Are you bored with your ordinary bathroom? Or the size is not proportional, too small, and feel stifled? Don’t worry, here are some DIY bathroom ideas to apply and follow easily. 

It seems so expensive and complicated to renovate and decorate a bathroom. But, no. You can make your creation with the materials that can be found around. Even farther, you can still work with recycled materials. 

Still, feel puzzled how it exactly work? Just read these several suggestions to make it clear. Get the great inspirations and start to create the DIY bathroom ideas.

Easy DIY Bathroom Ideas to Follow

To get a unique but pleasant bathroom, you don’t always need to hire a pro team. Because just follow the DIY bathroom ideas, you can also do it yourself. Aside from putting your mark in your own bathroom, the good side is that you also can save money! Here are the ideas:

1. PVC Pipe Curtain Rod

PVC Pipe Curtain Rod

If you have a bathroom and toilet in the same room, you may need a curtain to separate. It needs a rod to prop up it. PVC pipe curtain rod is one of the simple but fantastic DIY bathroom ideas. Choose the thick pipe to make sure it won’t bend.

Here you need a straight pipe and 2 L pipe connectors. Also, don’t forget the glue and cutter. You can use a hacksaw. Cut the straight pipe as long as the wall space. Then, set and attach the L pipe on both the end of the straight pipe.

You need to connect them to the brackets later. So, make sure the direction of both pipes is the same. If you want the rod to be more aesthetic, just color it with spray paint. You can also wrap it with patterned fabric.

2. Shower Curtain and the Rings

Shower Curtain and the Rings

Not only the rod, but you can also make a curtain as DIY bathroom ideas. It will give you a chance to create your taste. But one thing you should note is that the bathroom is a humid room. So, it’s better to not use fabric, because it could be dank.

Meanwhile, plastic can be a good option. It is easy to be cleaned. Polyester is good too. Both materials are waterproof. You can buy blocked colors plastic. Make some drawings by using spray paint. You are free to customize your shower curtain.

After the drawing process is done, make sure the paint has dried. Then, make a pleat about 15 cm each. Make some holes at the top of the curtains. It is used for putting the rings. Don’t get too close to the top edge to avoid tearing.

For the rings, you can also make it yourself from wires. Make sure the diameter is longer than the space of the top edge and the hole and cut it. Then enter it to the hole. Two holes for each ring. After that, shape the ring to circle, then lock.

3. Towel Hanger

Towel Hanger

There are many materials to make a towel hanger. Those are like wood, pipe, rope, or even bamboo stems. As a recommendation, using a big rope is a good choice. Besides the reason that it seems firm, a big rope also gives aesthetic scenery. 

Behind the door is the best angle to place the hanger. Here you need to install three hooks as holders. One in the middle, and two at the edges. For the hanger making, you can follow these steps.

At the end of the rope, make bowline knot first. Stretch the rope from the edge to the middle hook. Let it slack and look swinging. Do the same from the middle to another edge hook. Then lock the rope at the hook with the bowline knot again.

If you have a long rope, you can also make it more aesthetic. Just do the chain knot along with the swing. It will make your rope shorter, so adjust the number of chains with the length of your rope. Too many chains could cause the rope being too short.

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4. Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner


You maybe think a bathroom cleaner has to made in a factory. By reading the ingredients on the packaging, it seems like you need various chemicals to make it. But making a DIY bathroom cleaner is not hard to do. You only need some ingredients that easy to find around.

First, prepare baking soda, white distilled vinegar, and cola. Just dispose of one can of cola to the toilet. Then flush it after ten minutes. Next, add baking soda and vinegar one cup for each. Unless there are some tough stains, you don’t need to scrub. Just flush, it is done.

5. Make a Mirror Frame

Make a Mirror Frame

This is one of the fun things to do. You can make any design you want. Whether the design is simple or difficult. However, you need also to consider the bathroom environment. Here is the advice you can follow on framing your mirror.

First, don’t use materials that absorb water. If you use fabric, for example, the water may splash to the frame. It won’t be good. Using paper or cardboard is even worse. The water splash may be stuck in the material. Also as we know, both materials are easy to tear.

It is better to use varnished wood as a frame. Especially if the shape of the mirror is square or rectangle. Measure the mirror and cut the wood according to the size of the mirror. Then, stick the sides with wood glue. Strengthen with screws.

Make a back cover to hold the mirror behind. Cut wood as wide as the front frame. Also, make it blocked without a hole like the front side. Attach the mirror to the frame. Set the back cover behind. Then stick the front side and back cover with screws.

You can also try another DIY bathroom ideas to frame a mirror. This one will make the mirror stick to the wall permanently. All you have to do is stick the tile on the side of the mirror. So, you need cement and sand to make it happen.

6. Patchwork Doormat

Patchwork Doormat

Making a doormat by yourself is not impossible. You don’t need expensive materials. All you need is only do a patchwork. Collect leftover fabric and wires mesh as the materials and start to work.

First, take a wire mesh as the base. You are free to determine the size and shape. But usually, it would be shaped rectangle and the size is about 70 x 40 cm. Cut the wire mesh and fold the sharp edges.

After the base is ready, next, cut the fabrics the size of the index finger. Collect the cutting as many as the lines of the wire mesh. Then, insert each fabric cutting in between the hole. Tie it up to one line. Repeat to the other lines until it’s full.

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7. Recycle Trash Can

Recycle Trash Can

You don’t need special tools for giving your bathroom a trash can. There are many things can be converted to be a trash can. A leaky bucket, rattan wicker, also paint cans able to be a trash can. Just add a plastic bag inside to facilitate disposal.

Because the trash can is placed in the bathroom, you need to give it a cover. It would avoid water to enter. Not hard, the cover is also one of the DIY bathroom ideas. Look for a flat thing that the size of the trash can. Any materials are allowed.

If it is plastic or any light materials, you need to give it ballast. It can be wood or aluminum. Furthermore, it needs to be attached to the cover. This ballast can also be the handle.

8. Hang a Paint

Recycle Trash Can

Make your bathroom more colorful by painting it. Choose the colors or drawings that can pump up your spirits in the morning. You may also write something like writing gravity. Write some motivation words from your idol. Make it written in stylish letters.

Painting the wall with block color is good too. Just make sure you do not choose dark colors such as black, navy, or army. Choose calm colors. The examples are light blue, mint green, and daisy white. It will give a soothing impression in your bathroom.

You may also play the colors by mixing and matching. Layering two or three colors with a little different tone can also be the DIY bathroom ideas. Giving the wall a theme and match the color is a good idea too.


9. Toiletries Organizer

Toiletries Organizer

For the next DIY bathroom ideas, you can make a toiletries organizer. You may use a wire mesh again here. Make a draft first before execute. The material is flexible. You can shape it to cube, tube, or prisms. But the best recommendation is a cube.

First, cut the wire mesh into a rectangle. Adjust the width to the length of your toiletries. Meanwhile, the length of the wire mesh is up to you. Then fold the wire mesh to be an opened rectangle. Lock the edges by wrapping around to each other.

Cut the other wire mesh to square shape as the bottom cover. Notice the size. Make it a little longer from the rectangle hole. Last, set the bottom cover in place. Do the same way to lock it. Wrap around all the edges until it is solid.

10. Utilize the Empty Space Under the Sink

Utilize the Empty Space Under the Sink

Have you ever notice under the sink? Isn’t it space? Yes, there you should put your equipment. Just make a multilevel rack there. Use woods and boards to make a sturdy rack. Adjust the size with space.

You can put toiletries reserves there, include toilet paper, soap, and bathroom cleaner. It can also be the place to store the hygiene equipment, such as floor brushes, mop, and any other equipment.

11. Toilet and Bathroom Sign

Toilet and Bathroom Sign

Giving a toilet sign in your own home maybe not that necessary. Everybody has known where the toilet is. But it will be useful for the guest of yours. Especially if you are holding an event at home which many people come.

Besides, won’t the sign make an artistic impression? It will. The sign, with an interesting design, would even give inspiration for the people who see it. So, let’s make a room sign for your DIY bathroom ideas.

First, prepare plywood and cut it to 20×30 cm size. Paint it with a soft color. You can choose white, beige, or any other soft colors. Then decide what you want to write upon the pad. You can write some normal words like “Toilet and Bathroom”, or motivational words.

Type it in your computer and use any font you want. After that, print it on a stick contact paper. Stick it to the pad to make a stencil. Then paint the stencil by following the pattern. When it is done, take the paper off.

Next, make two holes at the upside in a balanced way. Insert a string to both holes as the hanger. Make sure that the string is tied tightly. Now, your toilet and bathroom sign is ready to be attached.

12. Bathroom Aromatherapy

Bathroom Aromatherapy

A bathroom sometimes has a bad smell. It would be annoying certainly. So, putting aromatherapy in your bathroom is a nice thing to do. Not only give a clean impression, but it will also give a relaxing feeling. 

Essential oils are the ingredients that most commonly used. There are many choices of essential oil that can be aromatherapy. Lemon, orange, and grapefruit are the samples of fruit-oil based aromatherapy. Other than that, there are also peppermint and lemongrass.

Make a bathroom spray by mixing the essential oil with the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. The ratio is 10:1. Then shake it until mixed. Add some water to the bottle to lighten the scent. Then shake it lightly. The bathroom spray aromatherapy is now ready to use.

13. Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

Putting a pair of wall sconces is also a good alternative for DIY bathroom ideas. You may install it beside the mirror. This type of lighting needs an electrical box. It is caused by the lighting only installed on the wall.

There are many types of wall sconces. The examples are the armed sconce, half-moon sconce, and spotlight sconce. Meanwhile, for the direction of the light, sconces have 3 configurations. They are up-light configuration, down-light configuration, and all around-light.

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14. Natural Toilet Paper Holder

Natural Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet paper holder is usually made of metal or plastic. The design is standard and has no artistic sense. So, to give more pleasant scenery, why don’t you make it from the natural thing, such as a tree branch?

Take a branch that has a twig and cut it. Make it be like a short tube. Then use sandpaper to make it smooth. Don’t forget to cut the end of the twig too and leave about 20 cm. It will be the part to hold the paper.

Varnish the whole piece of branch. Wait for several hours. Then it is ready to be attached to the wall. You can use screws or nails. But using some clamps is also good. Just make sure it has firmly attached before using it.

15. Add Rustic Wooden Cabinet

Add Rustic Wooden Cabinet

To add a cabinet, you don’t need to have a large bathroom. For the narrow bathroom, you can add a small cabinet. It is good to choose a rustic wooden cabinet. The one with a sliding door and a pair of the drawer is suitable for the narrow bathroom.

Renew a room in your house could be a fun activity. No exception for the bathroom. Seeing a clean, fragrant, and fancy bathroom, as a result, will give a special satisfaction. Even more, if the process doesn’t need a big cost.

So, those are 15 DIY bathroom ideas you can follow easily. All the ideas are simple and cheap to apply. Just increase your creativity and be sensitive to your surroundings. Therefore, go start to decorate your bathroom on your hand.

Bathroom Ideas

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