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about Cell Phone Repair

about Cell Phone Repair

Like other electronic gadgets, phones can seem too technical for an ordinary user. If something happens and you cant operate your phone or it is damaged, you might need to repair it. It is always a good idea to hire the services of a technician to do it because you might damage it further if you try to fix it yourself.
Nevertheless, many misconceptions have emerged about phone repair for one reason or another. These myths might prevent you from getting the help that you need and unwisely throw away your phone for a new one. Here are some of the common misconceptions that need to be debunked about cell phone repair.

It is easy and cheaper to do your own repairs

It is always great to see a person using a DIY kit to fix a broken thing in the house. However, contrary to misconceptions, repairing a phone is not easy and certainly not cheap. Even trained technicians sometimes face frustrations when doing repairs. It might seem easy particularly when a very good professional handles the phone, but you can never tell the time of trouble he or she has gone through. Cell phones normally have tiny, sensitive parts that require extremely careful and expert handling. In addition, an elusive problem can make troubleshooting highly frustrating. Unless you are exceptionally gifted, you will have a hard time. Besides, you may make the problem worse and then you will really have to buy a new one or pay more for a proper repair.
A warranty becomes void if a third party repair shop does your phone repair
Some phone makers try to trick consumers into buying new phones by claiming that any accidental damage voids its warranty. Therefore, they advise against taking it to un-certified repair shops. In truth, a cell phone can be repaired post-warranty, saving you the cost of purchasing a new one. The damage itself makes the warranty void especially if the screen is broken.

Only a certified technician can repair your phone

While it is advisable to get a certified technician to fix your phone, it is not mandatory. No state, except California, requires a special license to repair phones and other electronics. A technician can be certified after training in privately owned school for phone repair. Some people have also been able to learn cell phone repair on their own, which is commendable. Many of them can do as good a job as the college-trained, certified ones. However, it all comes down to trust and avenues of complaint in case the repair work goes haywire. If a certified professional fails to deliver as promised, you could question the certification and the certifying institution. Most certified repairpersons also offer a warranty or money-back guarantee for their services, which is often lacking with unlicensed technician. Licensed technicians may also come with referrals or online reviews that may enable you to trust them with your phone.

Local repair shops are not competent enough

Some phone users prefer to ship their phones out to the phone makers rather than have their phones repaired locally. Local phone repair shops can have highly qualified technicians who have not necessarily worked with multinational phone manufacturers. Many of them can repair your phone perfectly within a short time.

The cell phone repair industry is full of dishonesty

Many professions have suffered damage to their reputation owing to a few greedy individuals in the business. While it is unfortunate that some unscrupulous individuals and businesses operate in the phone repair industry, it is not peculiar to the industry. However, blanket condemnation of professionals and shops in the trade is unjustified because you can find many professionals and repair shops with good reputation to fix your phone. For example, if you have a problem, they will assess your phone and give you a quote before they commence working on your phone. They will also give you a money-back guarantee if the repair fails to fix your phone as promised. It is always advisable to ask for referrals to identify honest repair technicians to avoid problems later.
If your phone is broken, you should not be discouraged from getting it fixed. You might hesitate to take it to a repair professional because of the numerous anecdotes you might have heard. These myths need to be set straight because they prevent honest, qualified professionals from doing what they were trained to do. They also force many cell phone owners to discard gadgets that are still good to buy new ones. These misconceptions should stop.