Unlike the main bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen that is definitely present in every home, minibar is more optional. Even so, it must be admitted, the existence of a minibar at home will be a plus point in itself. DIY bar ideas can be a solution especially if you have a standard economic situation.

Are you confused about decorating your patio, backyard or kitchen? Surely you want the terrace of the house to be an exciting gathering place with the family. Or it could be a convenient banquet for neighbors who are stopping by the house.

No need to be confused. Because you can do DIY bar ideas on your own home. By utilizing unused items, you can create your own bar ideas. Even the place can be a place to gather with family.

Adding a minibar into the house can be an advantage. You can entertain friends and guests there. Designing your own bar ideas at home will be a serious thing to do. There are many DIY bar ideas that you can make recommendations to decorate the side of your home.

DIY  Bar Ideas on The Porch

A porch is a comfortable place if used for gathering with family or friends. However, many people do not use the space to just relax. With DIY idea bar, can make the terrace more comfortable.

1. Minimalist Mini Bar in an Outdoor Dining Room

1 Minimalist Mini Bar in an Outdoor Dining Room
source: recognizealeader.com

In the outdoor concept dining room, you can place a minimalist mini bar under the window, that separates the outdoor dining room from the kitchen. Like the presence of wooden elements on tables and chairs, the Scandinavian theme that was carried even thicker.

2. Narrow Mini-Bar

2 Narrow Mini-Bar
source: interiorbali.blogspot.com

You can apply this mini bar design if you have a narrow terrace. But still want to use it as a refreshing area or just to receive guests. A minimalist minibar you can make by installing wood or shelves on the porch fence, place a few chairs underneath.

3. Monochrome Impression in a Minimalist Bar

3 Monochrome Impression in a Minimalist Bar
source: bestinclassmaids.com

In applying the concept of a minimalist mini bar, you can apply a patterned decoration on the front of the minibar counter. In order not to look excessive, put monochromatic colors into it, such as a combination of black and white.

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4. Mini-Bar With Hovering

4 Mini-Bar With Hovering
source: opentable.com

If you have a narrow terrace is to use a minimalist minibar. That is made attached to the pillars. The design does not need to be thematic, just play the color contrast in the selection of mini bar stools. For example, one is calm, the other is light.

5. Minimalist Mini Bar With Color Contrast

5 Minimalist Mini Bar With Color Contrast
source: servicecentral.com.au

When you want a different feel on the porch, you can combine the concept of a minimalist minibar. Like using a minimalist colored sofa matching the color of a minimalist mini bar chair, then given the final touch of a red cushion.

DIY Bar Ideas by Using Unused Items

Everyone must have goods that are not used. These items are no longer useful and neatly stored. But these items apparently can be useful as decoration decorations of minibars. There are various DIY bar ideas made from unused items.

1. Minimalist Bar on The Balcony

1 Minimalist Bar on The Balcony
source: reparasiandroid.com

In addition to the terrace or kitchen, another place that can be used as a place to relax is on the balcony. The room that is often not used can be converted into a bar with DIY ideas using unused items. These items can be useful wood that can be useful as a table attached to an iron fence in the balcony of a house.

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2. Pallet Bar

2 Pallet Bar
source: homelizm.com

The next unused item is a pallet. The pallet that is not used can be useful as a simple bar table. By adding a little wooden decoration on it, it will make the pallet become a unique simple bar table. This mini bar table can be placed in outdoor spaces such as patios and gardens.

No need for expensive fees. Just by using a used pallet and a few nails. Repair the damaged part so that it can become a mini bar table. If necessary repaint so that it displays attractive colors. With DIY ideas using a pallet bar, you can change the size of the pallet according to the size needed.

3. Mini-Bar with Wine Rack

3 Mini-Bar with Wine Rack
source: centralazdining.com

If you have a wooden board that has not been used, do not throw it away. Because the wooden board can arrange into a shelf. Then you can utilize it as a hanging rack to store your wine.

4. Bar Cart

4 Bar Cart
source: bernieandphyls.com

An obsolete cart that is not used will be a high-value item. One example is turning a cart into a bar cart. By changing the wagon with a touch of art, the wagon will become a beautiful bar cart. Not forgetting the arrangement of drinks and other bar-style glasses.

5. Recycle Suitcase Bar

5 Recycle Suitcase Bar
source: diy.allwomenstalk.com

DIY Bar Ideas can also use a used suitcase that is not used. The use of a suitcase can useful to place glass, drinks, or equipment to make drinks in the proper bars. Adding wooden planks in the suitcase will make various barriers to the beverage rack.

6. Mini-Bar With Recycled Piano

6 Mini-Bar With Recycled Piano
source: futuristarchitecture.com

Damaged piano keys can be discarded or removed. However, another piano frame can be useful to decorate the side of your house as a minibar. This DIY bar idea will be very unique because the piano’s framework will change in such a way that it can change its function as a minibar.

DIY Bar Ideas in Terrace

The terrace becomes a supportive place for gathering events. It can also be a place to receive guests when you want the atmosphere outside the room. Decorating the terrace so that it becomes a comfortable place to gather can be done with DIY bar ideas.

1. Small Outdoor Bar

1. Small Outdoor Bar
source: diyparty99.com

Small outdoor bars can make using wooden boards designed to be a small bar table. Equipped with individual chairs that can make of wood, iron, or plastic. Table and chairs can place on the terrace with a minibar concept.

2. Outdoor Bar With Wooden Table

2. Outdoor Bar With Wooden Table
source: homebnc.com

A small wooden table can be useful as a minibar that can place on the porch of the house. Moreover, the table can be useful to put various glasses and drinks for people to gather. Moreover equipped with a small chair, will be able to add to the beauty of the minibar in your home.

3. Saving Table Ideas

3. Saving Table Ideas
source: lovelyhomy.com

DIY Bar ideas using a saving table will be very suitable to be applied on the terrace. The saving table can fold when will not use. So you can store various glasses and drinks in it without the need to move into the house.

4. Bar Table From a Used Refrigerator

4 Bar Table From a Used Refrigerator
source: tradegoods.co

An unused one-door refrigerator can modify into a bar table, with the addition of a wooden board beside it. The table has a dual function, namely as a place for drinks and glasses, as well as a place to store food and drinks to keep it fresh.

5. The Drum Being a Bar Table

5 The Drum Being a Bar Table
source: godiygo.com

The cylindrical shape can be useful as a minibar table with a few changes in some parts to use as a place to drink. Minibar tables can place on the terrace and equip with wooden chairs. So that it can make it a comfortable place to gather.

6. Patio Table

6 Patio Table
source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

A patio table equipped with a beverage in the middle can use as one of the outdoor furniture to gather. The place used as a beverage storage container accompany ice in it. But it can also be useful as a place for drinks without ice to serve relatives or guests who come.

Unique DIY Bar Ideas

Some DIY idea bars do look ordinary. But there are also many unique results from certain items that make it for a bar idea at home. Here are some unique DIY bar ideas to make at home.

1. Mini-Bar Bucket

1 Mini-Bar Bucket
source: decorfacil.com

Minibar bucket, made of buckets that are not used. The bucket is a repaint, giving rise to various attractive colors. The bucket is useful for a beverage. Laying can also hang on a low tree on the porch of the house.

2. Mini Staircase Bar

2 Mini Staircase Bar
source: thespruce.com

Mini stairs can also turn as a mini-bar with the addition of a small box or iron bucket as a beverage bottle. While the mini ladder can be useful to store various glasses. This mini ladder fits on the terrace as a unique mini bar table to gather.

3. Building Carts Bar

3 Building Carts Bar
source: thedesignconfidential.com

Building carts use to transport building materials, can apparently useful as mini bar tables. With a touch of new paint, the cart will look cleaner. Moreover making it suitable to use as a mini bar table that serves drinks accompanied by ice.

4. Mini-Bar Flower Pot

4 Mini-Bar Flower Pot
source: idntimes.com

Flower pots that are not used can be useful as a place to store drinks. It can also serve ice with a drink in it. The addition of poles and wooden boards can become a table above the pot. So you can put the glass as a beverage container.

5. Rattan Bar Shelves

5 Rattan Bar Shelves
source: busseltonmail.com.au

Arrangement of rattan will be useful as a shelf that can be used as a minibar table on the porch of the house. This DIY bar idea is quite simple but will give a relaxed impression on its use. Equipped with rattan chairs, will make a perfect place to gather.

6. Drawer Bar

6 Drawer Bar
source: thespruce.com

It turns out that the drawer can also become a minibar. This DIY bar idea makes used drawers as a place to store bottles and glass hanged. It is very simple in its use. Because the drawer size is quite small.

Do repainting so that the appearance of the drawer bar becomes more attractive. Or can also do a simple painting. Many painting designs that can be applied to drawers. Select the design as you wish and with the surrounding decoration.

7. Reclaimed Wood as a Beverage Box

7 Reclaimed Wood as a Beverage Box
source: wayfair.ca

This box is usually useful to store tooling equipment. But if it’s not used, you can use it as a drink box. As a mini bar table decorator on your porch. It would certainly be more useful if the tool is useful as a drink box.

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8. Sewing Machine Bar

8 Sewing Machine Bar
source: .ideaspreciosas.com

The next unique bar table is making from a broken sewing machine. By eliminating the engine, the table can be useful as a minibar table to place on the terrace. This DIY bar idea utilizes items that are already unused. So it will have high usability.

9. Portable Mini Bar

9 Portable Mini Bar
source: debosshome.com

This place can be made of oil that has not been used. Cut the middle part, so it will form a door that can open and close. Moreover, the addition of wooden boards in it will produce a partition that used as a beverage.

This portable mini bar will look very luxurious if there are various aspects of additions. For example by adding a small lamp inside. Addition of repainting on the outside of the portable minibar. Or it could be the addition of a kind of thick carpet on the inside of the portable door. This will give the impression of luxury.

10. Mini-Bar Trash Can

10 Mini-Bar Trash Can
source: owendecor.co

Trash can also be useful as a minibar. DIY ideas for this bar make the trash as a beverage. With the addition of round wooden chairs, will complement the decor of the minibar on the terrace of the house. This will make you more comfortable when gathered.

Certainly, a very interesting idea to make a mini bar at home. Not only guests who feel at home visiting your house, but you will also be happy to spend time at home. Because the home atmosphere is comfortable with the addition of a minibar on the side of your home.

Beautifying the house by adding a minibar is certainly an interesting idea. But most people think about the costs incurred to make a mini bar at home. Whereas, by using unused items can make a mini bar on the side of the house. And use unused items if you want to minimize expenses.

Unused items will become useful when transformed into a bar table or other bar equipment. DIY bar ideas will produce a minibar decoration that can utilize the room in your home. But a minibar can also place outside the house, for example on the terrace.

DIY Bar Ideas

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