As we all know that from my head started their Republic Day sale and now people are rushing towards the store as they wanted to buy the home pod at the best prices so make sure you will be reading this article as we are here informing you about the freedom with chromas Republic Day and For The Latest Tech News Follow Our Website Blobstreaming!!!!

Apple New Homepod

Apple New Homepod 2023

All the sales as well as the latest electronics online. Because they are also up to 40% off on these selective products so make sure you will be continuing reading this article. Explore the several categories of mobile cameras MP3 players and more from the top brands and they’re also available on the pay-on-delivery. Apple has been introducing the new home pod with breaking-through sound

Which is the second generation it is a powerful smart speaker that has been delivering next-level sounds it is going to reveal on 18th January and it is also available for pre-order. Several people have been waiting for the second generation home pod with the smart speaker as it still looks like an original home pod we have been reviewing from the year 2008 here is everything that

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Apple New Homepod Price

Euro 299 & $299

You are looking forward to knowing about this new Apple home pod which is based on the current information which has been available to us from the experience. The main question which is being arisen here is what is the difference between Apple home pod mini. So we know that you are looking forward to knowing the main concept which is related to the Apple home pod 2 price so which cost around euro 299 and $299.

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Apple New Homepod Speakers

Talking about the homepod Mini so is a direct journey to it the Amazon echo Studio which retails for Euro 190 Apple has confirmed about the speaker should start shipping on the third of February the design is quite elegant it has a cylindrical body which is 100% recycle able with the finished grill. As we hear the homepod which directly says that it should be comfortable while sitting on most of the coffee tables

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Apple New Homepod Features & Specs

Or we can say bookshelves without occupying much of this space one of the biggest changes that have been made by Apple is upgrading the improved touch control functionality with a capacitive button on the backlit it is quite shining on the top. It also comes with a single four-inch woofer which is paired with 5 Twitter and 5 microphones but the original home has 7 Twitter and 7 mics.


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