Usually, at Christmas, people will send Christmas cards to their family and relatives. Christmas is usually celebrated by family and closest relatives by gathering together or worshiping at church. DIY Christmas card ideas will be a great choice.

Christmas is a celebration of Christians to celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only sending Christmas greeting cards to family and relatives, but we usually send them as status on social media.

Christmas greeting cards are one that is sought after and needed for Christmas celebrations. Greeting cards as a form of congratulations to people who celebrate Christmas, but can not meet face to face with us.

Stylish Festive DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Choices for Christmas greetings are numerous. but not all are attractive at heart, contemporary and festive designs are the first choice. From vintage and rustic to modern and minimal, there are many choices, so you will find a suitable card.

1. 3D Style Card

3D Style Card

This Christmas card idea has a simple style, but strong typography and 3D style design have an extra impact. Also, modern designs that appear to be more memorable. So it is suitable for use when Christmas arrives.

2. Flat Card Design

Flat Card Design

The flat design and stunning colors give this card a simple, modern and versatile design. Send to anyone will be more neutral. No need to doubt whether the person who will receive it likes it or not. Striking flat design does provide charming and simple accents. But behind the simplicity can give a more intimate feel at Christmas.

3. Minimal Maze Cards

Minimal Maze Cards

This fun set of four cards may be minimal, but the geometric style and maze graphics provide many fun factors. However, a geometric design that makes this one card design look more modern.

Rigid accents, but still emphasizes the prototype style to make this design better. And the design is suitable for all people, both women, and men. So that its use can be for anyone.

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4. Realism Style Card

Realism Style Card

The design of realism is different from other, more realism. This cinematic style design is as lively as a background of cherry reds, bouquets, pine cones, and glamorous snow. Like the atmosphere of Christmas in general, which is lively with snow and red color.

This design is indeed much in demand by card design developers.  So no need to wait longer to get this one design right away.

5. Line Pulling Greeting Cards

Line Pulling Greeting Cards


We love the unique line drawing style of this one DIY Christmas card ideas. Which can be adapted as a card or poster and comes in three color lines that are trending. The simple design that is served is a hallmark.

In the form of a simple line pull, it is undeniable, that behind a simple design. There is enough meaning to give a different feel in the lively Christmas.

6. Photo Greeting Cards

Photo Greeting Cards

Incorporating family photos into your card design can be very fun! This card design minimizes the cheap factor by storing photos in classic black and white, with a typographic blackboard design.

In addition to black and white, of course, by giving color will be more attractive. But it all depends on the creativity of the creator.

7. Typography & Photo DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Typography & Photo DIY Christmas Card Ideas

The smart style of this card, covering the white type on top of a full-size photo, is a breath of fresh air and makes the photo look more modern and informal. Let the photo turn dark for maximum impact.

8. Party Greeting Cards

Party Greeting Cards

Is Christmas the most exciting time of the year for you? Show how you will celebrate by showing the expression or activities that will be carried out. Of course, you can easily adjust it to a lively party invitation.

9. Wooden Background Cards

Wooden Background Cards

This Christmas and New Year DIY Christmas card ideas have an inviting contemporary style that can be easily adapted as a flyer too. The colored light balances the white type and wood background, giving the overall warmth of the design.

10. Deer Card

Deer Card

As part of a large value, three-card bundle, our first choice is this sophisticated deer design, which can be adapted as a leaflet or postcard. Minimal style and elegant silver color palette give this design a slick and cosmopolitan look

11. Square Greeting DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Square Greeting DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Dividing the layout into rectangular sections gives this card design a lot of space to insert two of your photos. Save monochrome images for a sophisticated look. By filling in the square space, of course, the card results will be neater and symmetrical.

Modern & Minimal Cards

These DIY Christmas card ideas templates are perfect for sending to clients or colleagues – they have a neat and elegant style that will impress your company’s contacts. Then with metallic paper, minimal typography and simple graphics make this stand out from the crowd of traditional greeting cards.

1. Gold Foil Diy Christmas Card Ideas

Gold Foil Diy Christmas Card Ideas

With four different styles but a matching color palette, you can certainly send these glamorous cards to the whole group. Of course, without feeling that you have to choose your favorite design. Modern font types give this template a friendly feeling.

Especially by providing a more striking gold color. Will add a minimalist impression. With various hopes for Christmas and the next new year.

This modern card has a slightly younger edge, making it the perfect choice for your millennial colleagues. Mixing types of styles with dramatic color combinations make an attractive design.

2. Christmas Grid DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Grid DIY Christmas Card Ideas

The grid-based layout of this modern template is cute and fun, and there is plenty of room to put some office photos. So that with this grid model a variety of images or sayings can be inserted.

There is far more available space or space, so many moments will go into this greeting card

3. Script Paper Cards

Script Paper Cards

We love this stylish selection of metallic cards, which use elegant lettering and pleasant polka dots to create the perfect balance of oddity and formality. However, with this card idea, Christmas will good and great to felling. So wait for what. Make this card as your card idea.

4. Magic Christmas Cards

Magic Christmas Cards

The style of this Christmas card is truly magical – half the images are hilariously depicted, with the other half equipped with neatly arranged typography. Our main choice is the beautiful jewelry that is curved on a deep bronze background.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas Logo

The logo-inspired design of this template helps the design to be more chic and modern. Send these berry colored designs to your trendiest friends to truly impress them.

The advantage of this card is the focus on a fairly large logo but the Christmas philosophy is quite pronounced. So that the impression of Christmas greetings looks more assertive.

6. Christmas Stocking Cards

Christmas Stocking Cards

Even if you are too old to have presented in stockings on Christmas Day, you can give others their stockings with these cheerful DIY Christmas card ideas. The model of socks is a symbol that can never be separated at Christmas.

With a simple model but still, the design becomes more epic and glamorous, the impression of luxury will still be felt. The impression of socks alone does bring good luck because generally in socks there is a Christmas gift.

7. Modern Graphic Tree Cards

Modern Graphic Tree Cards

To truly impress a friend who understands design, this triangle template is a sure winner. So, with a slight 80’s feel, this card is bright and cheerful and blends a serious impact style.

8. Writing Letter DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Writing Letter DIY Christmas Card Ideas

This set of five templates gives you many choices in designs and colors. So it makes a simple yet striking typography style makes this very flexible – send it to colleagues, clients, or neighbors to get into Santa’s good books.

Vintage & Retro Design

Christmas cards inspired by vintage styles remind us of more traditional festive celebrations and give recipients a clear feeling of nostalgia. These cards take inspiration from decades, from the Jazz Era of the 20s to the cheerful style of the 50s. Please choose and find the best decade for you.

1. Retro Deer Card

Retro Deer Card

With letterpress style and vintage texture, these retro cards are presented beautifully in deliberate tones like a Christmas ’50s. We love the cute silhouette of a deer set in the smooth green background of the forest.

2. Retro Silhouette Cards

Retro Silhouette Cards

A more luxurious style, these vintage cards have a strong letterpress and silhouette design, making the template feel modern and old-fashioned at the same time. The classic impression will be felt when receiving this card.

3. Vintage Invitation Templates

Vintage Invitation Templates

Adapting well with greeting cards or invitations, this template inspired by the 50s has a beautifully nostalgic style. Moreover, Retro typography and candy strip colors with pared-back filters make this design a treasure. So if you look at a gift shop in the 50s, this retro card won’t look out of place on a shelf. Available in three color lines, the brush texture truly elevates this design to the original antique territory.

4. Art Deco Card Templates

Art Deco Card Templates

Inspired by Art Deco typography and medieval style, this vintage card design comes in four stylish colors (try the yellow mustard for a card that is truly unique this year), and it will look beautiful on the screen.

5. 50s Era Card Framework

50s Era Card Framework

You can’t get more carefree nostalgia from this pretty 1950s era template. However with this card, the letters are beautifully written and with a color palette that appears, this will delight fans of Medieval design.

6. Vintage Bauble Template

Vintage Bauble Template

This template wins us for sharp style and beautiful typography. Mint green and cherry red are a beautiful combination too. The retro impression is very pronounced, but what must be remembered is the impression of cherry and red color is still prioritized.

Rough Style & Crafts

If your Christmas picture is more roaring than an urban cocktail party, then rural card trends will be on your way. This craft-inspired design uses hand-drawn illustrations, texture, and type of chalk to evoke a relaxed country Christmas.

1. Handmade Christmas Cards

Handmade Christmas Cards

For simple styles, minimal to the rough style, this card template is a good choice. The texture and type of chalk that is done with traditional colors make a stylish and comfortable design.

2. Rough Photo Christmas Cards

Rough Photo Christmas Cards

Vintage-inspired textured typography and chalkboard backgrounds make this card design look like a rustic style, and there’s plenty of room for photos too. So no need to worry this card looks old. Take it easy, because the results will still be the main choice.

3. Craft Christmas Cards

Craft Christmas Cards

This card template has a smooth steampunk vibe, with festive textures such as tartan and wood which are put together into a unique 3D design. However, this is truly unique in a rough trend. This Christmas card is very simple indeed.

However, this minimal template for postcards has four colors and styles. The muted color palette and simple silhouette keep the design looking rugged and simple.

4. Colorful Christmas Cards

Colorful Christmas Cards

If you are looking for something brighter and more colorful in the countryside, here is the card! This template has a slightly retro feel, with a style inspired by the seventies and fifties, but this truly modern and unique takes on ruggedly rustic design. Then the colorful design itself will make this greeting card look very attractive. Then, of course, you will be very excited and happy when you receive it.

5. Spiral Card Templates

Spiral Card Templates

We love the unique layout of these attractive cards. However, Rotating patterned designs are muted textures, colors, and types, giving a clear rough feel. Then with this style, your card will look great.

Entertainment & Novelty Cards

What happens Christmas without fun? You will find something unique with this more unusual choice of card templates. Of course, from materials commonly used for children’s toys. But make no mistake, the results will be maximal.

1. Plasticine Christmas Cards

Plasticine Christmas Cards

Embrace your childhood side with this plastic-inspired card. It’s fun, fun, and guaranteed to get a smile. A pleasant form of plasticine will certainly add to the excitement of this greeting card.

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2. Family Christmas Cards

Family Christmas Cards

Show all your family members with this friendly Christmas card. If you have a large family, avoid stress when taking family photos, and instead, ask your relatives and parents to take a fun selfie on their cellphone.

Moreover, with traditional boxes, formal typography and backspace for full-width color photos, this postcard template is a beautiful choice for a traditional family Christmas card.

3. Traditional Cards

Traditional Cards

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what card style will be sent to an older or more traditional person. These cards have a traditional style that will please anyone and will make your life easier before Christmas.

This all design can be adjusted both as a greeting card and an invitation, so it will suit the celebratory event as well. The nostalgic design will delight every recipient, young or old.

Of course, many hopes are made at Christmas. And can find the ideal DIY Christmas card ideas design, whether it’s the beauty of rudeness or gems that are inspired by vintage styles. If you are still looking for the perfect style, don’t worry. You can find a variety of Christmas style points from the list above. you will find it!

Christmas Card Ideas

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