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Top 3 Phone Apps to Stop Hackers

Top 3 Phone Apps to Stop Hackers

The amount of time people spend on either a desktop or laptop may have reached it’s peak in 2015. New studies are finding most people are spending more time searching and using the internet through their mobile devices. The study found people using laptops or desktops for internet usage diminished 6% year over year in 2016, while mobile use increased double digits to 13% during the same period. This is more convenient for users, but also leaves people vulnerable. Especially now that people use their mobile device as a payment method; this vital information is stored on your phone making it of the utmost importance to protect. The vulnerability most users face comes in the form of hackers knowing about the rise of mobile internet use over the traditional laptop. And everyone knows they need an antivirus and antimalware program on their laptop or desktop to stop hacking, but not everyone has installed the same security measures on their mobile device to stop hackers. This is an opportunity for hackers to get vital information, so with this in mind here are the top 3 apps to protect yourself from mobile hackers.


AVL is a top app mobile antivirus app running on the Google mobile operating system Android. Most antivirus programs available today are focused on the Android operating system to stop hack. The reason is because Android is now the most used mobile operating system in the world. The hackers typically attack users mobile devices through fake apps for hacking. This allows access into the entire phone so they can steal the vital information you have stored in them. AVL comes in a free and pro version. AVLreviously won the AV test. The AV test is an independant review of all the antivirus security apps on the market. This is why AVL is at the top app list in order to stop hacking. AVL comes with the standard antivirus database which is scannable, but also searches the mobile device for executable programs. If hackers want to get into your phone through an app it must install and an exe. file to search and retrieve your information. It comes with anti phishing and call blocking to prevent other avenues of malware implementation on your mobile device. This app is currently available on the Google Play store so you can test it out.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout mobile  is another hack resistant top app available in both IOS and Android flavors. For this review it will be based on the android app, but I have confidence that the IOS version retains similar or the same features as the android version. Lookout comes in a free and paid version, obviously with the paid version there are a few more bells and whistles. So for the free version, it comes with: antivirus and antimalware protection, remote locate, remote alarm, and contact backup. The really interesting feature is the ability to set an alarm so your phone effectively keeps yelling for help. if you have lost you phone around the house or worse if it has been stolen, it lets you know where it is. The remote locate helps in a similar fashion. The premium version comes with photo and call backup, a safe surfing feature and what Lookout calls Privacy advisor. Privacy Advisor scans your mobile device for any app that may be sending information on your phone to another party. Lastly, the lock and wipe feature allows your phone to be wiped clean in the instance your phone has been stolen. If this sounds interesting to you, you can check it out on Appstore or Google Play.

Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

Bitdefender may be the best mobile security app available on the market today to stop hack. Bitdefender is available in both free and paid versions. Unlike the previous security apps on this list, Bitdefender is incredibly affordable for under $15 a year. It is available for download on either IOS or Android platforms. The paid version of the app comes with all the bells and whistles including robust anti-malware protection. The AV test revealed the app scored a perfect 100% against thousands of malware infections. The scan time for this app is also incredibly quick saving you time and being able to use other apps while the scan continues. It has the standard theft protection similar to the Lookout app, as well as anti-phishing protection while web browsing.

You should check out all the apps above and assess them individually to decide which is best for you.