Do you have a spacious area in your house? You have the advantage of having a backyard. However, when you have a backyard it will make you must think more creative. Because you need to think about how to decorate it well. So, there are some DIY backyard shade ideas to make your backyard will be a great place to stay.

Before, we start to explain some DIY backyard shade ideas. We will explain the benefit of having a backyard in your house. The backyard in your house has a function as same as your garden that produces oxygen and fresh air. Also, the backyard gives you more space to do some activities when you do not want to go too far. Thus, the activities that you can do in the backyard are relaxing, doing some exercise such as yoga, reading books, etc.

However, some people deny the benefit of having a backyard. Because the mindset of the people is brainwashed by horror and thriller movies. Most crime scenes and horror scenes are taken place in the backyard. So, it creates misunderstanding and misconceptions about having a backyard unconsciously. Then, it will affect how the people decorate their backyard or maybe they will choose to live in apartments that there are no backyards.  

Decorating the backyard is quite good for you to build the enjoyment and relaxation of your body and soul. Because you have the outside private area that the ambiance helps you to regenerate and refresh your mood. Then, you can create one from the DIY backyard shade ideas for one of the main backyard decoration. Also, the shade can help you to get sunshine but not too hot and your skin will not be burnt like you have sun-bathing on the beach.  

DIY Backyard Shade Ideas You Can Try

Do you want to start decorating your backyard? Before you decorate it, then you need to see some ideas that can inspire you to create your awesome backyard. There are the DIY backyard shade ideas that you can steal the style as follows:

1. Adventure Backyard Shade 

Adventure Backyard Shade 

The first idea is coming up from the simplicity of the adventurer who always brings the multifunction canvas tarp. This idea of using canvas tarp is based on the habit of the adventurer who always brings canvas tarp that can be anything as life-support his trip. One of them is the canvas tarp becomes their shade when they have a trip to the forest area. So, you take it as an inspiration to have multifunction canvas tarp as your DIY shade idea.  

2. Backyard Pergola

Backyard Pergola

The next idea from the DIY backyard shade ideas is the backyard pergola as one of the inspiration. In the backyard, you can put a pergola as a decoration. It can make a fresh ambiance because the outdoor garden vibes are really into it. If your backyard has a deck, then put the pergola as the framework and adds the fabric as the shade.

3. Backyard Shade Hoops 

Backyard Shade Hoops 

One of the DIY shade ideas is backyard shade hoops. To make it you need the aluminum as the framework. Then, you need the waterproof tarp as the shade. At glance, this shape of the shade is unique. Because the hoop is look-like on the playground side. This backyard shade hoops can cover you from the sunshine and the rain, also it can be your escaping spot if you want to relax your body and soul.

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4. Canvas Sail Shade

Canvas Sail Shade

The next idea is canvas sail shade. If you have an old canvas sail then you can use it as the shade by installing it in your backyard. The sails shade brings a summer vibes in your backyard, so you can have this decoration to build the vacation ambiance. If you have a cottage or resort this will be the main point of marketing in your cottage.

5. Double Sails Shade 

Double Sails Shade 

After the canvas sails shade, this is the modification of canvas single shade. If the previous idea is using a single sail then this idea is using two sails. The sails are overlapping with each other to create more shade. It makes the guest not feels too much sun-soaked. This style of shade is effective to cover the sun-soaked during summer because of the double layering sails that overlap each other.

6. Fabric Backyard Shade 

Fabric Backyard Shade 

Fabric is the best material to absorb the sunlight. So, by using fabric as the shade of the backyard it will not hot because the fabric material mostly is made of cotton. However, you must choose the fabric’s color that matches with your backyard theme. Or, you can create a relaxing space as your dream.

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7. Fresh Pool Side Canopy 

Fresh Pool Side Canopy 

Do you have a swimming pool in your house? Just make it more interesting by decorating your poolside. To create it to an exciting place in your home, then you can have a poolside canopy with fresh colors such as yellow to present refreshing vibes. Also, you can add some planters to make it more natural.

8. Green Screen Shade 

Green Screen Shade 

The next idea is coming from the rainforest that brings natural ambiance. The green screen shade is a shade form that needs time to create it. If you are not too patient to wait for it until it fully covered by the leaves, then you can choose the right plants that can grow fast such as grapes plants. Then, it not only gives you shades but also it gives more fresh air in your backyard.

9. Hanging Cloth Shade with Outdoor Lamps 

Hanging Cloth Shade with Outdoor Lamps 

A pergola in your backyard can decorate with anything. One of the DIY shade ideas is by using the clothes that hang in the pergola as the shade. The wooden pergola and white shade clothes are a perfect match to present rustic mood in your backyard. Then, you can put the rustic chairs to make it more comfortable as the relaxing spot in your house.

10. Hanging Shade Curtains 

Hanging Shade Curtains

Your unused curtain can be a decoration in your backyard. The unused curtain is hanging in the big tree with some shabby chic ornament such as sofa cloth made by macramé. Also, a set of wooden sofa and stone tables that bring shabby chic vibes in your backyard. Then, you can install it during the spring or summer season.

11. Hippies Style Backyard Shade 

Hippies Style Backyard Shade 

The hippies’ style is the most relaxing style that matches for your backyard. The hippies’ style is using an old cloth with ethnic or a certain pattern. So, you can put some old wooden furniture to create it more vintage and hippie.

12. Lattice Panel Shade 

Lattice Panel Shade 

Lattice panel never is wrong as a backyard shade. The lattice panel that has a certain pattern will create a certain mood. For example, the leaves pattern brings fresh ambiance and the square pattern creates a simple mood. However, if you feel that it still hot then you can add the clothes under the panel.

13. Outdoor Tent from PVC

Outdoor Tent from PVC 

Do you want to hold a meeting in your backyard? Then, you can build an outdoor tent in your house. By using PVC pipes as the framework, then you install the wide white fabric as the cover. Voila! Your DIY outdoor tent is done. To create a fresh and natural mood you can place it in the free space In your garden area.

14. Ocean Theme Fabric Shade

Ocean Theme Fabric Shade

A simple DIY shade idea comes from the ocean. The light blue and turquoise color brings summer vibes to your backyard. Then, you can put the pattern table cloths and sofa cushions as the decoration. So, this look will present a vacation mood that refreshes your mind.  

15. Private Backyard Room 

Private Backyard Room 

The next idea is you have your moveable private room in your backyard. The theme is simple by creating a private room in your backyard. So, you don’t need to build a permanent room in your backyard. To make it, you only prepare the flooring for the private room. Then, use the wood and metal pipes as a framework, as a result, you can hang the curtain covering the sides.  

16. Rustic Outdoor Room

Rustic Outdoor Room 

The rustic outdoor room is a brilliant idea for you who want to have a relaxing space in your house. You can build a wooden framework in your backyard. Then, you install the white fabric as the shade cover. It is easy to install so it is one of the moveable DIY backyard shade ideas that you can apply in your home.

17. Rustic Shade Curtains 

Rustic Shade Curtains 

A rustic pergola in your balcony is the perfect place to escaping from hectic life. If your house has a pergola in its balcony located in the garden, then you can decorate it like in the villa. Also, it will bring enjoyment to those who rest there. Then, it is easy to make it because it is only needed the old curtain as the covers.

18. Sheer Curtain Shade 

Sheer Curtain Shade 

You can use a sheer curtain as your backyard shade. The sheer curtain brings a summer breeze vibes that supported by the ancient furniture. So, it will be more vintage and rustic. Also, this decoration can be used as the place to take a pre-wedding photoshoot, to hold holy matrimony, and your garden party.

19. Simple Slide-Wire Shade 

Simple Slide-Wire Shade 

One of the simplest DIY backyard shade ideas is using wire and curtains. To build it is easy because you need to install the wire between two walls. Then, use the curtain as the moveable roof that you only slide it if you need the shade. This type of shade is suitable for minimalism enthusiasts. Because it is focused on how it can be useful well rather than the aesthetic matter.

20. Slide-Wire Canopy 

Slide-Wire Canopy 

Next is the modification of the previous slide-wire. This idea is using the pergola as the framework then you can install the wires in the two reversed sides. After that, install the fabric as the cover. When you want to have the shade, you just slide it.

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21. Sliding Canvas Panels Shade 

Sliding Canvas Panels Shade 

You can be an arty person when you have sliding canvas panel as sun-shade. The idea is coming up from slide-wire shade. But, the cover is not made from fabric but the art canvas. Then, it creates an entertaining mood when sitting under the canvas panel shade that has bright colors such as orange. Or, if you want to create your signature sliding canvas panels shade then you can paint in the canvas first before you install it.

22. Tent Style Shade With Milk Tank As Anchors 

Tent Style Shade With Milk Tank As Anchors 

Tent style shade idea is coming from farmhouse village. To build it, you need the milk anchors and the wood stick as the framework. Then, you can use the pattern fabric as the cover. The decoration that fits this style is a natural and farmhouse style that has many planters and bright colors in the chair and the fabric. 

23. Umbrellas Shade

Umbrellas Shade

Do you have many unique umbrellas? If it is yes, then you can use it as the shade for your backyard shade. First, you need to install the framework made by the wires. Next, you can hang the umbrellas in reverse. Then, adds some light bulbs as the decoration. Voila! It will bring the antique vintage style in your backyard.

So, there are the DIY backyard shade ideas that can give you insights. DIY shade ideas can be applied in various places. But, the backyard is a spacious place that can be utilized well. Then, the backyard is the place that not interesting when you cannot decorate it well. Now, you can create your favorable backyard based on your taste.

The reason is so many horror movies that used the backyard as the crime scene and horror scene where the thriller had taken place. We want to change that mindset by inspiring the people with the DIY backyard shade ideas. So, your backyard is not creepy like in horror movies. But, it can bring positive vibes and relaxation to everybody who is coming. 

Backyard Shade Ideas

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