The most eye-catching area or place in the kitchen is the backsplash. Even the backsplash doesn’t too large, the backsplash has an important role in your kitchen. There are a lot of DIY backsplash ideas to increase the appearance of your kitchen.

In fact, the backsplash can be made by any kind of styles and materials, but we must consider the right material of backsplash. The material of backsplash will affect the function of the backsplash. Moreover, the backsplash function as the splash area of the washbasin and others.

Therefore, we need some ideas to determine the material and also the design of the backsplash. There are a lot of designs with its own qualification which depends on the function. We should match the design and material of backsplash based on our needs.

However, backsplash design and decoration has many types. Some of them are easy to apply and some of them are not. If you are looking for the inspiration of backsplash design, let’s check the following explanation.

DIY Backsplash Ideas That Inspire you More

Having a clean kitchen is very important to reach. Therefore, we need to design all of the kitchen elements or parts to make it cleaner and orderly. Here are 30 DIY backsplash ideas that provide especially for changing your kitchen to be cleaner.

1. Wood Backsplash

Backsplash with Window

The first option of backsplash idea is the wood backsplash. Commonly, wood is very easy to clean. Wood also has small pores that are difficult to absorb liquid including water. Therefore, the wooden backsplash will be easy to clean by a towel. Then, your kitchen will be clean again.

2. Brick Style of Backsplash

Brick Style of Backsplash

Some people think that the brick wall seems strange and unfinished. On the other hand, the brick backsplash seems rustic and unique. Let’s think from another point of view which is the brick is a kind of artistic design. Moreover, the brick backsplash is able to absorb the water.

3. Backsplash with Window

Backsplash with Window

Another DIY backsplash idea is the window. If the common backsplash is made from wall or wood, then you must try the anti-mainstream style of the backsplash. The window can be the best option for a backsplash. On the other hand, the window will give fresh air and light to your kitchen.

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4. Tin Wall Decoration of Backsplash

Tin Wall Decoration of Backsplash

If you want to redesign your backsplash by yourself, you may choose the tin wall decoration. This tin wall is a pressed wall that is easy to install. It has an adhesive that is easy to cut based on the shape and easy to install on the wall. In addition, it has ceiling tiles design at a low cost.

5. Stone Decoration of Backsplash

Stone Decoration of Backsplash

Another style of backsplash is the stone decoration of backsplash. The stone decoration seems like a European vibe to your kitchen. The stone also indicates nature by the original color. People like to use this style. Thus, the stone wall becomes exist and hot trend among the DIY backsplash ideas.

6. Mirror Backsplash Style

Mirror Backsplash Style

Having a mirror as he backsplash is not a bad idea. Even there are many kinds of DIY backsplash ideas, the mirror still can be the best option of the backsplash. The mirror may lighten your kitchen. On the other hand, it seems like adding an additional space to your kitchen.

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7. Wallpaper Backsplash Decoration

Wallpaper Backsplash Decoration

Adding the colorful design or interesting design to your backsplash is also a good idea. Except for choosing the best material, you might use the wallpaper for your backsplash. The wallpaper for backsplash usually has a waterproof ability. Thus, you will easy to clean it.

8. Pegboard Backsplash

Pegboard Backsplash

DIY backsplash ideas will always inspire you with some hacks and unusual ideas for your life. One of the unusual ideas is using the pegboard as the backsplash. The use of backsplash sounds strange but it is useful. You can add more space to store your kitchen tools on the pegboard.

9. Plywood Ideas for Backsplash

Plywood Ideas for Backsplash

If you confuse how to re-design your backboard wall, then you may try to use plywood on it. The plywood can be applied as the cover of the backsplash. Therefore, you can easily re-design your kitchen especially your backsplash.

10. Peel Backsplash Sticker Decorations

Peel Backsplash Sticker Decorations

In order to make you easy to design and redesign your backsplash, you may choose to use the peel backsplash tile decoration. On the other words, we can say that this decoration is easy to apply and remove. When the peel tile is getting old and dirty, you may remove and change it.

11. Chalkboard Decoration of Backsplash

Chalkboard Decoration of Backsplash

Wondering the chalkboard in your kitchen may be a strange idea to hear. On the other hand, the chalkboard is also the unique and rustic decoration to be used in the kitchen. You can write some recipes or quotations on the chalkboard. Moreover, you are also able to paint on the chalkboard.

12. Peel of Sticker Backsplash with Victorian Chic Design

Peel of Sticker Backsplash with Victorian Chic Design

There are many kinds of the peel of sticker design. One of the interesting peel of tile design for your kitchen is Victorian chic. This design has soft blue as the color. the blue color is suitable to combine with the brown color from the wood and stainless color of the kitchen equipment.

13. Geometric Decoration of Backsplash

 Geometric Decoration of Backsplash

The geometric style is always the greatest eye-catching motive. In fact, we can use the geometric style for any kind of area in our house including backsplash. The geometric style will upgrade the appearance of your kitchen to be more eye-catching than before.

14. Sunburst Motive of Backsplash

Sunburst Motive of Backsplash

Talking about the backsplash, you can use any kind of design for the backsplash. The wall design doesn’t mean you have a bad design of the backsplash. You are still able to create another design by coloring the wall into a sunburst. The sunburst design will increase the appearance of your backsplash automatically.

15. While-Colored Tile Decoration Backsplash

While-Colored Tile Decoration Backsplash

If you hate to apply the motive peel-of tile, you may apply the flat tile decoration. Actually, the peel tile decoration has many kinds of colors. However, the white color can lighten your kitchen. On the other hand, another color is also good depending on your style.

16. The Combination of Flat-Colored and Geometric Style of Backsplash

The Combination of Flat-Colored and Geometric Style of Backsplash

However, if you confuse to choose the style between flat-colored and geometric style, you may take both of them. The combination of both flat-colored and geometric style seems interesting to try. However, choose the related color for both styles. Then, you will have a wonderful backsplash.

17. Retro Style of Backsplash

Retro Style of Backsplash

DIY backsplash ideas have many kinds of inspiration for your backsplash. Another interesting style is the retro style of the backsplash. As the common retro, you will have a colorful backsplash. Moreover, a colorful accent will increase the appearance of your backsplash.

18. Metallic Style of Backsplash

Metallic Style of Backsplash

While sparkling thing has existed, we can also decorate our backsplash by sparkling things. The metallic style of backsplash with its sparkling accent can increase the beautiful accent of your kitchen. It has a beautiful metallic accent and pattern which makes it glow and sparkle more.

19. The Combination of Marble and Pearl Accent of Backsplash

The Combination of Marble and Pearl Accent of Backsplash

If you like something elegant and expensive as the decoration of your kitchen, you must try to apply marble and pearl tile as the backsplash. The combination of marble and pearl accent as the backsplash can give the elegance accent to your kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen will glow as beautiful as a pearl.

20. Floral Patterned on the Porcelain as the Backsplash


Porcelain has its own interesting side with its glow and sparkling. Whatever the pattern of the porcelain, it always looks interesting. Moreover, if you use the flower-patterned as the backsplash decoration, you will face your kitchen looks more elegant and beautiful.

21. DIY Mosaic Patterned as the Backsplash Decoration

DIY Mosaic Patterned as the Backsplash Decoration

Having an elegant backsplash not always comes from expensive material. The DIY backsplash ideas will show you the elegant backsplash look by cheap material that is a DIY mosaic patterned.  Make the piece of porcelain as a group while covering the backsplash.

22. Monochromatic Designed with Pattern of Backsplash

Monochromatic Designed with Pattern of Backsplash

The monochromatic design usually seems boring and too simple as the decoration. Therefore, you need to combine it with some patterns. Even the monochromatic is too simple, the idea to combine it with the pattern makes it more elegant than the simple monochromatic.

23. DIY Creative Patterned from Tile of Backsplash

DIY Creative Patterned from Tile of Backsplash

If you just apply the tile as the common use, it will mainstream. To improve the appearance of the tile, you should add some creative touch to your backsplash. Cut the tile into some pieces. Then, apply it to backsplash by drawing a creative patterned. It will be more interesting than the usual tile.

24. Chevron Pattern of Backsplash

Chevron Pattern of Backsplash

Except for the mosaic pattern, the chevron pattern also gives an interesting accent to your backsplash. You can use two colors of the chevron pattern. The color might be a combination of white and other colors. Therefore, your kitchen, especially backsplash will look more interesting.

 25. Marble Look of Backsplash

Marble Look of Backsplash

However, the marble look always gives an interesting appearance to the backsplash, but some people hesitate the cost. Therefore, having a peeling sticker with a marble look will be the greatest idea to have. It has a marble look and low cost at the same thing.

26. Tic Tac Peel Sticker of Backsplash

Tic Tac Peel Sticker of Backsplash

Although the peeling sticker is cheap and simple, it has many kinds of patterns and colors. one of the interesting colors of the peeling sticker is the tic tac pattern. This pattern has a simple and elegant side as one. Therefore, you can get your valuable and beautiful backsplash by just a peel sticker.

27. Premium Herringbone Design of Peel Sticker Backsplash

Premium Herringbone Design of Peel Sticker Backsplash

As the previous explanation about the peeling sticker, it also has the premium herringbone design. This design looks elegant even it just a peel sticker. In fact, the herringbone design is almost easy to get dirty, but you can change it by another peel sticker with the same design.

28. Old Board and Pallet Backsplash

Old Board and Pallet Backsplash

It has been shown on the previous explanation that anything is suitable to use as the backsplash design. It also occurs to the old board and pallet. We can use both of those materials to design our backsplash. The wood accent and brown color will give the natural accent of the kitchen.

29.  WineDIY Cork Hacks for Backsplash Decoration

WineDIY Cork Hacks for Backsplash Decoration

If you confuse to choose the backsplash design or material, you may try to look around your area first. In addition, you can find something useful for backsplash decorations such as the wine cork. The wine cork seems useless, but it can be interesting backsplash decoration.

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30. Small Rocks for Backsplash Decoration

Small Rocks for Backsplash Decoration

Small rock may seem useless, but if you take them into a group, it will use. You can use the small rocks as the backsplash decoration. Put a group of small rocks on the wall orderly. Therefore, you will see the magic of the panorama on your kitchen backsplash.

31. Mix Pattern of Tile Backsplash

Mix Pattern of Tile Backsplash

Do you have a random pattern of tile in your house? Then, don’t put them into the trash. You can use the random old tile as the backsplash decoration. Arrange them to cover the surface of the backsplash. Even the color and pattern are random, they still give the best eye-catching.

The backsplash has an important role in the kitchen. Moreover, the face of the kitchen and the most eye-catching area is located on the backsplash. Therefore, the design and material of backsplash should be chosen by heart and some consideration.

In fact, there are many interesting designs and materials that can be used as backsplash decorations. All of the material doesn’t need to have a high cost. We can use the low-cost design but has a beautiful appearance  such as the following DIY backsplash ideas.

Those DIY backsplash ideas can give you an inspiration to re-design or upgrade your kitchen appearance, especially for backsplash. You may try to design your backsplash on your own or asking people for it.

Backsplash Ideas

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