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5 things to consider before hiring a phone repair service

5 things to consider before hiring a phone repair service

A cell phone is more than a necessity these days. You need it not only to make and receive calls but also to communicate through the internet via email and social media among many other uses. Though the same phones are very important, they are made of delicate parts and are prone to damage if mishandled. Regardless of how careful you handle it, it may malfunction forcing you to seek a phone repair service. It could be software or hardware problem. What you need to be cautious about is to avoid hiring a wrong repair service that can cause more damage to your phone. Remember that you still need that expensive phone, and an expert repair is a priority. If you are currently contemplating on hiring a phone repair service, then here are the five things you should consider before giving your phone out for repair.

1. The reputation of the mobile repair service

Reputable and well-established gadget repair specialist are worth hiring at all times. The best way you can verify their reputation is by reading feedback and reviews online from previous customers. Again, consider only the specialists who are highly trained friendly and knowledgeable. Such experts are ready to handle any issue on your device. They are also capable of fixing your phone faster and efficiently. You don’t need a repair that takes several days to fix your phone. Good repair specialists will even follow you later to know whether you are satisfied.

2. Consider your warranty clause

Most phone manufacturers offer one-year warranty cover for any manufacturing defect, failure or internal damage. However, they don’t cover any accidental damages such as cracked screens, contact with water or any other issue. If the problem results from damage due to own mishandling, then you will have to get it fixed by an expert. However, if it is an internal damage caused by the fault of the manufacturer, then you can take it back for repair but first, check to see if the cover is still active.

3. Costs

In the event of damage, try to survey the market to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to take your phone for repair. It is vital to discuss the tentative cost of repair to determine if it is viable and worth your money and time. In case your phone is too old or excessively damaged, and the repair cost is too high, then you may consider investing in a new phone rather than throwing your money. An overly broken phone may require the acquisition of new parts which may end up being costly. You may also need to consider if the repair parts are readily available. If it’s a new phone that has just entered the market, then the repair parts may not be available. Therefore, taking your phone for repair might be a waste of time and effort. Again, if spare parts are not readily available, it can be costly to have your phone fixed.

4. Have your files backed up

Did you know that backing up your data is imperative before handing it over for repair? High-end phones such as iPhones may contain sensitive data like personal messages, contacts and even photos. You may not want to share such data with any other third party. It is recommended to have your data backed up because it may not be guaranteed to get them back after the repair. You can copy your data to your computer or any other safe place like cloud storage. In case you have external storage devices like SD card, unmount it before taking for repair.

5. Location of the repair shop

It is not only great to find a repair service with an excellent track of record but also who is located near your residence. It may sound unnecessary but is very helpful in the long run. Hiring a repair service next to you helps eliminate related costs such as transport and makes communication easy. You can also visit their shop, have your phone repaired and come back home the same day. The location is paramount and is worth considering.


It is common to get confused when your phone gets damaged or malfunctions. Though some new phones have come with drop resistant screens, no one would one time drop them voluntarily and expect it to survive without damage. It is good to take safety measures to protect your phone. However, in the case of damage try finding a reliable repair service. The above are some of the factors to consider when doing so.