open storage shelf from wood. The open storage shelf is built under the sink so the sink pipes will hide inside the storage. Thus, it creates the impression that the cleanliness and the minimalist style using wood.

18. Rattan Basket Wall Organizer

Next is one of the rustic natural themes of bathroom storage. You can use rattan baskets as your wall organizer. It is easy to make it because you only need to nail the baskets vertically on the wall. Then, it adds some planters so it presents natural and rustic vibes at the same time.

19. Small Rustic Basket

Small Rustic Basket
Do you still excited about the rustic theme? If yes, then you can use a twigs rattan basket as your bathroom storage. You need to cover the basket with a white cloth then put your toiletries inside the basket. Voila! Place your basket next to your sink. Thus, the basket brings homey vibes inside your toilet so it will make the guest feel comfortable when used the toilet.

20. Small Rustic Floating Divider

The rustic theme is the most favorite theme that uses by people nowadays. The wood as the main material to create rustic floating divider, its function is to place some mini bottles of serum, oil, and cotton. The small divider here as the additional storage, not the main storage that puts the towel, soap, and shampoo. Because it uses near the sink to clean the face and give some face home treatments.

21. Stacked Crates On The Wheels Moveable Storage

The next idea is the stacked crates as your bathroom storage. The uniqueness of this design is the stacked crates are equipped with the wheels. So, the storage will easy to move. Also, you can add some decorations such as the aromatic candles and the planters. Thus, it will create rustic natural vibes to your bathroom.

22. Tall Bathroom Cabinet

Tall Bathroom Cabinet

The concept of a tall bathroom cabinet is using available space located next to the sink. The simplicity impression is coming from the minimalist design. There is no cover so it will make the bathroom storage more effective. Because you do not need to waste your time to take your toiletries needed.

23. Under The Sink Open Storage

Under The Sink Open Storage

Open storage under your sink is the idea that effective. The previous idea is coming by using a cabinet, but this idea is making built-in storage under the sink. This concept is matched with the hotel and cottage because it brings cleanliness impression and simplicity. So, you can use this theme if you want to create minimalist vibes in the bathroom.

24. Used Crates Bathroom Storage

Used Crates Bathroom Storage

Crates are the multifunction materials that can be anything. If the previous idea is organizing the crates so it becomes solid storage with the wheels. However, this idea just stacked the crates without making it become permanent storage. So, if you feel bored, then you can reorganize it. It also your bathroom presents a homey sensation when you are using a rustic theme.

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25. Vintage Style Bathroom Cabinet

Vintage Style Bathroom Cabinet
The vintage style still famous nowadays. If you have an old cabinet, then you can paint it white color. The white color brings harmony and simplicity in your bathroom. You decorate the bathroom with a shabby chic mirror and classy sink.

26. Wine Crates Bathroom Storage

The next idea is to used wine crates as bathroom storage. You can organize the crates with the ropes. So, it will be hanging rope crates storage. Then, the bathroom is representing a combination of the rustic and industrial theme. Also, you can furnish it without painting it. Thus, the wood color will be more stunning.

27. Wooden Stacked Organizer

Wooden Stacked Organizer

The last idea is a wooden stacked organizer. The organizer is wooden opened-rack that has two different sizes. The small one is stacked on the big one. So, this is the simplest bathroom storage that you can place in a small space bathroom area.

Finally, there are several DIY bathroom storage ideas that you can apply to your room. Please remember that before you choose one of these ideas, you must think about the design, space and the effectiveness of using that design. It because the bathroom storage is one of the important items in your bathroom to keep your toiletries.
Also, the design that we present in this of DIY bathroom storage ideas, you can modify it as you want. If necessary you can create your DIY bathroom storage ideas based on these inspirations. Then, you can find a new mix and match of the design and theme that suitable for your personality. Because the bathroom decoration is the reflection of your character.
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