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Top 3 Phone Antivirus Apps

Top 3 Phone Antivirus Apps

Every person using a smartphone should protect it from viruses, hacking and theft. Most smartphone users donā€™t care about security and viruses hitting their phones. Once their phones are affected then, the reality hits and things can never go back to normal business. That is always the case especially if you connect your phone to several other devices. There are thousands of malicious software that can find a home on your phone if you do not protect it with an antivirus. If you do not install an antivirus app on your phone, you risk losing your data to viruses and hackers.

Security is one of the key measures to be considered when it comes to technology. Malware, unwanted programs, and viruses have become common in this era of digitalization. Whether you are using a tablet, computer, smartphone or a simple mp3 player, virus attacks are a primary concern.
Security on your phone is a priority, and to that end, here are the top 3 phone antiviruses Apps that will aid in keeping your phone secure.

1. CM Security Antivirus ā€“ Scanner and Virus Remover

CM Security Android App is one of the best malware removers and junk cleaner app.CM Security Antivirus was created and launched be Cheetah Mobile Developers, and it solves all the virus related problems on your smartphone.
CM Security App has several other features such as hide apps from the desktop, app lock, mobile number locator, Anti-theft option, Anti-malware, secure browsing data, junk cleaner, find stolen phone and virus scanner. All these features help your phone to be safe.CM Security App can wipe clean your device in case it is stolen, so the other party will not be able to view any of your files and contacts. The app is available on Play Store, and it is free.

2. 360Ā Mobile Security ā€“ Best Antivirus for Android

360Ā Mobile Security App has similar features as the CM security, AVG and Avast apps.360Ā Mobile Security is a popular app as it has great UI. Individuals who have used the security app testify that it is the same as CM Security App.360Ā Mobile Antivirus has many tools and features that protect your phone from hackers too. The tools are such as junk cleaner tools, mobile scanner and virus removal which boost your phoneā€™s performance.
The package that 360Ā offers that may be leaner than other apps but also cleans up your phone and keeps it fast and running in shape. Additionally, your downloaded apps are scanned in real time, so new applications attached with malicious software will be detected early. Its App Manager enables you to uninstall old apps that you no longer use or back them up on an SD card and also comes with anti-theft features.
Download 360Ā Mobile Security App directly from Play Store.

3. Avast Mobile Security

Avast is a popular Antivirus Software in the world. Many people have used Avast antivirus on PCā€™s and work great. Itā€™s time now to experience the Avast Mobile Security on the phone. Avast has great features in the free version, but if you want more super features, you should upgrade to its premium version called Avast Antivirus App. The free Avast Mobile Security version offers features such as spam calls and spam SMS blocker, safe browsing tool, network health meter, virus scanner, backup and restores data, protect data and virus removal tools that make your smartphone perform fast and at the same time secure.
Bonus App
Avira Antivirus Security App
Avira Security App has two types of subscriptions i.e. free download and the premium version which unlocks advanced features. The app is an automatic virus removal tool and also provides anti-theft tools. Other features of the app are such as mobile locator, app lock, trigger alarm, wipe SD and safeguard tools that block spam calls and spam SMS using blacklist options.
The performance of the app is sleek, and the experience is wonderful. Avira Antivirus Security App has the potential of scanning for any trouble in the downloaded apps in real time. Additionally, the app notifies you when your email is being hacked.
Direct download Avira Antivirus Security Apps from Play Store.
Technology keeps improving each day, and your security applications too should be up to date. You deserve a smartphone that is secure from viruses and hackers. The above are the best antivirus apps for your smartphone. Use them to secure your phone from virus, hacking and theft.